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A List of Bigfoot Sightings

                                                                        Bigfoot Sightings



NABS Report # 86

B & J, are just a normal American family who are having unknown guest visit them from time to time, and just wanted to tell their stories regarding some of their visitations:

October 18, 2010

(B’s report) I was making my way out to the garage around 10:30 PM. When I went out the kitchen door, I noticed that something was beating (more of a rhythmic, slow pattern) the side of our smoke house (old building used for storage). Something was being thrown and bouncing off its tin roof, like something throwing our black walnuts. It was a sound that I would recognize because we have these types of trees around our home, but not near the building in question. I came back into the house and told my wife what I had heard. I was grabbing flashlights and my high-powered rifle and I was going to make my way to the shed. My wife insisted that I drive over to our barn and flash the truck lights toward the smoke house. This is what I did. Of course, I did not see anything, but it is very strange. The smell of the air was disgusting.

10:30 PM, dark, not moon lit (it was the week of a full moon), a definite breeze was noted!

My wife was watching television and my son had just gone to bed. I called my wife to come out and she noticed the smell right away.

There was this horrible smell that has been in the area for a few days prior. It is a VERY STRONG smell of wet dog and rotten garbage. Before the night in question my wife noticed the odor several days before. We observed it the night after in question. The smell was also present during the daylight hours as well. Also, my mom had come over to our home (she lives approximately 1000 yards to the west of my home) and she heard a sound that she could not identify. It was kind of growling sound, but she said it was not a cat. This was at 5 PM of the same day in question. She also noted a turkey sound associated with it. Also, between 9:30 and 10 PM my son and wife heard what they thought to be a gun shot. Keep in mind they were watching TV and they heard this sound over the television.

I am an avid hunter of the past 21 years, and for the past 2 years while hunting on my property I have felt as if there was a presence watching me. I have heard noises of movement, but when I look in the direction of the sound, nothing is there. Sounds then travel to another area around me. It is very quick. It is very un-nerving.

We are surrounded by hardwoods and a few pines to the north and east of our house. To the south and west are open areas and fields. The area in general is hilly farmland area with hardwoods interspersed. There is a small creek that flows through our property. Our garden is about 1/4-1/2 of an acre, but all that is left standing are a few tomato and pepper plants. There are also 2 horse farms adjacent to our property. Something to keep on mind- the area in question is surrounded by active strip mining activity. Windmills that were installed about 2-3 years ago are further out the state road about 4-5 miles.

Summer 2011

(J’s reports) At this point in time, we were familiar with the Animal Planet show, “Finding Bigfoot.”  On this particular day, I was enjoying the warm evening (70’s) on our patio with my son. We were sitting on the swing under the pergola. My husband was tending to one of our German-raised vegetable beds. It was around 9:30PM and the sky was still lit. The sun was down, but there was still light. It was one of the longest days of the year. The weather was clear with some high clouds. Our elevation is 2270ft.

My husband walked to our patio and said he heard knocks coming from the “bottom” area of our property. This area would be near a small creek that runs through the property. My husband does some of his deer hunting in this area. I thought we should try knocking from seeing the television show. To this day, I cannot believe we got such a great response! The knocking and response went on for 20 minutes. The creature moved through the woods like nothing was in its way. My husband says there was no way a human could move that quickly through a wood line. And my thought was what animal makes knocking sounds? We knew we had a Bigfoot.

We got to a point where it was becoming uncomfortable for us because it seemed close and we retrieved a spotlight. We shined the light in the area of the knocks, but nothing was seen. And the knocks stopped after that. This area would be around 400-500 ft. away from our patio.  We did not think to go looking for footprints or evidence. We have told friends and family and they thought we were crazy.  Some people we have told have told us some of their stories because they are believers, too. 

Summer 2012

I noted that the wood pile was knocked over into the yard (orchard area). Upon the cleanup, we found a rather large rock in the middle of the toppled pile. (If a person would hold their hands in a ball formation, hold your hands about 6 inches apart. That was the size of the rock.)  Keep in mind this area is mowed and is rock-free. (If you hit a rock with the mower, blades get bent up.) Woodpile is located on the wood line between orchard and horses.

Dxxxxx and I were swimming in the pool. Bxxxx was working in the yard. It was a sunny day. There was very little breeze. I noted that one tree in the woods by the orchard was shaking profusely. No other tree in that same area was doing this. It lasted for about 30 seconds to a minute. This was in the afternoon around 2-3PM.

