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Collectors Hardback Signed Movie Platinum Edition of Missing 411
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HUGE Price Reduction- Includes a paperback copy of Missing 411- Hunters!!

Missing 411 the movie was written and filmed when we had five books in circulation and these are the hardback books

that we are offering in this new limited edition set:

Missing 411- Western United States

Missing 411- Eastern United States

Missing 411- North America and Beyond

Missing 411- The Devils in the Detail

Missing 411- A Sobering Coincidence

**The hard back books are all hand signed by the author and executive Producer David Paulides. There will not be any additional books made into hardback at any point in the near future. 

**We had custom designed sleeves made for this special collection that state "missing 411 Platinum Movie Edition."

There are very, very few of these editions available and no more will be printed when we sell the remaining inventory.

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