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A Tribute to George Haas

NABS was fortunate to obtain 24 newsletters that were produced by George Haas of the San Francisco Bay Area Bigfoot Research Organization. Mr. Haas and his group of researchers spent considerable time in the woods of Northern California, much more time then many researchers spend today. Our team has reviewed much of Mr. Haas' findings and found what he and his team accomplished and documented as quite compelling. While many researchers will discount his contribution to the understanding of Bigfoot, we believe that you can learn allot by reading and understanding the work of others. In the case of Mr. Haas and his crew, we would all do well to thoroughly read each piece of work and apply their methodology to our own teams. His understanding of Bigfoot was developed through decades of work and study during the sixties and seventies. We salute the work of the San Francisco Bigfoot Research Organization. You will see newsletters added week by week until all of the newsletters and special documents are posted.

George Haas 


Below is the charter for the Bay Area Research Group;

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