February 8, 2013

Bxxxx was headed out the door to the local grocery store at 6 PM. Daylight was dimming and a snowstorm was occurring. He went out the door and returned back about 10 seconds later and said he saw something over by Dxx’s tree house in the orchard. His first reaction to the sight was that he was seeing things and he looked back that way again and it was gone. He said it appeared to be crouching down as not to be seen. We did not head out to see what it was until the next day.

We went out around 4:30-5 PM to walk the property. We walked straight over to the area in question and did not find anything. We hiked the perimeter of our 40-acre property and found no signs of anything questionable. By the time we got back to the house, it was around 6 PM. I said to my husband I wanted to walk over to where he saw the sight in question and I followed our footprints in the snow. Bxxxx stayed on the porch to pinpoint the figure. He said I was too far over to the left and not far enough forward. When I looked down, I saw imprints of something… to me it looked like foot prints and knuckle prints. I said to him, “Can you see the color of my coat?” And he responded that my coat was clearly army green and what he saw was not black, but a dark color. I asked him to watch my hand to get the height as I raise it up and tell me to stop.  The height was at my chest region, which is roughly 45 inches. Keep in mind he said it was crouching down. I told Bxxxx what I found and he came over to where I was with the camera. I took photos of the prints. One picture has my glove which measured 11 inches long.

March 9, 2013

Whistling was heard around 10 PM at night. I was on the porch by myself. Sound of a whistle call like Bxxxx uses came from the woods from between us and the patrol horses. I called back, but no response. I think I was cat-called by a Bigfoot.

March 10, 2013

Brian went out to look for footprints. Nothing found. But he did hear 1 knock while in the woods. It came from direction of Charles Street, deep in the hollow. This happened before dark around 7 PM. Bxxxx was located behind the camp when he heard it.

March 11, 2013

Bxxxx took Zeus the puppy out. He walked with him over to the orchard. Bxxxx wanted to take Zeus in to the camp-woods area. Zeus kept circling in front of Bxxxx, cutting him off from entering the woods. Nothing was seen or heard. This was afternoon time, weather overcast with flurries.

August 14, 2013

We heard knocking sounds outside. Windows closed. We were watching tv. This was around 11:00 at night. The knocks continued for about 10-15 minutes. Cloudy night. The sounds were very crisp sounding as if it were stones or ball bat sounding strikes.

Nov. 21, 2013

Bxxxx was tarping fresh cement by throwing rocks on top of the tarp. He got a rock click response from creek bottom near his tree stand. He gave a howl with no response. Bxxxx came in the house and told me what happened. I went out and did some rock clicks. 5-10 seconds later I got a howl response from the swamp area. It was a higher tone, not gruff sounding.  Bxxxx gave a knock with fire pit logs and got a response. 8:45 pm, dark, cloudy, eerie silence, no wind or animal sounds. Around 10:30 Bxxx heard coyotes and invited me outside. We continued to hear them and then we heard a howl in the midst of the coyotes. The coyotes immediately stopped howling. I gave a howl response and was responded back to with a howl. Another howl could be heard about 30 seconds later in the same area.

April 27, 2015

We were in the process of cutting a train through a section of the property for 4-wheelers for a few days. This area cannot be seen from our house or even a road. We went to the area on this day and discover a tree was broken off at its base. This tree was young and should not have broken like it did. (Pictures included)

May 17, 2017

Time 10:30 PM, 70 degrees (unusually warm for this time of year), definite leaves on trees and coverage in woods.

It was a very warm spring night, so we had all 3 of our living room windows open. We were watching the season finale of Chicago PD. My husband and son both looked at each other at the same time and said, “You hear that?” I heard nothing because I was engrossed in the show and I was sitting away from the windows where they could hear it. The sound they had heard was a very loud knock. My husband went out on our patio and knock with our wood knockers 3 times. He also gave a “whoop” with no resulting response. My husband came back in and watched more Chicago PD. He went back out at the next commercial and gave his best “Ohio Holler.” He got a response of 3 chirps. My husband is an avid hunter and fisherman of at least 35 years. He has been a Boy Scout Leader and is a weekend warrior camper. The chirps he heard are nothing he has ever heard before. He also said something that sounded very large was making a ruckus in the area where the chirping sound came from.  My response to him was, “Could it have been an owl?” He restated he did not know what the chirping sound was.

