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A List of Bigfoot Sightings

                                                                        Bigfoot Sightings



NABS Report # 86

B & J, are just a normal American family who are having unknown guest visit them from time to time, and just wanted to tell their stories regarding some of their visitations:

October 18, 2010

(B’s report) I was making my way out to the garage around 10:30 PM. When I went out the kitchen door, I noticed that something was beating (more of a rhythmic, slow pattern) the side of our smoke house (old building used for storage). Something was being thrown and bouncing off its tin roof, like something throwing our black walnuts. It was a sound that I would recognize because we have these types of trees around our home, but not near the building in question. I came back into the house and told my wife what I had heard. I was grabbing flashlights and my high-powered rifle and I was going to make my way to the shed. My wife insisted that I drive over to our barn and flash the truck lights toward the smoke house. This is what I did. Of course, I did not see anything, but it is very strange. The smell of the air was disgusting.

10:30 PM, dark, not moon lit (it was the week of a full moon), a definite breeze was noted!

My wife was watching television and my son had just gone to bed. I called my wife to come out and she noticed the smell right away.

There was this horrible smell that has been in the area for a few days prior. It is a VERY STRONG smell of wet dog and rotten garbage. Before the night in question my wife noticed the odor several days before. We observed it the night after in question. The smell was also present during the daylight hours as well. Also, my mom had come over to our home (she lives approximately 1000 yards to the west of my home) and she heard a sound that she could not identify. It was kind of growling sound, but she said it was not a cat. This was at 5 PM of the same day in question. She also noted a turkey sound associated with it. Also, between 9:30 and 10 PM my son and wife heard what they thought to be a gun shot. Keep in mind they were watching TV and they heard this sound over the television.

I am an avid hunter of the past 21 years, and for the past 2 years while hunting on my property I have felt as if there was a presence watching me. I have heard noises of movement, but when I look in the direction of the sound, nothing is there. Sounds then travel to another area around me. It is very quick. It is very un-nerving.

We are surrounded by hardwoods and a few pines to the north and east of our house. To the south and west are open areas and fields. The area in general is hilly farmland area with hardwoods interspersed. There is a small creek that flows through our property. Our garden is about 1/4-1/2 of an acre, but all that is left standing are a few tomato and pepper plants. There are also 2 horse farms adjacent to our property. Something to keep on mind- the area in question is surrounded by active strip mining activity. Windmills that were installed about 2-3 years ago are further out the state road about 4-5 miles.

Summer 2011

(J’s reports) At this point in time, we were familiar with the Animal Planet show, “Finding Bigfoot.”  On this particular day, I was enjoying the warm evening (70’s) on our patio with my son. We were sitting on the swing under the pergola. My husband was tending to one of our German-raised vegetable beds. It was around 9:30PM and the sky was still lit. The sun was down, but there was still light. It was one of the longest days of the year. The weather was clear with some high clouds. Our elevation is 2270ft.

My husband walked to our patio and said he heard knocks coming from the “bottom” area of our property. This area would be near a small creek that runs through the property. My husband does some of his deer hunting in this area. I thought we should try knocking from seeing the television show. To this day, I cannot believe we got such a great response! The knocking and response went on for 20 minutes. The creature moved through the woods like nothing was in its way. My husband says there was no way a human could move that quickly through a wood line. And my thought was what animal makes knocking sounds? We knew we had a Bigfoot.

We got to a point where it was becoming uncomfortable for us because it seemed close and we retrieved a spotlight. We shined the light in the area of the knocks, but nothing was seen. And the knocks stopped after that. This area would be around 400-500 ft. away from our patio.  We did not think to go looking for footprints or evidence. We have told friends and family and they thought we were crazy.  Some people we have told have told us some of their stories because they are believers, too. 

Summer 2012

I noted that the wood pile was knocked over into the yard (orchard area). Upon the cleanup, we found a rather large rock in the middle of the toppled pile. (If a person would hold their hands in a ball formation, hold your hands about 6 inches apart. That was the size of the rock.)  Keep in mind this area is mowed and is rock-free. (If you hit a rock with the mower, blades get bent up.) Woodpile is located on the wood line between orchard and horses.

Dxxxxx and I were swimming in the pool. Bxxxx was working in the yard. It was a sunny day. There was very little breeze. I noted that one tree in the woods by the orchard was shaking profusely. No other tree in that same area was doing this. It lasted for about 30 seconds to a minute. This was in the afternoon around 2-3PM.

February 8, 2013

Bxxxx was headed out the door to the local grocery store at 6 PM. Daylight was dimming and a snowstorm was occurring. He went out the door and returned back about 10 seconds later and said he saw something over by Dxx’s tree house in the orchard. His first reaction to the sight was that he was seeing things and he looked back that way again and it was gone. He said it appeared to be crouching down as not to be seen. We did not head out to see what it was until the next day.

We went out around 4:30-5 PM to walk the property. We walked straight over to the area in question and did not find anything. We hiked the perimeter of our 40-acre property and found no signs of anything questionable. By the time we got back to the house, it was around 6 PM. I said to my husband I wanted to walk over to where he saw the sight in question and I followed our footprints in the snow. Bxxxx stayed on the porch to pinpoint the figure. He said I was too far over to the left and not far enough forward. When I looked down, I saw imprints of something… to me it looked like foot prints and knuckle prints. I said to him, “Can you see the color of my coat?” And he responded that my coat was clearly army green and what he saw was not black, but a dark color. I asked him to watch my hand to get the height as I raise it up and tell me to stop.  The height was at my chest region, which is roughly 45 inches. Keep in mind he said it was crouching down. I told Bxxxx what I found and he came over to where I was with the camera. I took photos of the prints. One picture has my glove which measured 11 inches long.

March 9, 2013

Whistling was heard around 10 PM at night. I was on the porch by myself. Sound of a whistle call like Bxxxx uses came from the woods from between us and the patrol horses. I called back, but no response. I think I was cat-called by a Bigfoot.

March 10, 2013

Brian went out to look for footprints. Nothing found. But he did hear 1 knock while in the woods. It came from direction of Charles Street, deep in the hollow. This happened before dark around 7 PM. Bxxxx was located behind the camp when he heard it.

March 11, 2013

Bxxxx took Zeus the puppy out. He walked with him over to the orchard. Bxxxx wanted to take Zeus in to the camp-woods area. Zeus kept circling in front of Bxxxx, cutting him off from entering the woods. Nothing was seen or heard. This was afternoon time, weather overcast with flurries.

August 14, 2013

We heard knocking sounds outside. Windows closed. We were watching tv. This was around 11:00 at night. The knocks continued for about 10-15 minutes. Cloudy night. The sounds were very crisp sounding as if it were stones or ball bat sounding strikes.

Nov. 21, 2013

Bxxxx was tarping fresh cement by throwing rocks on top of the tarp. He got a rock click response from creek bottom near his tree stand. He gave a howl with no response. Bxxxx came in the house and told me what happened. I went out and did some rock clicks. 5-10 seconds later I got a howl response from the swamp area. It was a higher tone, not gruff sounding.  Bxxxx gave a knock with fire pit logs and got a response. 8:45 pm, dark, cloudy, eerie silence, no wind or animal sounds. Around 10:30 Bxxx heard coyotes and invited me outside. We continued to hear them and then we heard a howl in the midst of the coyotes. The coyotes immediately stopped howling. I gave a howl response and was responded back to with a howl. Another howl could be heard about 30 seconds later in the same area.

April 27, 2015

We were in the process of cutting a train through a section of the property for 4-wheelers for a few days. This area cannot be seen from our house or even a road. We went to the area on this day and discover a tree was broken off at its base. This tree was young and should not have broken like it did. (Pictures included)

May 17, 2017

Time 10:30 PM, 70 degrees (unusually warm for this time of year), definite leaves on trees and coverage in woods.

It was a very warm spring night, so we had all 3 of our living room windows open. We were watching the season finale of Chicago PD. My husband and son both looked at each other at the same time and said, “You hear that?” I heard nothing because I was engrossed in the show and I was sitting away from the windows where they could hear it. The sound they had heard was a very loud knock. My husband went out on our patio and knock with our wood knockers 3 times. He also gave a “whoop” with no resulting response. My husband came back in and watched more Chicago PD. He went back out at the next commercial and gave his best “Ohio Holler.” He got a response of 3 chirps. My husband is an avid hunter and fisherman of at least 35 years. He has been a Boy Scout Leader and is a weekend warrior camper. The chirps he heard are nothing he has ever heard before. He also said something that sounded very large was making a ruckus in the area where the chirping sound came from.  My response to him was, “Could it have been an owl?” He restated he did not know what the chirping sound was.

NABS investigator, Richard Hucklebridge:

B & J are pillars in their community who live in rural Pennsylvania, and do not want their names known, and or residence location known! I had the opportunity to speak with (J) in early June of 2017 regarding this family’s encounters since 1986; when the mother in Law had an opportunity to see one of these big guys moving away from her along a tree line in the back 40 on the same property. The following was the earliest report from J’s Mother in Law:

Another event from roughly fall of 1986... it is when I first started dating my husband. My mother-in-law had the sighting- yes, sighting. Bxxxx and I took possession of the farm (where we live and have had the occurrences) which belonged to my mother-in-law and father-in-law after his dad passed away in 1993. Well, we were having Sunday dinner and it was raining, it had to be late afternoon because the sun was peeking out during the storm. (It was a Sunday because the family would have get-togethers for supper. We had a house full-mom, dad, Bxxxx, me, aunt, uncle, & cousins) Mother-in-law was cooking in the kitchen and a number of us were standing in there talking and she happened to look out the window. My mother-in-law said in a loud voice, "What in the world is that?" And she ran into the sun porch room of the house to get a better look. It was reddish in color, upright on 2 feet running down the field beside the wood line I have talked to you about. This is what she reported it looked like. No one else saw it and the family kind of chalked it up to her being nuts and seeing things. No one ever talked about it again until Bxxxx and I started keying in on things. 

B & J and family at first couldn’t believe just who or what might be visiting their property, but came to the conclusion that it was possibly the creature called bigfoot. And so, they attempted to make contact with other Bigfoot groups; where I believe they picked up on some of these other groups endeavors to entice these big guys out in the open, so that they might be seen by them, or possible scare them off? I advised (J) if they wanted to scare off these visitors just keep up what you are doing regarding what these other groups are doing on their TV shows, or we should possibly talk about making acquaintances with them if you so desired!


This footprint has had a snow storm that almost covered up this track, but can be seen; where the glove lying beside it is 11 inches long.


At present, I believe they are still making up their minds as to how they want to proceed in this matter. These other bigfoot researcher groups, seemed not to be too interested in this family’s stories; where for the most part they are just your average and normal farm and ranch homestead encounters.

This family is now aware of what might be visiting them now and again; where they are picking up on the many new things that these large biped creatures seem to do when they visit folks like this. I advised them that they need to respect these creatures, like if you were them, how would you like to be treated???

I advised this family on what we believe these creatures might be and advised them that they, who call themselves The Real People, are usually not very happy about us yelling, or screaming at them, but instead maybe just give them a whoop call back if you hear knocking and or any sound from one of them. It’s like saying Hello back to them.

Enclosed, are photos of a foot print with 11” glove, and a photo of a busted tree located on their property.



NABS Report #85

A Personal Report from Investigator Richard Hucklebridge, July 30, 2016

A little Vacation the wife and I took recently to the Pacific North West! 

The following is what occurred after I had advised my lady colleague, (M), who lives in the Pacific North West, that I would back her up when her big guy, who calls himself Guardian, who wanted to see her and several selected known celebrities with a face to face meeting in a remote area of his choosing. This area was selected by Guardian in the National Forest that is was located behind (M’s) residence by several miles. I believe his, Guardian’s, reasons for this meeting was to possibly lay down some ways, and or thoughts that we, humans, may use to get along with what we call either Sasquatch or Bigfoot when we are out in those areas where they reside. By chance Guardian and his clan were possibly watching some of those TV shows on (M’s) TV through her large front room window that can be seen by sitting out in her front yard; where they were very disgruntled while they were viewing several of those TV programs. Yes, I know most people think that these are some kind of an Ape or at best a Gigantopithecus, buy our so-called experts, but in fact they are a highly developed people who are being pushed to their limits regarding their living spaces in our wild areas; where I believe they want us to possibly assist in their survival endeavor.   

 After the wife and I arrived at (M’s) residence I realized that I was unable to meet my obligations regarding me camping out in this remote area for five days and nights due to my physical disabilities mainly regarding my recovery from major back surgery. So, we decided to try and meet with her big guy, who calls himself “Guardian”, at (M’s) residence; where she has her encounters with him almost on a weekly basis. One of the celebrities is still on the hook, who possibly is still going to meet with (M) for that face to face meeting some time later this year? So, (M) and the wife and I decided to use her little horse coral that is located next to this National Forest by inches and has an open over hang that faces that forest; where straw and horse feed are stored, plus a straw bed for Guardian when he visits! “Yes, to me that bed looked like it had been used!” 

First Night: 

The first night which was on July 11th; where the wife and I met up with (M) at her residence and talked things over; where we all decided to use her little horse coral that faces the National Forest for our meetings with Guardian. (M) requests that we keep her name and location out of any written report, so we will comply with her request in that regard. (M) has the capabilities to communicate with Guardian through what some call telepathic methods; where I call it mind speak; as he, Guardian is in her head just about every time her and I talk, mainly regarding her big guy and his clan. He also breaks into her mind on occasions; when he needs to talk to her about his special subjects that he needs to get across to (M). 

This first night takes place behind a table that has three camping type chairs sitting behind it just outside of that little horse coral because it wasn’t raining. These Forest People call themselves the Real People (RP); where I will refer to them as a group!  Where we were advised to arrive at (M’s) coral at dark and within a half hour or so, when they began descending this steep mountain behind (M’s) residence, by whooping and hooting like owl’s, plus even whistling like we do, letting us all know of their arrival.   (M), has two horses that are separated in this small two stall coral who are very much aware of these Real People, especially on their arrival down to that coral; where they began to stir and whinny on their arrival. “Yes, as in they are happy to have them as visitors!” While these visitations were taking place over a 4-night meeting, I did derive confidence from (M’s) two horse who seemed happy and confident of these RP as visitors. 

During this first night not too much happened to the wife and I; where we were mainly witnessing what (M) had going on with Guardian. (M) had some extreme things happen to her where she was asked to move away from our little gathering behind that table; where they or him wanted her to move up and into the forest on a narrow horse trail that is used by (M) when she is out riding her horses. (M) complied and she walked up and into this horse trail about 25 yards; where I advised her to kind of stay in sight, but it was so very dark. (M) who has long white hair; where it seemed to kind of give off a strange glowing as possibly from the stars; where I could still see her as she moved up this horse trail and stopped! The glowing could have come from an outside source, but I didn’t see how? (M) said that she was following mind speak directions from Guardian! She was advised to turn her back to them and not to look back; where this was in total darkness and I could still see her white hair that had this very weird glow to it! She was asked to back up to them up into this even darker forested area where I advised her that she was leaving my eye sight. While she was complying with their instructions she felt that she wanted to cry; while she was backing up, for reasons we still have no idea why they wanted her to back up like that? While she was backing up she observed that her hands were glowing, again we have no idea on what was taking place at that instant, but she (M) returned to where Mary and I were seated. They just seemed to leave; where it was about mid night when that occurred, and where the time went I have no idea. Mary and I never seen anything or heard much, but I heard a loud thump; where later we learned it came from a chest thump. 

 The following is (M’s) rendition of that first night: 

It was decided for several reasons, to spend our evenings right in my back yard, just inches, literally from the edge of a deep, ancient rain forest. It is really quite an impressive site and we are visited regularly so there was a degree of comfort offered to both humans and Real People. The first night was very subtle but potent. At the edge of darkness, I began to feel their presence and there were some sounds but at a level, because of hearing problems that mostly I heard. However, at one point I was asked to sing the SUMMER SONG. . . where I sang Summer Breeze. Which I did and at one point I could hear soft singing along. Then I was asked to sing (put words on the wind) Say Something. Which I thought was a message, "say something, I'm giving up on you. I'll be the one if you want me to". I believe that the RP were very shy, excited, and happy to be in the presence of Richard and they were blown away by his wife, Mary and very excited and kept telling me that she was very gifted and this fact was born out over the following days. They then asked me to walk out into the darkness down the trail alone. Which I did. I stood there feeling their energy "scan through me" and giving me courage and taking away fear. I looked down and MY HANDS WERE LITERALLY GLOWING. Then, from behind me where they were sitting, Richard and Mary said that my head and my hair were glowing bright, like a light or halo in the darkness. They expressed their concern over Richard's health, two organs in particular, and did not want his "pressure" to raise too much and so made it a very gentle visit. There were afraid of causing him so much fear that it would harm him. Then they were gone. 

Second Night: 

2nd Night; which was on my birthday! We were asked to arrive back at this location around 9 PM when it starts to get dark up there in the PNW. We moved from our previous location to under the open roof area of M’s horse shed due to rain. This is where her (RP) Real People visit the horse shed area to either eat some of the horse food stored there and or even spend a few hours sleeping under this open over hang where there is a straw bed laid out for Guardian and his family! “Yes, it looked like it had been used.” 


(M) brought down her lap top computer to show us several photos that she had taken of her (RP) when they had previously visited with her. Where we defiantly could make them out but they were at a distance and we could make out their upper body, like head and shoulders in a silhouette form. Too far for seeing any facial features. At about 10 PM (M) was advised to turn off all electronic devices like the computer; where it took a few minutes to get it to shut down. They inquired as to why it was taking so long to get that computer to shut down! Then the three of us began to hear these rather loud hooping and owl hooting sounds, along with whistling sounds as they were moving towards us down this very steep mountain behind this horse shed.  They made these sounds in sequences of threes; where at that time we were not aware of their significance, but just enjoying them as they preceded down towards us! Later they advised us that was how many of them that were coming to visit with us, by communicating with (M)! When (M) is out in her backyard this is how they tell her how many of them are coming to visit with her. She, (M) got up to meet them as she believed they were coming down the horse trail to meet us at the horse shed/coral. (M) was having communications with them as they arrived saying that they have put a protective shield over me to protect me from my medical condition; as in keeping my heart rate at a normal beat. While (M) was telling me this I felt a deep compression over my chest; where I did not feel scared and or threatened one least bit! 


(M) stepped out onto the horse trail that leads into that deep dark forested area to face them; where they wanted to touch her fingers, but she rejected that idea! She sang a special phrase of a song that they had asked for; where she sang most of the song to them. During this singing phase, I could hear a faint whistling coming from a little way further up that horse trail from where (M) was standing! Please be advised, that we all felt that they were very close to us; as I could smell a pungent earthy smell, and so did Mary. We didn’t see anything as in even in a silhouette form as it was very dark but the horses were making different sounds and movements. They the (RP) then told (M) that this was night two; where they quietly just departed. 


(M’s) Rendition of night two: 


 The next night we moved our spot to the overhang at the back of the barn because the weather was a little wet. Our faces were just a couple feet from the base of the trees. They arrived with a lot of whooping and whistling. Guardian came right up to the structure behind the large tree to a sheltered spot that they often watch from. Unfortunately, that night I brought my small digital recorder, and my cell phone, and they were setting on the table. I started to turn it on during the whooping and I received a shock (like electric) when I touched my recorder and a "NO" in my mind. Also during that night, I moved towards them and asked them to please come forward . . . . I pressed the issue to much. Throughout the night they gave me much information regarding Richard and Mary which I shared with them. Can't remember exactly what which is normal. Once it is said with regard to specific people, I often forget it. As if I have given it to them. Apparently, I had broken the rules. Not to record, bringing electronics (Richard had something to but did not take them out), moving towards them, and what they called "begging" as in trying to talk them into coming in. They are not talked into, but they have their own agenda; where they were very caring and gentle of action with regard to Richard and Mary. 


Mary’s account of night two: 


When (M) left the little horse coral overhead where we were all seated, I felt something real close to me on my right side as in heat from a warm body.  On the other side of the little table that were all seated behind, I thought that I saw a face looking at me; which was in the forested area where some older open upped up hay bundles were located. I first thought it was M’s dog lady, but she was inside of the house. I looked over to see (M) and back at the forest behind the table where only the eyes were above the table top; where I looked away again and then back where there was nothing; ok, I looked away again and then looked back to the table and it’s was back; where I wanted extend my hand to it, and was told “NO”, in my head; where I could not look to my right either.  I was thinking it was mother and baby, but learned later that it was “Guardian”! Guardian later told me that he was close enough to touch me, and it was him and not his mate, and no small one was their either! 


Mary was wearing a pull down military type of a hat at that time; where she thought the horse was pulling at her hair, but after many hours of thinking about it, it couldn’t have been the horse, but had to have been something else altogether! Mary later learned Through (M) that it was Guardian who was standing next to Mary, and again it was him who was looking at her from across the table. I was sitting on Mary’s left side holding her hands where I felt something was going on and again I smelled that earthy smell that was present, but I didn’t see anything!  


Night Three: 


Mary and I arrived at the little horse coral’s back over head, about 8:45 PM; where the table and camping chairs were placed under the overhead. Mary and I stayed in our little Jeep until (M) arrived at around 9:15 PM and heads out to where we are seated in our Jeep. I noticed that (M) was not in her usual chipper mood, but something was wrong! Her first words out of her mouth; where she stated that her prized rooster was taken last night after we had left, and who ever took it had to have opened up two wire gates to get at this prized golden colored rooster that was fairly expensive, mainly because if its blood lines. She did show him off to Mary and I the night before! Yes, one would have to say that rooster was one magnificent looking bird with multiple colors that was large for any rooster that I had ever seen. Again, there is a reason for delving into this subject! 


After Mary and I gave (M) our condolences and sympathies regarding her rooster, (M) gave us the reason why this special rooster went missing; was in fact per her RP Guardian, that she (M) shined her new head light up and into the dark forested area. Where (M) said that she only did it because she knew that were gone, per what Guardian told her; where she told him that she was only trying out her new light that we gave to (M). “Lights to our big guys are never a good thing; where I believe it hurts their eyes.” And so, the question one has to ask; where they said that they had left our area, and so how did they know that light was shown up and into that forested area??? 


Guardian advised (M) that they did not take her rooster, but that sneaky old coyote took her bird. So, again one has to ask how did that sneaky old coyote open up two wire gates to get at that rooster. (M) did ask Guardian that question and there was no reply from him!  


We decided to go up to the gifting station; which is a fence pole, that is a very old wooden fence pole which is about ready to fall over from age, but has a flat surface of about one square foot.  This gifting station (GS) is located up the horse trail next to the horse coral about 100 ft. straight back in, and then about another 100 or so feet to the right where that (GS) pole was located, and yes a lot takes place at this location! At this point you feel like you are in the middle of deep dark forest and you are thankful for seeing that horse trail back out to the horse coral. This is the location where (M) leaves them two eggs, and I was leaving them banana’s; where I pealed them back a little to show them how to peel and eat them! “Yes, they really liked them!” I observed fresh horse track in those muddy spots in that horse trail that was used by (M) and a friend that morning on an extensive ride back into their wilderness areas. 


When we arrived at this (GS) that third evening I noticed three feathers that were stuck between wooden slivers at the top of that (GS) pole, and after a little further study they looked like golden rooster feathers; where at this point (M) kind of teared up knowing that her rooster was more than likely eaten. Also, noted was the horse food gift that was not taken! We removed the old horse food and place two eggs and a banana on that (GS) pole and headed back to the horse shed area. 


After are arrival back at the horse shed open overhead, (M) began to tell us about her and her friends horseback ride that day up the horse trail and into the National Forest back country. When she said “O” I must be talking too much, because at that moment Guardian broke into (M’s) conversation to Mary & I, and begin telling her to keep talking because they liked to listen to her tell her stories! (M) then began to tell us about how these RP have to hunt all of the time to survive; where they would break into her conversation with us and update (M) on why they must have meat protean to survive their extreme and physical life style. Where they then brought up their life spans of their people; as in their females’ who have a very difficult life and is much shorter life span than the males’. He goes on and tells us that there is less than half of their females as compared to their male population, and he goes on saying that there are a lot of single males looking for mates. He Guardian started to tell us about their life spans which normally they live into their 60’s, but an elder female that recently had passed on, and who was communicating and living around (M’s) residence lived to be 79 berry seasons old; which was about the oldest known RP in recent times, per Guardian. At that instant, I piped in stating that my 79th birthday was yesterday! I continued on by telling them about Grandpa Carter, who began to feed a young RP that he had injured in a tree falling accident back in 1949; where he called his RP (Fox) and he lived into his late 70’s, because he was assisted in his feeding by Grandpa Carter for 50 years.  


This is where they loudly vocally advised me out loud, that story could not be true; where (M) advised me that they were very adamant about my story regarding Grandpa Carter. I thought it was very humorous that they didn’t or couldn’t believe my story that I got from a book in which I believed was true. “In retrospect, per their code they are not supposed to take food from humans for survival at any time, but gifting is Ok?” I advised Guardian that this little book convinced me who the RP really were; as in a people of some kind! He Guardian still voice a loud verbal “NO”! After this they decided to leave, because they had much to do! 


(M’s) comments regarding that third evening: 


HOWEVER, the next morning I discovered that my chickens were let out, and that my biggest, best, costliest and rare rooster, was GONE. The RP had mentioned my chickens the night before. It was a very harsh reminder that when I follow the rules, they follow my rules.  Difficult day for me. 

      At this point I would like to interject the feeding pole. Each evening we checked the FP (feeding pole) and put out new treats. The first evening they took my eggs, not my fruit, and left a daisy. We put out a started banana and eggs. They took the eggs and left a banana peel neatly on the pole. Each night, they came. They took the eggs, left a banana peel. However, on the final night, they left the banana peel opened with a piece of black, Chrystal- like stone, which they said was from the rock caves, their safe place.  


   Each evening began with their arrival and whooping and whistling and various physical changes and feelings. They made it clear when they were leaving. And they communicated their joy and 'honor" that Richard was visiting, and Mary began hearing them as well. I think Mary has the makings of an excellent communicator with them.  They thanked Richard over and over for coming. They said many things and I'm sure Richard will have something to say about them.  


Night Four: 


Mary and I arrived at (M’s) little horse shed a little before complete darkness; where I took photos of the little horse shed and coral area that is located at the back of her property. I also took photos of the horse trail that leads back to the GS, and of the GS its self. We finally had to opportunity to meet Mr. (M’s) husband. We then as in all of us including (M’s) husband took the narrow horse trail back to the GS; where we observed an open banana peel opened up and on top of the GS post with the white inner liner showing bright; where with further inspection I observed a 1 inch by 1 1/4-inch black crystal in the middle of that banana peel which stood out like a sore thumb! We now all believe that this beautiful black rock crystal was of obsidian, and had to have been place there by one of them, because nobody else had been back there that day!  Guardian told (M) that crystal came from a place that they hide from the Sky People. His reason for presenting this special gift was that he was glad that I had come to visit with him. 

Note: he and I have meet through my many communications with (M) over the past five or six years. 


I advised Guardian, through (M), that his crystal gift to me will be honored for many generations to come in our family, and it was a beautiful gift that will be much appreciated! Guardian then advised us that last night, night #3, that he wanted to show us his light show, but he advised us that he didn’t have enough energy due to not finding food the night before. “I have no idea on what a light show might look like, but have heard of them using their eyes like we use our automobile head lights.” 


(M’s) comments regarding that last night, night # 4: 


On the last evening(?) Richard began telling me about the speculation that the RP are descended from "fallen angels" or the Nephilim. Guardian roared out "NO!"  Not once, but three separate times when Richard tried to talk about it. He asked me to speak for him a couple times. Many times information came into my head which I shared but I cannot be sure that it wasn't my own psychic detective at work. Mary did experience the presence of a large male beneath the overhang and "saw" the face of a "toddler" peering over our little table, very close to us. They were all around us. We ALL became very good at feeling the change in pressure of the air around us as they were approaching. We feel the silence and a heaviness in our chests and a feeling of be physically restrained, then the greeting/whooping. Visits lasting a half hour at the most.  

    The last evening Guardian said that they had not eaten the night before and were hungry and need to be on their way. They tried to take my dog, Lady, with them, but I kept her with me. They did show me an image of where they were going to hunt. As I write this they tell me, "only if we are starving, do we take a mother and baby deer". They shared with Richard and Mary that they have a large protein and calorie need per day to maintain their physical forms in a strong enough condition to be able to hunt effectively. This is the central theme. Getting enough food.  

     So it was a wonderful visit. All is quiet here as they have retreated to the higher elevation for summer hunting. Several Times they expressed their gratitude that Richard and Mary were there.  


Mary’s rendition of that Fourth evening and the next morning! 


At 05:30 hours the next morning Mary received the following image in her head along with Guardian’s mind speak showing her how they, Guardian and his clan, were going to be sleeping! He advised Mary that he thought she had slept long enough! He then showed her they were gathering in lots of moss; which is grown abundantly on all trees in that area, and began to laying it down next to some very large tree logs, so that they were going to sleep on the moss concealed behind those logs. “This ought to be interesting now my wife can mind speak with Guardian!!!”  


Some closing thoughts from (M):  Tweakers are people who possibly live in this area; where they use drugs and live out in those wild places. 


Hi All, I told Richard and Mary a story about how when my son first went to work, the people he met here told him that there were tweakers that would come down from behind house in the forest to go through people's Shops, garages, etc. to harvest a tool here, a tool there, to steal and sell. Their logic being that they would never take enough for people to notice. My first experience here, in this house, was going out into the dark shop and immediately knowing that I wasn't alone, instantly something huge, whose chest or abdomen brushed my face as he rushed by me in the darkness and out the door. I screamed; he screamed; and I felt a shock wave go through me and I could not stop myself from trembling and screaming for several minutes. Even thought it was darkness, I have not one single doubt about who this infamous tweaker thief was. I also have no doubt that nothing is being actually taken so much as being moved. My Grandfather had a similar experience in his shop late one night, which resulted in his NEVER going out to the shop after 10PM. If a light was accidentally left on, so it stayed. We lived in the foothills on the south west side of Mt St Helens in those days, now we live on the northeast side.  

     So the point of this story is that last night my son woke me up about 3AM saying heard some unusual animal sounds that were disturbing the dogs. I didn't go check it out but today I asked him about the sounds. He said that one sounded exactly the way owls sound. So I played the sound of a barrel owl which has the most typical, cartoon owl sound and he said that was it. But he also said there was another bird with a beautiful unique whistle.  