NABS investigator, Richard Hucklebridge:

B & J are pillars in their community who live in rural Pennsylvania, and do not want their names known, and or residence location known! I had the opportunity to speak with (J) in early June of 2017 regarding this family’s encounters since 1986; when the mother in Law had an opportunity to see one of these big guys moving away from her along a tree line in the back 40 on the same property. The following was the earliest report from J’s Mother in Law:

Another event from roughly fall of 1986... it is when I first started dating my husband. My mother-in-law had the sighting- yes, sighting. Bxxxx and I took possession of the farm (where we live and have had the occurrences) which belonged to my mother-in-law and father-in-law after his dad passed away in 1993. Well, we were having Sunday dinner and it was raining, it had to be late afternoon because the sun was peeking out during the storm. (It was a Sunday because the family would have get-togethers for supper. We had a house full-mom, dad, Bxxxx, me, aunt, uncle, & cousins) Mother-in-law was cooking in the kitchen and a number of us were standing in there talking and she happened to look out the window. My mother-in-law said in a loud voice, "What in the world is that?" And she ran into the sun porch room of the house to get a better look. It was reddish in color, upright on 2 feet running down the field beside the wood line I have talked to you about. This is what she reported it looked like. No one else saw it and the family kind of chalked it up to her being nuts and seeing things. No one ever talked about it again until Bxxxx and I started keying in on things. 

B & J and family at first couldn’t believe just who or what might be visiting their property, but came to the conclusion that it was possibly the creature called bigfoot. And so, they attempted to make contact with other Bigfoot groups; where I believe they picked up on some of these other groups endeavors to entice these big guys out in the open, so that they might be seen by them, or possible scare them off? I advised (J) if they wanted to scare off these visitors just keep up what you are doing regarding what these other groups are doing on their TV shows, or we should possibly talk about making acquaintances with them if you so desired!


This footprint has had a snow storm that almost covered up this track, but can be seen; where the glove lying beside it is 11 inches long.


At present, I believe they are still making up their minds as to how they want to proceed in this matter. These other bigfoot researcher groups, seemed not to be too interested in this family’s stories; where for the most part they are just your average and normal farm and ranch homestead encounters.

This family is now aware of what might be visiting them now and again; where they are picking up on the many new things that these large biped creatures seem to do when they visit folks like this. I advised them that they need to respect these creatures, like if you were them, how would you like to be treated???

I advised this family on what we believe these creatures might be and advised them that they, who call themselves The Real People, are usually not very happy about us yelling, or screaming at them, but instead maybe just give them a whoop call back if you hear knocking and or any sound from one of them. It’s like saying Hello back to them.

Enclosed, are photos of a foot print with 11” glove, and a photo of a busted tree located on their property.



NABS Report #85

A Personal Report from Investigator Richard Hucklebridge, July 30, 2016

A little Vacation the wife and I took recently to the Pacific North West! 

The following is what occurred after I had advised my lady colleague, (M), who lives in the Pacific North West, that I would back her up when her big guy, who calls himself Guardian, who wanted to see her and several selected known celebrities with a face to face meeting in a remote area of his choosing. This area was selected by Guardian in the National Forest that is was located behind (M’s) residence by several miles. I believe his, Guardian’s, reasons for this meeting was to possibly lay down some ways, and or thoughts that we, humans, may use to get along with what we call either Sasquatch or Bigfoot when we are out in those areas where they reside. By chance Guardian and his clan were possibly watching some of those TV shows on (M’s) TV through her large front room window that can be seen by sitting out in her front yard; where they were very disgruntled while they were viewing several of those TV programs. Yes, I know most people think that these are some kind of an Ape or at best a Gigantopithecus, buy our so-called experts, but in fact they are a highly developed people who are being pushed to their limits regarding their living spaces in our wild areas; where I believe they want us to possibly assist in their survival endeavor.   

 After the wife and I arrived at (M’s) residence I realized that I was unable to meet my obligations regarding me camping out in this remote area for five days and nights due to my physical disabilities mainly regarding my recovery from major back surgery. So, we decided to try and meet with her big guy, who calls himself “Guardian”, at (M’s) residence; where she has her encounters with him almost on a weekly basis. One of the celebrities is still on the hook, who possibly is still going to meet with (M) for that face to face meeting some time later this year? So, (M) and the wife and I decided to use her little horse coral that is located next to this National Forest by inches and has an open over hang that faces that forest; where straw and horse feed are stored, plus a straw bed for Guardian when he visits! “Yes, to me that bed looked like it had been used!” 

First Night: 

The first night which was on July 11th; where the wife and I met up with (M) at her residence and talked things over; where we all decided to use her little horse coral that faces the National Forest for our meetings with Guardian. (M) requests that we keep her name and location out of any written report, so we will comply with her request in that regard. (M) has the capabilities to communicate with Guardian through what some call telepathic methods; where I call it mind speak; as he, Guardian is in her head just about every time her and I talk, mainly regarding her big guy and his clan. He also breaks into her mind on occasions; when he needs to talk to her about his special subjects that he needs to get across to (M). 

This first night takes place behind a table that has three camping type chairs sitting behind it just outside of that little horse coral because it wasn’t raining. These Forest People call themselves the Real People (RP); where I will refer to them as a group!  Where we were advised to arrive at (M’s) coral at dark and within a half hour or so, when they began descending this steep mountain behind (M’s) residence, by whooping and hooting like owl’s, plus even whistling like we do, letting us all know of their arrival.   (M), has two horses that are separated in this small two stall coral who are very much aware of these Real People, especially on their arrival down to that coral; where they began to stir and whinny on their arrival. “Yes, as in they are happy to have them as visitors!” While these visitations were taking place over a 4-night meeting, I did derive confidence from (M’s) two horse who seemed happy and confident of these RP as visitors. 

During this first night not too much happened to the wife and I; where we were mainly witnessing what (M) had going on with Guardian. (M) had some extreme things happen to her where she was asked to move away from our little gathering behind that table; where they or him wanted her to move up and into the forest on a narrow horse trail that is used by (M) when she is out riding her horses. (M) complied and she walked up and into this horse trail about 25 yards; where I advised her to kind of stay in sight, but it was so very dark. (M) who has long white hair; where it seemed to kind of give off a strange glowing as possibly from the stars; where I could still see her as she moved up this horse trail and stopped! The glowing could have come from an outside source, but I didn’t see how? (M) said that she was following mind speak directions from Guardian! She was advised to turn her back to them and not to look back; where this was in total darkness and I could still see her white hair that had this very weird glow to it! She was asked to back up to them up into this even darker forested area where I advised her that she was leaving my eye sight. While she was complying with their instructions she felt that she wanted to cry; while she was backing up, for reasons we still have no idea why they wanted her to back up like that? While she was backing up she observed that her hands were glowing, again we have no idea on what was taking place at that instant, but she (M) returned to where Mary and I were seated. They just seemed to leave; where it was about mid night when that occurred, and where the time went I have no idea. Mary and I never seen anything or heard much, but I heard a loud thump; where later we learned it came from a chest thump. 

 The following is (M’s) rendition of that first night: 

It was decided for several reasons, to spend our evenings right in my back yard, just inches, literally from the edge of a deep, ancient rain forest. It is really quite an impressive site and we are visited regularly so there was a degree of comfort offered to both humans and Real People. The first night was very subtle but potent. At the edge of darkness, I began to feel their presence and there were some sounds but at a level, because of hearing problems that mostly I heard. However, at one point I was asked to sing the SUMMER SONG. . . where I sang Summer Breeze. Which I did and at one point I could hear soft singing along. Then I was asked to sing (put words on the wind) Say Something. Which I thought was a message, "say something, I'm giving up on you. I'll be the one if you want me to". I believe that the RP were very shy, excited, and happy to be in the presence of Richard and they were blown away by his wife, Mary and very excited and kept telling me that she was very gifted and this fact was born out over the following days. They then asked me to walk out into the darkness down the trail alone. Which I did. I stood there feeling their energy "scan through me" and giving me courage and taking away fear. I looked down and MY HANDS WERE LITERALLY GLOWING. Then, from behind me where they were sitting, Richard and Mary said that my head and my hair were glowing bright, like a light or halo in the darkness. They expressed their concern over Richard's health, two organs in particular, and did not want his "pressure" to raise too much and so made it a very gentle visit. There were afraid of causing him so much fear that it would harm him. Then they were gone. 

Second Night: 

2nd Night; which was on my birthday! We were asked to arrive back at this location around 9 PM when it starts to get dark up there in the PNW. We moved from our previous location to under the open roof area of M’s horse shed due to rain. This is where her (RP) Real People visit the horse shed area to either eat some of the horse food stored there and or even spend a few hours sleeping under this open over hang where there is a straw bed laid out for Guardian and his family! “Yes, it looked like it had been used.” 