     Does this sound familiar Richard. When we experience the whoops here, frequently there is a bird or two with the whoopers. This "bird" has a clear, human type whistle that ends in a whirring, parakeet time sound and moves around . . . as if there may be more than one. Same with the "owl". There are perhaps three that travel together. NOW I have listened to the recorded owl sounds over and over and over again. The "barred owl" sounds are close to what we hear, sometimes, but frequently there are several variations and tones of whooping all happening at the same time. Like a group of three or more. Also, a "barking" sound. 

     Now perhaps there is a Disney group of very creative owls singing through loud speakers with heavy bass, who travel with a couple odd birds with unidentifiable whistles, and in fact will copy my whistles, that also travel with a small dog barking into a microphone/speaker. Maybe, it is all identifiable as well-known night time animal sounds . . . then why, when I try to record them on my very nice small digital recorder, something happens to me when I touch the recorder or the new batteries don't work and why do my birds pay the price for my breach of trust? Why do the neighbors speak of tweakers walking down through impassable forest even in daylight, but darker than dark and dangerous at night? Vehicles cannot make it in, over a mile from the nearest FS dirt road down the steep face of a mountain about 1000', which must be climbed back up to leave, carrying their harvest of stolen tools; in fact, that's all seem to want to check out is their tools, with no noticeable losses . . . . 

     It certainly gave Mary, Richard and I a good new in joke . . . . no worries . . . it's just the tweakers . . . .  



warm vibes m 




NABS Report # 84 Oregon:

N.A.B.S. Investigator Richard Hucklebridge

The following report was turned into our N.A.B.S. Organization recently in November of 2015; where I found it quite compelling and thought that most of you would find it that way also! For me after talking with the witness, Paul, I knew that his story had a very high probability of being true, and that is why you are seeing it posted here on our web site. This witness was on the skeptical side of what most us are calling Sasquatch until he went out on this Bigfoot expedition with a group of folks who go out on these expedition excursions, about 10 or 12 times a year, all across this country of ours. Usually not much happens, but on occasions things do happen; where this had to be one of those occasions! I personally have been on several of these expeditions with this same organization at different locations; where a possible few things kind of go bump in the night, but this one kind of takes the cake if you were to ask me.

My main thought here is why didn’t this investigative organization go ahead and post this Report of Paul’s on their web site? They had to know it was highly possible that it was the real deal! After hearing Paul’s story, and knowing his back ground; as in his past employment record, and in his sincerity of retelling his story, I just knew this story had to get out there to where folks could read about what took place during this one week end, one summer in Oregon!

I will let Paul’s Story stand on its own, and reiterate on a few of this witness’s accounts at the end of his report! By the way, Paul has sent us a signed Affidavit along, regarding the truthfulness of his Oregon Report. We have removed exact locations and people’s names for their protection.

Paul’s Oregon expedition in 2015

I first want to say that I have a degree in Biology from Humboldt State University, have worked as a Biological Technician for the US Forest Service doing bear, bird and plant community surveys both day and night, forest surveys and fire fighting. I also worked for the Park Service for 7 years at Redwood National Park doing forestry and fire effect surveys and fire fighting. All told I have about 13 years in the federal service and now work for my local school district.

The expedition investigators on site did take my story, but I have not seen it posted on any reports at the expedition people’s website. I believe my sightings and experiences are very significant and insightful. I was skeptical but open minded before this expedition but can say that the things I experienced cannot be attributed to any know animal or creature. Being that this expedition was a controlled expedition, no other visitors were there, and what I saw and heard could not have been faked by a person.

Previous experience;

I have always been curious about this creature and my only previous Bigfoot incident was on the evening of Thanksgiving, 1997. I was on a thanksgiving break from college and only had a short few days, not long enough to visit family in Texas so my girlfriend and I decided to go back packing at Mount Saint Helens, WA.

We were on the east side going up the Ape trail. There were three other groups of day hikers but we passed them on the way up the trail. We got to the top of a steep section to a point at which we could see on both sides of the ridge line we were hiking. We could clearly see both north and south. There was a tree that fell across the trail so we passed our packs over the tree. After I climbed over, I took a rest and listened to the quiet. From up ahead off the mountain I heard a long "AHHhhhhhhhh" howl. It probably lasted 20 seconds, I don't know exactly but it made me freeze in place. It was quite far and only I heard it as I was still. My girlfriend was fiddling with her pack and when she stood up she looked at me and a really freaked out look came over her face. She said “Paul, what's wrong? You’re white as a ghost."

I said “Didn’t you hear that howl? It's no howl I have never heard not a bear or cougar. I haven't heard anything like it before and it sounded like the Bigfoot howls on TV shows." She didn't like hearing that and then said her friend warned her before we left that there are lots of encounters up here. It was getting very close to sunset we were tire and hungry and there was a flat forest area up ahead, so we camped there just off the trail. It was very eerie as the forest that night was cold, very still and very, very quiet. We heard nothing at all that night. We were both very relieved when morning came and we heard hikers.

This experience has always gnawed at me.

The expedition:


It was clear the entire time with warm days in the 80's and cool nights. There wasn't much wind except very early Friday morning the first night I camped there, which ushered in a very warm morning. The east wind picked up quickly into the morning then dropped off. The rest of the time there was only a light breeze, upslope in the day and down slope at night. The phase of the moon was a new moon so there was no moon light, only twilight from the stars.


The expedition leaders and about half the others on the expedition showed up the previous day and set up base camp. They reported no visitors in the area or driving up the road. Thursday no visitors came up the road into the area and only one lone back packer was encountered at a distant lake about 6 miles away by trail. This person was hiking away from the expedition.

Friday afternoon two separate vehicles came up to the trail heads but within two hours both vehicles departed weren't seen again.

Saturday a young couple came up and parked at the Xxxxxx Lake trailhead. Several expedition members were camped here alongside the river where the trailhead is. The couple spent the night at Xxxxxx Lake which was a 1 mile hike from the road. No expedition teams visited the lake that night and all were over a mile and a half away.

Bigfoot Incidents:

I was on this expedition with this group of investigators in their Oregon Cascades expedition; which took place on the third week end in July of 2015. The location was 13.1 miles up FS xxxx Rd., north from Xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx. I arrived Thursday just after noon time and met the expedition leaders as they were leaving to scout the area. I went to the base camp area which was in a quarry alongside this road. I decided that I would prefer a spot about 30 yards farther along the road. There was a high spot before the road went back downhill to the creek. There was a wide spot in the road and it was open above so there would be ample stars to view.

After setting up camp I walked towards the creek. About 25 yards from my personal camp there was a very wide game trail. I explored this game trail and it climbed the bank on the north side of the road (see picture). At the top there was a fork that went to the right (east) and that trail went down into a wide ditch alongside the road. Between the ditch and the road was a line of small Douglas-fir tree saplings which were quite thick. The trail went about 10 yards in the ditch then climbed back up and entered an extensive native blueberry field under the trees, and all the blueberries were ripe. I explored the roads during the day, had dinner and then went to the evening talk in the quarry. After the evening talk we gathered to form teams to do night expeditions. I went with 15 others on a night hike to Xxxxxx Lake. Several times we thought we heard wood knocks but they were barely audible. Nothing else happened that night and I slept well in the back of my PT cruiser. (I had left the back seats at home and threw a futon mattress in the back which fit just about perfect.)

Friday morning I woke, made coffee and then I went to pick blueberries. I drank a nice press of coffee before leaving so while going to the blueberry field the call of nature needed to be answered. I was by the snags on the game trail so I relieved myself her behind the snags. Then I went down the game trail and picked blueberries to add to my breakfast of yogurt and cereal. Later that morning we convened at base camp to talk over last night activities, and any other unexplained occurrences.

Bigfoot related incident 1. - Flipped log

Then I went out with a large group of people from the expedition to set up trail cameras for the afternoon. We first went to a meadow behind base camp. In order to get to this meadow we had to go to the Xxxxxx Lake trailhead next to the creek. About 50 yards up the trail splits off to the northwest and about a quarter mile farther is the edge of the meadow. We all walked over the blueberry bushes at the edge and into the meadow. I walked across the meadow and found a long, old log that seemed to have been flipped over and moved out of line. I called out that I found something very unusual and everyone came over. We discussed it for a while and some team members surmised that a large Bigfoot flip it over like that.

I could tell it was recently moved as the outline of the previous log position was still in the reeds and it was clearly flipped over with one end broken off and lying close by the end. The part of the plants that were underneath the log was still brown from lack of sunlight yet the parts of the reeds that had grown along the side of the log were green. This meadow had been long dry so it wasn't water that moved it. Four of us big guys, myself included, tried to pick up one end of the log but it was so heavy, we could only move it about a couple inches up. It was immensely heavy yet the log was bone dry sitting in the sunshine. I should have taken a picture but some other team members did take picture of the scene.

I tried to find a reasonable explanation but could not think of any. It certainly wasn't moved by a bear, from my experience in the woods. There was no claw marks or scratches in the logs nor was there any prints in the dirt around the log; where bears usually just paw at the sides of these logs to get at the termites. And since this log was so heavy even for four of us, a large 350 pound black bear would have had trouble moving it. It certainly would have left marks. From my experience seeing what bears do to logs and personally witnessing bears working logs in the forest, this was not done by a bear.

So my other thought was that maybe the water from the winter snow melt could have moved the log. But as I scanned the area more, I noticed that the log was near the highest edge of the pond, where the brush meets the reeds and grass. This means that the pond level wouldn't be much higher, since the brush doesn't like sitting in water for long, and the water level would have lowered long before the reeds greened up. Even the lowest points in the pond were quite dry. This was a recent move. So it couldn't have been water that moved it.

So what about humans? I just don't think this is human activity. Four of us could barely move the log. It is also located far out of the way across the meadow. I only stumbled upon it in the brush and couldn't see it from the trail or anywhere in the meadow. My gut just tells me that people wouldn't be going that far out into the woods just to move logs around. But I was the skeptical scientist and when we left, I was still quite puzzled by this log. But the next two nights changed my mind. Now I attribute this log movement to Sasquatch.

Bigfoot encounters 1. - Alone by the roadside

On Friday evening 17 July, at 7 pm, we had gathered again at base camp for the evening talk. After discussing team objectives a veterinarian gave a talk on what he thinks a Sasquatch eye is like from his expertise in animals and also from his experiences and encounters on previous expeditions.

At 9:15 pm the evening talks finished and everyone started getting into their groups for the night expedition. I decided to quickly go to my car and put my coffee mug in the car. I didn't want to leave it lying around base camp and get broken in the dark. I also had another motive. After a big cup of tea and drinking water during the talk, I had to relieve myself and quick. So I hurried to my car in the hope that no one else would go down the road. There was plenty of twilight left so I didn't need my head lamp and left it with my backpack back in the quarry.

When I got to near my car, I had this feeling that something wasn't right. Sound thing seemed out of place and I felt "watched." I looked around and saw the road was empty yet lit well from the twilight. So were the edges and the bleached snags on the embankment next to the game trail. Everything white or pale color seemed to have a night glow while just beyond the woods were black as black can be. The direction down the road to the creek was eastward so the twilight was coming from the west behind me. I looked again down the road but I couldn't see anything wrong so I quickly put my mug in the car, walked across the road and quickly relieved myself. I looked into the darkness of the woods then down the road. I still felt unnerved and quickly finished.

I was still looking down the road and something just seemed out of place. On the bank was 3 dead tree snags. There were two tall ones both about 50 feet tall and one small one. The smaller 'snag' seemed wider than the tall snag behind it and also seemed wider than the small pine tree in front of it. The white areas stuck out from either side of the small pine tree, but it was oddly shaped with curves, not straight like a tree. As I started at those, what I perceiving as the small snag took a huge step out from behind that scraggly pine tree and into the opening between another group of small pine trees. I instantly knew this "thing" was walking on the game trail. My next thought was that his creature was going to walk right across the road.

As it stepped I could see long arms with hands down near the knees, long hair hanging and flowing off the forearm and also off the thigh of the leg. The hair was also very long on the head so I couldn't see a neck. The hair fell flat off the head and down the sides just below the shoulders. All the hair moved much like a girl with long hair moving very quickly, the way a girls hair moves around together flowing in the air with the body movements. After the first step the creature stopped and quickly turned with its back to me. The width of the back was enormous; it seemed to fill the space between the trees. I estimate that the shoulders were about 5 to 6 feet wide. I could see the split in the legs as it was standing straight up and down. I quickly compared the height of the creature to the pine tree it stood next to. I didn't know the height but made a quick estimate of it being 8 feet tall as I remembered the tree being taller than I was when walking past there earlier in the morning to pick blueberries. I stand 6'4" tall with my boots on.

I saw the hair coming off the back head. It was long and hung down to about what would be the creatures mid shoulder blade area. I could also see the muscular structure on the back of the creature bulging under the hair and what I perceived as big muscular buttocks. I quickly scanned the creature for any other color differences but could not find any. This creature was all silvery gray from head to ground. The creature then moved very quickly away from me.

At this point, a second game trail goes along the road, dropping briefly into the roadside ditch for about 10 yards before going back up the forest side into the blueberry field.

The creature stepped forward with its right leg and I saw the hair flowing off the thighs. It put both of its hands out in front and it seemed to have made fists, then it leaned forward. As it went down the bank side into the roadside ditch, it seemed to bend all the way forward and get down on all fours. It looked just like what one sees in videos of gorillas in the wild when they move quickly on two legs then fall forward on to all fours. The creature then it got in the ditch and disappeared behind the trees.

I was paralyzed at first, just watching this thing move very quickly, faster than a bear. My first thought was maybe there was glare in my glasses, so I moved my head around and from side to side, trying to see if it was any glare in my glasses that I might have mistaken for this thing moving. I did it several times but there was absolutely no glare whatsoever. I instantly became terrified after that, since I now realized what I saw was real. I then took my pen light out of my pant pocket and shinned it down the road. The tiny light didn't make too big a difference lighting up the scene and the spot was about 25 yards away from me.

I was unnerved and needed to get people to help me but I didn't want to turn my back on this area the creature was in so I back stepped down the road to the quarry. I heard people at the first tent at the end of the quarry. It turned out it was a girl named Xxxx. She is an expedition researcher and she was also recently on the "A Bigfoot" episode about the Bigfoot in the photo collecting apples in Vermont. She and several others came out and I told her what I just saw. I took them all down there to the game trail and we looked around but the creature was gone.

Bigfoot related incident 2. - "AHHHHhhhhh howl

Back in the camp with everyone I was pretty shaken up and decided to just go on the night expedition with the expedition leader Xxxxx Xxxxxxx and 4 others. It was now getting close to 10:30 pm when we headed out and walked to the west down along the road. After we went 0.65 miles (according to the GPS carried by a person with us) we walked up an abandoned skid road that went to the north. We walked about 100 yards and we stopped to do some cow bell knocks. Xxxxx hit the cow bell three times and we listened. It was quiet until about 3 or 4 minutes later (approximately 11:24 pm) there was a very loud classic Sasquatch "AHHHHhhhhh" howl from the ridge above us.

Everyone in this team thought it was someone from base camp doing a howl but I knew it was too close; I've been in the woods long enough to know distance even in the dark. It just sounded like it was up at the top of the ridge which I could just make out in the twilight. Since I just saw a Sasquatch 2 hours before I knew it was a Sasquatch creature, possibly the same creature I saw. The ridge line runs back behind base camp, and to the area I was parked so it is possible this creature was following and keeping an eye on us or me.

We walked up that road and it ended at the top of the ridge at the edge of a clear cut. We had a remarkable view of the mountain peaks to the east, the milky walk and stars. The night stayed quiet after that with nothing more odd happening so we returned and got back to base camp at 1 am. I quickly inquired if anyone had done a howl and no one did, but those back at base camp said they heard a howl from our direction on the ridge and thought it was us. The times that both teams heard the howl coincided at the ' Same time.' There were no other teams near us at all that night. [The next day we learned no other teams heard howls that night and oddly there was a team bedded down in the meadow to the north only about a quarter mile from base camp and they heard nothing.

Bigfoot related incident 3. - Heavy breathing

So I went back to my car and quickly got in. But I had to stay up as I had received a text from my ex-wife about a problem with our daughter. I told her to text me back in an hour so I was awake. I turned off the lights inside at about 1:25 pm and I just lay in the back of my car on my futon mattress and waited for her text. I had only one window cracked open and it was the rear window the one on the road side. About 20 or so minutes, I started hearing very heavy breathing. It sounded like someone breathing into the window space that had emphysema or a very wheezy chest. The breaths were very long in and out, much longer than a human. I didn't hear any footsteps so I was puzzled. I lifted my head to make sure I wasn't imagining it and the breathing moved away and it became quiet again. I didn't want to panic so I put my head down and hoped for the text to come from my ex.

Bigfoot related incident 4. - Car slap by Sasquatch

A couple minutes later, "BAM!!" It sounded like a log had hit the front of my car!! The force vibrated thru the mattress to me and it was very loud. It was so loud I seemed certain someone in camp must have heard it. I found my glasses in the dark and peered outside but saw nothing. I could barely make out the road from the star light but otherwise it was just so black. I couldn't even see my hands in front of my face.

The first thought I had was that Bigfoot was throwing logs at my car from the forest. I didn't know what to do but didn't want to get out. So after looking around out the windows I realized those were futile attempts looking for something in the darkness. So I laid my head back down, curled up under the blankets awake and waited. Then About 5 more minutes passed when I heard the last team come walking up the road from their night expedition. It was Sky, Xxxxx's daughter and another researcher who are all expedition members. I fumbled for the door locks and handle, threw the door open and yelled at them, " thank God your here!" I scared the heck out of them, and I apologized while they tried to apologize thinking they were being loud and had woken me.

I told them what happened. We looked around but saw nothing, no logs, sticks or big rocks anywhere around my car. I was certain there would be a log lying there in the road and was now very puzzled. So I asked them how their night went and they said they had never had such terrify experiences before and were totally scared like they have never been. They tried to describe all the activity but there was just too much weird stuff that happened. They said they started off sitting apart but soon after things started happening they were shoulder to shoulder. Sky then joked if I wanted to still sleep here alone. I said "Hell no, I'm moving into base camp and I threw all my stuff out of the front seat and drove into the middle of base camp as fast as I could making sure I was parked in the middle. I figured if Bigfoot wanted to get me now, he had to pass by everyone else. I was now about 2:10 am and I settled back down into the back of my car. At 2:44 am my ex sent me a text that my daughter was ok.

The next morning I needed to figure out the sound as a scientist would. The first thing I did was tell the expedition leader what happened. She asked if I was going to leave then. I said "No, I should be fine staying in base camp for now on." Then I found a new spot at the edge of base camp took out my stove and made some coffee. I need to have coffee to get my day going. Then I pondered what made the sound. So I threw sticks and stones at my car, trying to get the sound I heard. Each panel makes a different sound yet all of those just made hollow sounds. The sound I heard was hard and solid! I was puzzled! Another person from the expedition watching me suggested 'half-joking I think" that Sasquatch hand-slapped my car. So I began hand slapping my car. Again, all the panels sounded hollow until I hit the hood of my car. I drive a Chrysler PT cruiser and the hood is unique shaped. When the hood is slapped, it is hard and solid sounding. It was exactly the sound I heard!!

About this time, another investigator who is an expedition member from Medford came over and listened to my story. We then went to the trees where I first saw the creature and measured the tree it was standing behind. The height of that tree measured 9 feet 6 inches, much higher than my estimate. The snag behind the creature was 15 inches in diameter and I first saw the creature from a side profile. I would say the creature was at least twice that wide, between 30 and 40 inches. We failed to measure between the trees to get a good idea about the shoulder width of the creature when it turned with the back to me.

We then went back to my car and she examined it for hand prints. We didn't see any. Then she asked if I had any dents on my car. I said "no." She told me that there is a large dent depression in my hood on the driver’s side just below the washer squirting nozzle. Indeed there is a depression which is now permanent. I can see it every time while driving but it was not there before this trip.

We went back and looking at the placement of the car, we surmised that this is what happened. The creature was scoping out the camp while all the expedition members were in the quarry at the talk. It could do it safely from the dark forest on the hill looking down into the quarry. When we broke out for our groups, it tried to get down on the game trail and cross the road but I came to my car. The creature froze in place trying to blend in with the snags and hid behind the tree. Then it saw me relieve myself and thought I was marking its territory as I was so close to the game trail. (If you remember, I also did it earlier in the morning, not just there but all around.) It may have been the same creature that followed the night expedition group and did the Howl. It stalked me at the car and waited until it thought I was asleep and hand slapped the front of my car using the saplings next to my car as cover. It was telling me it was the boss here and I need to leave. We searched the trees for any hair but didn't find anything.

Well, we had one more night and this last lady and her friend Xxxx (I am sorry I don't have the names of these people) they wanted me to go with them on a night sit, just the three of us this last night to test some theories and for me to debunk forest sounds. I agreed and we scoped out a good place that afternoon. The spot was 0.5 miles further East on the road. After the road crosses the creek it does a sweeping 'S' turn and climbs a hill. At the top the roads level off and it splits into two forks. Both those road splits end at trails. The spot we chose is in the center of the split under a tall sugar pine tree. We would sit next to it at the base only about 15 feet off the road and see if any teams spot us. Our theory was that a person could walk or drive by a Sasquatch standing near a road and very likely miss them.

That evening we once again had our evening meeting which started at 7 pm. The two ladies and I left at 8 pm, over an hour before sunset. We walked to our spot under the sugar pine, spread out a blanket and positioned ourselves at the split in the roads. We watched and listened to a night hawk dive and make growls from its wing tips as it dove for insects. The ladies first though the growls were from a Bigfoot but I debunked that when I spotted the nighthawk. Night fell and we started hearing wood knocks, just one every once in a while but at regular intervals from the very same direction, towards the west.

Bigfoot related incident 5. - Wood knocks and low bass thump

Later, we heard what sounded like a very low audible bass-like thump to the northwest. It sounded like a grouse but also like a log being thrown over and hitting the ground with a very low but audible 'thump.

Or for those city people, a single big bass 'thump' from some 'homeboys' car audio system.

The girls thought it was a log being thrown over by a Sasquatch and they told me the belief is that the big males do this to let others know its location and stake its territory. I didn't know what to say. The sound was like that of a grouse but it was also nearly 10:30 pm, long past sunset and grouse shouldn't be active. I did remember the log I saw in the meadow on Friday and surmised that it could be quite possible it was a Sasquatch flipping a log.

A little after 10:30 pm; the teams passed us by in our first experimental hypothesis; which turned out to be correct, and all of the teams walked right by and didn't see us. Even those expedition members who were using night vision equipment didn't detect us. Although to be honest, I don't know whether they were using that equipment while passing us. Anyway, two teams went down the right fork and one team with 6 members went up the left fork.

The wood knocks began again after the teams were long gone. After a while there wasn't much going on and the ladies decided it was too quiet and they wanted to try to do some things that might bring in a Sasquatch. So Xxxx decided to do so animal distress sounds. When she made these sounds it sounded more like really loud smooching but it was loud and effective. After she did the second set, there was a rat or some other small rodent which had a den under the sugar pine that we were sitting next to. It came out to investigate and when it saw us, it freaked out. And I mean it; it really went off, screeching and crying for a couple minutes. This was a true animal in distress. We all quietly laughed.

Bigfoot encounter 2. - Nightwalker

After that animal stopped its hollering, everything was very quiet and I focused back up the left spur of the road. It was just black and the old growth on this section didn't let the star light onto the road. I couldn't see my hand in front of my face when I waved it around. It was getting colder and the breeze was coming down this road off Mt. Xxxxxxxx, right into my face. Now I began to feel really ill with a headache and terrible nausea but the cold breeze blowing into my face felt good and kept me going.

Soon I started hearing heavy footsteps coming down the left spur road directly towards us. These were long strides and bipedal. I could hear the pebbles crunching under the feet every time it took a step. These long strides were at least twice the stride of a human. [I base that off the memory of the team members walking past us just over an hour before.] As it got closer, the creature took slower strides and softer steps until it just stopped in the road. It was very dark and I couldn't see anything so my estimate on the distance is about 50 to 75 feet away. Once again it seemed like something was intensely staring at me. There were no bushes or trees between us. I took long breaths thru my nose as quiet as I could; trying to get a smell of this creature. The air still smelled the same. No doubt it was trying to smell us but we were down wind of the creature.

It stood there silently for several minutes then suddenly I heard rocks get kicked and voices farther up the road. The creature heard those too at the exact same time I had heard them. I instantly knew it was the team that had walked up that spur and was now returning. I heard the feet of the creature twist in the road and kick pebbles as it quickly started running to the side of the road we were on. I heard it burst thru the saplings that were lining the side of the road. It took about 3 strides and stopped either inside the trees or just on the other side of the trees. I just know it didn't go any further as the old growth forest in this spot was covered with a tangle of Rhododendron bushes 4 to 5 feet high. Even I had difficulty climbing into them earlier in the day and I gave up. If this creature had run through those bushes I would have heard it. At this moment I was incredibly terrified once again. This creature was on our side of the road just 50 or so feet away and I knew it was none other than a Sasquatch. I intensely concentrated on where the creature was to see if it made any sound of trying to move or flee. It just stood silent and so did I as I seemed paralyze over what I had just witnessed.

The other team of 6 walked right by this creature, which was 10 or 15 feet away and the creature just stayed still. The team got to the road fork and stood there talking for 16 minutes. [We kept count of the time.] They didn't notice us at all and this creature stayed silent too. It could not be a bear, a bear wouldn't put up with that many people and wouldn’t stay still like that. Bears don't care if they make noise when they run away. Once again our hypothesis was correct that a person or persons could walk right by a Sasquatch and not know it!

After the team left, we stayed there another 10 or so minutes but by now I was terrified, feeling really sick, and needed sleep. I had a long drive in the morning to get home and I was dreading that I wouldn't be well in the morning for that drive home. I want to know what creature was out there but told the ladies I had to stop and go back to camp, even though the creature was still there behind the trees.

We got up, gathered our back packs and began leaving. I looked back and I shined my flashlight on the trees but saw nothing. The creature was hidden well indeed. While walking back to base camp, the girls wanted to see if the knocks that were coming from the hillside to our west, were more than coincidence. We found a good tree to hit. Xxxx had her club and did a soft knock against the tree trunk. We immediately heard a soft "knock" response back from the same area of the hillside that we had heard knocks from all night. We walked along again and stopped at another tree to do another knock. We took into account that we moved and figured out what the direction should be if we heard a return knock. Xxxx then did one soft knock and this time we got three knocks back!! Wow, three knocks and it came from the direction we all figure it would be. I was both astonished and excited. This was the first time I have ever heard this in the forest!

We all believe there were some Sasquatch creatures down there on the hillside doing the knocks. What reason they knocked back, I don't know. Maybe they thought we were Sasquatches?

Back at base camp I crawled into my tent about 12:30. I was in a tent this last night. In base camp I had set up the tent at the southwest corner of the quarry. I moved my car back to the same spot on the road where it was the previous night and set up my trail camera overlooking my car. If the big silver guy came back then I hoped to get a video of him sneaking up on my car.

Bigfoot related incident 6. - Wood knocking/ teeth clacking

Around 3:30 am I woke to what I thought was a bang on metal and sat up looking around my area of base camp. My first thought was my car was hand slapped again but there was no way I was going to investigate alone at that hour. I had a splitting headache and nausea so took some pain killers with water then I ate some candied ginger for the nausea. I then just lay in the tent knowing that I will be having a hard time sleeping again. After a while I began hearing a strange noise.

The two previous nights, investigators on the expedition reported what sounded like wood knocks or teeth clacking. It would start at one side of camp in the southeast corner and circle north and then west around the camp over a period of an hour.

Well, that exact thing was happening. It was either a tapping, or knocking or teeth clacking sound in forest at the southeast corner of the quarry. It was very hard to say which one it could be. It sounded like two sticks being tapped at constant and continuous rate. The sound was sharp in nature. I have two short bamboo sticks and they produce a similar sound that I heard But it could easily have been teeth clacking producing the sound.

The creature [sounds] moved slowly in the forest from my 11 o'clock (as I was lying down) to my 2 o'clock. I think it took a little more than 1 hour to go all the way around the quarry. The sounds never stopped for any period of time nor were disjointed from the path around the quarry. I never heard any footsteps or branches breaking, just the tapping sound. When the creatures [sounds] were at the two o'clock position, the taps were loud enough to be heard across the quarry to where I was in my tent. My guess is that the distance from my tent to the sounds on the far side was about 150 yards, possibly a little more. I have never heard tapping like this in the forest at night. I find it very peculiar yet also very intriguing. I can't attribute it to any animal I know, not even woodpeckers. The sound just didn't sound even close to that of a woodpecker.

The sounds faded off quickly as twilight started and I finally faded off to sleep myself. The next morning the groups met to discuss the previous night’s expeditions. The two teams that took the right fork and went to the meadow had more strange sounds and occurrences. The team that took the left fork and walked right by us and the Nightwalker reported nothing unusual.

After that I packed up and left still feeling terrible with a headache and nausea which didn't go away until I got home 8 hours later. In my reasonable opinion that during the Saturday night investigations there were at least 7 in that area as there were multiple Sasquatch around each team, but possibly more. It is a remote place; where there is fresh water, ponds, creeks and lots of wild blueberries. That is my story. I am no longer skeptical about the existence of these creatures.

NABS Investigator continued:

Well, after reading this Report of Paul’s, what are your thoughts regarding his story of his one week end during this summer in Oregon?? One would think that this groups expedition folks would have used Paul’s report on their web site to promote their expeditions? I am thinking that either Paul had way too many experiences, or the rest of the group had so many more encounters that they forgot about Paul’s experiences.

After hearing from Paul’s expedition account verbally and after reading his account I could come to only one conclusion as to why so many Sasquatch were possibly in this one area, at one time, especially at this time of the year, and my conclusion was that it had to be berry eating time in this area. Some areas out in our wild places have several different kinds of berries; where they become ripe at a little different time during the year.

When Paul had his vehicle hit, he found a dent in the hood of his little vehicle, and he took a photo of it; where it was real difficult to see, but if one looked real hard you could just barely make out something like a large flat hand possibly hit his hood area on his vehicle; which was caved in only about a 1/8 of an inch or so.