(M) brought down her lap top computer to show us several photos that she had taken of her (RP) when they had previously visited with her. Where we defiantly could make them out but they were at a distance and we could make out their upper body, like head and shoulders in a silhouette form. Too far for seeing any facial features. At about 10 PM (M) was advised to turn off all electronic devices like the computer; where it took a few minutes to get it to shut down. They inquired as to why it was taking so long to get that computer to shut down! Then the three of us began to hear these rather loud hooping and owl hooting sounds, along with whistling sounds as they were moving towards us down this very steep mountain behind this horse shed.  They made these sounds in sequences of threes; where at that time we were not aware of their significance, but just enjoying them as they preceded down towards us! Later they advised us that was how many of them that were coming to visit with us, by communicating with (M)! When (M) is out in her backyard this is how they tell her how many of them are coming to visit with her. She, (M) got up to meet them as she believed they were coming down the horse trail to meet us at the horse shed/coral. (M) was having communications with them as they arrived saying that they have put a protective shield over me to protect me from my medical condition; as in keeping my heart rate at a normal beat. While (M) was telling me this I felt a deep compression over my chest; where I did not feel scared and or threatened one least bit! 


(M) stepped out onto the horse trail that leads into that deep dark forested area to face them; where they wanted to touch her fingers, but she rejected that idea! She sang a special phrase of a song that they had asked for; where she sang most of the song to them. During this singing phase, I could hear a faint whistling coming from a little way further up that horse trail from where (M) was standing! Please be advised, that we all felt that they were very close to us; as I could smell a pungent earthy smell, and so did Mary. We didn’t see anything as in even in a silhouette form as it was very dark but the horses were making different sounds and movements. They the (RP) then told (M) that this was night two; where they quietly just departed. 


(M’s) Rendition of night two: 


 The next night we moved our spot to the overhang at the back of the barn because the weather was a little wet. Our faces were just a couple feet from the base of the trees. They arrived with a lot of whooping and whistling. Guardian came right up to the structure behind the large tree to a sheltered spot that they often watch from. Unfortunately, that night I brought my small digital recorder, and my cell phone, and they were setting on the table. I started to turn it on during the whooping and I received a shock (like electric) when I touched my recorder and a "NO" in my mind. Also during that night, I moved towards them and asked them to please come forward . . . . I pressed the issue to much. Throughout the night they gave me much information regarding Richard and Mary which I shared with them. Can't remember exactly what which is normal. Once it is said with regard to specific people, I often forget it. As if I have given it to them. Apparently, I had broken the rules. Not to record, bringing electronics (Richard had something to but did not take them out), moving towards them, and what they called "begging" as in trying to talk them into coming in. They are not talked into, but they have their own agenda; where they were very caring and gentle of action with regard to Richard and Mary. 


Mary’s account of night two: 


When (M) left the little horse coral overhead where we were all seated, I felt something real close to me on my right side as in heat from a warm body.  On the other side of the little table that were all seated behind, I thought that I saw a face looking at me; which was in the forested area where some older open upped up hay bundles were located. I first thought it was M’s dog lady, but she was inside of the house. I looked over to see (M) and back at the forest behind the table where only the eyes were above the table top; where I looked away again and then back where there was nothing; ok, I looked away again and then looked back to the table and it’s was back; where I wanted extend my hand to it, and was told “NO”, in my head; where I could not look to my right either.  I was thinking it was mother and baby, but learned later that it was “Guardian”! Guardian later told me that he was close enough to touch me, and it was him and not his mate, and no small one was their either! 


Mary was wearing a pull down military type of a hat at that time; where she thought the horse was pulling at her hair, but after many hours of thinking about it, it couldn’t have been the horse, but had to have been something else altogether! Mary later learned Through (M) that it was Guardian who was standing next to Mary, and again it was him who was looking at her from across the table. I was sitting on Mary’s left side holding her hands where I felt something was going on and again I smelled that earthy smell that was present, but I didn’t see anything!  


Night Three: 


Mary and I arrived at the little horse coral’s back over head, about 8:45 PM; where the table and camping chairs were placed under the overhead. Mary and I stayed in our little Jeep until (M) arrived at around 9:15 PM and heads out to where we are seated in our Jeep. I noticed that (M) was not in her usual chipper mood, but something was wrong! Her first words out of her mouth; where she stated that her prized rooster was taken last night after we had left, and who ever took it had to have opened up two wire gates to get at this prized golden colored rooster that was fairly expensive, mainly because if its blood lines. She did show him off to Mary and I the night before! Yes, one would have to say that rooster was one magnificent looking bird with multiple colors that was large for any rooster that I had ever seen. Again, there is a reason for delving into this subject! 