Also, I believe that Paul may have been hit with the Sasquatch infrasound, because of his reactions of his head ache and nausea that he made known to us! Paul seems to have excellent hearing; where in his mind’s eye he made excellent assessment as to what he was hearing. When Paul told us about that heavy breathing; where I have heard that account from many others in the past; where I believe that’s a condition that most of our large guys and gals have acquired while living out in those deep dark wet forest.

These Forest People do have three main modes of movement or travel; where they usually move on two feet like we do; where they have been clocked in the 50MPH range; when they are running; which is fairly fast as compared to us humans, and their second mode of travel is when they go down on all fours where some folks thought they were seeing horse’s or cattle, but they go down on all fours, so as to even move faster, and are a little more difficult to see in those dark areas of our forests. Their third mode of movement is down on their bellies; which just barley touches the ground, and the bottom of their foot seems to have a hinge, sometimes called a metatarsal break, and while in this third mode of travel just their toes and hand knuckles are evident by the prints that are sometimes found. Note while in this third mode of travel, they can move as fast as a human can run! Please read our NABS Report # 71 Idaho!

It seems to me that Paul was struck again with their, those big guys infrasound, when he and his crew were sitting in the dark place along that road, when that big guys was close by, when he had the feeling of being really sick and needing sleep. I would like to know if any of the other team members had similar feelings. What I do know is they seem to direct those infrasound’s towards the one they want to receive their punishment.

When Paul was telling me about what took place during his expedition with this group of possible Sasquatch; where in my mind, he had to have been in a close proximity with them. Please view his photos and his sketch; where they are also very interesting. I really like stories when one goes from a total skeptic to 100% positive that these big guys do exist out there in those wild places in a short period of time.

Richard Hucklebridge





Report # 83 Alabama                                                                                                   April 14, 2015

NABS Investigator: Richard Hucklebridge

This report takes place in Alabama just inside of the Mississippi state line about 49 years ago now; where this young lady, Rhonda, at the age of 7 had a face to face encounter with what she called a big hairy man who was possibly in route to abduct her.  I can only say this because of what was taking place in Rhonda’s mind at the time of this hostel advancement of this creature. This young lady who is now a grandmother herself still has this encounter vividly imprinted on her mind to this day, and has lived with that event ever day of her life since! 

After talking with Rhonda; where I can believe her, mainly because of her voice inflections; which still indicating fear, and especially how this video of this creature closing in on her was still imprinted on her mind; as if it just took place. This grandmother gave me a very strong impression that this had to have been a life changing event that she has had to have been living with all of these years. She impressed me as a very responsible, intelligent and a truthful person while she related her story to me.

We’ll let you read her story first; where I will give you my take on what may possible have been taking place during this encounter that she feels saved her life.

Subject: sighting from the porch swing

Dear Mr. Paulides, I heard you speak for short time on late night radio. I am pleased that you are investigating these elusive creatures in the detailed ways you are using. I have known since childhood they do exist. My family claimed it was my vivid imagination and dismissed my claims of seeing one of these creatures. However, with all that happened on our land at night my maternal grandmother must have believed me. In short, my maternal great grandparents owned a good bit of land in southern Alabama, about 15 miles from the Mississippi line.

I lived there with them and my grandmother, one of their 10 kids till the age of 7 years old. My mother was there but, she was young and she worked in a sewing factory in Mississippi. They were my care givers. It was a very happy life with many animals and lots of hard work farming and sewing and quilting and keeping up with a huge family. I was the firstborn of my grandmothers 18 grandchildren. She taught and instilled in me values that I have carried with me throughout my life. I have many memories of that period of life.

There is one that has troubled me. Many of my great grandparent’s children, my aunts and uncles and their offspring, my cousins would come to the farm on Sundays after church. They brought food, my grandmother cooked lots and there was a grand feast that went on all afternoon till almost sundown. Everyone went home. My grandparents readied for bed, and the curtains were closed, lamps and matches were placed and checked in their spots. My grandmothers 30/30 Winchester rifle and a box of shells were always standing at her headboard which, she checked each night as she got into bed. We had an outhouse but, we never went out after dark, we used chamber pots.

It was common for the dogs to go under the house and begin barking and growling as if something were there that they were absolutely terrified of. I heard this many many times. Seems it happened more so in warmer months than winter. Those poor dogs would every now and then yelp and cry out as if something had hurt one of them. We did have dogs disappear a time or two. Then, there were the thuds on the house. Like something hitting the house very hard, maybe only once or twice on those nights. It would frighten me. I would whisper to my grandmother asking what was that sound and she would whisper back for me to stay still and close my eyes to sleep. I recall her even reaching for her 30/30 and laying it in the bed next to her. She and I slept in same bed. She always put me on the side next to the wall.

On a Sunday afternoon, one summer day, she was in the cook room with my aunt. It was hot so I walked thru the inner room, thru the upper room onto the side porch off of it. My great grandfather had put up a swing there which I loved to swing high as possible in and jump out of. He and my uncle Veto were in the inner room talking. I had been swinging for a time when I noticed a large dark figure step onto the path between the barn and the house. It had stepped out of orchard area onto that path. It walked directly at me moving swift with large, wide steps. I don't know why but I thought it was a man; as in a huge harry man. He didn't blink or make a sound. I thought for a moment maybe one of my older cousins or uncles were playing a trick on me. The swing kept going forward and back, I sat there thinking it was not right. Something in me was yelling run Rhonda, jump and run, run NOW.

I was scared. He got close enough for me to see just how thick his hair was and the steady not friendly look in his eyes. I would estimate he got within 15-20 feet from the side porch before the fear instinct in me sent me sailing out of that swing and running screaming thru the house to my grandmother in the cook room. I was very upset pulling on her apron begging her to come and see the big hairy man. She went reluctantly, but, he was nowhere in sight. She fussed and admonished my imagination again. I told her he was right there. He was going to take me away. I went and sat in my great grandfather’s lap for a few minutes and talked to him about it.

They never let me out doors without watching me closely after that day. I never forgot that Sunday. I know what I saw. I was younger than 7 years, but it was terrifying. My great grandmother had cancer and died when I was 10. Before I moved from there to Nashville with my mother, she would call me to her bedside and tell me she saw the gorilla men in the tree way in the distance. When I ask my grandmother about it she would only say that Granny’s mind had gone due to the cancer but, I believed her. I did not connect the gorilla men she saw in the tree and the huge harry man who came to take me off the side porch.

 It was only last few months I have sort of pieced that together possibly connected. Anyway, I know they are real. I know they are everywhere. How they stay under the radar is part of the mystery. I for one do not hold them as mystical friends like the Hoopa or others. I do not like the idea of such things. I am not the sharpest person, but I do trust my true instincts and they tell me those creatures are a threat to all unarmed weak ones. That is my story. I would sign anything saying such is fact. Sincerely, Rhonda

Continuation of the NABS investigators report:

One of my reasons for wanting to post this report; is the fact that during this encounter she was being spoken too, in her head, during this extreme hostel encounter with, what she called that huge hairy man! This voice that was in her head, was telling her to get off of her swing, and get into your house right now, because he is coming after you, to take you! She was surprised that this voice even knew her name; where it even called it out several times for her to jump from that swing and get into the house. This voice was shouting and screaming at her to comply with its demands.

At that time until we talked she, Rhonda thought it was her guarding angle speaking to her, mainly because it knew her name! This could very well have been a truism, but as I can now understand that our Forest People are capable of this kind of mind communicate with us, especially when they have to get a strong point across to us humans, so that we might understand them. I am thinking that those other Forest People in that area who also knew Ronda and attempted to warn her, because of that pending abduction by this young male; where that voice in her head advised her what was about to happen to her.

After our conversation regarding this encounter: I believe that Rhonda’s grandparents, who she was living with at that time, knew that these creatures were in there area, especially during those summer months; where they would get those Forest People slapping and banging on the sides of the grandparents home from time to time. Rhonda’s Grandmother also slept with a 30/30 Winchester Rifle that she checked each night to make sure it was loaded before she crawled into bed.

A year or so later after this encounter, Rhonda went to live with her mother in Tennessee, and only went back after she had her own children; which was only for short visits.  I tried to get all of the information about what she called that huge hairy man as possible from Rhonda at the time of that hostel encounter. This sighting just took place for a few seconds; where this creature stepped out from that orchard; which was about as long as an 18 wheeler is long; where she told me that this creature was about a foot or so taller than her cousin and uncle who are both in the 6 foot 5 inches height range. So, for me that puts this “hairy man” in the neighborhood of being a young male.  Yes, she knew it was a male, but she didn’t want to go there with a stranger; where I can respect her thinking on this subject.

Here is one more message that I received from Rhonda after our phone call!                       April 14, 2015        

“I will do my best to describe the creature. It is exactly how people say, huge, tall, like a man covered in hair, who had a normal huge man’s face, but with bigger features, long arms, with very big hands and feet, that with dark fur or hair all over its body and feet. Who moved very fast while walking on two feet like we do. For some reason it thought it had a right to take me. For some reason I was saved. I have always wondered why and understood how fortunate I was. If it ate the dogs home cooked food I am certain my grandmother did not intend for that to happen.

The one and only time she ever remotely discussed that incident with me was when I took my children back to Alabama to visit her one spring. I was expecting my 4th child. I begged her to please tell me what that thing was. I told her it was so terrifying I could not forget it and it had always troubled me. I knew she knew something. She only said that if there was something there then, it was still there.

My great grandfather died when I was 14. She my grandmother moved away to live next to her youngest child, my aunt. That land was purchased by other family members. The children inherited it I suppose. I have had no contact with any of them for many years. I am fine leaving it all in the past. Anyone that meant anything to me has long since passed away. I will send pictures of the house and of me as a little girl within a couple years of that time. You can use my first name in telling of story. Thanks, Rhonda “ 



NABS Report #71 Idaho                                                                                                                        January 23, 2015

NABS Investigator Richard Hucklebridge

This report is from a gentleman who I will call MK who lives in Idaho and doesn’t want his name known or the exact location of his encounter known. It took place a while back in what he calls the Valley Area, after he just finished up with his military obligations; and while he was still in good physical shape. This gentleman tells a very convincing story, where I found him to be very up front and an honest gentleman who still has this Forest Person deeply ingrained on his mind every day.

What I found most interesting was when he, MK, was talking about something that I just knew couldn’t have happened that way; where you will come to that same conclusion while reading his report. One main fact is that this creature was in a little different configuration than what he was telling us here in his report. Mk was defiantly right about it being on all fours, but in this case it was in a little different position. Mainly because he had no knowledge of how these big guys can move at different times. Where they have three different main modes of travel, and I will attempt to explain them to you after you read his story about him chasing down this big guy and almost catching it and possibly he Mk was going to try and tackle it also! I only caught it after he told me his whole story; where it is kind of a mind blower, at least for me, after he finished telling me his story over the phone.

I have asked him to draw a sketch on how this big guy was looking when he and this big guy were moving down this logging road and into that forested meadow area; while he was attempting to chase this creature down. Then you will possibly understand just why and how he, MK, got so close to this creature.

MK’s report below:


                                                            My Hunting Trip


            I'm going to tell you a story of one of my hunting trips. One day my uncle asked me if I wanted to go elk hunting. I never turned down a hunting trip. He told me that we were going to a new area. There were six in our hunting party. We split into two-man teams and all agreed to meet back at camp at 5:00 pm. My cousin and I decided to hunt up one of the ridges on the far side of the meadow. My uncle and another hunter went on the ridge one over from us. 

            We didn't have any luck seeing any game. Two groups met up at the meadow and talked about hunting back to camp by going through another draw. As we were walking through the brush, we came across a log structure. At first I thought it was just a slash pile that loggers left behind after cutting trees down. My mind was focused on finding elk, NOT log piles.

            My uncle said, “Look at these logs! They have not been cut by man.”

            I said, “So?”

            He replied, “No saw marks... no ax marks, and no hatchet marks.” Then my uncle said, “Where is the tree stumps for these logs?” We looked around. The closest stump was fifty yards away. This log structure stood about eight feet high and thirty feet around. The logs that were in the pile were green and were 6 to 8 inches around and ten to twenty feet long. There was a two-foot opening at one end. No one wanted to be brave and crawl in to look around.

            My uncle said, “Do you smell that?” It was a musky smell. I thought to myself, what died?!?Shortly after the smell I thought I heard a woodpecker, and my uncle said, “That's NOT a woodpecker.”

            I said, “What?” My uncle replied, “That's rocks being slapped together!” 

            An eerie feeling came over me and the rest of the hunters. It was like we were being watched. We decided that we would back out of the area and go to camp an easier way. When we got back to camp, we told the other hunters what we had stumbled across in the middle of nowhere. After we got a bite to eat we decided to play cards inside our sheepherder tent.

            It must have been around 10:00 pm when my uncle said, “Hey! Quiet!” 

            We all calmed down to listen. We could not hear anything. It was very quiet... nothing moving and no breeze. So we went back to playing cards. I thought it was my uncle trying to play a trick or cheat at the card game. Five minutes went by and my uncle again said “Quiet!” This time he said “Look!” as he pointed to the lantern that was hanging from the center of the tent. It started to sway, and before we knew what was happening, the tent collapsed on everyone!

            I remember that my uncle was the closest to the tent door. He opened it and started yelling for us to come out as fast as we could. It was dark, and we all were grabbing for flashlights and weapons. I grabbed a flashlight and a hunting knife. One by one we exited the tent. My uncle told us to all spread out. He said that we needed to find out what made the tent come down. 

            I stepped around to the back of the tent and listened. I heard something walking through the brush. It sounded like someone walking through dry leaves. Stepping around the tree that was in front of me, I hoped that I would see whatever it was that was making the noise. I flashed my light around and saw nothing. My cousin walked up behind me and placed his hand on my shoulder and asked in a soft voice, “What's that in front of you?” I asked, “Where?” He quickly grabbed my arm with the hand that had been on my shoulder and said, “Don't move your flashlight!” He reached around me with his flashlight and waved it at the area that I had my flashlight pointed at. He said, “Here!” When he did that, the creature took two steps sideways. My cousin said, “What is that?” I replied, “I don't know!” My cousin exclaimed, “That's not fur, its hair!”

            What we were looking at appeared to stand seven to eight feet tall. It walked on two legs, and the weight looked to be between 600 to 800 pounds. It was a rust color. What came to my mind was a very large man in a gillie suit. This thing was thirty feet in front of me. This all took place in about fifteen seconds. As we stood talking about it, it dropped to all fours and started to run away from us like a gorilla. My cousin said, “Let's get a better look at it!” So we started to chase it down an old abandoned logging road that led downhill towards the meadow. The moon was full that night with no wind at all. I felt like I was in a cross-country race, and the race was in my favor because it was going downhill. I used to be able to run the mile in 4:30. The closer I got to this thing, the thought in my mind was, what do I do now?!?

            I got close enough to it as if it were a quarterback on a football field that I could have tackled or jumped on its back. I couldn't see the face through all the hair. I did see the hand and fingers. It had a flat back. I could see the triceps and biceps as they flexed. I tried to hear if it was tiring from running, but it was not panting. My cousin could not keep up, and he started yelling, “STOP! - STOP!” I yelled back, “WHY?” He said, “STOP” again, so I broke off the chase. I kept my flashlight pointed in the direction Bigfoot was heading.

            My cousin finally caught up with me and said, “Listen!”

            I said, “What?”

            He said, “Do you hear anything?” I told him no, and he said, “You should! We should hear something running. That means it's just standing outside of the range of the flashlights!”

            I asked him, “Why did you yell 'Stop!'?

            “Think about it!” he answered. “Wolves trick domestic dogs into the woods away from their home, where the rest of the pack will pounce!”

             An eerie feeling came over me. I suggested that maybe we should head back to camp. Once back at camp everyone wanted to know what we had gone chasing after. No one else in camp saw it, but they did say they heard something big running. They also told us that the reason the tent came down was that two of the corner stakes on the outside of the tent were pulled up. These stakes were metal and were pounded into the ground with an ax!

            Since that time I have been back to that area half a dozen times. I have seen fourteen-inch tracks. I've heard more rock-knocking, and one night I heard some good vocals from two different locations at the same time. I feel that I know how to get them all worked up if they are in the area. One of these times my son and I knew that the closest person to us was at least twenty miles away. It doesn't leave a lot to your imagination on what's making the noises. They are big and hairy. I've been chased out of the area twice now.

            I still want to go back, but I will not go alone!!      (Experienced first-hand)


NABS Investigators conclusions and hopefully the sketch of what he was chasing and its position it was moving in!

There is no way that one us humans could possible run and catch up with one of these big guys, and or possible even want to tackle it!!! But, MK had that opportunity, he thought, to do just that; where it was a good thing that he decided to stop instead. MK described to me what he was seeing while chasing this creature; where it couldn’t have been on all fours as he said in his report, because he told me that he was looking down on its back while running; which would put this creature on its belly and in a crawling mode sort of speak, and after you view his sketch you will see what I mean. I had no idea that they could move that quick while in this third mode of travel, that they have been seen doing before by a few other humans! I believe Thom Powell made mention of it in his book “The Locals”; where a deer hunter got to watch one retrieving a bag of apples in this lower mode of travel as in a belly crawl that was observed by this hunter.

MK possibly chased this big guy for about 400 yards down and into this forest meadow at a full out run; while holding a flash light in one hand and hunting knife in his other hand. Please observe how its hands, fingers and arms were configured in his sketch, and especially how he drew its foot position; as in it was in a hinged configuration while in this position. You have to figure that MK was going full out as he told me; which would possibly put him in the 20 to 25 mph range, and he was keeping up with this creature and was about to jump on it, or as he said tackle it, but decided at the last second to listen to his cousin and he just stop running. "Thank God, I hate to even think what might have happened to him if he had gone through with what he had in mind."

One has to understand that these big guys do go down on all fours, which lets them move even faster than running on just two legs. Please be advised, that one of these big guys was clocked by an Oregon police officer running on two legs down highway 84 just after it swam the Columbia River at a little over 50 mph. Also, when on their normal all fours they look to be in a little different configuration; as in their arms are much straighter as are their legs; as in possibly looking something like a horse would possibly look like. One wouldn’t notice its back as much while they were in this normal four by mode, and or be able to catch up with it either.

MK also advised me why they definitely have that metatarsal break mid foot, and that was because he got to see it in operation while he was chasing after this creature in that third lower belly crawl mode of travel that our big guys are capable of doing so well. I found that to be of interest, because there are lots of folks out there who say this metatarsal break configuration isn’t a true condition of their foot. I believe that we have all learned a little something new here, because I know I have, especially on how fast they can move when they are in this lower belly crawl mode of travel that they use to get away from us with!!! Where they probably use it for hunting also! We are really fortunate to get to read about this encounter!

Richard Hucklebridge NABS Investigator:

MK’s  Sketch:


NABS Report # 70 NC                                                                                                                                    November 25, 2014                                                                                                                                                                
NABS Investigator; Richard Hucklebridge


I spoke with Adrian on the evening of the 24th of November where she related her sighting to me.  I found Adrian to be a highly intelligent and trustworthy lady! We came to the conclusion that we should try to not reveal the exact location where this sighting took place; mainly for the protection of the Forest People.


There is an underlining theme in this report besides just being a plain old sighting report; where I believe that this encounter needs to be read, especially by female outdoor ladies who want to take to the wild areas by themselves.  I will give you my take on what I believe this underlining theme might possible be, but I am thinking that most of you will figure it out when you read the following report of Adrian’s!  Continued below is Adrian’s Report!!


 Adrian’s Report to the NABS Organization:                                                November 23, 2014


A little bit of background, my husband and I are from Raleigh and we wanted to move to the mountains for a change of pace. We decided to lease a home by Mt. Mitchell State Park for the hiking and camping in August. Out intentions were that my husband would remain in Raleigh to sell our home while I would stay in a small town close to Mt. Mitchell State Park, and get to know the area. I quickly discovered Mt. Mitchell and the mountain camping area; where I began exploring the trails with my cattle dog, pit bull mix. The main trail is a moderate 3.5 mile trek that I have used since August to exercise my dog and enjoy an easy hike. The season for the camping area was closed on the last day in October. I have noticed though that some hikers still go there and that hunters cruise through as there are places to hunt nearby. I had seen a black bear on that main trail in September, but it left me alone. I always carry bear spray and my dog remains on a lead at all times.

On Thursday, the sixth of November my husband came up with our two other dogs for four days, and we went hiking on a few of the trails I had discovered. We enjoyed the hikes on Friday and while we were on the steep side across from the river, I did something, which maybe set me up for the experience I had, though I do not really know that. I took off a tan, chiffon scarf I had been wearing and I tied it around a bush growing on the side of the mountain as a marker for myself. We both laughed and thought it was funny, but I put it there to tell myself where I was in relation to a special trail which transects the main trail. Remember my scarf as it becomes the most peculiar part of this experience to me. I have never seen anyone on this trail when I have hiked except I do find signs that say it is maintained by a special North Carolina group. We enjoyed our time and came back to do other trails there, and also went up to Mt. Mitchell. My husband left early Monday morning and I continued to take my dog there, but had not done the main trail until I attempted to hike the that trail on that Thursday, the 13th. That is when my encounter happened. I returned home to Raleigh after that and I am still here with my dog helping my husband. We intend to return to that small town this coming Tuesday and perhaps together go for a hike, though I am not really sure if I will be ready. 


On Thursday, the 13th of November I put my dog in the car at 1 PM and drove 17 miles from my home to the Mt. Mitchell camping area. It is quite deserted now and a bit chilly, but I crossed over the river bridge and walked around the greens of the campground before proceeding down the main trail moving northbound. We were not in any hurry and I let my dog smell all around as we took our time. The trails there are well groomed, but full of roots and rocks and one must be careful to pick their way through them. I have already sprained my knee by falling over an unseen stump and so I am quite careful on these mountain trails. As we proceeded down the trail, it moves up slightly so that there is a little bit of space between the trail and a river. The foliage is thick on both sides of the trail which makes for a bit of a spooky sensation. I always have my bear spray with me. After moving away from the river I began to hear what I call pterodactyl calls! I know there are no pterodactyls, but it is the noise I associated with them after seeing shows that endeavor to create what prehistoric animals were like. They were sort of screams that a large bird would make one more forceful than the other. My dog and I froze, it sounded like they were between us and the river. I have heard mountain lions before and I have also heard strange noises raccoons can make though the screams sounded too big to be made by a raccoon. At any rate, my dog was sort of whining and I was unsure what I was getting into so I decided to turn around and go back the way I came and simply hike elsewhere. Not long after turning around, about 100 feet ahead of me where the trail turns slightly and slopes downward, I saw something blurry run across the trail. It was brown colored and appeared to be on all fours and I was almost certain it was a bear or a coyote or something like that. What was odd was my dog’s response. He did not want to GO GET IT as he usually does. In fact he sort of whimpered and leaned against me. I put my right hand on my bear spray and took the safety off, but left it in it’s' holster. I could still hear the pterodactyl screams behind me though they were not continuous but spaced apart. Well, moving southbound was closer to my car and at this point I did not know what was behind me and was pretty sure of what was in front of me and was confident that my bear spray could handle any problems I may have. So, after coaxing my dog on we continued. When I arrived at the place I saw the animal cross the trail I looked for signs of bear or anything and found nothing at all. The trail at that point is like a river bottom, full of rocks and sand and I found no tracks and no broken foliage. I was alarmed and removed my bear spray and held it in my right hand while I shortened Bailey's lead in case he decided to pull me. We continued and I knew we were nearing the lower Campground just north of the Mt. Mitchell camping area where my car was parked. Everything is more out in the open at that point and I was sure I would be home safe if I could just get to that point. Moving onward for a good fifteen minutes or so I hear another one of the screams go off behind me, but they do not sound as though they are moving toward me. I can now see where the trail nears the camping area and its' grassy area and that is when, right next to a power line, it steps out and straddles the trail squaring off with me. I froze in sheer terror, but I looked it right in its' eyes. It had to be ten feet tall at least and it had to be four feet wide as it straddled the trail, my only hope out of there. My 60 pound pit bull, cattle dog mix let out three whimpers and then sat on my boot and began to shake. I looked down quickly and as I did I noticed it had a hold of something light colored in its' hand, but I went ahead and looked it right in the eyes again. Its' face had NO expression. I saw no teeth. I saw no movement of its' face at all, but I can tell you it did not look like a monkey. It looked more human than monkey and I saw no facial hair, but I am thinking it must have had hair on its' jaw line, because I did not see a jaw line. After looking it in the eyes for a second time, I dropped my glance and asked God for help. Then I began to look at my shaking dog and thought about releasing him from his lead, but I still had the bear spray in my hand and then I did something I used to do as a child when I was in a stressful situation....I began to count...I started at 1 and counted while looking down at the ground. I heard more of the screams behind me again and I knew I was now between whatever was behind me and the Sasquatch in front of me. I do not know what number I counted to, my dog was leaning hard against me and shaking when I heard a slow thump............thump.........thump......I could tell from the sound it was walking away from me. I looked up to see it leaving up toward the mountain and that is when I saw my scarf in its' left hand. It was a HAND, not a paw, it was a hand. It had my scarf clenched in its' fist. Again, pterodactyl screams from way behind me now, I pulled my dog, kept my bear spray in my hand and moved forward, made it to my car and left quickly. I arrived at our small town home, packed some things and took myself and my dog back home to Raleigh.

That is my story and it just happened. I have been hiking and camping from California to Maine ever since I was a young girl. I had plans of filming a small documentary of the hiking trails that surround Mt. Mitchell and doing so in sort of a Les Stroud style. I was going to go alone and even do the famous Crest trail and camp overnight while filming with a Go-Pro Hero 4. NOW, I do not know that I will be able to do that. If I do it at all I will have my husband with me. The outdoors and adventure in the outdoors is everything to me, it is my lifestyle. I hope over time this experience will not rob this treasure from me as it has always been my most precious of activities.

Sincerely, Adrian

Here is Adrian's drawing of what she observed.

NABS Investigator continues:

Ok, here is my take on what was taking place before during and after this face to face sighting! First off Adrian, herself placed this tan chiffon scarf on a bush next to the trail for a marker, and then continued walking trails in that area with just her dog for over a week afterwards!  As in possibly showing herself off, where Adrian also has long flowing hair; which is an attraction, especially for those male Forest People! On the day of the sighting which was about a week later, while Adrian was moving from her parked vehicle to travel this one particular trail with her dog she began hearing some very strange prehistoric screeching sounds that were somewhere down the trail in front of her.  So, as she continued to moved forward, when those sounds seemed to be getting closer, louder and scarier, so she decides to turn around and was heading back to her vehicle. Well, about half way back to her car she sees something cross her trail in front of her, and whatever it was, was on fours. She had to continue forward towards her car.  Then a very large Sasquatch steps out and blocks the trail in her direction of travel, about 75 feet away; where he had her chiffon scarf in its right hand, the one that she had placed in a bush a week earlier and several miles from where the sighting took place.

Please be advised, that our big friends usually never show themselves to humans, not like this. In this case he defiantly showed himself to this lady human for a specific reason; as in I believe that he was smitten by her. I am thinking that this big guy thought that she unknowingly put herself out on the market sort of speak; where I am just thinking like a big guy might…  One more reason I am thinking this was the situation, is because of what she said were those prehistoric screams going on behind her; where they were possibly this big guys family members either warning Adrian, and or they were not very happy with her, because she was influencing this big guy into possibly taking her for a mate! The main reason that I can put myself into thinking like one of these big guys is the fact that we have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that these beings are half human and the other half unknown; as in not from this planet!!

I am thinking that Adrian handled this situation in a proper and positive way, because she is still with us!! This sighting was very unique sighting in the annals of Sasquatchery; where we are probably very lucky to have had the opportunity to hear it!!!

Richard Hucklebridge



NABS Report #69

Richard Hucklebridge, NABS Investigator  

 July 13, 2014

This is my report regarding the attached photograph that seems to have a blurry section in the center area; which in my mind is the real thing; as our Sasquatch people do have this ability to be able to go into this stealth mode; as in their whole bodies seem to go kind of invisible to us humans!  This photographer; while out trail riding with her horse likes to take photos of what she calls “Glow Bees”; which to some of us are possibly known as “Orbs” that seem to be associated with our big guys when they are present, but not all of the time! Please observe those two orange lights this lady captured in the branches of the tree just above the blurred area!

What I do know for a fact is that this photo was not doctored in any way or fashion, because it was going to be tossed away as a bad photo, by the lady who took it.  The only reason that you and I are seeing this photo in the first place, is the fact that the photographer has this lady friend who herself had recently made contact with our North American Bigfoot Search Organization; because she had some encounters and questions about the big guys that she was coming across; while riding her horse in the same general area of Northern California. I received this photograph through our NABS contact to try and make some sense out of it for these two ladies.


Now, for why I believe that we are seeing the real deal here; where I know two gentleman who have seen this condition several times now in person. So, after I sent them this photo of what I thought was a big guy in a possible stealth mode; where they both confirmed that this is what they look like while in this stealthy condition.  One gentlemen has videos of them coming and going, as in, in and out of this stealth mode; while the other gentleman had the opportunity to watch a family group of these big guys who were moving quickly past him, at about 40 yards; where there were parts of them in this stealth mode; while other parts of them were out of this stealth mode!  As in, they were possibly moving too fast and couldn’t keep all parts of their bodies in that stealthy mode. These two gentlemen are highly respected in this field of endeavor, and have impeccable credentials; where most folks in this field have heard about them at one time or another, and or have seen their YouTube videos or seen them on the TV screen!  

Please study this photograph closely, because there just might be more to it than meets the eye.  Yes, I know that we are going to receive a lot of flack regarding how these big guys can possibly even go into this condition in the first place, and then for you to be able to view it! Well, for most, it is never going to be totally accepted, especially by the so-called experts.  I know that some will have to concocted reason as to why this photo can even exist, but it speaks for its self!!   Note, this “Stealth Mode” condition only scratches the surface regarding the capabilities and attributes of this creature that we call Sasquatch; where the story is much large than what you are seeing and reading about here, but that is for another day!!





NABS Report # 68 South Carolina


The following is John’s Report to our NABS Organization:

My experience with these is limited to around one month (last 30 July to 1 September 2013), but what a month.

I’ll try and give the high points in the following:

I am a retired person (age 70 but very active & fit) , I’m formerly a history teacher (14years) and spent 27 years in the military, 24 of those years in Army Special Forces, so I’m very familiar and not at all uncomfortable in the wilderness (jungle, woods) after nightfall.