After Mary and I gave (M) our condolences and sympathies regarding her rooster, (M) gave us the reason why this special rooster went missing; was in fact per her RP Guardian, that she (M) shined her new head light up and into the dark forested area. Where (M) said that she only did it because she knew that were gone, per what Guardian told her; where she told him that she was only trying out her new light that we gave to (M). “Lights to our big guys are never a good thing; where I believe it hurts their eyes.” And so, the question one has to ask; where they said that they had left our area, and so how did they know that light was shown up and into that forested area??? 


Guardian advised (M) that they did not take her rooster, but that sneaky old coyote took her bird. So, again one has to ask how did that sneaky old coyote open up two wire gates to get at that rooster. (M) did ask Guardian that question and there was no reply from him!  


We decided to go up to the gifting station; which is a fence pole, that is a very old wooden fence pole which is about ready to fall over from age, but has a flat surface of about one square foot.  This gifting station (GS) is located up the horse trail next to the horse coral about 100 ft. straight back in, and then about another 100 or so feet to the right where that (GS) pole was located, and yes a lot takes place at this location! At this point you feel like you are in the middle of deep dark forest and you are thankful for seeing that horse trail back out to the horse coral. This is the location where (M) leaves them two eggs, and I was leaving them banana’s; where I pealed them back a little to show them how to peel and eat them! “Yes, they really liked them!” I observed fresh horse track in those muddy spots in that horse trail that was used by (M) and a friend that morning on an extensive ride back into their wilderness areas. 


When we arrived at this (GS) that third evening I noticed three feathers that were stuck between wooden slivers at the top of that (GS) pole, and after a little further study they looked like golden rooster feathers; where at this point (M) kind of teared up knowing that her rooster was more than likely eaten. Also, noted was the horse food gift that was not taken! We removed the old horse food and place two eggs and a banana on that (GS) pole and headed back to the horse shed area. 


After are arrival back at the horse shed open overhead, (M) began to tell us about her and her friends horseback ride that day up the horse trail and into the National Forest back country. When she said “O” I must be talking too much, because at that moment Guardian broke into (M’s) conversation to Mary & I, and begin telling her to keep talking because they liked to listen to her tell her stories! (M) then began to tell us about how these RP have to hunt all of the time to survive; where they would break into her conversation with us and update (M) on why they must have meat protean to survive their extreme and physical life style. Where they then brought up their life spans of their people; as in their females’ who have a very difficult life and is much shorter life span than the males’. He goes on and tells us that there is less than half of their females as compared to their male population, and he goes on saying that there are a lot of single males looking for mates. He Guardian started to tell us about their life spans which normally they live into their 60’s, but an elder female that recently had passed on, and who was communicating and living around (M’s) residence lived to be 79 berry seasons old; which was about the oldest known RP in recent times, per Guardian. At that instant, I piped in stating that my 79th birthday was yesterday! I continued on by telling them about Grandpa Carter, who began to feed a young RP that he had injured in a tree falling accident back in 1949; where he called his RP (Fox) and he lived into his late 70’s, because he was assisted in his feeding by Grandpa Carter for 50 years.  


This is where they loudly vocally advised me out loud, that story could not be true; where (M) advised me that they were very adamant about my story regarding Grandpa Carter. I thought it was very humorous that they didn’t or couldn’t believe my story that I got from a book in which I believed was true. “In retrospect, per their code they are not supposed to take food from humans for survival at any time, but gifting is Ok?” I advised Guardian that this little book convinced me who the RP really were; as in a people of some kind! He Guardian still voice a loud verbal “NO”! After this they decided to leave, because they had much to do! 


(M’s) comments regarding that third evening: 


HOWEVER, the next morning I discovered that my chickens were let out, and that my biggest, best, costliest and rare rooster, was GONE. The RP had mentioned my chickens the night before. It was a very harsh reminder that when I follow the rules, they follow my rules.  Difficult day for me. 

      At this point I would like to interject the feeding pole. Each evening we checked the FP (feeding pole) and put out new treats. The first evening they took my eggs, not my fruit, and left a daisy. We put out a started banana and eggs. They took the eggs and left a banana peel neatly on the pole. Each night, they came. They took the eggs, left a banana peel. However, on the final night, they left the banana peel opened with a piece of black, Chrystal- like stone, which they said was from the rock caves, their safe place.  