That’s how it started

To relax I find the same kind “peace” that some folks find in going to church in slowly driving the swamps just north of my second home in South Carolina.

I have done this often over the past 2 to 3 years, watching wildlife from my vehicle as I slowly drove a rout over unpaved but solid marl roads of about 12 miles, always very late in the night. Now I realize that my frequent drives, late, and pretty much always the same route, made me a familiar sight to these beings. These drives happened in the autumn, winter, and spring and finally culminated in this summer’s event.

First, I never thought about “Big foot” in any particular way, so the night I had an inkling of these beings was rather sudden.

As I drove slowly along this marly dirt road (Aug 30; 2:30 am) to an intersection I’ve turned into many times, I heard 3 distinct and sharp stone impacts. My window was down (hot night) and for a few minutes I sat there wondering what I had heard, mentally running a list of animals I knew of locally (bear-no, deer-no, boar-no, etc.)

I continued on wondering what the hell was that?

I drove another mile or so and realized the sound was the same as flint-knapping I was familiar with. Stopping my car, I picked up a couple of marly road stones and whacked them together, SAME SOUND. I then drove home (about 20 miles) intending to return the following night.

Next night (1:00 am) I drove the entire usual route, stopping the car, and whacking distinctly 3 times-like I heard before. Continued every quarter mile or so. When approaching with in half mile of previous night’s incident, I heard this low bullfrog like sounds, not thinking much about it. I had just whacked the stones again and was about to drive away; when DIRECTLY BEHIND ME -3deafening stone clacks behind my open window; I estimated the sound was either behind and directly above my window-certainly no further away than my left rear car bumper.

Startled, I immediately accelerated, so I could turn my car turn my car around some quarter mile away (this is a very narrow swamp road). Remember this happened in pitch darkness, and I couldn’t see behind my car. Turning around I sped back and saw or heard nothing else. Driving home I started laughing thinking about the merriment that whatever startled me must be having. I decided whoever he was he had a sense of humor!

I was then “HOOKED”!

Next day, (afternoon-daylight) I came back to the isolated spot where I had been “knocked up”, got out of the car, screwed a long stick just off the road (reference point) and left an empty paper coffee cup and candy bar inside under a large tuft of grass behind the reference stick, stood in the dirt road, peed (I was full of coffee and didn’t think anything about it then) and continued on my way, turning around and re-approaching the site within 5 minutes, AND THE CUP AND CANDY BAR WAS GONE. Something had also defecated over my pee, the ground was still moist.

Walking around the site, I could see where something massive had apparently watched me put down the cup and candy bar (not 15 yards), on the opposite side in the swamp. The brush was still flattened.

Now, I was really hooked!

I returned late that same night (around midnight) and knocked-no response until I arrived at the crossroads (scene of first contact) and heard tremendously loud snap and tree fall- about 75 yards away and opposite side of road where original and first stone whacks were heard. I took this as a “trespassers unwanted” and left for the night.

Next day, I left another coffee cup and candy bar, sugared peanuts. That night that was gone, and so left another of much the same (nut candy, salted pretzels) and returning – all gone. I found wrappers on both sides of the road where I have routinely left gifts. The brush was flattened- not like at all like a deer or bear would do (I know the difference.)

So, many days and nights followed where I would leave food and began to hear stone knocks every time I CAME INTO THE SWAMP-DAY OR NIGHT. I am certain there is a family of 5 beings. The younger adults apparently watch the road entry into the swamp at about quarter mile intervals, always a single knock; which causes me to stop, dismount and underhand toss un-shucked corn into swamp where knocks originated. It’s now almost a game! This has gone on night after night-day after day; food drops same spot, food vanishes, stone clacks almost always in the same areas.

I think I’m well known to these fellows.

Not really knowing much about the “Big foot”, I began to research websites, noting that several reported sighting have happened locally years past (refer xxxx website; out of South Carolina) I got a phone call from what can only be described as a strange couple (man & woman) who seemed interested enough to drive (250 miles) and visit. I wish that I had not been as naïve as I insisted they spend the night at my home (after their long drive) and even had Low Country seafood for them after their long drive. The idea was to visit the swamp after dark with me. I was a little surprised that the woman showed up wanting to drink a bottle of wine she had with her and THIS before going into the swamp! I should have picked up on this!!

We drove into the swamp (usual route) and for the first 2 hours- heard absolutely nothing- and as we started to leave a howl (very far away-probably half mile) caused me to stop the car. We sat and listened as the single howl started swamp coyotes yipping all across the swamp. After about 10 minutes stone clacks began around 3 sides of the parked car. They gradually got as close as 20 yards: 3 on one side of road, 2 on the other. I got out of the car a stood around 30 minutes and one being got so close I could hear him moving slowly through roadside swamp water. The female guest in the car, kept complaining “she was sleepy”, but I’m convinced she was very near panic. It got so that I very reluctantly, concluded that night and drove home. I did not want a hysterical female in the car. After retiring I had a very unsettling heart-racing, breathless experience of about 45 minutes that had me so concerned I almost called my wife long distance; where I thought I might be getting ready to die. It finally passed and I fell asleep.

The next morning many apologies followed and, stupidly, I loaned them a detailed journal of all that I had experienced to date. They left and since then I’ve received no “thank you and or a phone request for the loaned journal has gone unanswered. For all I know these two ungrateful strangers may have been Federal “snoopers”. I’m still kicking myself for showing them where all the events unfolded.

I was told by a visiting male, that I had probably been “Tazered” a term I was then unfamiliar.

Repeated visits to the food drop site and repeated pickups. A gift (sun bleached gold colored beer can) appeared very near the food drop site, followed by an orange flashlight reflector stuck on a branch, gifts? I have them; the last “gift” was a 16” long beautiful Blue Heron feather. Just before returning to Georgia (we have two homes) the big alpha male (I call him BUBBA) standing on the road side as I stopped. I could hear him make two distinct steps in dry brush; which I think was very deliberate, perhaps “testing” me if I feared him. This was within 10 feet of where I sat in the car.

A few days before returning home to Georgia I left a teddy bear with the food. I had placed the doll in my shirt for several hours to put my scent on it assuming scent has something to do with something.

It apparently made a hit at that night’s food drop THERE WERE FIVE SETS OF EXTREMELY ROUND YELLOW EYES watching me as I left food at usual place. It was almost “cute”…. And the very last night’s food drop was probably the most interesting of all; as I APPOACHED, THE WELL USED FOOD DROP SITE; WHERE BUBBA WHACKED STOES LOUDLY ABOVE MY CAR. I GOT OUT OF CAR, PLACED FOOD IN USUAL PLACE, AND IN THE CORNER OF MY EYES, I COULD SEE HIM CLEARLY PERCHED ON A MASSIVE PINE TREE LIMB THAT STANDS ABOUT 15 YARDS AWAY. I do not think he was hiding in the least and am wondering if it is possible to eventually hand him his food-literally…  I did not acknowledge him, pretending not to see him, but called out as I left, “Goodnight, Bubba”…

That’s the main points 

I have found another group (not friendly) about 5 miles away and two others that seem to “like me” as they never fail to “knock me up; as I pass a certain area where I have in past times run over and deliberately killed large poisonous snakes (all large copperheads). I think these two saw me do it, and the following day it was stretched out perfectly straight in the middle of road (it had been run over on road edge) followed by a snake (black snake) with head squeezed flat. I think this may have been another “gift” as snakebite must be a real unrealized problem with these beings.

July 30th 2013:

My FIRST experience with “bubba” (the first time I became aware of him is when I first heard his stone knocks) on this date.

Aug. 26th 2013:

I find cup and honey bar- gone- no trace of rapper or cup, several single wood knocks, vicinity of trail, about 250 yards off of main road onto the dirt road.

Aug. 27th 2013:

Found those missing rappers and the cup, a little further away, Found a 9 ½” inch foot print; which might be 13” inches long if it was running! It was located in the middle of a mud puddle: up a trail from the night of Aug. 25th 2013 report. Where, I had 3 to 5 beings around the car making clacking sounds. Foot imprint was very distinct (probably a juvenile) as it was wide and took a photo. 5:00 pm heard two areas, near intersection of the dirt roads; which sounded like “metallic” cat purring (deep) but irregular. 10:20 pm, stopped to see if red plastic dup was at the feeding station, but it was gone. But, as I was getting out of the car, I heard 2 very distinct footsteps in the road side brush, so decided not to get out of the car but instead I left the food cup in the road by just opening the door and setting it out on the road. Whatever it was in the dark, it was about 15’ from me, so decided to go home, I was tired.

Aug. 28th 2013:

BAD LUCK!!! The forestry department was having a controlled burn off of the woods underbrush over the entire area of contacts. Additional burning scheduled probably tomorrow as told by the wildlife manager driving a count pick-up truck. The area to be burned is the exact area of my food drop site; as opposite side of today’s burn off. Last night’s food drop off was gone however. I left another red plastic cup with 2 nut bars, and seven fresh hushpuppies, (from restaurant on main highway), at unfriendly group. This afternoon late, I drove down a previously unexplored road at the top end of this one dirt road and ended up in a cull de sac (then turned around in clear area) this is deep into these woods. My clacking stones were within minutes answered by imitation frog sounds, including a good imitation of a rattlesnake! There were about 3 different (sound) areas. After 15 minutes, I heard rapid wood knocking (very distinct) probably about 200 yards deep into the woods. I left a red plastic cup with a honey bun and an apple pie pastry.  This is a new area and food left about center of turnaround clearing.

Aug. 29th 2013:

Food drop gone on the dirt road, and found 1st red cup on the opposite side of the road. Drove to new site, and the food was still in the cup, (not disturbed) at the cull de sac. Clacking brought 2 faint responses, so departed toward the dirt road intersection and clacked stones a few times before continuing. Heard distinct loud roadside clacks causing me to stop and drop food in the road. I clacked twice drive on. This happened at 5 intervals 100 and 200 yards! Ran out of food so drove down to main highway and picked up 5 honey buns, and drove back into my area and clacked, in and out, with no response. Found that 3 of 5 food drops were gone, and were probably picked up by a lone pickup truck going into that area.

Aug. 30th 2013:

Took recent contact Phil with me, and showed him my clacking sites on the way to the food drop site. Last night’s drop was gone! Explored burn area opposite food drop area approximately 50 to 60 yards deep, and found scattered wrappers. Left head of lettuce, loaf of bread, honey buns and a teddy bear at the food drop site. Showed Phil 2 structures one near the bridge on main dirt road; which is the area of the unfriendly group, and not Bubbas bunch. Drove to the upper dirt road to the ponds where we clacked and clacked. We heard faint wood knocks and numerous frog returns for over an hour and a half. Returned to food drop site, and as we approached, heard loud clacking and got out of vehicle and food was gone! Saw Bubba in a pine tree about 25 to 30’ feet up the tree trunk. Left 5 honey buns. I didn’t let Bubba know that I saw him in the tree, almost comical!) Drove to main highway, and turned around and headed back, heard 3 clacks while driving and underhanded tossed pastries onto the side of the road at the clacks. Food was not picked up so turned around and went home.

Sept. 1st 2013:

Again 8:30 pm, very heavy rain and thunderstorms at home site, but subsided as we, Phil and I entered our research area he in one vehicle and I in my vehicle, so he could leave early. Also, wanted to get Bubba and family use to Phil’s SUV; where we agreed to meet at the upper cross roads by the ponds at 10:00 pm. I gave him a 10 minute head start, I followed, no clacks, but after reaching the high tree area my vehicle was showered with leaves in three places! Bubba’s family is in the trees tonight. It was absolutely still, as in now wind; were many leaves were coming down in the darkness!  Which was a real good feeling, (from these wonderful creatures), probably a thanks for last night’s food drops; when responding to clacks. Arrived at last night’s food drop (GONE), as usual these guys are real eaters. Left plastic bag with log style salty Pretzels; (all animals crave salt). Continued on to meet Phil, and told him about the “leaf shower” of my vehicle. He Phil had gone to the second area site that I showed him yesterday, and his food drop was gone too! I think that there are different family groups than just Bubba’s, and this group I believe is the “unfriendly group” this group seems to be only 3 to 4 in number, but only a guess at this time. Bubba’s family is stone clacking and these usually imitate frogs and utilize wood strikes. Phil left, had to go to work in AM, so I backtracked and only heard one stone clack about 300 yards below where Phil and I met at the intersection. Continue back to food drop site on the main dirt road, but Bubba’s food was still in place. I Left 2 plastic containers of apple and cherry pastries along with previous salted pretzel logs. Hope those guys brush their teeth good! As I neared the dirt road that leads out to the main highway, heard 3 stone knocks widely separated. Stop vehicle, clacked twice, (my call sign) and an underhanded toss of an unsheathed corn on the cob into the darkness in the vicinity of knocks. It looks like they came down out of the trees and resumed their usual “stations” along this dirt road. Phil will continue this set food routine in general as I must return to my home state in the AM. If I didn’t absolutely love my wife, I’d never leave. In one month a “bigfoot” contacted me by his knocks, and within that month my demeanor apparently has given him tremendous trust! Enough trust to remain in place during at least 3 food drops. I am humbled to realize this fact.

The following is an Addendum concerning a very strange experience while this witness was in his research area. For this gentleman who has been in our Country’s special forces for as long as he was, and then to have been concerned over this strange experience; is the reason that I am adding it on to his Report.

Unfortunately my early journal notes haven’t been returned to me. After about 1 to1 1/2 weeks after my initial contact & 13 rock knocks on 30 July 2013 a very strange incident happened over the road route I follow, I noticed a strobe like light flickering in one particular cloud (about ¼ of a mile in width one evening. At first I paid it no attention, but made a mental note that it would probably shorten my usual nightly drive in my research area if a heavy rain was coming. Several minutes later I get a clear view of the cloud backdrop against the sky as this forested area would allow such a visual look. What struck me was that it was without sound at all only a very quick and intense flickering. I knew the difference between “heat lightning” (usually a horizontal flash), but this was a regular almost pulse like brightness, with no sound at all, not even any thunder. It was probably about a mile away when I first noticed it, and tended to remain over head and slightly behind me for a slow 5 mile drive across my research area. I concluded my drive early, because of threat of heavy showers. This episode was a very eerie in fact more “unsettling” than the ongoing contact by far! (For what it’s worth) John X. Xxxxxxx.


NABS Investigator:The following is John's report to NABS:  Richard Hucklebridge

I called and spoke with John on the evening of September 28, 2013; where we went over his report to NABS, and hopefully to gain a little more information on this very special encounter with our large friends. John has introduced me to his friend Phil who he met out in that forested area a little while back.  I had the opportunity to speak with Phil also; where he has seen one of these Sasquatch creatures moving across one of those dirt roads during those dark hours.  The main reason that Phil started going out to this area to begin with was to clean up after the locale kids who have partied out there, and had left their trash behind; where he Phil would clean up after them, before he ever met up with John.

John got a pretty good view of this Sasquatch he now calls “Bubba”, who he now believes is probably the Alpha male of the group that seems to be the friendliest, and hangs out close to this dirt road intersection in the forested area where he, John, drives on most nights during his recent visit to his second home in South Carolina.  Any time these big guys show themselves to us humans on purpose then something is being done correctly!!

Bubba’s description as he noticed while returning the few feet from his feeding station off of this dirt road; where John said that was about 15 or so feet from this tree; where this sasquatch was just sitting on and straddling this big limb with its legs in this loblolly pine tree; which was about 30 or so feet off of the ground.   John describes it as being big; as in very thick and he was approximately 6’ to 8’ tall, with light Gray to Black hair.

John viewed this creature out of the corner of his eye as he returned from his feeding station, and even spoke briefly, saying “Good night to Bubba”, but he didn’t want to face it straight on, because he didn’t want to put this creature into a corner; as in a possible defensive situation at that instant, mainly because of how close he was to its location! His friend Phil was only a few feet further away sitting in John’s vehicle when this sighting went down.

At one time John has counted up to five sets of glowing yellow eyes; while sitting in his vehicle near this road intersection.  John also has had a shower of leaves dropped on his vehicle; while he was driving real slowly down this dirt road and also while sitting in same in the same area. When John used the term knocked and or knocked-up in his report; where he is meaning to say that they are using rock clacking sounds to let john know that they are in the area!!

I am thinking that this is a unique way of making contact with our large friends; as in the sasquatches getting use to seeing these two gentlemen in their vehicles; where they are driving in and out of this area over and over again, when the sasquatches made the first efforts in making contact with these gentlemen!  John is telling me that he does want to have a face to face contact with this Alpha male at some point, and so, will let you know just how that is going to work out!!


NABS, Report # 67 N.C.;  Investigator: Richard Hucklebridge

During the following encounter which by chance turned into an aggravated encounter with a possible Sasquatch. This Report Writer believes this is a must read report, especially if you ever consider taking on one of these Sasquatch creatures!

This is the report that was submitted:

Name: Daniel Xxxxx
E-mail: xxxxxxx
Phone #: xxx-xxx-xxxx.
Date of Sighting: Summer 1979

Location of Sighting-BE PRECISE-State/County/City/ Highway/Address/Trailhead/USFS Road#: Where Albemarle Road crosses over the Xxxxx River in Cabarrus County, North Carolina.

Description of Creature: Color/Ht/Wt/Eye Color/Sounds/odors/How did it walk/Arm movement/how long was its hair? I only saw dark silhouettes. I cannot identify colors. It made long high pitched screams. No odor. It was extremely tall.

What was the Creature Doing When Seen?: I first saw it standing up by the road then squatting looking at us as we fished under the overpass. Later I saw it try to steal a fish.

Please List Weather Conditions/Phase of Moon: Warm clear night about 1/2 moon!

What were you doing at the time of sighting-Please be Precise (Ex-Driving down highway-walking down trail singing, etc): We were fishing on the Rocky River in Cabarrus Country, North Carolina!

Please list and describe your other Bigfoot encounters.: During the summer of 1979 a group of us were fishing at night on the Xxxxx River in Cabarrus County, North Carolina when we encountered what I believe was a Bigfoot. We were a group of about 5 or 6 guys who began fishing during the daylight hours and continued fishing after dark, assisted by a campfire we built on the shore to provide light. While we were fishing we occasionally heard this high screeching, very loud noise, something I've never heard before or since, very close to where we were.

Earlier that year before this incident there had been reports in the local media of a Bigfoot nick named "Knobby," and we started to wonder if this was that same creature. The sound it made was similar to descriptions given in the article below, one person comparing it to a woman in pain, which one might compare its sound to a woman screaming -- an inexact but nice way to associate a familiarity to its high pitched screams. 

Those earlier sightings were in Cleveland County, north of King’s Mountain. King’s Mountain is about 25 miles west of Charlotte, N.C. We were about 30 miles East of Charlotte not too far across the Cabarrus County line under an overpass for Albemarle Road.

It began on the other side of the river and crossed the river, making the screeching sound on both sides of the river at various points ranging from around 75-150 ft. This went on for several hours, stopping at times for 20 minutes or so before re-delivering a series of screams. At times something was thrown near us, either into the brush or the water. It was very unnerving and annoying.

We were fishing under an overpass way out in the country. The sides of the riverbanks were steep, high embankments. To reach the river we had traveled down a steep narrow path that cut through dense overgrowth.

This creature at one point was screaming on the hill up behind us. During these vocal episodes none of us could see it; it was moving around to different spots and screaming and throwing rocks from various places. There's a lot of vegetation (bushes) along the banks and up the hill, and it was dark, and none of us had flashlights. We began fishing in the daytime. It didn’t start out as a planned night fishing trip.

At one point when it was up the hill directly behind us I started throwing rocks back. The riverbank has tons of great throwing rocks that are flat on two sides making good aerodynamic throwing rocks. And back then I had a good throwing arm. I threw in the direction of where I heard it scream causing it to move – whose movement rustled the vegetation as it attempted to move in haste from my rocks. I was throwing rocks in rapid succession trying to follow the sound of its movements and I apparently hit it because he let out a vocal ruckus different from his usual screams. It sounded like a combination of pain and anger, a lot more broken up than the long screams it had been making, impressing me that he was cursing me out, sounding like an ape temper tantrum.

Very soon after that I barely ducked from a rock thrown at high velocity, the sound of which I heard wising past my left ear. He was a good 75 feet away when he threw it, which demonstrates the accuracy of a Bigfoot whom must have had a lot of practice throwing rocks. I spent time moving around and staying behind vegetation as he was throwing rocks in my direction. The other fishermen were staying clear of me. But after a short while he stopped throwing them.

A little while later I was standing near the water’s edge facing the river and a rock hit me in the center of my upper back just left of my spine, and it hurt. Very shortly after that another rock hit me in the back of the head and I bent over holding the back of my head and crying out in pain. He drew a little blood on the back of my head, and I got angry. To associate an idiom with my anger, “I just wanted to kill him.” I turned and took off running and ran up the path going uphill. I’m not sure what I was doing, or what I would have actually done if I had found him, but I had not run very far at all up the path when I saw a large dark object run crashing through the brush. He had moved down the path, I guess to get a good shot at me, and I was unknowingly running dead at him. I slowed down to a walk and came to the spot where I had seen him run off of the path. I looked in the direction it had run. Upon hearing a growl walked back down to the river. It didn’t throw rocks at me anymore.

Finally, we all decided to leave, and I was the one carrying the stringer of fish. This thing started its screeching again as we were traveling up, but this time it was about 20 feet behind us, following us up the path. It must have sneaked right down to the edge of where we were fishing because we had just started our trek away from the river when it followed up behind us vocalizing its presence.

It's a very steep trek up the hill, and at one place we had to climb onto and over this chest high square piece of concrete. We were all scared, because this screeching had intensified and moved closer to us as we were leaving, and we were kind of fighting each other to get up the hill. It became frantic with this thing so close to us and at the concrete block I ended up getting pulled backwards by people climbing over me to get up the hill. I was kind of at a disadvantage because I was carrying the stringer of fish and my poles and tackle box, and my hands were full, and I ended up last.

This creature came right up to where I was and made its screeching noise right behind me, just a few feet away, and I moved laterally down the block of concrete a few steps away from it. I couldn’t see it due to the thick vegetation. It started violently shaking the vegetation, including some young poplar trees, about ten to twelve feet tall, which were on the edge of the path right next to the block, all the while it was screeching over and over, very loudly. The trees it was shaking were maybe six or seven feet from me, but I still couldn't see it. The path up the hill cut through thick vegetation, and I didn't have a flashlight.

I think it may have wanted some of the catfish I had on the stringer I was carrying, that it had been harassing us because it wanted to scare us away and take the fish. Maybe that is a common tactic it uses with animals, scare them away from a food source and scavenge it.

I was stuck next to that concrete block because to climb up over it I would have to turn my back to this thing, and I was too scared to do that.

I yelled up to the other guys to come help me but none of them would come back. They continued all the way to the top of the hill. In hindsight maybe if I had thrown it a fish it would have left me alone. To this day I am disappointed that I didn’t give it a fish.

I finally did climb up and over the concrete block, and it never touched me, but before I achieved that I experienced a very close encounter with this beast. In order to climb up I actually had to step closer to the shaking trees that were practically shaking non-stop and climb over the block from that point because the concrete block gets a lot higher where I had moved away from the creature. In order to climb over the block I built up some nerve and walked toward the shaking trees. When I did so it quit shaking them and went silent. I attempted to stick my head into the vegetation to get a look at what was doing this. When I did so I heard a rustling of vegetation as it moved away, then it let out a low growl, and I immediately turned and started to climb up over that block.

Just as I was about to climb onto the concrete block I caught something out of the corner of my eye and I looked down and saw a hand about 4 inches from my right knee. I believe he was trying to get a fish off of the stringer of catfish I was carrying. I saw a side view of his right hand, thumb side up. The shape of the hand looked exactly like a human hand, and as I continued looking I noticed his arm from the elbow to the hand was as long as my entire arm. As I turned to look at more of the arm it quickly retracted it. I continued turning and looking in the direction the arm had retracted to, which was not directly behind me. I ended up turned completely back around with my back to the block, looking at what I perceived was the direction the arm had come from.

I didn’t see anything although his head and shoulder was completely exposed about 4 feet from me. There was a moon out, but the lower part of that vegetation was in the shadows, and it appears he was laying on the ground, his body on the steep portion of the hill, when he reached for a fish. But he must have thought I could see him because he suddenly retreated back into the vegetation, and then is when I saw him, only when he suddenly moved. What I saw was the dark silhouette of his head and a small portion of his upper body suddenly move backwards into the vegetation out of view. It was then that I threw all my stuff on top of the block and climbed over it and got out of there.

A note regarding his behavior: when I glanced down at his hand and arm he froze it. That seems to be one of Bigfoot’s tactics to remain secluded from view. It was only when I was turning looking down at more of his arm that he retracted it in a flash. When I had my back to the creature while facing the block he was more to my left side reaching around me to my right side to nab a fish off of the stringer I had dangling by my right side.

I had not climbed over the concrete block sooner because I had been too scared to turn my back to this beast to climb over the block, and true to form he did emerged from the vegetation when I turned my back. This was like what you would see in a horror movie. Considering his arm was bent at the elbow as it reached around me, it may have been 5 feet long.

When I tell people that I have encountered a Bigfoot the first thing out of their mouth is usually laughter, which is a skeptic’s way of dishing out ridicule. I usually leave off the parts about me actually seeing him and comment we heard his screams but didn’t see him. Which in fact, no one saw him when he was screaming. Then some have come back with things like bobcats can make that kind of noise or some other animal. It leaves me an out for not sounding so crazy or lying.

I also believe I saw the Bigfoot early on before it harassed us, but I thought I was looking at a man. The Rocky River is very narrow at the point where the bridge crosses over it. If you cast too hard it’s possible to hit the bank on the other side of the river. While standing under the bridge (not directly under it, but to the side a bit) I saw what I thought was a man up by the road. There was gap next to the bridge where trees did not obstruct the view all the way to the top. I could see his dark silhouette against the night sky which was not completely dark. There was a moon out, but not a full moon.

I was probably looking up about 75 yards to where he was standing when some car lights from the distance lit up the sky around the bridge, upon which I saw him quickly step down the embankment and stand in an area below the road. He was extremely tall. He squatted down behind some vegetation with his head and shoulders exposed while looking down at us. At that distance he might not have realized I was looking up at him. He stayed in that position for a long time. I would occasionally look up and see him still there. I saw him when he stood up and walked out of view due to the trees.

Even without seeing him you would have to conclude it had to be a bigfoot because no other animal could have been doing that: throwing objects, making those sounds, shaking small trees, etc. That is just not something local animals do.

Your Phone Number- Reports sometimes generate more questions. There are times when multiple sightings occur in the same location which usually need follow-up and further clarity. We would deeply appreciate the ability to call you***all of your identifiers remain completely confidential: (xxx) xxx-xxxx


N.A.B.S.  Report Writer Richard Hucklebridge:


A little more information was obtained after the written report was received that this witness would like to have added to his report.

On August 6, 2013, Daniel sent me the following e-mail:

I would enjoy talking to you soon when I can find the time. There are some additional thoughts I would like to add if you post it, like some thoughts on the accuracy of his rock throwing. I wonder if Bigfoot employs that method when hunting small game. They could wallop a small animal. That rock he threw at me right after I hit him was from a minimum of 75 feet away, probably further. We had a good campfire on the bank and I saw the rock coming, just barely ducking under it. It would have hit me in the forehead. It was a flat spinning rock around 3 inches long. I started moving around a lot, and staying behind bushes, and he was throwing rocks into the bushes at me. Then he quit. It seems he had a better plan. Where he moved to was still about 40 or 50 feet away. He only threw two rocks from there. The first one hit me a little below my neck in my upper back. It was soon followed by a second one that hit me in the back of the head.


I've read before that there are really no incidents of a Bigfoot intentionally hitting someone with a rock. In that case my incident might be a unique opportunity to gage the accuracy of his rock throwing since there might not be another incidence where one can say with certainty that a Bigfoot was aiming for an exact spot. In my case I believe he was head hunting. He showed great skill with a rock. I don't know if he quit throwing rocks at me because I charged up the path (I didn't realize he was on the path when I ran up it), or if he quit throwing rocks at me because he reached satisfaction, getting his revenge.


I saw a "Monster Quest" show where a man threw a rock back and the Bigfoot threw another rock, which the man commented was a lot closer. I would suggest the Bigfoot picked the exact spot it landed, and making it closer to the man was a warning. What probably makes a difference in my case is I think I beamed him good. Thanks, Daniel

On August 7, 2013 I spoke with the witness; where I learned several other things; as in when he thought that he hit that creature with his thrown rock and possibly may have even hurt it: where the sounds emanating from this creature sounded like a possible language..  When it sounded like this, whatever it was, was cussing out our witness, because it had to have been feeling some pain from that thrown rock by this witness.  Also, when the arm reached out for the fish; where this creature didn’t get any fish, mainly because this witness was so protective of them, and as this creature pulled its arm back it must have moved so fast because, because he never seen it move, but it was just gone.  Another thing is our witness was struck in the back of his head by a thrown rock from this creature; where he thought that he had a concussion, due to the pain at the back of his head, and at the same instant when his teeth hit together in a very violent manor.

At the beginning of this encounter our witness, Daniel, had no idea on what he was dealing with except with a possible another human, but he only realized that it was not a human sometime during this encounter.  Possibly during the tree shaking incidence, and then again when he and it made a visual contact with each other on that dark trail; where he seen this very large black silhouette that appeared as they were heading towards each other to do battle. I am thinking all of these strange happenings probably added up to something totally different than another human, and this was Daniel’s finial realization; as to what he had combat with on that dark night; while he was attempting to flee, and at the same time trying to save is stringer of fish; as his friends fled towards their vehicles.

I had another e-mail from this witness after we talked where he added the following:

Hello Richard,                                                                                     August 13, 2013.

On the subject of Bigfoot using language, which I feel the sounds he made when I struck him with a rock could be construed as a language, as I think back I believe I remember one other time he made similar sounds. While I was next to the concrete wall, which may have been for as long as ten minutes, which might not seem long, but was an eternity in that situation, I made an attempt to communicate with this thing that was making it’s screams and shaking vegetation. I put my right hand on the back of my head, bent over slightly, and started saying, “That really hurt,” and I was repeating similar statements along that line, and he went silent. I garnered from his silence that that he felt some sympathy for me.


Soon afterward he started back with a little ruckus and I did it again, holding the back of my head and talking about how it hurt, but this time he made a verbal protest very similar to just after I had struck him with the rock, and I perceived it as an angry protest to me hitting him. It wasn’t his usual screaming. It had up and down tones.


So, in response I tried to tell him I was sorry for hitting him, and I attempted to use sign language which included me making a throwing motion with my arm, and when I did that I heard the vegetation crashing as he attempted to move out of the way, perceiving I was throwing a rock at him. Then he started zinging rocks, not far over my head, that I could hear cutting through multiple bushes above. Then I did something relatively stupid, I bent over and picked up a rock, and then he threw one that slammed into the concrete about a foot from me, partially breaking apart. Then I threw my rock straight down at my feet and started yelling at him loudly to cut it out, and he did.


But, in any event, he seemed to try to communicate back when I conveyed what had happened earlier. His making similar sounds as before in reaction to me bringing up the subject of him hitting me with a rock, to me, indicates he was responding in some kind of language. What I heard could be viewed as guttural sounds, which are cries or other sounds that start in the back of the throat. It didn’t sound like a normal language in the context of how Homo sapiens speak.

Thanks, Daniel


It would have been really nice to have a chance to listen to those sounds that this creature made during this encounter. As a report writer in this field of endeavor, this is one of those real interesting reports that should probably be read by those of us who enter our woods to either to go hiking, camping and or to go fishing!   Richard



NABS Report # 63, by Investigator Richard Hucklebridge

This sighting story that you are about to read was first told to me by this eye witness; where after listening to this story of Stewart’s I just knew he was in a real life situation; where he, at that time, thought that he may not come out of that situation alive. I advised him to write it up so that I would get everything right, but it would have been a second hand story at best; where this witness wrote such a compelling retelling of his encounter that he described to me by phone that we decided to let his written story stand, and so you will be hearing from this witness’ with a firsthand account of what occurred in this sasquatch encounter. 

Stewart’s interest in the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon developed quite unexpectedly after he and his son had a large, cinder block sized object flung at them while they were night fishing along a remote, heavily wooded creek bank in North Texas. He knew this feat was not humanly possible, but at the same time, no animal that he was aware of could do something like this. He eventually stumbled onto a Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization’s stories on the internet and this is where he became involved in this highly complex subject. Stewart would like to relate one of his close encounters with this highly elusive subject.  He has record it in sworn affidavit form, because it is the whole truth of what happened to him that evening.  Please be advised that I have removed those places and have changed names to protect this writer and those places where the Sasquatch are or have been staying.  This is his story; as written by this witness:

In mid April, 2011, a Native American drum making workshop was being hosted on private land that was located along a tributary creek feeding into Xxxxxx Lake, Oklahoma.  I had previously met and conversed with the land owner at a recent Bigfoot/Sasquatch conference.  She had regular interactions with her friends, “The Forest People”.  She even referred to some of them by name, which at the time, sounded far too incredible for me.  On the other hand, I perceived her to be very honest, open and sincere with her experiences with no hidden agenda.   

My perceptions at that time were these subjects were nothing more than an undiscovered primate animal lurking about in the wooded areas of North America.  Being an experienced investigator and finding this person’s demeanor open and truthful really tweaked my interests considerably.  I jumped at the chance to travel out to her land when a Native American work shop invitation was sent to me via email.  I wasn’t a bit interested in making drums, but planned on using this time to explore this remote and very unique land area. 

I arrived at the Xxxxxx Lake, Oklahoma location early Friday, February 15, 2011.  The elevation of the area is about 600 feet above sea level and has rolling, heavily wooded hills and creek valleys.  The weather was cool, partly to mostly clear with day temperatures reaching into the high 50’s and then dropping down to chilly low 40’s at night.  A sustained southeast wind blew most of the time we were there.

The group which attended the workshop numbered about 25 folks.  A number of them were of full or mixed blood Native American lineage.  The Bigfoot/Sasquatch subject was not a focus of the gathering and was not openly discussed much among this group.  I paid for the food and lodging portion of the costs and then hung out in the surrounding woods during the day workshop activities.  The host had no problems with this other than the added stipulation of not revealing any specific locations of this land area to any other third party.

I spent the better part of two days hiding out in the woods by myself.  I heard various calls, wood knocks and movement activity, but no visual sightings.  Something was definitely moving about out there, but not getting close to me and keeping a good safe distance.  On the workshop lunch break of the second day, four ladies from the group went out on a short hike on the north side of the property.  They came back less than an hour later gushing about how they had just seen a Bigfoot peeking at them from behind a tree.  I was a bit envious, having spent much more time out in the woods hoping for a sighting!  These ladies spent less than an hour of their time and saw one!  It just didn’t seem fair!  It’s kind of like fishing all day and not catching a thing, and then someone just arrives, walks up beside you and hooks a big one in a few short minutes! 

On the later afternoon break of the workshop, I talked two of these ladies into taking me back to the precise location where they saw the Bigfoot.  On the way out there, we discovered one bare footprint along the edge of the meadow.  On reaching this location, we waited and scanned the area.  In a few short minutes, we could hear heavy movement in the brush about 100 yards down the hill towards the creek. 

I took out my pocket mini cam with a 30X monocular and began scanning the area taking videos.  I captured a subject peering back at us from about 150 yards away.  It wasn’t an animal, but moved very human like.  I have since downloaded it to U-tube titled “Young Bigfoot Caught Peeking”.  He looks very human like at some angles, very different at others.  The video is shaky and distorted, but still amazing none the less.

I was happy to have seen something at a distance, but still wanted to see one of these elusive subjects up much closer!  Later that evening, I was back in the woods by myself.  I sensed they were close and watching.  Becoming a bit frustrated, I began to reach out to them in a very direct manner. 

“I just want to clearly see you!” I spoke out facing the dense section of woods.  This action was very significant to what happened to me later that night.  No one from the group was even close to there!  This was to be the start of my change of thinking, as to whom and what was living out in the woods!  I would soon learn they are much like us some ways and very different in others. 

“I will not hurt you or reveal your dwelling location to another” I continued.  At that point, an associate attending the work shop contacted me via my walkie-talkie radio, asked me where I was and then advised he would be moving towards my location.  After arriving, he related seeing movement in the thick brush off to my north.  That something big had been standing there apparently watching me.  He could see it move away on his approach. 

Later that evening, a scheduled fire side service began with wooden flute music, drum beating, chanting and dancing.  After participating in several ceremonies, I eased away from the group in one direction moving well out of sight in the dark, then flanking back towards the opposite side of the gathering.  I was doing this to insure that someone from the group would not know exactly where I was.  I wasn’t expecting any tricks or pranks from the folks there, but at the same time, making previsions to insure that kind of stupid nonsense wouldn’t easily happen without very coordinated and focused efforts.

I had spent several hours out there in the brush, scanning with my night vision scope.  The time was now well past midnight.  I was watching the tree line bordering the adjacent meadow, hoping to see and video any movement.  Suddenly a figure moved out of the tree line and into the meadow back on the north side.  I began to video it, hoping to capture a curious Bigfoot.  I soon realized it was the land owner host.  I had seen her move into the north side of the meadow in another location about 30 minutes earlier.  What caught my attention was she was not walking back towards the fire side gathering, but instead, was walking towards my hidden location several hundred yards to the south.

She never wavered and walked right up to me!  “How did you know I was here!?” I questioned, quite surprised at being found out here in a secluded area of hiding. 

“The Forest People told me where you were and that I should come and get you” was her reply.  I was a bit astonished at her words, yet still cautious of being setup.  If it was a setup, those participating in it would have had to have excellent night vision capabilities to avoid my detecting them!

Would you like to go see them?” she continued.  At this point, I knew this was not mere coincidence!  Her finding me and these words sealed it!  Someone or something had heard and understood my query back in the woods.  Now, whether it was still a prank, or for real, I told her a firm yes.

“One rule is that you do not use any lights or cameras unless you ask me first” she instructed.  “They do not like these items that are held up to your face, is that clear”?  I affirmed yes and we began walking back north, still a distance from the group.

We moved to the north side of the fenced in pasture and paused by the closed cattle gate.  The host then began to call out, using several names I do not recall.  Immediately, I began to hear heavy footfalls that began moving through the thick brush towards us!  They started several hundred yards due east and steadily moved through the thick heavy underbrush toward us.  Another set began toward us from the north east and then a third set quartering to our south.

This was very thick Oklahoma woods that I would have difficulty moving through in the day time.  I saw no lights what so ever, but could clearly hear the steady movement coming closer!  I was still vaguely skeptical, but anyone going through this much trouble for a simple prank, pushing through the remote woods at night would have to be nearly insane or very desperate to prove a point and get very little personal gain in return!   

At some point, I began to feel this overwhelming presence and the feeling of being watched as the steps moved to within about 20 feet of the tree line and stopped.  It was a similar feeling to being surrounded by a high tension, static electrical field, which makes your hair stand up on end.  A very pronounced feeling and presence that is difficult to explain, but real none the less.

I was now sure something besides a few pranksters was out there in the brush and asked my host if I could use my night vision scope to possibly view them.  She said yes and I turned on the scope, but it wouldn’t work!  I recycled the switch and it still didn’t work!  I was freaking out at this turn of events because it was a brand new item and I had no trouble with it the two previous nights!  Now it suddenly wasn’t working!!

“It won’t work” I told her.  She just smiled back at me and told me to try it now.  It turned on and was working fine now.  It was very hard for me to fully comprehend why it did this at this point, but I knew for sure, a few jokers in the brush could not have caused this anomaly with my night vision scope!  Something was very close I had no quick answers for.

The scope was not a FLIR and could not penetrate far into the brush.  I couldn’t see a thing, but could feel something was out there very close and intently watching us.  The growing anxiety of the unknown gripped me.  I don’t do vulnerable very well and I was now beginning to feel very overwhelmed and quite susceptible.  Something I didn’t understand was unfolding and the only trust I now had was in the host’s extremely calm demeanor. 

“Would you like to now go inside there and see them?” she asked.  If the host had been a man, I would have probably declined at this point, but my testosterone pride just would not let me wimp out in front of a woman.  I replied with a somewhat tentative yes, thinking “What am I getting myself into?” and we moved through the gate and down the brush line for about 100 feet.

The trail went off into the woods.  I was right behind the host, following her in the direct moonlight.  Once inside the dark canopy with lesser light, I could barely see her and followed very, very closely behind her.  I could hear stirring and movements all around us in the brush, but was a bit fearful to look, keeping my eyes on the host’s dim form moving in front of me.  There were crushing of leaves and stirring branches all around us, but I kept my eyes forward staying close, knowing the host was their friend and my security blanket at this point!

I felt totally wide open and completely exposed.  I was in middle of their house now and couldn’t see them!  This was not in my comfort zone at all!

We turned off the main trail at about 100 yards distance and onto an intersecting path.  We moved about 50 feet down it and came to a clearing that was about 20 feet in diameter.  It had two metal folding chairs sitting in the middle.  This was the secluded meeting place the Forest People would meet with the host.  It was a place that she rarely, if ever, brought a visitor until now and was a direct response to their specific instructions to her.

We stopped and she began to speak out to them again.  I stood close beside her and could see dark shapes moving about but nothing clearly because of the low light conditions.  Something happened to me at this point that am very difficult to fully explain unless a person has specifically encountered it, but it happened to me none the less. 

Very clearly in my head (Not with my ears) the words, “Why are you carrying a gun?” sounded.  I was shocked at this very distinct question!  No one there at the meeting knew I was carrying a 45 ACP discreetly tucked away on my person.  It is a habit many from active and retired law enforcement legally do and no one will ever see or know it is there!  In this case, I don’t know how, but this voice speaking in my head was clearly aware of it!

I was stunned at this chain of events and thought I just might be imagining these words.  Then they came back to me about 10 times stronger in my head “WHY ARE YOU CARRYING A GUN!!!?”  I had no doubt at this time it was the Forest People talking directly to me!

I also can’t explain how I knew how to reply to the voice.  Maybe it is a deeply hidden primal instinct we have used in our past and is now a lost art.  Somewhere in my head I replied.  “It is a tool of protection I have carried on my job.  I carried it around my close friends and family.  I have never hurt them with it and I will not hurt you now.”  

Immediately after my answer, the voice in my head specifically named my host and told me to step away from her.  I looked back at the land owner and told her, “They are telling me to step away from you”.  She didn’t look one bit surprised at my words and smiled back at me and said “Do what do what they say…” 

I have faced many unique and dangerous situations in my life, most in my first public safety career, but nothing ranks even remotely close as to the feelings I had at this point!  This was not some inanimate circumstance or situation, but I was close to something very powerful and living that I did not understand!  It had reasoning and cognitive thinking, with sensing abilities far beyond my understanding.  Again, feeling extremely vulnerable!  This was not Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, but a powerful living presence very close to me!  

I felt like I was stepping off the edge of the Grand Canyon as I moved back away down the trail all by myself in the dark.  This was certainly way out of my comfort zone and I only hoped and prayed for the Creator’s Devine protection over me at this point.  “Whatever happens here, I am in your hands, Lord…” was my prayer to Him.

I walked back to the trail intersection and felt to stop here.  I gazed to my left deeper down the trail.  Suddenly, a tall figure stepped out from behind a tree about 50 feet away.  It was like Ed Sullivan used to do on his show stepping out from behind a curtain.  The figure moved out from the tree and right into a beam of moonlight filtering down between the overhead foliage canopies illuminating him like a spotlight.

This guy was massive!  He was about 10 feet tall with wide broad shoulders, domed head and covered with long hair.  He was at least 800 pounds, maybe more!  I could clearly see his face intently watching me.  He held is position in the light and began slowly swaying from side to side still watching me.

“Can you see him?” my host asked.  “Yes, I can see him and he is swaying from side to side” was my reply.  “Sway with him” she answered back.

I have no idea what the significance of this swaying meant, but when I started to do this another Bigfoot rose out of the brush no more than 15-20 feet in front of me!  He was not much taller than my 6 foot stature, but considerably much thicker and hair covered.  I could see his face which had the expression of total amazement.  His eyes were held wide and his jaw hung open as we both looked at each other.  Then he silently turned back and looked at the big one, then back to me, doing this several times.  The lower half of his body was hidden by the thick brush he rose up out of.

He looked like something right out of a Stephen Spielberg movie, yet alive and breathing no more than 15 feet quartering off to my left!

At this time, one about eight foot high stepped out in front of the tall one then another one stepped out onto the trail in directly in front of me just.  I don’t know how I knew this, but she was a young female and was about 6 feet tall.  At her feet, I could see a toddler scampering around that was about 2 ½ to 3 feet tall.  Being a parent, it hit me like a ton of bricks!  I realized the Bigfoot were trusting me enough to allow their young to draw very close and get a real good look at me!

All my apprehension suddenly vanished and I became very relaxed, actually laughing and giggling at this truly amazing encounter.  I saw the young toddler finally look up and notice me.  It paused and watched me, then all at once, ran towards me with both of its arms pointed up ready to be picked up.

My heart seemingly skipped a few beats realizing this hairy little child was moving towards me wanting to be innocently picked up!!  Now I could stand being close to these subjects, but I am certain my heart could not have taken it if this completely foreign youngster had latched onto me!!  Thank God, the young female lunged out and grabbed the baby by one arm and pulled it back to her.  Fearing all that was happening was way too much for my already high blood pressure, I asked my host to lead me out of there.

At no time did I feel the Bigfoot were ever assertive or aggressive.  They silently and very politely held their positions except for the toddler’s actions which was totally unexpected. 

I had been granted my wish and saw the Forest People up close!  As we left, one further back broke out in a series of owl calls, which I was able to record on my mini-camcorder.  During this encounter, I had retrieved my pocket mini-camcorder and snapped several photos with it in the dim moon light.  It all seemed to happen very fast, yet the group later told us we were in there the better part of an hour!!?

I do not recall ever experiencing any discomfort, bad odors other than my initial fear and apprehensions.  The land owner does have a good trusting relationship with this particular clan and family group.  She is extremely guarded as to who she shares this information with and right fully so.

This story is an accurate and truthful account of what happened to me that evening in Oklahoma.  The land owner is a witness to all of this along with the gathering folks who heard the owl calls.  One other attendee made partial entry into the area and did see one or two of the Bigfoot subjects in the woods.

I wanted to document this incredible story for others to read and realize that something far more advanced than a dumb animal dwells in our forested area of North America.

All 8 pages of this numbered document are a true and correct account of what happened to me on April 16, 2011 in the Xxxxxx Lake area of Oklahoma.

This statement is made on this 19th day of February 2013 in the County of Xxxxxxxx, Texas.

I declare under the penalty of perjury in this State of Texas that this above statement is true and correct.

NABS Investigator Richard Hucklebridge continues with a few comments about Stewarts encounters that took place in Northern Texas along the Trinity River and some things that he believes folks should know about when these forest people are close by! Where he was in a thick forested area of the East Trinity River bottom along the same waterway complex system where the object throwing encounter happened back in 2003. This was now July 2010; where Stewart was scanning some brush about 150 yards out when he saw a bright glint mixed in the blues and greens. So, he focused on it and saw a funny looking bush that just didn't look quite right, and as he concentrated on what he was looking at, this figure kind of came into focus very similar the Predator Movie.  It went in and out view until he seemed to bring it into focus and a string of choice words gushed from my mouth. The glint that he believes that he was seeing was the early morning sunlight shining off of his sweaty forehead.

Below are several things that also happened to him during that encounter in Oklahoma that he, Stewart, believes people should know about.

Re: Headaches: He has dealt with high blood pressure for a number of years, and being so close to them is extremely intense! He couldn't say for sure if it was an existing condition, but he has felt very light headed after close encounters with some throbbing in his head. Stewart cannot say one way or another, because his blood pressure spikes with high emotional events.

Re: Smells: On his close encounters he actually smelled a feminine like odor similar to potpourri several times when they were near. On another occasion at a different time-different place, he smelled a God awful smell like sewer water, something dead and a wet dog! It came up suddenly and then vanished just about as quick.

Re: Clear focus: On his close encounter, the Big Guy on the trail was very clear in the moonlight when he first saw him. The younger male off to his left was clear from the waist up standing in the brush. He could clearly see his face looking very human like, yet his skin and face looked rough. He had an expression of amazement; where its eyes wide and jaw open looking right back at him. He would gaze at this witness, and then turn back and look at the older ones, and then back at him; where he was extremely clear. The one standing on the trail was not as clear because of the shaded moonlight. The toddler was just a dark shape until he noticed its dark face turn and looked up at him.

Yes, Stewart has photos and a video that went along with this report, but they were fuzzy and blurry, and were not clear enough to present along with this report due to what folks now call blobsquatch photos.  Please be advised that we here at NABS could not improve on those photos enough to present to our readers.


NABS Report # 62 Northern California

Name: Mike

E-Mail: xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xxx

Date of Sighting: Mid to end of July of 1986

Location of Sighting/State/county/City/Highway/address/trailhead/USFS Road #: This sighting took place in the county of Humboldt, California off of the Mattole River Rd.; where it ends past Crooked Prairie Rd., and China Creek Rd. If you follow the road all the way to where the old bridge washed out, there’s a creek with a canyon just up from the wash out. It was in this canyon that I saw the Sasquatch.

Description of Creature: Like the Color/Ht/Wt/Eye Color/Sounds/Odors/ how did it walk/Arm movement/and how long was its hair? I would estimate it to have been 7’tall plus. He had reddish brown hair, face was almost clean of hair except for chin and cheek area. Lots of hair on its head and down its neck, but it was thinner around the chest area; where I could see the skin tone on its chest. That skin tone was a yellowish tan; as was the face color, as something like natural leather that gets sweat stains. It did not move and was peeking out from the top side of a boulder, I saw its head, and part of the chest; which was about it. Its hair was about 6 inches long on its head, and 4 or less inches on his shoulder and the left side of its chest. No sounds or smells were heard or smelled. Check out the tea-pot hiking trail sighting report that took place in December of 2012 in British Columbia, Canada, because that’s almost identical as to what I saw!  This is the reason I’m telling anyone after 26 years because now I know that I didn’t imagine it.

What was the Creature doing when seen? He was staring at me while I was hiking up canyon. I must mention that I felt no threat, but I did feel that I was not wanted to go any farther. When I first spotted him I wasn’t sure of what I was looking at, so I reached up to shield my eyes even though the sun was at my back, and when I did this the sasquatch blinked. I got scared and started to back up, and when I looked back to see where I would step, and when I turned back to where he was standing, he was gone. I then got out of there and never went back.

Please list the weather conditions: like the phase of the moon: It was Mid-day, clear weather, and the temperature was in the mid to upper 80’s.

What were you doing at the time of the sighting? Like driving down a highway or walking down a trail singing, etc: I was hiking up the canyon just checking out the place. I lived on a piece of property where the road goes down to the creek.

Please list and describe your other Bigfoot encounters: I never had any other sightings, but about one week prior I heard trees snapping like something huge was crashing through the brush, and then I heard a wild hog squeal for about 2 seconds, and then total silence. This happened within 2 hundred yards of the canyon that I mentioned in my sighting.

Your Phone Number: Reports sometimes generate more questions, and there are times when multiple sightings occur in the same locations which usually need to be followed up on and will require further clarity. We would deeply appreciate the ability to call you again. All of your identifiers remain completely confidential: xxx-xxx-xxxx.

NABS Investigator Richard Hucklebridge

Mike gave me a call tonight on the evening of February 5, 2013, and we went over his sighting report that took place back in 1986 in Northern California. While he was hiking in a canyon located up and behind his friends property on the NE side of a steep canyon he observed a creature standing kind of long side and behind a 5 foot bolder. Where it took him a few seconds to make a conclusion as to what he was looking at, and so after a few seconds he knew that he was looking at a Sasquatch at about 130 feet away from him!  Mike could see most of its left side of its head and body; as it was standing there staring at him, and he was close enough to notice that both eyes were blink at the same time. 

This witness stated that this creature’s face forehead was clear of hair; it had full lips with hair on the sides of it cheeks; where he noticed that its nose was kind of flat on a good sized head. Mike also stated that it looked more human, and nonthreatening, than looking like any kind of an animal. Its hair on it body seemed to be a reddish brown in color; where he could also see the skin on its chest which seemed to look leathery and a bit yellowish to a light brown in color. It was about 7 foot in height, but thought it was kind of stupid over; as in not standing straight up; where it was well over 300 pounds in weight.

Mike also said that he felt that this Sasquatch creature didn’t want him going any further up that canyon; where he felt that it wanted him to leave that area immediately!  Mike didn’t have to think about complying with those strong thoughts very long, and began to comply with those feelings right away!

I do believe that Mike saw a sasquatch, because it is still ingrained into his mind where he can still see it, and you could tell that there was also some enthusiasm still attached to his story after all of these many years. After our phone conversation Mike sent me the following email that has what I believe some very telling information concerning the Sasquatch People, and for me, it gives me a strong positive input as to what we might be dealing with!


I forgot to add an important part with my sighting. When I mentioned that I cupped my hands around my ball cap when looking at the Sasquatch, I closed my eyes for a second or two to see if he was a figment of my imagination? After opening my eyes he was still there, and then he closed both of his eyes (blinked) for about a second or two like I had just done. Was he mimicking me or letting me know I was seeing him? That's why I felt he was showing signs of intelligence and why I could never forget this incident. Hope you can Google the photo of the Teapot hiking trail in British Columbia so you can see why I compared him to the movie Harry and the Henderson's. Thank you for your time and best of wishes. Mike


It looks like this forest person was mimicking Mike as in saying to him that Yes, I am surprised to see you here also!!  You can go to the following web site to view a report out of British Columbia last year, 2012, where you can see a brown looking head with a face looking at you just on the right of center of the picture: http://www.bigfootencounters.com/stories/teapot-hill-hiking-trail.htm.


Please be advised that we attempted to blow this photo up, so we could see the head of this creature in this British Columbia report, but it was taken with an iphone, and so the face on this creature only got blurrier!



Name: Xxxxxx

E-Mail Address: xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.xxx
Date of encounter: September 22, 2012, 7:15 AM PDT
Location: Yes, we do know the road and the area between a mountain and a mountain pass where this occurred.

Witness lives in the area of Bakersfield, California, 

Witness phone #: xxx-xxx-xxxx


 Subject: A very close non sighting encounter in CA.

This morning I had an experience that makes me believe in Bigfoot. I am willing / hoping to share it with you, but only with the caveat that my name not be shared or posted in any manner. At about 715 am I was sitting on a log (deer hunting) when I heard a really heavy creature running, on two feet, through the woods. This thing was moving way to fast to be a person, or deer for that matter. If you wish more information please set up a time to call me via email; as I don't wish my wife to overhear this. I think she would laugh. I am going to go break camp and head down to Bakersfield. I am not going to stay up here by myself.
Sent from my iPhone


DH; which is short for Deer Hunter, because this witness does not want his family or friends to ever know what occurred to him while he was out deer hunting alone this past weekend.  This witness contacted me on the evening of 24 September 2012, and we talked briefly about his sound encounter; while he was deer hunting in the area north of Lake Isabella on opening day of deer season in this section of California. This took place early last Saturday morning last week end; while he was still in the area, and about thirteen hours after his experience; when he notified our web site, and left the above message.

We discussed what took place; while he was sitting on a log about a mile or so from where he parked his vehicle. During those early morning hours, when he begin hearing rifle shots being fired from some distance away, and that is when he began to hear something moving real fast through some very thick brush at about 80 to 100 yards way from him, but what ever it was, was headed in his direction. Then as it approached him at about 30 yards away; where it then took off at a 90 degree angle from him. The witness could hear that this creature had to have been very large, because he could hear and feel its bipedal feet, of this creature, hitting the ground; where it was way too fast and too large to have been any creature that he knew existed in that part of our country.

After a while, this witness did go to where this creature went through the area; where the broken brushes was located, but didn’t see any kind of tracks from the creature that broke the brush. The witness believes that he should have been able to view this creature, or at least see its foot prints; where it passed through his area.  But, no, he could only hear it as it moved by him at an unbelievable speed; which seemed inconceivable to this witness at that time. After this witness returned to his camp; which was over a mile away from where this encounter took place, he couldn’t find it in him self to even spend a planed night camping out in those woods after this very profound experience, mainly because he was physically and mentally shook up, because of this experience.

This DH never quite believe that this creature existed even after his first viewing of footprints in his hunting area several years prior to this extremely profound encounter; where he just knew somebody had to have hoaxed those prints, but it had to have been a real Bigfoot, because of the remoteness of those prints. A year or so earlier, he and his wife; while visiting the trail of 100 trees; which is located fairly close to where he was deer hunting; when they both heard a very loud screaming creature that was screaming off and on for over a good half an hour. He told his wife that it had to be a mountain lion making those screams.   But, as he was attempting to assure his wife as to what kind of a creature was making that noise; where he knew that it couldn’t have been a mountain lion making those screaming sounds, which kind of sounded like a women screaming, because they were way too loud and lasted way too long, to have been either a woman or a mountain lion.

This interviewer believes this witness, because of how he has reacted to the retelling of his story; as he didn’t want to, and his voice reflections told me what he was saying was real; as he proceeded to tell me about his very recent encounter. There are several possibilities as to why this DH failed to view this creature; as it passed fairly close to him, one being that he just plain blocked it out, and the others, “well,” those situations should be coming out for the public to contemplate some time down the road, hopefully in the near further.

Richard Hucklebridge: Investigator!!


N.A.B.S. Report # 45 MN.

Name: Mindy

E-mail: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.xxx

Dates of Sightings: beginning in 1960’s up to present.

Location of sightings, and please be precise! State, County, City/Highway/Address/trailhead/USFS Roads: I have a new phone number for previous entry of sightings that I had listed. Xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Description of Creature: Color/Height/Weight/Eye Color/Sounds/Odors/Arm movement/Length of hair: The one in my tent was a juvenile, approx. 5’ 7”to 6” tall with brown hair with a reddish tinge. It had long legs almost out the door of my tent, it was very smiley. I did a once over glance then closed my eyes. Sorry!

What was the Creature doing when seen? It was in my tent…no kidding!!

Please list the Weather Conditions/Phase of Moon: Not sure!!

What were you doing at that time of sighting, please be precise! (I.e.), Driving down the road/Walking down a trail, etc: I was in my tent.

Please list and describe you other Bigfoot encounters: As a child I walked up to one lying on the ground.

You Phone Number: Note your Reports sometimes generate more questions, and there are times when multiple sightings occur at the same location; which usually needs to be followed up on with further clarity. So, we would deeply appreciate the ability to call you! Also, all of your identifiers remain completely confidential. xxx-xxx-xxxx.

NABS Investigator:

I spoke with Mindy in early August of 2012, and found that she was a very credible person who has had multiple encounters with the Sasquatch creatures, (I.e.) People; beginning when she was a very young child of 4 -1/2 years old. So, we wanted to know about those different and numerous encounters, plus we wanted to know how her faces looked as compared to the face that was recently captured on a Plot Watcher Camera that was used in Tennessee recently.

Instead of me reiterating her story her, I asked her if she would like to write it out herself, so as to make it much more accurate in her retelling of her own encounters.

Please be advised, that this witness does not want the public to know her exact locations, because things are still happening there with these Sasquatch people, as she calls them; like when she was a child.

Bigfoot Captured on a Plot Watcher Camera.

This gentleman placed a Plot Watcher in his National Park research area and captured a Bigfoot peeking around a tree.

This is Mindy’s response to the above question on how the faces might compare:



It’s the same basic shape face and head but on a smaller scale, possibly a face that was 7-8 inches by 7-8 inches, more teen like. His body was very narrow. Shaggy hair on top his head no facial hair...The photos don't do justice to the one I saw because he was so smiley! I don't think his jaw was as pronounced as this one, almost more rounded in that area. I think the one I saw had white skin but a faint tan....similar hair....dark brown with a reddish tinge..... I wish I had looked at him longer ...it was shocking....also something about his fingers seemed to have been pointier...not sure if they have another extra bone.. It’s like an extra knuckle towards the tip... it seemed that way...


This is Mindy’s response to the above question on how the faces might compare:


It’s the same basic shape face and head but on a smaller scale, possibly a face that was 7-8 inches by 7-8 inches, more teen like. His body was very narrow. Shaggy hair on top his head no facial hair...The photos don't do justice to the one I saw because he was so smiley! I don't think his jaw was as pronounced as this one, almost more rounded in that area. I think the one I saw had white skin but a faint tan....similar hair....dark brown with a reddish tinge..... I wish I had looked at him longer ...it was shocking....also something about his fingers seemed to have been pointier...not sure if they have another extra bone.. It’s like an extra knuckle towards the tip... it seemed that way...