   Each evening began with their arrival and whooping and whistling and various physical changes and feelings. They made it clear when they were leaving. And they communicated their joy and 'honor" that Richard was visiting, and Mary began hearing them as well. I think Mary has the makings of an excellent communicator with them.  They thanked Richard over and over for coming. They said many things and I'm sure Richard will have something to say about them.  


Night Four: 


Mary and I arrived at (M’s) little horse shed a little before complete darkness; where I took photos of the little horse shed and coral area that is located at the back of her property. I also took photos of the horse trail that leads back to the GS, and of the GS its self. We finally had to opportunity to meet Mr. (M’s) husband. We then as in all of us including (M’s) husband took the narrow horse trail back to the GS; where we observed an open banana peel opened up and on top of the GS post with the white inner liner showing bright; where with further inspection I observed a 1 inch by 1 1/4-inch black crystal in the middle of that banana peel which stood out like a sore thumb! We now all believe that this beautiful black rock crystal was of obsidian, and had to have been place there by one of them, because nobody else had been back there that day!  Guardian told (M) that crystal came from a place that they hide from the Sky People. His reason for presenting this special gift was that he was glad that I had come to visit with him. 

Note: he and I have meet through my many communications with (M) over the past five or six years. 


I advised Guardian, through (M), that his crystal gift to me will be honored for many generations to come in our family, and it was a beautiful gift that will be much appreciated! Guardian then advised us that last night, night #3, that he wanted to show us his light show, but he advised us that he didn’t have enough energy due to not finding food the night before. “I have no idea on what a light show might look like, but have heard of them using their eyes like we use our automobile head lights.” 


(M’s) comments regarding that last night, night # 4: 


On the last evening(?) Richard began telling me about the speculation that the RP are descended from "fallen angels" or the Nephilim. Guardian roared out "NO!"  Not once, but three separate times when Richard tried to talk about it. He asked me to speak for him a couple times. Many times information came into my head which I shared but I cannot be sure that it wasn't my own psychic detective at work. Mary did experience the presence of a large male beneath the overhang and "saw" the face of a "toddler" peering over our little table, very close to us. They were all around us. We ALL became very good at feeling the change in pressure of the air around us as they were approaching. We feel the silence and a heaviness in our chests and a feeling of be physically restrained, then the greeting/whooping. Visits lasting a half hour at the most.  

    The last evening Guardian said that they had not eaten the night before and were hungry and need to be on their way. They tried to take my dog, Lady, with them, but I kept her with me. They did show me an image of where they were going to hunt. As I write this they tell me, "only if we are starving, do we take a mother and baby deer". They shared with Richard and Mary that they have a large protein and calorie need per day to maintain their physical forms in a strong enough condition to be able to hunt effectively. This is the central theme. Getting enough food.  

     So it was a wonderful visit. All is quiet here as they have retreated to the higher elevation for summer hunting. Several Times they expressed their gratitude that Richard and Mary were there.  


Mary’s rendition of that Fourth evening and the next morning! 


At 05:30 hours the next morning Mary received the following image in her head along with Guardian’s mind speak showing her how they, Guardian and his clan, were going to be sleeping! He advised Mary that he thought she had slept long enough! He then showed her they were gathering in lots of moss; which is grown abundantly on all trees in that area, and began to laying it down next to some very large tree logs, so that they were going to sleep on the moss concealed behind those logs. “This ought to be interesting now my wife can mind speak with Guardian!!!”  


Some closing thoughts from (M):  Tweakers are people who possibly live in this area; where they use drugs and live out in those wild places. 


Hi All, I told Richard and Mary a story about how when my son first went to work, the people he met here told him that there were tweakers that would come down from behind house in the forest to go through people's Shops, garages, etc. to harvest a tool here, a tool there, to steal and sell. Their logic being that they would never take enough for people to notice. My first experience here, in this house, was going out into the dark shop and immediately knowing that I wasn't alone, instantly something huge, whose chest or abdomen brushed my face as he rushed by me in the darkness and out the door. I screamed; he screamed; and I felt a shock wave go through me and I could not stop myself from trembling and screaming for several minutes. Even thought it was darkness, I have not one single doubt about who this infamous tweaker thief was. I also have no doubt that nothing is being actually taken so much as being moved. My Grandfather had a similar experience in his shop late one night, which resulted in his NEVER going out to the shop after 10PM. If a light was accidentally left on, so it stayed. We lived in the foothills on the south west side of Mt St Helens in those days, now we live on the northeast side.  