The following is Mindy’s story in her own words:


By “Mindy”

I’ve been to over 50 different lakes of Minnesota (including a few in Riding Mountain Canada: Manitoba). I also, have been to a large Minnesota Lake and portaging in the boundary waters canoe area. This all took place from age 5-early 20’s. I received a B.A. in Biology from the College located in Minnesota It was here that I took a backpacking class and backpacked around A large Lake in northern Minnesota a grueling 23 miles up and down a rocky/hilly path but my experience with primal man (Bigfoot, Sasquatch) occurred mainly on one lake. There were a couple other occurrences that included a city in Southern Minnesota and another I’m not clear of the location possibly that large Lake in Minnesota. Also, I had observed scattered stick structures all over these areas occasional formations made of sticks that were suspicious in nature and left me wondering “what made that?” All of these suppressed memories came flooding to my conscious mind after the doctor put me on a prescription of 50,000 units of Vitamin D; as I am deficient due to an indoor job with no windows.

I cannot disclose the property of where the primal family has been known to inhabit (even if it was intermittently) as this is only for researchers to know as well as the locals for their own safety. It all began near my relative’s homestead; which is located approximately in the heart of Minnesota lake country near A Native American Indian Reservation. Of course I didn’t arrive until the 1960’s, and then it would be a few years before I was exploring the woods. It’s located on a beautiful lake with crystal clear water.

Approximately: Spring 1967

Primal Male with Reddish hair:

The first encounter was when I was about 4 ½ years old after a Sunday meal at the resort in early spring. I love to be outside and I decided to go for a walk and headed south from the main house. I walked just beyond the last cabin south of the property, and here it turned into woods with grass. I walked right up to what appeared to be a man lying on the ground. He had long red hair covering his body, white skin and was just a little bigger than an average sized man about 22-24 years of age. He had a big smile on his face when he saw me. He reached for my index finger of my right hand and pulled me towards him very gently. I was being careful not to lean on his chest as he seemed different.

He pulled my index finger to his mouth and made a sound similar to a person in a dentist chair when the dentist is working on a tooth. I thought he must have a tooth ache way in back of his mouth. He had beautiful white teeth. I was asking him questions and he was definitely vocalizing something, but had no syllables more like a babble or like when a baby is pretending to talk but with no real enunciation of words. I was asking him things like is something wrong with your mouth? Is something wrong with your tooth? After one question it was almost like he was trying to form the word yes…more like “eeeeiiiiahh”. But it may have been more the inflection of his speech like excitement that I was trying to communicate. May be that is what he was trying to tell me is that he couldn’t speak English. Even so it seemed he was trying to appear that he possibly knew what my questions were.

I found it to be very frustrating that I couldn’t get clear communication. I felt helpless in this situation. I was so young and I didn’t know what he wanted so I pretended he had a tooth ache and said I would go get some help. I then left him and went to get my little brother who would have been about 2 1/2 years of age. (Our family was very male dominated and I was given the impression that boys are more important than girls. Also, he was my buddy.) He was at the main house. I told him that there was a man in the woods that has a tooth ache and that maybe we could help him. So we walked back down to where the man lay. I said “Can we see your tooth?” And by this time the man had fallen asleep and we startled him. He put his arms straight above his head (it reminded me of an orangutan) and then rolled over with his back to us indicating that he didn’t want to be bothered. So I quietly told my brother “We better leave him alone he needs to rest”. I didn’t understand why he wouldn’t get up and I think I started to refer to him as a “Sick man in the woods”. So we went up to the main house.

Approximately: 1968 or 1969

Stick Formations:

Occasionally while hiking different areas of Northern Minnesota, we would see different stick formations and make me wonder “what did that”. One instance in particular there were some small sticks that were 1-2 inch diameter and approximately 1 -2 feet long and about 6-7 were leaning up against the base of the tree. I thought nothing of it and I used all them for firewood. The next day more appeared! I asked “Dad did you put those sticks there?”.  He said “No”. So I feel this could have been a prankster primal man or one that was remaking a possible territorial marker.

Primal girl teenager:

This is one of the incidents where I’m unsure of the location. I was younger possibly 5 or 6 years old. I was playing outside and noticed a teen primal girl standing next to a tree. She had dark brown hair and eyes. She was intent on looking at something going on further away. I noticed she was different and I was a little scared. I tried to get a response by asking her a question. She turned and growled at me (no other movements except a turn of the head) and then went back to looking at whatever it was further away. I kept my distance and walked back a ways and pretended to be looking at objects then occasionally look up to see if she was still there. For some reason it felt like I was unable to go around her. I’m unable to remember the exact landscape but I think this was more than this. Yet I was able to walk up to her to ask a question. This could also have just been my fear but there was something I definitely sensed that I was unable to walk behind her to go around. I was in distress and felt I was unable to make it to my mom like I should have in a timely manner. She was a teen approximately 15 years of age. I don’t remember a whole lot of details because I was mainly looking at the face, but she was a good looking girl with white skin. No facial hair. When she left approximately 15 minutes later, I then felt I could walk back to where my mom was.

Late 1970’s:

Whole potato plants pulled up:

My nephew’s father expressed concern that something was pulling up his potatoes whole plants and all. He was going to try and stay up all night to see what was doing it. The next morning I asked him if he saw what it was and he said “No”.

Tracks scratched out:

This same time frame my nephew’ father was showing me some strange markings on the ground. It was as if someone took their feet and did one long scrape with one foot then the same with the other. He said “I don’t understand what could have done that”. I said “I’ve been wondering that also…the same marks are going up the hill in back of our house. (We lived near the a Lake River about 50 miles straight west of the big Lakes in northern Minnesota).

Approximately early 1980’s:

Logs in X formation:

Midway down my nephews parents driveway on the neighbors side was a big X made out of logs. This was new since I had visited last. I asked my nephew’s father, “Xxxxxxx did you make that big X out of logs in the woods next to the driveway?” He said “No” with a concerned look on his face. No one really investigated this further. The neighbors wouldn’t have done this as they were only there intermittently.

Primal male swimming:

Another time while at my parents I saw what looked like an animal of some kind swimming in early evening across the lake to the neighbor’s property. It swam very fast and had a larger head. It had reddish brown fur and was so far away I couldn’t make out facial features. I wanted to see it come out of the water, but the trees were in the way. This I feel was an adult primal man.

Primal woman with twins:

Another separate incident was while night fishing. I’m not sure of what lake this was, but it was at a large Minnesota Lake. I saw what appeared to be a mother bear and twin cubs coming down to the water’s edge…but at the time I was thinking to myself those cubs look different…they looked like monkeys. Thinking back this was a primal mother with twins. She seemed to have very dark hair as well as her kids. She thought nothing of us being out there in the boat fishing. She just looked around and was in a squatting posture while her kids played around her. She made no noise. She had a white face no facial hair.

Approximately late 1980’s:

Escorted out of the woods:

I was playing with my nephews who are very energetic. I needed a break and walked down a path in the woods that led to an old cabin. So I walked further down and heard a “click” straight ahead and “click” toward the lake. These were mouth clicks like when you take your tongue and make a “wood knock” sound. I couldn’t identify it with any animal I had ever heard. About 40-60 feet in front of me lay a black furry thing that was actually flatter than a bear. I thought “Oh my, I better get out of here in case it’s a bear. I also felt a creepy feeling and so I turned and headed back to my grandparents. I could hear behind me “Thump”…. “Thump”….. “Thump.”  Something with 2 legs was gaining on me, and I was afraid to turn around. Whether it was instinct or primal man telling me (telepathically):

I kept thinking when I get to the lawn I’ll be okay, it’s just something I knew. I trotted a little at the end because he was getting close. I heard him turn up the property line as I was coming out to the lawn. I saw my nephew standing there and he was looking at what was behind me. I didn’t look back and went straight into the house. I tend to block things out, because of abuse in my childhood. Anything shocking I would block out and repress right away. So, I went into the house and the memory was repressed that fast. Later I went outside and my nephew said “Mindy, did you see that man behind you?” He went like this….and he imitated him by making 3-4 gigantic steps. He said “He went in the woods”. I had already repressed the memory and said “No I did not”. Later on we were on the lawn playing and heard what sounded like children playing way back in the woods probably the area of the “clearing”. Then all 3 of us heard a woman scream. It didn’t sound like she was in pain…just upset. I’m wondering if it was a primal woman being told that they had to move on by the sentry because I had been escorted out and they may be found by more people.…. I am not sure.

Primal family swimming:

So that night I was planning on spending the night in the tent with my nephews. They chickened out on me so I decided to stay out there by myself. I put the tent on the lawn in an area closer to the lake and next to the woods. So I had a flashlight with me and my sleeping bag. It was warm enough outside that I just slept on top of the bag. Around 1-2am that night I heard what sounded like people swimming in front of the woods next door. They were being very quiet with occasional “Oohs”, “Aahs”, and soft giggles. It was so quiet that you would have to be outside in order to hear it. No one would ever swim there because it was mossy type weeds and mucky in that bay. So even though I thought it was strange I went back to sleep.

Juvenile male with dark brown hair in my tent:

Much later that night approximately 5am…I awoke to a very quiet rustling inside of the tent. So I grabbed the flashlight and turned it on. Here was a juvenile primal man in my tent! He had dark brown hair full length of him, a long narrow body, scruffy head, no facial hair and white skin. He also had the biggest smile on his face and sighed a little just after I turned on the light.

He was excited to be there almost like he had been waiting to be alone with me. So I looked him over quickly his whole length. Then he starts to do a jittering motion with his mouth. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen wolves when one wants to join a pack. They show their teeth and take a submissive posture and without clicking teeth move the mouth silently with jaw moving quickly back and forth. This is what he was doing. All this was happening so fast and had very little time to think. My mind was racing: here I have what is supposedly a fictitious character in my tent, and “YOU ARE REAL!!!!!!”, this was so “awesome”, “majestic” and at the same time “Creepy”. Yet I didn’t know what he was capable of, if I outright rejected him.

So I rolled over and put my back to him. This would give me time to think and I wanted to give him a neutral response. Then he started poking me and making an “Ehhhhh” sound, over and over and over. He was extremely persistent. I lost track of time….not sure how long this went on for …possibly ½ hour to 45 minutes? I was in distress and so scared I was afraid to move. I even felt this is it, I could die right here on my parent’s lawn!.” Then someone came out of the house and he bolted right out of the tent! I stayed a little while longer. By the time I got up I had blocked out this incident as well.

Next evening…

Same juvenile male in full view presentation:

As the sun was going down…the same juvenile primal man showed himself in full view in the garden. This was approximately 70-80 feet away. I thought “What is that?” and was scared and went into the house…. There may have been someone with me that may have said that very thing…but I or we went into the house right away… He had a narrow body, dark brown hair with a reddish tinge. This time he was expressionless…no smile but it was as if he wanted a second chance to see if he could “join my pack” so to speak. I never saw him again but may have heard him some years later….

Mid 1980’s…

Primal male encircling house during the night:

I was visiting my nephews again, and in the middle of the night a primal man kept circling the house around and around and around…all the while making grunts…groans….and occasionally knocking on the house….almost sounded angry. He kept doing this and I got a sense by telepathy or just a feeling…not sure how but…felt like he was saying “Stay put, I’m coming in.” He came onto the porch and stole the candy from the dish and left. Looking back I wonder if he knew I was there and a little angry that I didn’t let him in our/my “pack”….not really sure. Also, I am not quite sure if he may have been just plain hungry and wanted something to eat.

Small present:

It may have been the next morning a small rodent like a vole (dead) was found on the steps to the patio. My nephew’s father was showing me this…he then looked at the woods and was muttering (whispering) something to himself. He didn’t own a cat and at the time didn’t have a dog.


Around this same time frame…not sure if it was the same weekend it could have been. I was drawn to go outside while it was dark... I was on my nephew’s lawn but walked down by the lake in the similar area where the tent I had pitched many years previously. I didn’t really know why I was out there. So I walked up the lawn parallel to the woods. I heard a few “animal” noises that sounded like squirrels scolding me and also hissing. ..They were angry with me. Looking back I’m guessing there were probably 3 primal people low to the ground just in the woods that were scolding me. There were not any red or grey squirrels out that time of night. The flying squirrels I don’t believe do this and are very quiet (these were located on the other side of the house). They pretty much kept their distance and stayed outside the property line. I went back in the house and thought it was a little strange. It is possible that it could have been another animal possibly an opossum. But I’ve only heard opossums hiss and not scold like a squirrel…it sounded more like humans imitating a squirrel.

Late 1990’s

 Near a city in Southern Minnesota!

Primal male sentry peeked out and growled:

I was walking with my daughter on the road that is next to the meadow coming back from the farmers’ field. (There is a path that goes out to a tower and we were on our way back). This was approximately 50 feet in from the farmer’s field. The woods were on our left; as we were walking I heard a growl similar to a bear sound. I looked up and the tall bushes were moving as if something had just parted the bushes and ducking down. I heard no footsteps and no underbrush were moving. I really didn’t feel this was a bear as bear are unusual in this area. It made a bear like sound and I feel this could have been a primal man on the lookout. He saw it was us and ducked back down. The bushes were tall and the movement of branches was about 6-7 feet off the ground.

Spring 2012

Primal male (?) still going undetected today:

We visited the resort where my nephews had lived. A couple evenings we went to the property where the primal people had been seen. We found human looking scat and we were amazed that one could be still using the property even in the midst of houses going up all around. Interestingly, a previous resort owner said of all the years they have lived there that no one has actually seen what has been getting into the garbage at the resort.

My daughter felt something was watching us from some distance away when we were at the property. This is the way it is …you can sense them because they have a soul. They are human just like us. Even though they may be primal they are still human.

Personal thoughts:

These are human beings and should be respected. They have a soul and spiritual aspects similar to humans.

I believe that legislation should be put out to put a stop the hoaxing; as this is interfering with research and educating the public about the truth.

Spiritual side notes:

I feel that everyone especially people researching them should be spiritually prepared, like the rugged terrain as well as risk of grizzlies etc….is very dangerous….and also the lack of cell phone coverage. Also, no woman should be out in a tent alone, as well as hiking. Women certainly should not be out in the woods hiking or tenting if they have their menstrual period; this as well as sexual scents drive animals wild and can put everyone in the group at risk. Some men in Yellowstone in the 1980’s were killed by grizzly bears, because of the sexual scent on them. (The press said it was smell of bacon etc.. This is incorrect and I know firsthand by a friend who was working out there at the time.)


Nabs Investigator:

After speaking with this witness, this investigator believes this part of Mindy's life story, and her encounters with the Primal People! Mindy lets us in on what kind a creature she was dealing with; where we can get the idea on just what we might be dealing with when these primal people are in the area.

Richard Hucklebridge 



Subject: Possible Encounter: NABS Report # 41 Ca.

This message is from the primary report writer Ron:

It was July 12, 2012, Thursday night, the place was the second campground passed the 169 split in highway 96 going towards Orleans on the river side of the highway I don't know the campground name it is the one past Shelton campground and there is never any one else there not even a host.

Anyway we had just got there at about 9:40 pm and were just done setting up our tents it was my dad my son and I we were sitting by the fire when my son mentioned hearing some wrestling in the bushes above our camp site it is the second site from the highway, and the high mountain side is right behind the picnic table, the mountain is not climbable by the average person, because I have tried while trying to find fire wood before. So, we hear this movement in the bushes above; where I would say about 50 yards, and I get up out of my chair to see a very large log barreling down the mountain side at our camp. I at first thought it was an animal running full speed at us and was prepared to defend us as best I could. When the log stopped I could see what it was and waited to hear any movement from where it came from, there was nothing.

We debated leaving all of our camp there and driving back to highway 5 to a hotel for the night, but after some thought said it was not trying to hurt us, and it just was letting us know we were to close, I guess, so we stayed. We, all three of us stayed up till about 1:30 in the morning not wanting to go to sleep and listening to everything around us, of course when u do that u hear any and everything that moves and needless to say we're pretty spooked!

In the morning about 5:50 my alarm went off, and I told my dad in the tent next to us it was time to get up. He said he never slept at all and that after we went to sleep; whatever it was came down and walked around our tents and car before leaving. He described that it did not breathe deep like a bear would, and it was very stealthy. My Dad said, “I gave a cough and it stopped for a minute and then just walked off.” He continued saying “I didn't wake you up, because as long as it wasn't bothering us that we were ok.” We talked about it all the way home and were contemplating as to what it wasn't, such as a bear, we could hear that breathing, a mountain lion we didn't think would accidentally stumble on the wrong long and send it down the hill they know the terrain to well, so that only left big foot himself to be the suspect just telling us we were too close to where he was at the time.

If you have any questions my name is Ron and my phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.


The following is a message from the youngest member of this party who wrote in to tell his side of that encounter.

My dad, Ron told u his side of the encounter now this is mine. It was July 12, 2012 while my grandpa, dad, and l decided to go on a fishing trip and pull a one-nighter in Hoopa, CA. We took highway 96 up past Hoopa, and past the patriot gas station with a river behind, over the bridge, turning right towards Weitchpec. On the way to the camp site we passed a one lane construction on the right side of the road we crossed a white bridge, taking a right at the first campsite after the bridge. We stayed at an abandoned campsite at number 2 beside a 200ft steep hill in pitch black light with no full moon.

At exactly 9:45 we started putting up our tents with the headlights from the car to see. Later on that night we had started a bond fire telling stories, and legends that's when the night took a turn for the worst. While the around the camp fire, and talking repeatedly, I told my dad I was hearing noises in the woods and then it happened. Coming from a 200ft steep hill we heard a loud rumbling noise coming down; where my dad and papa were armed and ready to risk their life's to defend whatever was coming down from that hill to get to me. But when they got close it appeared to be large log thrown at least 20ft downhill.

My dad and papa thought it out that a mountain lion would never make a mistake of walking or tripping on the wrong log and a bear would make sounds. Two minutes later I started to hear loud thumping noises towards the left vibrating the ground, walking towards us. Not even 10 minutes later far in the distance we see two car headlights on, then we hear 3 loud shrieking sounds in the distance then the car lights go out. Sitting there in silence, for my dad and grandpa the only thing they thought to calm them down is to drink cool ice beer. I was so frightened I couldn't even speak.

We stayed up till 2:00 am as soon as the fire went out we passed out in our tents. Around 5:00 am we woke up to go fishing without checking for any tracks. On the way to the river my grandpa told us around 4:00 in the morning the creature came down to our camp site looked around our car and went back into the woods. But the description of the creature let us know for sure that it is Bigfoot. When it came down it walked on two feet, not breathing heavily like a bear or loud noises from a mountain lion.

NABS investigator, Richard Hucklebridge:

I called and talked with the father Ron the witness on the 16th of July, 2012, where we went over the possible encounter with a Sasquatch creature while camping at a campground just off Hwy 96, in the Bluff Creek area. This witness was still very excited about he and his families encounter with an unknown creature on the evening of 12 July, 2012. Ron seemed like a very credible person when it came to recounting that evenings and the next early morning encounter. The main reason for this family group to be at this location was to go fish on the Klamath River in the morning.

They were in the #2 camp site; which backs up to a very steep hill behind said camp site. The main reason that this witness said this little hill was so steep was the fact that he couldn’t climb it to gather wood for their camp fire. They begin hearing something large walking around on that hill just after they began to set up their camp and began to hear breaking brush, and then this large log about 4 foot long and weighing in at a good 150 lbs. came rolling and tumbling down this very steep hill; which caused Ron to go for his weapon, because they began to hear heavy footsteps, brush breaking and then something large possibly walking; as in coming down toward their camp site off of that steep hill that people find so difficult to transverse on.

After speaking with the Father Ron and reading the message from the youngest family member; I am in agreement with these witness who were saying that the creature that was in camp with them had a high probability that it was a Sasquatch; as in no doubt about it! The reasons for believing this creature could have been a Sasquatch, is because there are a lot of the elements that were encountered by this family group; like hearing of the heavy footsteps on a very steep hill, and those shrieking sounds; while it was braking brush and then throwing down a large log to let them know that they were not wanted in that campground. Then the Grandfather heard it walking around their tents during those early morning hours.



NABS Report # 42 N.C.



Name: Peter Xxxxxx

E-mail: Xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.com

Date of Sighting: Ongoing!

Location of Sighting-BE PRECISE-State/County/City/ Highway/Address/Trailhead/USFS Road#: State, North Carolina, County Rockingham, N.C.HWY xxx, ON Xxx River.

Description of Creature: Color/Ht/Wt/Eye Color/Sounds/odors/How did it walk/Arm movement/How long was its hair: I hear screaming sounds, tree knocking, heard big rocks being thrown into river, and heard big tree or limb torn in half and pushed down steep bank.

What was the Creature Doing When Seen? I heard seven of these animals screaming back and forth to one another and tree knocks. I have vocalizations and tree knocking recorded.

Please List Weather Conditions/Phase of Moon: Crescent or new moon and full.

What were you doing at the time of sighting-Please be Precise (Ex-Driving down highway-walking down trail singing, etc): I sit on my deck every night and listen to these very intimidating sounds.

Please list and describe your other Bigfoot encounters: I can’t describe all I have heard here, plus other sightings up river from me including track finds.

Your Phone Number- Reports sometimes generate more questions. There are times when multiple sightings occur in the same location which usually need follow-up and further clarity. We would deeply appreciate the ability to call you***All of your identifiers remain completely confidential. Xxx-xxx-xxxx


Nabs Investigator:

The witness "Pete" called us on the afternoon of July 20, 2012, and discussed what was taking place in and around his residence in northern North Carolina for the past 5 months where a possible group of Sasquatch creatures have invaded his and his neighbor’s areas screaming and braking branches in the forested areas that adjoined his property. This gentleman was very credible and a very knowledgeable person to talk with, especially regarding what has been taking place around his residence.

This witness lives between a park on one side of a main two lane highway and a river on the back side of his property, and, after I Google Earthed his residential area, I can see that there is tree lined river and a large tree covered area on his property, and a good sized remote park across the highway from his residence. As to the possibility of these forest people, as he calls them, to be present there is kind of a unknown mystery at present, because there seems to be an abscence of deer in his area. The witness states that there are plenty of fish in the river that flows by his back yard, and that might be what the forest people are living off of at present, and of course whatever they can find for food in the adjacent area.

Pete usually sits on his deck in the evenings and again when he gets up around 3 am. He does leave for work at approximately 5 am, and so he spends a little time on his deck listening to these strange sounds, (i.e.) screaming and gibberish coming from around his home during evening and early morning hours. Pete can feel their presence, because all of the bugs and critters quit making any noise, and then he can feel low vibrations, or hear mechanical and or vehicle sounds emanating from around his residence; where there are no vehicles. This witness states that he has been using his son’s video camera in an attempt to capture the screaming sounds, but will require further assistance to transpose them to the computer where we might all listen to them.

Pete also states that there are more than one of them out there, but he has not seen any yet. He feels like there are possibly seven or eight of them in the area, because they would make knocking sounds like wood on wood knocking and that’s is how he knew that there were so many of them in that area. This witness began to use a similar knocking sound on a tree that was close to his residence, but after copying them for a short duration they seemed to show their disdain with him continuing to knock on wood. They possibly knocked down a very large tree or branch that made quite a loud noise that convinced Pete to stop making any more of his knocking sounds.

He told me a recent fact that a dog grooming business in that area has had several of their dogs that were staying there torn up and partially devoured, plus their dumpster has had something going through it, and possible removing any of the food stuffs that were present. This witness has seen foot prints in the 17” to 18” range in this area. At present I feel that Pete is in the presence of these forest people who seem to be living in and around his residence. At present Pete is in the process of befriending them, and hopefully he will be successful with this endeavor.

Richard Hucklebridge



Name: Dave Xxxxxxx

E-mail: xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.com

Date of Sighting:  About 10 years ago, as nearly as I remember.

Location of Sighting-BE PRECISE-State/County/City/ Highway/Address/Trailhead/USFS Road#: About 3 miles into Sand Canyon; which is about 10mi. North of Inyokern, CA.

Description of Creature: Color/Ht/Wt/Eye Color/Sounds/odors/How did it walk/Arm movement/how long its hair was: It was very dark brown, as to appear black, hair on its arms which was finger length. It was just about 6' tall, head sat directly on the shoulders, built really beefy, like a high school football player. Was standing unmoving, facing me. I could not see details on the face. I did see that it didn't have a bear type snout, or bear ears on top of its head. It looked like a hairy human. Its upper 1/3 was visible above the log. I smelled nothing, and heard nothing, but it had flat face like a human.

What was the Creature Doing When Seen? I had some slightly bad feelings, (?!) and turned around in time to see one around 75 yards away, silently watching me from the other side of a 3 foot diameter fallen tree. After several long seconds of staring at each other (not over 10 seconds), he dropped down on his side of the log, and must have fled in a lateral direction on all fours. After a minute of being in shock, denial and deep fear, I quickly walked up and looked over the log, and he was gone.

Please List Weather Conditions/Phase of Moon: It was a bright, cold, clear and sunny morning in January or in December, probably around 9 or 10 am.

What were you doing at the time of sighting-Please be Precise (Ex-Driving down highway-walking down trail singing, etc): I was Quail hunting 3 miles in from where I parked my truck; which was located at the trailhead. I was dressed head to toe in old fashioned cotton canvas military surplus European camo w/ a matching rucksack. I was digging through my pack at the time, but very quietly.

Please list and describe your other Bigfoot encounters: I had a matching "bad feeling" this January on a portion of the Pacific Crest Trail inside Indian Wells Canyon this January(2012), while looking for Chucker partridges. I looked at a portion of the slope above the PCT, and had a bad feeling, but made no indication of this to my two Chessadors; which means ½ Labrador and ½ Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. When we got up closer to the general geographical source of my suspicions, both dogs became fearful and stayed close to and behind me (very unusual for them). Blackie even paused with his back legs in the trail, his front legs uphill, looking defiantly at some thick brush just uphill from where we stood in the trail. I suppose his ears, nose, or eyes had detected something threatening, hiding nearby. He was far too scared to go uphill and confront it. Again, this is very uncharacteristic of both dogs. I say it's better than even money Bigfoot was hiding in ambush in that brush, waiting to kill Mulies which use that trail. We merely stumbled into and through his deer ambush zone. Upon leaving this creepy zone, the dogs immediately returned to their normal bumptious behavior of zigzagging confidently in front of me. I was definitely taken aback to get confirmation for my bad feeling, from a pair of impartial hunting dogs. I can't really explain how I knew something, before the acute senses of quality hunting dogs were aware. I've been hunting about 30 years in the Eastern Sierra Nevada’s, with dogs, well the past 2, were big puppies, with dozens of hunting trips under their belts. I think the snow and brutal temps probably drove Bigfoot down from the 8k' Sierra plateau, into the bad/steep terrain surrounding Eastern Sierra canyons, but with better weather; which I thought was a good guess at that time.

Your Phone Number- Reports sometimes generate more questions. There are times when multiple sightings occur in the same location which usually need follow up and further clarity. We would deeply appreciate the ability to call you***All of your identifiers remain completely confidential. xxx-xxx-xxxx

NABS Investigator:

I had the opportunity to speak with this witness on the evening of 26 June 2012; where we went over his report that he turned into the NABS organization recently. Dave seemed like a very knowledgeable, credible and a very pleasant person to talk with about his experiences in the Sothern Sierra Mountains in January of 2002; while he was hunting quail with his 410 shotgun.

This witness began by going over his sighting experience that occurred while he was quail hunting in desert area up in a canyon that is located in the most southern fringe of that mountain range of the Sierra Mountains of Southern California. This very muscular looking creature that was sitting or squatting in a meadow behind a horizontal log that was approximately three feet in diameter; where he could only see what he thought was the top 1/3 of this creature.

This witness gave us a pretty good description of the creature that he observed in that section of his report, but what I can add is the fact that he was positive that the hair thickness was not like that of a bear’s coat, but seemed much thinner; as he believes he could see through the hair to the skin underneath; which ran from about 3 inches on its arms to 2 inches on its head, shoulders and body. Dave also said that the sun was shining from behind this creature; where he could make out its color very well, and put a shadow on its face as well, but he thought its face was flat looking something more like a human than a wild creature.

Another thing that occurred during this sighting encounter of Dave’s, was the reason that he turned to view this creature in the first place; which was the fact that he had this very strong and deliberate feelings of being watched, and it was coming from the direction of where this creature was located and watching him. They locked eyes for about 10 seconds or so, and after it rolled straight down and out of sight, it took Dave one long minute to regain his thoughts and courage to go over to where it was standing to see if he could see it again, or any evidence of it even being there in the first place. It left no indication or sign of it ever being there, and so Dave began to believe that he may have been seeing things, but he knew better.

The following encounter is one that this witness really didn’t want to talk about, because he just knew that nobody on this planet would have believed him, but in this case he did find that person, who described a similar incident that took place in those Sierra Mountains of California many years previously; where this backpacker was in his bedroll, and this creature was squatting down over the top of this back packer, who was sleeping in his bedroll, stroking this persons beard. Dave finally told me about his weird encounter of a strange entity; while he was backpacking on the John Muir trail just south of Mammoth, California; where he was in his bed roll which had a head flap over his head, and sometime around midnight he had something squatting besides his open bedroll moving its fingers on the outside of same, and then it lifted the bedroll head covering, so as to see what was under it, but as it did so, Dave couldn’t look at it because he was way too scared at that instant to turn on needed lamps, but what he thought was really strange after that peeking incident, was the fact that he fell soundly asleep, and after several hours he awoke but couldn’t believe that he could have fallen asleep after a such a thing that had just happened to him!

Dave’s last incident was in January of 2012, where he just felt something very big and bad close by, but he couldn’t see it or even a place where it might be hiding, and then his hunting dogs began to act very strange also, and he just knew that one of those big guys were close by, and watching him and his dogs while hunting for chucker on the Pacific Coast Trail inside of the Indian Wells Canyon, with his 28 gauge shotgun in tow.

In conclusion: I believe Dave when he said he saw that sasquatch that looked like it had a kind of a humanist face, that was strongly letting this witness know that he was there, and I can only come to the conclusion that he Dave, was being hit with a mild form of their low frequency sounds that they use on us when it benefits them. During his sleeping incident on the John Muir Trail, well that speaks for its self, especially the heavy sleeping condition that took place after the incident. Unknown as to what this creature might have been, but it never made any noise either coming or going from his location. On the possible third incident; which took place this January; where Dave just knew and felt that one of these big creatures were in a very close proximity to where he and his dogs were located, and he was aware of its presence before his dogs began to act up or out of character. Dave couldn’t believe that a large creature like a Sasquatch could have been hiding so close by, and not have been seen, but I did advise Dave that this too was possible! So, this witness told me things that were indicative of a Sasquatch encounters on all three of his possible encounters’.

We received a drawing from this witness concerning his sighting in the Sand Canyon area, where I had to re-call this witness to discuss his drawing , because for me didn’t quite make any sense.  The creature which is depicted here; has to be either on its knees squatting, or just sitting up, as in waking up to see what was around him, because there was no steep slope for it to have been standing on to make sense to this viewer! The witness’s description of this creature, which was only about 6 feet tall and weighed in at a little over two hundred pounds, or so, and where his drawing kind of makes a little more sense now after speaking again with this witness. If one can figure if he only viewed the top one third of this creature which was about two feet and another three feet were behind the log; where we can only speculate whether it was squatting and or just sitting; then it might make this creature at least 7 foot tall. After further thought on this matter, I believe that this creature was possibly lying down behind that log, in the warm sun light and dosing, and it just sat up to view this witness.

Note this witness went directly over to where this creature had showed its self in less than a minute after it rolled down and disappeared out of sight. When he arrived at the downed horizontal log which was up to his belt buckle in height, and he had to bend over quite a ways just to see the ground on the other side of this three foot plus diameter log where this creature was totally gone, and out of sight.


Below is a drawing of the sighting made by the witness:



Richard Hucklebridge


Richard Hucklebridge/NABS Researcher







Vermont sighting Report!

Name: Bill

E-mail: xxxxxxxx@xxxxx.com

Date of Sighting: August 2011

Location of Sighting-BE PRECISE-State/County/City/ Highway/Address/Trailhead/USFS Road#:   Morgan, Vermont. (Very close to Canada). The sighting happened at the very end of the dirt road; which is located at the top of a ridge. My Friend owns the camp. If you Google map this location you can see it is surrounded by a very large and dense forest.

Description of Creature: Color/Ht/Wt/Eye Color/Sounds/odors/How did it walk/Arm movement/How long was its hair?      I'd like to begin by saying that I am extremely hesitant and reluctant to make this report for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that I feel I have a certain amount of bias concerning this subject; as I am a long time believer in Sasquatch.

Secondly, I'm not exactly sure what happened during my sighting. I will elaborate further but first I would like to include a little background concerning myself which will hopefully add a little credibility to my report. I am 43 year old male and am a former Army Infantry soldier who has spent a lot of time in the forest, jungles and deserts across the world. I am a two war combat veteran. I am also a Police Sergeant and have been a sworn officer for nearly twenty years. I have 20/10 vision and I am very aware of my surroundings and am a keen observer.

What happened to me occurred at approximately 5-6 AM, the pre-dawn hours when things outside are gray and appear to be almost black and white in contrast. When I'm staying at the cabin I sleep on the first floor in the back bedroom where the bed is located adjacent to a back window. I always leave the window open with a screen in place for ventilation and I draw the curtains closed as I need to sleep in complete darkness. As a routine of mine I am an early riser and I open the curtains to gauge the time of day by how much light was displayed from the morning sun. I have done this for years from my infantry days in the army.

On this day, I awoke early, placed a couple eye drops in my eyes (important as I know I was AWAKE) and then I drew back the curtain to "check" the time. As soon as I drew the curtain on the window I was immediately face to face from a distance of only 2 feet with the darkened silhouette of something with a large head and very broad shoulders. What I saw was backlit by the gray pre-dawn light and was therefore completely black. I could not make out any facial features nor could I see any hair.

What happened next I cannot explain? As I was face to face with this dark shape, I was almost immediately struck by three (3) very powerful sensations. I immediately felt a strong surge of what I can only describe as electricity, not unlike being hit by a taster without the pain. I was completely IMMOBILIZED by this feeling, it caused me to roll over on the bed and freeze in place and it caused me to feel the most INTENSE fear I have ever experienced... I was SCARED and I don’t get scared from much....

When this happened to me I was AFRAID! I was afraid to my core in some type of primal sense that I can’t explain. I can also say that I felt like an electrical pulsing at the same time I was feeling this fear. I was immobile, afraid and being pulsed for about 15 seconds. Next sensation I have is being free of the "electricity" and there seemed to be lost time as it was now sunny outside.

Did I fall asleep? I question myself and ask myself was this a dream? I know I was awake because I walked to the dresser, got my eye drops and put some in my eyes prior to opening the curtain. I've struggled with making this report. I'd like to note that the shape in the window appeared to be standing off to one side as I could see the shape of its arm down the right side of its body. I could see that the head portion of the shape was sitting on the shoulders and it appeared to have no neck.

It should be noted that the day prior to this encounter my friend and I were target shooting at watermelons and grapefruit not 20 yards away in the wood line from this window and the back of the house. The target area was scattered with shattered fruit from our shooting. Later in the day I measured the base of the window to the ground and it was just over six and half feet.

What I saw in the window was approx a foot and half to two feet above the base of the window. Making whatever was standing out there seven to seven and a half feet tall, maybe taller. The width of the window is standard. I searched for footprints and other evidence with none being found. I failed to check on the fruit as I only remembered this detail at a later time. Found no evidence and I did not smell or hear anything at the time of the encounter.

 I am at a loss to explain what happened and like I said, I feel almost foolish for reporting this as it seems so very far out and crazy. My friend said I was crazy when I told him what had happened. I was the only witness to this encounter. Should be noted, as the house sits, my window is the closest to the tree line....I'd say 20 yards at most.

What was the Creature Doing When Seen? Looking in a window

Please List Weather Conditions/Phase of Moon:  Weather was clear, no rain, pre-dawn hour and it was August so it was warm.

What were you doing at the time of sighting-Please be Precise (Ex-Driving down highway-walking down trail singing, etc) See above description of what happened.

Please list and describe your other Bigfoot encounters. No other encounters


NABS Investigator:

On This evening the 30th of April, 2012, I had the privilege and opportunity to speak with this witness, Bill, who went face to face with this creature we call sasquatch. Bill is a very practical man who has spent time in our armed forces as an instructor in jungle war fair tactics, and who is now in the employment of a Law Enforcement agency for over 20 years now, and after speaking with this witness he seems like a very personable and credible gentleman.


We began this conversation talking about where and when this all took place. The date was August 2011 early morning hours; as it was just beginning to get those gray skies as the sun was approaching morning. The location as to where he was located, and where the creature we call Sasquatch was located; which in this case was at arm’s length, but there was a window screen located in between these two individuals.

Bill had just applied his eye drops to his eyes, so he could see, and then he put his knees on his bed, so that he could began to pull back the curtains on the window above his bed to see the dawn approach, and by watching that early morning graying sky he knew exactly what time of the morning it was going to be.

As he pulled those curtains open, he noticed a very large head sitting mid way in the window on some very large shoulders; where this creature was in black silhouette only, but he could see some light between the window frame and one of its arm; where he was a immediately struck on his whole left side, which was facing the this window, with this very strong pulsating electrical sensation; which caused him to go immediately face down on to his mattress with his knees under him; like being physical pushed with great force or so it seemed. He heard this very loud screaming sound going on in his head, and he felt like he was immobile as in being paralyzed, plus at the same time he was having this intense fear and those very scared feelings that accompanied all of this at the same time. At first he was conscious, and he knew what he had just seen; as it was a Sasquatch.

Bill seemed to know what he had just seen, but he couldn’t move for quite some time, at least not until the sun had risen up high enough, so he could see sun light. He felt that he had lost some time in between the curtain opening and when he awoke after wards!

The witness describes what took place and the sequence that it occurred in very great detail in his own report. What this witness didn’t know was what was taking place and how was it being accomplished? In the following hours he investigated underneath his window for foot prints, but they were not to be found in the pebble stun ground; as in being way to difficult to see any kind of prints in that hard and rocky ground. He also noted that the bottom of his window was about 6 ½ feet off of the ground; which put the creature at least 7 and a half foot tall or taller!

In the days previous to this close encounter, he and his buddy were shooting at watermelons and other fruit out behind the cabin; where they were left open and were not cleaned up; which probably caused this Sasquatch to come in contact with this witness. Bill called this creature a no neck with a cinder block on it shoulders.

I attempted to advise Bill what had occurred to him, but it really didn’t make any real difference, because what happened to his mind and body at the same time was something that was totally off of the charts and giving it a name really had no meaning for him! This witness never wants to look for these creatures again, because he now knows that they exist; where they can even put the fear into a fearless man! Yes, I did explain what we think was taking place with him during this encounter; which was possibly a low frequency sound emanating from this being, and even possibly a telepathic situation that was also taking place at the same time! This is one of those great reports; with a very uncanny encounter with one of these Sasquatch creatures!!!


The following is a drawing of the sighting made by the witness:

Richard Hucklebridge



Name:  Mike B
Date of Sighting:               Aug 1990
Location of Sighting-BE PRECISE-State/County/City/ Highway/Address/Trailhead/USFS Road#    Google earth coordinates 41 58' 16.73" N 123 12' 09.01" W.;  Which is about 5 miles south of Applegate Lake in N. Ca., on the FS 1040 Rd.  Road # may not be correct.
Description of Creature Color/Ht/Wt/Eye Color/Sounds/odors/How did it walk/Arm movement/How long was its hair: I only saw a shoulder or butt. It had gray hair about 2 or 3 inches long and hanging straight. The thing was moving sideways to get behind a tree.
What was the Creature Doing When Seen? It was trying to not be seen.
Please List Weather Conditions/Phase of Moon:  Sunny late August afternoon, about 85 degrees.
What were you doing at the time of sighting-Please be Precise (Ex-Driving down highway-walking down trail singing, etc):  I had been hanging at a swimming hole, and decided to take a hike up a side creek for fun.  I felt like I was being watched, and as I turned to leave I looked into the trees and saw something sidling behind a tree trunk. I left in a hurry and didn't see anything else.
Please list and describe your other Bigfoot encounters. The above sighting was the smaller part of my story, but occurred during the same time period; I believe it happened before this night encounter... I can't remember for sure.  I had been living alone in a camp on the Applegate River south of the lake, for 16-17 days. I was working part-time and looking for an apartment.  Every night at my campsite, I would have a campfire and play the guitar until bedtime. I sometimes had cans of beer and had built up a recycle pile on the edge of camp. I also had two does (deer) come into my camp each evening for the last 6 or 7 nights. I fed them some saltines. I think they liked my singing. LOL.
One night I went into my tent to read. I left the deer the rest of my crackers and crawled into my sleeping bag. Within minutes I heard and felt the deer bolt. I was virtually lying on the ground. Seconds later I heard and felt a very large animal running by my tent. The ground was vibrating. The thing ran straight into my recycle pile and sent cans and plastic bottles flying and crashing. After a moment of fearful quiet I got up and went out the front of my tent. I lit my Kerosene lantern and grabbed a shovel for a weapon. I could not see more than ten feet; as far as the light from the lantern shone. The next thing I knew something started hollering at me from the darkness in front of me. It sounded like a mixture of a bark and a growl. It was a deep sound and seemed to originate from a good height off of the ground. It was pretty loud and short. It repeated itself a few times.
Whatever it was, was staying still and either mad or surprised at me. After a few shouts from it and a coronary by me I started shouting back. I screamed "#8&%@" and “Come On" and other things. I figured my time was up so I would go out fighting. It shouted back. I shouted, it shouted. After a short time it
Stopped and I stopped. That was the end of it. I built my fire up and finished the last 4 beers I had and sat up for about 2 hours, but nothing happened. I finally went to bed. In the morning I could not find any tracks or other evidence (the campsite earth was hard pack) except my strewn recyclables. I left the next day and stayed in Medford with friends.
Follow-up: Mike called me today April 14, 2012, and he and I went over his report that he sent into NABS; where he had a verbal encounter for over 30 seconds with a creature that was much bigger than himself who was standing about 20 to 25ft away from him, but just out of the light of his lantern’s light. Mike seemed like a very credible person who is now a substitute teacher in a middle school.
It all began when Mike was staying at this campground which is located in California in an area called, “No Man’s Land”, by the locals, because you cannot get there from California, but only from the Oregon side of the boarder.
Mike found himself on hard times as a part time fire fighter, and or anything else that he could do to make money!  He had been at this camp for about 15 to 17 days; where he had nightly visitors; as in two doe deer that would spend their dark hours around his camp; where he would give them salt-teen crackers most evenings.
Mikes first minor encounter was up a little creek called middle fork where he went swimming; which was not too far from his camp when something he didn’t get to see a whole lot of, but it seemed pretty large, and it was swiftly moving sideways behind a tree; where he only got to see a shoulder or a butt, of this creature that had 2 to 3 inch long gray straight hair on the part of its body that he seen for only a couple of seconds.  
Well, on one of those evenings after he gave the deer some of their nightly treats of crackers he decided to turned in; he then heard these two deer take off running as fast as they could, and then he heard a very loud thump, thumping sounds; as in something very large that was shaking the ground, as it came running into and through Mike’s camp!  Then this creature ran into the pile of Mike’s stacked beer cans and bottles that he was going to sell the next time he was going to town.  As this large creature ran into this pile of cans and bottles, it must of have either frightened it or made it mad!
As Mike came out of his tent with his low powered lantern on,  in one hand, and a shovel in the other hand, that’s when this creature began to make these very loud huffing/ barking and growling sounds at least 5 or 6 separate times. Where Mike began shouting back at who ever this was, in between those few seconds when this creature wasn’t huffing or growling; Mike would yell obscenities back; as in “You had better get the Hell out of here you so and so”; where this creature replied back with a howl, huff and a growl back towards this witness very loudly! But, whatever it was, it seemed to be much higher off of the ground than Mike; while it was standing just out of the light of his lantern, so that it couldn’t be seen! Mike and this large creature exchanged verbal comments for somewhere between 30 to 60 seconds.   Then it all just went quite and nothing else was heard.
In Summary: Mike seemed like a very credible person, and as he reiterated in his story to me, it all sounded very good and fell into place; as in it all made sense. I believe this witness had verbal confutation with one or our large friends; while he was holding on to a lantern in one hand and a shovel in his other hand, during those dark hours at his camping site. It took Mike a good day before he could leave that camp, because his vehicle was inoperable, and so he had to wait for somebody to drive into his area, while he pleaded with them to phone one of his friends to come and get him out of there!  Mike never seen this creature, but he felt the noises that were emanating from this creature, were coming from a higher place than where he was standing, and that area of the campground was all flat.  Mike did look for tracks the following day, but the ground was too hard and no tracks were observed!
I have Google Earthed the location, and ended up where the witness said it all went down about 22 years ago!
Richard Hucklebridge



This is a report from a NABS researcher that traveled to Georgia on a habituation report- enjoy.




Date of Sighting:

On-going Jan. 11, 2011 till present

Location of Sighting-BE PRECISE-State/County/City/ Highway/Address/Trailhead/USFS Road#:

Georgia, xxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx, Highway ,  xxxx xxxx xxxxx Rd.

Description of Creature: Color/Ht/Wt/Eye Color/Sounds/odors/How did it walk/Arm movement/How long was its hair:

Creature Color: Black, Height: 6.0+ Weight: 300+ Eye Color: Couldn't see eyes Sounds/Odors: Whoops, Smell of Urine and feces Animal walked upright.

What was the Creature Doing When Seen?:

Ducking behind a tree in my backyard.

Please List Weather Conditions/Phase of Moon:

Weather: Clear and cold. Moon phase: Unknown

What were you doing at the time of sighting-Please be Precise (Ex-Driving down highway-walking down trail singing, etc):

I walked into my kitchen and caught a glimpse of movement through the window in the kitchen door. When I looked out for a better look, I could see a black hairy creature crouching down behind a tree with its arms covering its face.

Please list and describe your other Bigfoot encounters.:

Since Jan. 11, 2011 my wife and I have been harassed by a family of Bigfoot’s that have taken up on the lower part of our property. We are subjected (and this is an every night thing) to raps and bangs on our walls, and our dogs being harassed and scared, plus howls and stick knocking. We have found numerous stick structures on our property and behind our house. We have noticed when these things are around that there is an odor of urine and feces’. We have found numerous foot prints. All of which has been documented either on digital camera or digital recording.

Your Phone Number- Reports sometimes generate more questions. There are times when multiple sightings occur in the same location which usually need follow up and further clarity. We would deeply appreciate the ability to call you***All of your identifiers remain completely confidential.


If you're interested in this interesting situation then please feel free to call me at (xxx)xxx-xxxx. The bigfoot is still active. As of yesterday’s date I learned  that a lady in my county has reported to the police dept. in xxxxx xxxx, Ga. (This is a city just to the north east of where I live.) that she has experienced someone coming onto her property at night banging on the walls of her mobile home. I heard two officers talking on the radio about that situation and one remarked that on the day that we had all of the snow that footprints were found on this lady's property. Her situation sounds remarkably like mine.

Warmest regards

The following is a habitation report from a Dustin C. who resides in Georgia. He has seen at least 4 of these large creatures on his property in the past three years; where the large male figure is of a grayish color, and is at least 8 feet tall, and very fast! The other three he believes are of a large female, black in color, and two younger ones, where one is brownish with spots of gold, and the other young one is all black and both are at the 6 foot height level. The black one that Dustin discribes in his report above is of a very recent sighting of one of the young ones; who he believes is a male.

Had the opportunity to speak with Dustin on February 21, 2011, and we went over his recent report to the NABS organization; where we also found out some recent things that are occurring almost nightly at his domicile in Georgia. After speaking with Dustin, where I found him to be a very likeable and honest human being; he goes ahead and tells me about what has been going on for many months now with his large neighbor’s antics around his home almost nightly.

One of the more memorable things that I heard from our witness is the story where he tells us about his dog which is attached to a dog run chain located long side of his home that now has two clip locks at both ends of that dog run chain, and do to the fact that someone, like his large neighbors, who have been remove his dog nightly from that that dog run, and either let it run free or take it out to the forested thick brushy area which is located behind his home, and then re-chain the dog to a tree.   The dog, a Sheppard mix which weighs around 75 lbs., seems to get along very well with Dustin’s large neighbors. Our witness thought that he would put up a trail cam in an attempt to capture who or what was removing that dog from the run chain, so he could view what was taking place.  He has acquired a blurred image of something moving across one of those shots, and he does have several shots of just plain black with nothing else in those photos, plus he also has realized that there was lost time on that same trail cam, but the best picture he acquired was one with the dog standing on its hind legs, while still chained up, with its front legs stretched out as in receiving a very friendly person, but this photo also indicates that there is a very large shadow on the ground next to the dog, but nothing else is showing.

Dustin also raises cats which are located next to his double wide trailer in a cage that allows the cats to go under the house to get out of the weather and or hide, but he has been losing most of the cat food during each night when he leaves it out for his animals, even the dog food goes missing. No, he has not lost any of his animals, “Yet”, to those who have been taking the food away from his small animals.

While Dustin and his wife are in their house during those dark hours, they hear these large creatures making low moans and or mumblings very close to their windows and walls of their home while they rap and bang on the sides of their home. They also at times make loud striking sounds on the house walls either with open hands or with a stick! When he plays on his Gautier at night; these large neighbors also begin to tap on the windows while the music is being played.

On the afternoon prior to me calling this witness; the witness said that he had a workman over to work on the floor boards of his double wide trailer, and while doing so, he heard his dog making quite a ruckus out in the back yard where it was tied up, so he, Dustin, slipped out his back door to see what was going on and went over to where the dog was looking which was towards the front of his home and he immediately viewed this creature with a reddish/ brown to tan hair with some blond hair mixed in standing there behind some brush watching his workman trimming those floor boards with his skill saw, which was making all kinds of noise. Dustin now tells me that he calls this 6 to 7 foot creature Junior, and he got to watch this creature for 10 to 20 seconds watching the workman, but in a very short time this creature realized that Dustin was watching him, and so this creature made one swift move from standing to going down on all fours and disappearing into the tangled foliage and trees that line his yard in less than a second.  This witness said that several days prior to this incident that he had the opportunity to watch another creature that was about 6 or 7 feet tall walking away from him at about 100 yards, from his home, but this creature was black in color, He believes both of them are juveniles.

He also has photos of many bare foot prints which are in the 9 to 12 inch range. Also he has photos of many stick structures in the forest behind his house, one with large crossed logs looking like a tepee structure in the forested area in behind his back yard; also he has many stick drawings with some river rock stacking in his back yard. Dustin began to make his own stick drawings in his front yard, but during the night they would be changed around to look totally different than the way than he had left them the day before.

On the 25th of February, I called Dustin again to see what else was going on, and told him that we were attempting to get someone out to his home for a short visit, and to possible take a few photos around his place, but we do not want to disturb his close neighbors who I believe are watching every move that goes on around this witness’s home.

So, we get to hear a new story about his cat pen that is about 10’x12’ in size, which is located alongside his double wide trailer, and has a water proof roof covering it. Dusting decided to move his trail-cam to the inside of the cat pen, because he wanted to see who or what was taking the cat food, so he thought that he hid it pretty well, and so he tested it using himself as the target while opening the pen door. So after viewing that shot to make sure it was working, which it was, he then also noticed something that had a dark face in the thick foliage just off of his property looking at him opening that cat pen door; where he was just too busy to have noticed before.

During the previous night there was a good rain storm that passed over their area, but after looking at the cat pen the next morning to see if he had any photos; it looked like things were moved around inside of that pen as if one or more of those large neighbors may have stayed during that night while it was storming. The reason that he believes the trail cam will work is the fact that he does have low powered night lights around his home. The trail cam did take several more pictures during those dark hours, but everything was in total blackness on his trail cam photos. But, what also happened was one of his prized cats was giving birth early, where mama cat was doing away with her young ones, plus he had another cat on the roof of his trailer where it now refuses to came down.

On the first of March, my friend D.W. and Dustin got to meet and have lunch together, and then go to the Dustin’s home. The main reason that I asked DW to intercede is the fact that he lives real close to Dustin’s residence, and I wanted him to asses this location and just wanted his honest assessment of what he thought was going on at that location.   DW is a neutral person when it comes to the Sasquatch creature, as in; he is neither negative nor positive as to their existence. As Dustin was showing DW around he showed him where he was introduced to his dog and his cats that he is raising in a pen close to his house, and then showed him several of the stick structures on the back of his property, and several stick and stone drawings that the younger Sasquatch seem to be making in the front and back yards.  The drawings that are located in the front yard are being moved around almost nightly do to the fact that Dustin changes them around almost every day just to see how they are rearranged during the night; in which several different sized sticks are being moved around inside of those drawings.

DW had the opportunity to view one of those stick pictorial drawings in the front yard before Dusting had a chance to move things around to his liking, but DW thought those big guys might be trying to say something to Dustin when they rearranged them back to where they wanted those different sized sticks placed in that drawing sort of speak. The drawing in question had a straight line of sticks on one edge of that drawing with two shorter sticks on one side and several larger sticks on the lower end of that straight line of sticks, as in a large E formation. DW took that to mean that who or whatever was moving those sticks was trying to say something about themselves and the residence, Dustin and his wife, meaning that they are at one end of that line and Dustin and his wife were on the other end of the line. We are now attempting to get Dustin to possible remove the center line of sticks and/or make those different sized intermingled as in being together!

Also, as DW was moving around the property he stepped into something that he was not quite sure what it was for sure as; it could have been some kind of scat from either the cats or an unknown creature.  Hopefully it was a cat or dog scat, but this stuff had a real bad aroma accompanying this substance, which can make one sick when it is smelled. He attempted to remove and clean most of the stuff off of his one boot in which he had stepped in something, but he cannot get the smell completely removed from his boot.

Dustin called me late on the evening of the 5th of March 2011; where he was concerned about the activity that seemed to be a little more intense that night. One of the incidents was where he and his wife were watching TV in their bedroom, and there seemed to be moaning and tapping going on with the outside of one of their bedroom windows that faces the TV. Dustin’s wife was a little scared and so she advised her husband to cover that window up with a blanket so as to stop what was going on outside of that window. After the window was covered all heck broke loose; as in they began to make noises like screaming and growling, and so Dustin went outside to tell who was out there (Yes, I do believe that Dustin knew what was disturbing their TV viewing that night) to knock it off in a very stern and direct manor; which caused whoever was out there to zap him enough for him to know that he was feeling very fearful and he felt that he was going to get real sick to his stomach. So, he immediately turned around and went back inside of his residence, and he quickly shut the door behind him and things returned back to normal almost immediately.  

During that day he heard his wife’s chinchilla begin to start barking from out in the heavy brushy and forested area behind his residence and couldn’t quite believe his wife’s little dog would be out there in the first place, and so Dustin went back into the house to tell his wife, and to see if the little dog was still in the house; which it was and it was also being real quiet as in not barking at anything.

His also found that his outside dogs running chain was torn loose at one end and wrapped around the tree at the other end and the dog was loose and running around his property. Dustin also observed that much more of those trees and brush that make up the back of his property have been torn loose and the sapling trees were busted off and made into tee pee like structures and also used as definite obstruction to his previous trails that entered into that forested area.

Dustin also listens to the Police calls on his radio, and as he was listing to one of those police calls he heard that one of his female neighbor lady’s down at the end of his street had called the law enforcement folks; making complaints that someone was making moaning sounds and banging on the sides of her house, plus she also heard a mountain lion screaming several times that evening. When the police came out to see what was going on the lady refused to leave her house to talk with the law enforcement folks, and so they just excused the whole incident as a non event, per what was heard on his police radio.

On the 12th of March we had a Gentleman from Tennessee that goes by the initials of S.C., who is very knowledgeable person when it come to knowing about these creatures; where he visited Dustin’s at his home site for a day time visit to see just what was taking place there! SC came away from that location saying that there is a 75% possibility of those Sasquatch creatures moving in and around Dustin’s property, but probably not every night. He took numerous photos and gave us a very clear & precise report on what he believes is taking place at that location.

 See attached SC’s report!!

On the 17th of March I called DC in the afternoon, and he relayed the following information about what has been taken place recently. He was at the back of his property looking at some new stick structures when 7 or 8 of his neighbors large dogs faced him off while barking at him insidiously in a threatening manner. Dustin never carries a firearm, and he feared for his life where picked up a large stick and threw it at the pack of dogs; causing them to move back for an instant, but then they returned in an even more threatening manner as if they were going to take him down for sure and do some damage, he then began to shout at them while the dogs were making a racket as well; then a very deep and loud low growling sound came from behind Dustin, and the dogs all took off as if their lives depended on it. Dustin was hesitant to look behind him for at least 10 or 15 seconds, and when he did,  he didn’t see anything; for which he was very glad to not to have viewed whatever was behind him making that growling sounds at those dogs. 

He also said that he and his step son had the opportunity to both view a very dark figure go down to the ground, as in laying flat, at the beginning of his driveway just before dark. His step son, who is a very active lad of 22, took off after this creature but this dark figure picked up to all fours and  moved off into the brush that was close by, and they heard it run off on two legs. Dustin has been leaving one or two apples in a tree every evening while using a stick to bang on the tree several times as to let the night people know that he has left food for them. They usually take just one apple and leave the other apple. When Dustin first started doing this they the creatures refused to take any of the apples, but I advised this witness that he probably should wash them real good before he puts them out, and ever since then, they have been taking the fruit.

Dustin has recently been zapped several times since we last talked; where he could feel the vibrations hitting him causing some very fearful reactions inside of him as in, he had better flee now. But, our witness began to speak to them in a very positive and direct manor saying to them,” please knock it off, because you are scaring me”, and so both of the times that this happened to him this last week, the zapping seemed to stop and things went back to normal. Per Dustin, he has heard several more police calls concerning prowlers around his neighbor’s homes. One such incident included a sheriff deputy; where as he arrived at the assigned location, this Sergeant refused to get out of his vehicle until a back up crew arrived, because he heard something large out in the forested area on the caller’s property.

Phone call on April 23, 2011:

Talked with Dustin again about what has recently been taking place around his home site.  He has just informed me that this morning one of these creatures was pounding on his back door at 5:30 AM; which caused his indoor dog, the chinchilla, to go ballistic as to it barking at that back door. Dustin has recently started to keep his dried dog and cat food on his back porch, behind a locked door, because during those dark hours his large friends have been taking that dry food as they pleased. Main reason for that was, it was becoming too expensive to just leave that dog and cat food out for those big guys to take as they see fit.

Several days ago he found a 17” footprint on his property, no photo, because it is just a normal thing that happens on his place. These large creatures have been digging up his cat graves, possible to eat what was being buried there. His fix for this problem was to talk to these big guys in a one way conversation, telling them to stop what they were doing! So far, they have complied?

He is still feeding them at night with apples and banana’s, by putting them in a tree on a branch where he can view that situation from his house if there is enough light present. If the light is too low Dustin then uses a very strong halogen light to shine in the direction where the food is placed when he thinks it is going to be removed by his large friends. The last time he tried this method he got to watch a possum moving out on that limb to take the food, but in the back ground he had the opportunity to see several pairs of bright reflecting blue eyes looking at the possum, and him as it was eating on the fruit that was place out for them on a daily bases. If that fruit is not place out there on a nightly bases these big guys do bang on the side of their house to get the inhabitants’ attention; to please put out the fruit that we are accustom to eating.

Well, per Dustin this is the last time that he has seen this possum on his property and those big guys are continuing to taking their fruit that is left out for them every evening. Also, recently he has heard some very loud and deep mourning dove calls from three different locations on his property as if they, whoever was making those dove sounds, seem to be communicating between themselves, plus he has heard turkey sounds doing the same thing. Dustin has not seen turkey’s for quite awhile on his property; ever since those large neighbors have been staying in his back yard!

As of this date, the 26th of April 2011 things around Dustin’s house are still going on with his large neighbors.



Dustin C.  Habitation Preliminary Report

Location: xxxxxxx County Georgia

Date: 03/12/2011

Traveled to Atlanta where I met with David W. to retrieve possible bile or feces sample taken from his boots after his visit to Dustin's residence.  I had a good conversation with David concerning his observations while at the Dustin C. residence.