     So the point of this story is that last night my son woke me up about 3AM saying heard some unusual animal sounds that were disturbing the dogs. I didn't go check it out but today I asked him about the sounds. He said that one sounded exactly the way owls sound. So I played the sound of a barrel owl which has the most typical, cartoon owl sound and he said that was it. But he also said there was another bird with a beautiful unique whistle.  

     Does this sound familiar Richard. When we experience the whoops here, frequently there is a bird or two with the whoopers. This "bird" has a clear, human type whistle that ends in a whirring, parakeet time sound and moves around . . . as if there may be more than one. Same with the "owl". There are perhaps three that travel together. NOW I have listened to the recorded owl sounds over and over and over again. The "barred owl" sounds are close to what we hear, sometimes, but frequently there are several variations and tones of whooping all happening at the same time. Like a group of three or more. Also, a "barking" sound. 

     Now perhaps there is a Disney group of very creative owls singing through loud speakers with heavy bass, who travel with a couple odd birds with unidentifiable whistles, and in fact will copy my whistles, that also travel with a small dog barking into a microphone/speaker. Maybe, it is all identifiable as well-known night time animal sounds . . . then why, when I try to record them on my very nice small digital recorder, something happens to me when I touch the recorder or the new batteries don't work and why do my birds pay the price for my breach of trust? Why do the neighbors speak of tweakers walking down through impassable forest even in daylight, but darker than dark and dangerous at night? Vehicles cannot make it in, over a mile from the nearest FS dirt road down the steep face of a mountain about 1000', which must be climbed back up to leave, carrying their harvest of stolen tools; in fact, that's all seem to want to check out is their tools, with no noticeable losses . . . . 

     It certainly gave Mary, Richard and I a good new in joke . . . . no worries . . . it's just the tweakers . . . .  



warm vibes m 




NABS Report # 84 Oregon:

N.A.B.S. Investigator Richard Hucklebridge

The following report was turned into our N.A.B.S. Organization recently in November of 2015; where I found it quite compelling and thought that most of you would find it that way also! For me after talking with the witness, Paul, I knew that his story had a very high probability of being true, and that is why you are seeing it posted here on our web site. This witness was on the skeptical side of what most us are calling Sasquatch until he went out on this Bigfoot expedition with a group of folks who go out on these expedition excursions, about 10 or 12 times a year, all across this country of ours. Usually not much happens, but on occasions things do happen; where this had to be one of those occasions! I personally have been on several of these expeditions with this same organization at different locations; where a possible few things kind of go bump in the night, but this one kind of takes the cake if you were to ask me.

My main thought here is why didn’t this investigative organization go ahead and post this Report of Paul’s on their web site? They had to know it was highly possible that it was the real deal! After hearing Paul’s story, and knowing his back ground; as in his past employment record, and in his sincerity of retelling his story, I just knew this story had to get out there to where folks could read about what took place during this one week end, one summer in Oregon!

I will let Paul’s Story stand on its own, and reiterate on a few of this witness’s accounts at the end of his report! By the way, Paul has sent us a signed Affidavit along, regarding the truthfulness of his Oregon Report. We have removed exact locations and people’s names for their protection.

Paul’s Oregon expedition in 2015

I first want to say that I have a degree in Biology from Humboldt State University, have worked as a Biological Technician for the US Forest Service doing bear, bird and plant community surveys both day and night, forest surveys and fire fighting. I also worked for the Park Service for 7 years at Redwood National Park doing forestry and fire effect surveys and fire fighting. All told I have about 13 years in the federal service and now work for my local school district.

The expedition investigators on site did take my story, but I have not seen it posted on any reports at the expedition people’s website. I believe my sightings and experiences are very significant and insightful. I was skeptical but open minded before this expedition but can say that the things I experienced cannot be attributed to any know animal or creature. Being that this expedition was a controlled expedition, no other visitors were there, and what I saw and heard could not have been faked by a person.

Previous experience;

I have always been curious about this creature and my only previous Bigfoot incident was on the evening of Thanksgiving, 1997. I was on a thanksgiving break from college and only had a short few days, not long enough to visit family in Texas so my girlfriend and I decided to go back packing at Mount Saint Helens, WA.

We were on the east side going up the Ape trail. There were three other groups of day hikers but we passed them on the way up the trail. We got to the top of a steep section to a point at which we could see on both sides of the ridge line we were hiking. We could clearly see both north and south. There was a tree that fell across the trail so we passed our packs over the tree. After I climbed over, I took a rest and listened to the quiet. From up ahead off the

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