I proceeded to xxxxxxxxxx, Georgia where I meet Dustin C., his wife, and his son (12 year old) at the local xxxxxx house for breakfast at his request. We had very pleasant meal as I listened to each member of the family relate to me their personal experiences concerning what they think is recurring visitations to their residence by a “Bigfoot Family”. The most notable experiences were the claims of the Bigfoot responding intelligibly to statements made by the Ms. C. and Mr. C. son. Dustin claimed that when he and his wife where in the back of the residence his wife requested he chain the dog up because it was “running the cats” . Immediately after making the request they both claim they heard a “deep guttural NO!” come from the woods. Dustin's son also claimed while leaving the residence he heard and audible “hi” come from the woods. He also claimed that one evening he felt like he was being watched and “looked up to the window to see a “large shadow silhouette” looking in at him. His window is over six feet off the ground and the he reported the silhouette of head and shoulders filled window.


After breakfast I followed the C's to their residence. Their home is located off a dirt road in a rural area. Heavy vegetation surround the home and as grown up so close to the residence in the front and left side that only a narrow walking path separate the vegetation from the residence. The residence had a strong odor of cat urine and feces. The C's raise cats, and there were approximately 25 cats of varying species in enclosures and roaming the property freely. They also own a medium size dog that is kept on a cable run in the back of the residence.


Upon arrival I asked where the Bigfoot is usual observed. I set up two video cameras to monitor those areas during my visit. We then proceed to inspect the residence for any evidence of hand prints or being struck. The C's claim, that the Bigfoot are visiting almost every night, and hitting the side of the residence or throwing objects against it. The residence has white vinyl siding and is covered in mold. I inspected it closely for any sign of being struck. I did find two areas of interest. On the west end of the home under the eve of the front corner where “finger tip shaped” smudges. The height of the eve is 12 feet. On the opposite corner beside a window is a large “X” scratched into the mold. The top of the “X” started at 12 feet and the bottom ended at 7 feet. There was also what looked like scratch marks to the left of the “X” under the eve at approximately 12 feet. (Still captures included in “Photograph” Section of this report).


After inspecting the residence the entire C. Family took me on a tour of their property. I was shown numerous X's they claimed were formed by the Bigfoot. Dustin showed me apples he had placed into the fork of a tree with costume jewelry around the apple. Dustin claimed on several occasions the apple would be lifted out of the tree fork, jewelry removed, then the apple replaced. I was shown a large “E” or “W” on the ground that was supposedly created by the Bigfoot. They also showed me numerous dead pine trees that they claim the Bigfoot have pushed over. They also claimed that they Bigfoot are “Cleaning out the woods” and “rearranging the fallen trees” on a regular basis. I advised Dustin to take photographs on a regular basis in order to compare if he thinks the fallen trees have been moved around. I must note that the back of the home has young pine growth. The trees average six to ten inches in circumference. Many of these trees are dead or diseased.


Of the many structures I was shown two stood out as suspicious as far as their origin. There was an arched formed by bending a tree over where the end of the tree appeared to be weaved into the branches of another tree in order to anchor it down. I also noted a fallen pine tree trunk “placed” parallel 4 foot off the ground. It appeared the trunk had been pushed into place under and between branches instead of falling into this location.


We walked the property checking an old logging road for footprints before returning the residence. I retrieved my computer and showed them some of the photographs I had taken during my investigations. After reviewing a few of my pictures the C.'s were eager to show me still captures of what they claim is the Bigfoot they have named “Chaka”. The C.'s had no home computer so I agreed to crop and enlarge the photographs that they contained “Chaka”. I enlarged the sections and adjusted the brightness and contrast of enlargements. They were very excited and pleased

that I was able to do this for them. They then agreed to allow me to take all their still captures and trail camera footage for further analysis and enhancement.


I also reviewed the trail camera pictures where the Dustin claims you can see a shadow beside the dog as it is rising up as if it is greeting someone. They have the still camera set to take one still capture when triggered. I have not completed my review of the trail cam pictures but the shadow appears to be of Dustin as he steps out on the small back porch, he is out of frame on the left if the picture. After reviewing the photographs Ms. C.'s had to leave to attend to family issues. Dustin and his son took me to two more locations where he claimed there were large X's made by Bigfoot. The second location was on private property and we were walking the public right of way when the female land owner approached us on ATV. She engaged Dustin in a conversation about why we were there and he informed her we were looking for “paranormal” activity. She asked him to explain and as he related that he had observed the large X's on the property the women exclaimed “Oh my god, you looking for Bigfoot”. At first she see demanded what evidence do you have. Dustin showed her a picture of a “foot print” he had from his residence then the woman's tone changed. She then began to relate that she had been losing some chickens recently. She blamed it on local dogs, but later in the conversation admitted that some the chickens disappeared without a trace which was odd in her opinion. It was obvious to me the women had been experiencing something on her property but reluctant to talk about it. The conversation ended with her giving Dustin permission to look on her property for “Bigfoot sign”. We returned to the C. residence where I then set up a hair trap in the wood lot behind the house consisting of bacon grease and packing tape. I thanked Dustin for his hospitality, asked him to be careful given the unpredictable behavior the Bigfoot can exhibit and then proceeded to return home to Mxxxxxxxx TN.






The C.s claim this limb break over their drive way was done by the Bigfoot the call “Big Daddy” The limb was proximately 15 feet off the ground.





The large “E” that is claimed to have been placed behind the house.



“Finger smudge” under eve of the house.

“Finger Smudge” location



“Finger Nail Scrape” approximately 12 feet up on the west side of the residence.



Front of house.

Possible arch.

The limb “placed” parallel to the ground.

One of the many “X”'s that Dustin claims was formed by a Bigfoot.


Trail cam photographs of what the XXXXX claim is a Bigfoot. They have named it “Chaka”.





The C's are sincere, but they have “Bigfoot” fever. They are convinced all the “Xs” and any down tree is caused by a Bigfoot. I found that most of the “tree structures” were likely formed naturally except the two I pointed out. They are very jumpy and question any noise made in the woods. I think this may be explained by what they claim to experience at night and the claims of regularly sighting the Bigfoot around the residence.


The C.s insist that they are being visited on almost a nightly basis. That the Bigfoot are hitting the side of the residence, throwing objects on the side of the residence and making loud vocalizations that wake them up. I did find unexplainable markings on the west end of the residence at a height of 12 feet that appeared to be possible finger ends and finger nail scratches on the siding. I also found the trail camera photographs interesting. The subject's appearance is unusual. This could still be explained as nothing more than shadows and vegetation causing an optical illusion. I will need to do more work on the trail cam photographs.


I suggested talking to the neighbors but this suggestion was met with disapproval mainly due to the fact they C.s do not know their neighbors and I sensed they were not comfortable having me talk to them. The exception was the women that confronted us while we were walking the right of way. I think in the final conclusion there is a probable habitation. The C.s are experiencing events that cannot be explained and I think will need further investigation. I also think the C.s are hypertensive to almost any noise natural or manmade, so they immediately attribute any noise they hear at night to a Bigfoot.






Bigfoot Encounter

This is a report from a gentleman, whose first name is Steve and his family!

Date of encounter: July 16, 2010
Approximate Location: East of Butte Meadows, Butte County, California, 300 meters SW of the snowmobile park in the undeveloped camping area on Butte Creek. It will take a 4x4 vehicle to get into that area.

What was heard at that location were three separate screams between the hours of 0600 and 0700 hrs, approximately 1500' away and seemed to be moving 1500' up the rising terrain west of camp towards the peak.   There were three separate and distinct screams that were heard during that one hour period, and one more heard the next day during the morning hours, but further away. The screams seem to be transitioning from North to South across the east side of the rising terrain to the south and then west to the far side of the peak area.

The weather was clear, about 70 degrees; with a partial late moon the night before. Steve and his wife were building a fire for breakfast. Neither of them have ever had any previous encounters with a creature like this before or since.

The witness stated that he has extensive military training in remote outdoor survival and observation.  Steve listened to numerous Bigfoot sounds on the different internet recordings, dozens of those sounds did not match; however there was one which was the Puyallup, Washington scream which seem to be a female version of what he heard. His screams seemed to be scarier, and beastly in his opinion, and his creature was very mad as it was calling through the valleys looking for and or trying to locate something or some other creature that was not where it was suppose to have been.

The witness also said that the screams seemed to be a combination of many different sounds from other wild animals such as a lion, bear roar and of course predominately a human bellow accented. The force of these screams seemed to be forceful to the point of a lung capacity of at least 4 to 5 times greater than his lung capacity. Steve also believes the screams from the two different days came from the same creature.

Steve had waited to report his encounter for many reasons mainly, because this animal should be left alone, and it should never be tracked. He thought about tracking it, but came to the conclusion once he realized what he possibly heard should be left alone. He believes that qualified science people are already installing and placing game cameras in many areas from what he has been reading, and so proof is not far away. He also said that he doesn't need any further proof in his mind that he heard a BIGFOOT!! 

Per a phone conversation and e-mails to this researcher, on Sept 1, 2010 from the witness Steve, is when he reiterated where he has been going to hear the different possible sounds of a Sasquatch; which were on different bf research web sites. One was the Klamath, California, recordings which seemed to be almost the exact match, but the screaming sounds he heard were more like a large male creature that was not very happy about something. This caused the witness to defiantly think of a Bigfoot type of a creature that was big, bad and mad.

This witness also thought important was the fact that he began to see many deer in the mid afternoon hours in large groups on the day of those three screams. The deer were coming in from the area of the screams, which was the high ground where they usually bed down. These deer bedded down around them and spent the night near their camping area.

The following day he and his son went to get water at the creek about 6 am; when the other scream occurred; originating on the high ground more than a mile away, but still very loud. Perking their heads up and twisting them back in the direction of that scream, the deer slowly began to walk in the opposite direction away from the scream, that morning. Obviously, they were driven off their high ground where they were use to staying during those warm day light hours.  

Summary: After speaking with the witness Steve, who is a very credible person, I do believe that he in fact heard a Sasquatch fairly close; which caused him to believe that these creatures are really out there in those wild places of our country. What caused me to know for a fact; was when Steve was telling us about the screaming Sasquatch, and how the deer reacted when they and the witness both heard that last scream together the following day. Steve had no idea how important the deer's reactions were until it was explained to him that this situation with the deer is a good indicator that Sasquatch's are in the area. Note keeping your eyes on your animals, like your dog (s), and watching for their reactions, and those of the wild creatures are very important aspects to watch for when you are out camping.



Bigfoot Encounter

Occurred: September 1993 or 1994

Location: Trinity County near South Fork of the Trinity River

Narrative: The witness “AM” contacted NABS to report an unusual event happened to him in 1993 or 1994. He stated that he has been hunting since he was a very young boy. He was taught to hunt very, very quietly and thus doesn’t like to hunt with others. He states that he nearly always gets a deer and bear and that he likes to hunt an area west of Hayfork, CA.

AM says that he was camped next to Friend Lake off of Limedyke Road in western Trinity County just east of the South Fork of the Trinity River. This location is just north of Plummer’s Creek, which flows into the Trinity. AM says that he knows the owners of the property and has permission to get behind their fences and hunt this extremely remote region. He says that he has never had anything ever happen to him, which would be classified as unusual until 1993 or 1994.

He states that he was camping next to the lake and he was lying down very late at night. He states that the ground and surrounding brush was so dry that you could hear a lizard scamper across the ground. Just as he was lying there, he smelled a horrid odor come from the region directly behind him. He states that he froze for several minutes because he had a feeling that something was directly behind him. He says that he slowly turned around and used his flashlight to illuminate the area but nothing was there. He states that he heard nothing coming and nothing leaving. He guesses that the odor came from a trail several hundred yards away. AM describes the odor as much worse then body odor and even worse then a decomposing human body. He claims it is very hard to describe but that it was memorable. AM finally went asleep without any other unusual occurrences that night.

At 6 o’clock the next morning AM was standing and getting ready to go out hunting when he heard one of the loudest screams in his life come from a ridge to the west of his location. He says that he took several steps into a clearing to get a look at an area that had been clear-cut but saw nothing. He then heard another scream, each lasting approximately 3-5 seconds and they were 5-10 seconds apart. A< states that he has hunted the woods for over 45 years and can guarantee that the scream did not come from any known animal in the woods, he knows them all. He states that the scream was much too loud for any cougar, elk, or normal sized mammal; it was very, very loud.

In the conversation with AM it was very apparent that this man knew the woods quite well. The descriptors that he used for his hunting, how he moved through the woods, etc, all exemplified that he was a frequent visitor to the forests and knew the creatures well. This incident obviously bothered AM greatly and was a highly unusual encounter in his life.

The Hoopa Valley Reservation is approximately 35 miles north west of this location. This area had a high rate of bigfoot sightings and encounters in the 1960’s when Syl McCoy was working in Hyampon for a lumber company. David Paulides documented many unusual incidents that occurred in Hyampon in Tribal Bigfoot.



Bigfoot Sighting Report

Date of Incident: 4/24/87

Location of Incident: 25 miles south of Sierraville on Highway 89 in Nevada County, CA.

NABS sometimes conducts follow-up work on older reports in an effort to further understand the incident. In this event we found an older newspaper article, dated 4/29/87 from the San Francisco Chronicle titled, “Sierra Cop Sticks To His Guns on Bigfoot Story.”

NABS first contacted the Sierra County Sheriff’s Department Records Division. They advised us that reports written in 1987 have been purged and there are no copies anywhere that are kept. So, any official written report that Deputy Mosley wrote in 1987 is now destroyed.

NABS was able to track down Deputy Mosley at his rural home. He is now retired after being a deputy sheriff for over 30 years. He told us that he had a very enjoyable career in both Butte and Sierra County as a deputy sheriff and coroner. He says that he distinctly remembers the incident described in the Chronicle as many people from the bigfoot world contacted him after the incident.

Deputy Mosley stated that there were people within the sheriff’s department that felt this incident was a hoax but those people didn’t understand the complete background or how the incident unfolded.

On 4/24/87 the three loggers contacted residents in Sierraville and stated they urgently needed to find a deputy. The witnesses were then directed to Deputy Joe Mosley’s residence. He was the only resident deputy in Sierraville. He states that it was late at night when the three men came to his door asking for assistance. He stated that they told him the story of what they observed and then provided specific details about a huge stride, long arms and a very dark black hair color. They told the deputy that the biped walked hunched over but generally like a man and was covered in hair. They stated that they were afraid to camp in the woods and asked if they could stay in his driveway. The deputy stated that it would be acceptable if they stayed at the local campgrounds and he would get special approval for them to stay for free for the night, they said, “no way.” They then asked if they could sleep in their car in the front of his house, they were eventually directed towards a local business and slept next to it.

The following morning Deputy Mosley contacted the California Department of Fish and Game at the Truckee Office. He stated that he spoke to Lt. Cole. Fish and Game requested that he contact the witnesses and have them meet the warden at the location of the sighting and describe for them what happened. Deputy Mosley went back to the sleeping witnesses, contacted them and requested that they meet with Fish and Game; they complied and eventually met, per deputy Mosley.

Deputy Mosley states that the witnesses had not been drinking and were not on drugs. He stated that they each looked him directly in the eye and never flinched when making their statements. Mosley states that they were interviewed independently and their stories were identical. He says that he has interviewed hundreds of victims and witnesses during his years of service and that these three individuals were scarred. They were obviously loggers based on the attire and unkept appearance. They claimed they were driving through the county enroute to another job when they stopped at the identified location (article) and made the sighting.

Deputy Mosley stated that he did follow-up with Fish and Game and was told that the witnesses kept the appointment with the Lt. at the sighting location. Mosley stated that he also notified Nevada County Sheriff’s office of the incident.

NABS asked Deputy Mosley if he had heard of other incidents during his years as a deputy that dealt with bigfoot. He stated that he heard several stories from Washoe Indian elders over the years about a creature that matched a bigfoot descriptors but were called other names by Native Americans. Deputy Mosley stated that there were far too many stories from Native Americans and locals that he heard over the years for anyone to totally discount the possibility that this biped did not exist.



Ohio Bigfoot Research Report

In early November 2009 NABS started to focus on central Ohio for a mid winter research project. The area of study was the towns near Canfield. We had received a multitude of indicators that this area was a hot spot for activity but had nothing from direct witnesses until late January 2010.

October 2001
Chris Bigelow and his friend were both twelve in October 2001 and were bored. It was a dreary day, slightly over cast and it was late in the afternoon. Their home was in the city of Austintown, on the outskirts and bordering a heavily wooded area. Chris grew up fishing the area around Austintown but never ventured into the woods behind his house, until this day. Chris and his friend wanted to explore the area between his house and Meander Reservoir. Meander is the town’s water supply for Austintown. It is an area that is completely off limits to the public. You cannot fish the reservoir and people are restricted from 95% of its shoreline. The area around the reservoir is a wildlife sanctuary and in many ways is as it was in the late 1800’s.

**Chris Bigelow at the location of his sighting

Chris and his friend left at approximately 5:30pm and started to make their way through the heavily wooded area. The trees in the area had started to drop their leaves so they could see through and around the trees in a majority of the area they were walking. Chris and his friend were not large kids in 2001. The boys were each 12 years old, fairly short and thin, not large. They were the only people in this area as the region had not been developed and it was fairly remote. Chris’ house was the last house in the development between the housing tract and the reservoir.

The boys walked for almost ½ hour and believe they covered almost a ½ mile when they came to a pile of wood that was stacked on the ground. It was now approaching 6pm and it was starting to get dark, there were heavy shadows in the area. As the boys stared at the strange pile of wood that looked to be purposely placed at that point on the ground, they each saw what appeared to be cat like eyes staring at them from the inside of the pile. The boys initially thought that they may be looking at a raccoon or skunk, but, were not sure.

As the boys were staring at the creature in the wood, they heard branches breaking and someone walking up behind them. The sounds of someone walking startled the boys because of their remote location. Both boys turned simultaneously and stood approximately thirty feet away from a huge hairy biped that was facing them. Chris said he hadn’t heard of bigfoot in 2001 and had no idea what they were staring at. He stated that the biped was huge with hair covering its entire body. There was no odor and it did not make a sound, it was approximately 7-8 feet tall and described as thick. Because it was getting late and there were heavy shadows, the boys were not able to see facial features of the biped. Chris states that he believes that the biped was either brown or dark brown in color and its hair appeared messy and it was definitely not fur like a bear, it was hair. The biped never moved at the two boys stared in complete astonishment.

Chris guessed that they each stared at the thing for 5 seconds and each then turned and ran towards Chris’ house. Chris stated that he would occasionally turn and look to see if the boys were being followed, they were. He states that the biped never got any closer but seemed to follow them out of pure interest. Once the boys got within 50 yards of the house the bigfoot stopped following and couldn’t be seen.

As the boys were running home, Chris’ friend had stepped on an apple thorn that had penetrated his shoe. He continued to run all the way to Chris’ house where Chris’ mom was home and removed the thorn. Chris did tell his mom what had happened. Chris said he doesn’t think that his mom believed the boys but did take the thorn out of the foot.

Chris says that he and his friend never went back to that location again and never really talked about the encounter to anyone until one day he was at the mall. He heard a man talking about a bigfoot sighting near Berlin Township and another incident near Meander Reservoir. Chris said that he told the man of his sighting and was told that sightings of the biped in the area are much more common then most people believe.

NABS traveled to Austintown where we met with Chris at his residence. Chris lives approximately ¾ of a mile from Meander Reservoir and its protected zone. In 2001 the area between Chris’ house and the reservoir was undeveloped and thick with trees. Chris walked us into the area of his sighting that is now a neighborhood with large open space areas. It is easy to understand how a bigfoot could survive in this environment as we saw a multitude of deer and small mammal tracks in the snow in the area.

Meander Reservoir is fed by Meander Creek. In 1932 the Mahoning Valley Sanitation District completed construction on Mineral Ridge Dam which blocked the creek and formed Meander Reservoir. The area around this reservoir is very rural with heavy foliage, large trees and heavy under brush. In the days we spent in the area we saw over one hundred deer, at all hours. There is ample water from many sources throughout this region, it is very damp. Most communities in this region are 5 miles apart with large sections of open space between them. There are scattered residences throughout the area with some farms interspersed.

Chris was questioned about the eyes that he observed in the wood pile and what could possibly have been inside. He did state that he wasn’t sure but the eyes were almost like cat eyes. We did ask him if the pile may have been some type of cage to hold the animal for bigfoot, he stated that this was definitely possible. If that were a cage, it would make sense that bigfoot was in the area protecting his catch.

NABS has known for many years that bigfoot is not afraid of children. If Chris and his friend were grown adults, it is doubtful that a bigfoot would’ve approached. Because Chris and his friend were not large in stature, it is not surprising to NABS that they were approached and stared at. The encounter may have been about bigfoot’s curiosity of the boys and their trip into the woods. Chris’ own statement that the area was desolate and few people ever go into the region is indicative that the bigfoot from that area may have been surprised by their presence.

Chris was shown a series of forensic sketches of a bigfoot and asked if any of the sketches matched what he saw that day in the woods. Chris stated that the Charles McCovey full body sketch (page 314 in “Tribal Bigfoot”) matched the physical stature of the biped he observed.

Chris did sign an affidavit and stated that he has heard of other encounters in the area since his incident. He encouraged NABS to travel to Berlin Township where there is a street sign indicating that bigfoot has been observed in the area.

Berlin Township
Driving east on route 224 approximately 10 miles from Canfield you will arrive at Berlin Township. There is one flashing yellow light in the middle of town that indicates you have arrived. At the northwest corner of 224 and 534 you will find a small sign indicating the site of the “Ohio Hiroquois Sasquatch Center.” There is a small building at the corner that appears to be a Native American art gallery.


**This Mohawk Valley sign is in downtown Berlin Township.

We were greeted inside the store by Joseph Donnelly. Joseph stated that he was close with the community and knew of the Native American activity that settled the area. He states that the Iroquois or “Hiroquois” settled the region and were later moved to Oklahoma as part of a settlement treaty. He said that there are caves in the region where pottery and other Native American artifacts have been found. He stated that he became intrigued with bigfoot or sasquatch because of the familiar descriptions that were provided by Native Americans in the various material and historical artifacts that he read. He states that the descriptions provided by the natives coupled with stories he heard from locals about their sightings convinced him that bigfoot must be a real entity.


**The display inside the Hiroquois Sasquatch Centre

Joseph states that approximately one year ago he placed a large sign adjacent to his art shop indicating he was a sasquatch center. Since the time of placing the sign, Joseph states that he has had many people come into his shop and describe encounters that have occurred in the area, all seemed credible.

Summer 2009
In the summer of 2009 three hunters came into his shop in their camo gear. They had just returned from hunting in an area near the Berlin Station Road. The men seemed nervous and upset and came to Joseph to tell him about an incident they had just experienced. The hunters stated that they were hiking on moist ground and had observed huge human type footprints in the soil. Shortly after that observation they heard animal type noises that they had never heard before, loud, not really animal and not really human. Joseph added to this story that he was in the same exact area riding his bicycle late one night handing out political flyers. He stated he heard something paralleling him in the woods, not far off the road. He says that he started to become concerned because the thing in the woods was keeping up with him. He says that he stopped his bike and turned the bike light towards the sounds in the woods and they immediately stopped. Joseph states that all animals that he knows would continue thrashing the woods even if a light came its way, the creature making this sound immediately stopped and would not move. Joseph said at this point he became frightened and he immediately left the area.  The location of this is in the same exact area where the hunters had their encounter.

August 2009
Two miles from Berlin Township there was a senior citizen couple out driving on Bedell Road. They were looking at the north side of the roadway in an area just before the road meets a river. It was 10am when they saw a large hairy man like biped stand from behind a large pile of wood and stare at them. After looking at the couple it crouched back down behind the pile and the couple immediately left the area and drove to Joseph’s shop to report the incident. The physical description supplied by the couple was consistent of a bigfoot sighting.

October 2009
Joseph knows a man that lives adjacent to Meander Creek, which flows into Meander Reservoir. The man owns the sole residence in the area and sits by itself in a very rural area. The man told Joseph that there are beavers in the creek and a large amount of deer in the area. One night at approximately 7pm, the man and his wife were sitting on their back porch when they heard a scream like nothing they have ever heard in their life. They told Joseph that it was a bellow/scream from something that they did not know that lives in the forests of the region. This incident is in the same general area which Chris Bigelow had his sighting.

February 2009
Approximately 5 miles from Joseph’s shop is the city of Deerfield. A woman living on a rural ranch of Deerfield came to his shop to report a very strange encounter. She stated that for several days in a row something was bothering her horses. She stated that early one evening she went out to check on the horses when she saw a dark hairy biped walking over a small knoll from the area of her horses. She stated that it walked like a man, was much larger then a man and had hair over its entire body. The woman came to Joseph’s shop to report the incident and to see if there had been other sightings in the area.

Winter 2000
Five miles northeast of Berlin Township, between the township and Lake Milton, a trapper was working his traps in a heavily wooded and rural area. He was walking through the region when he came face to face with a bigfoot. The trapper told his story to a friend of Joseph’s who lived nearby because the friend’s son had seen a bigfoot while he was riding his quad in the same area. The son had come home after riding and asked his dad if a large ape or gorilla type animal had escaped from the local zoo. When the father asked some questions, he determined that his son had observed a bigfoot. The father went to the trapper days later and asked him if there were bigfoot living in the area, and, that’s when the trapper told the dad the story.

Regional Landscape
The area around Berlin Township is a virtual sportsman’s paradise. Approximately 5 miles from the township is Berlin Lake, known for its great fishing. The region around the lake is known for its terrific hunting. Adjacent to the lake is a state park with camping facilities during the summer months. There is also pheasant and duck hunting at various spots throughout the county. The area has scattered farms and open space that offer ample room for a large mammal to live in relative freedom and obscurity. With the knowledge that the area was settled by the Iroquois, bigfoot in the area makes complete sense.

To think that this area of Ohio had few reported bigfoot sightings on the internet yet had a history of sightings from Native Americans and locals is remarkable. This area even has their own bigfoot reporting center in the middle of Berlin Township. This small city in Ohio is another example of how bigfoot has been seen on a fairly regular basis for years, but has not garnered national recognition. NABS believes that cities such as this exist throughout the United States, these are not unusual. It does amaze us that some bigfoot research groups immediately jump when a sighting is reported in an area and then ignore other areas because they haven’t been there or worked the area. Going into an area, making contacts and friends, essentially tilling the soil and allowing people to understand that they will not be ridiculed or embarrassed for reporting a sighting will bring witnesses to the researcher. NABS’ work in Ohio has set the stage for a new round of research and knowledge about bigfoot in this region of the United States.



Encounter Report

Date Reported to NABS; 1/25/10

Location: North of Twin Bridges State Park, OK (NE Oklahoma) on the Neosho River.

Date: July or August 2009

Time: 8pm

Weather: Windy earlier in the day, 75 degrees

The reporting witness and his friend placed their canoe in the water at Baxter Springs in Kansas. They had planned to spend their day fishing the Neosho River and slowly working their way down to Twin Bridges State Park.

The morning started with slightly windy conditions. They did catch one striped bass that they released. They did see other boaters early in the day but after mid afternoon they did not see anyone.

At approximately 8 pm they were in a section of the river that moved very slow. The river was approximately 120 yards wide at this point and there was a small island in the middle. They were 20 yards from the west bank when they first heard a loud splash in the water. The men’s initial thoughts were that a turtle had surfaced near the canoe, but, immediately after that they had small rocks thrown at them. Simultaneously to the rocks being thrown, both men smelled something similar to dead and rotten raccoons emanating from the same bank. Seconds after the rocks and the smell, they heard something walking and following their course of travel from the same west bank, something appeared to be stalking them. The men stayed close to the area and slowly glided down the river with the activity on the bank continuing for almost 15 minutes. No other animals were seen in the area at the time of this incident. Due to the heavy foliage on the western bank, nothing could be seen stalking them.

The witness did not hear any other sounds.

They eventually took their canoe out of the water at Twin Bridges State Park approximately 90 minutes after the incident.


Sighting Report

Date: Friday, November 20, 2009

Time: 1am

Location: Highway 96, 2 Miles N/O Mill Creek Rd, Hoopa, CA

Two Native American brothers were driving in their vehicle N/B on Highway 96 from the area of Mill Creek Rd in the city of Hoopa, inside the Hoopa Reservation. They were going into the woods to spotlight deer. They were approximately 2 miles north of Mill Creek Rd when they observed a large dark figure on the east side of the roadway near the cliff section. They slowed their vehicle and illuminated the figure. They state that the spotlight “froze” the biped in its tracks and they got a very good look at approximately a 75 foot distance.

The brothers describe seeing a biped approximately six feet tall, strong and muscular in appearance. It was covered with either brown or black hair and with little hair on the chest under the arms. It had a small amount of hair in the facial area and in general matched the descriptions of Bigfoot scene in this area. They observed the biped for several seconds until it seemed to come out of its stunned faze, then it turned and walked into the foliage on the eastern side of the road.

Background Information;
The area of this sighting is almost the exact same location where a Bigfoot was observed jumping over the side of the roadway and down a cliff towards the Trinity River, and, described in great detail in “The Hoopa Project.” Both sides of the roadway in this area are in the Hoopa Reservation with the Trinity River paralleling the highway on the western side. The Trinity Alps Wilderness area is east of this location.

The individuals contacting NABS by phone today are very credible, know the area well and have spent a majority of their life in and around Hoopa. This is the time of the year when bigfoot sightings start to occur in Hoopa and this corresponds to Tan Oak mushrooms starting to pop up on the hillsides adjacent to the oak trees, and, there are large amounts of steelhead and salmon in the Trinity River.



Bigfoot Encounter

Late Summer/Early Fall 1999

Highway 96, Easy of Happy Camp, CA

Source- NABS

Location: Along Highway 96 in Northern California between Arcata and Yreka, probably between Happy Camp and Hamburg.
What did you observe? Not seen but possibly heard (see "what were you doing")
Weather & Moon conditions clear and cool, don't recall moon phase
Narrative of Incident My wife and I spent the night camped along the Klamath River on California Highway 96 in the late summer or early fall of 1999. A realtor whose office we'd visited in Willow Creek that afternoon told us it was dangerous to camp along there and advised against even driving that route (he wouldn't say why) but we were very experienced campers in our late forties and for a couple of years had been traveling the backroads of the West in our newest rig (a 26' Prowler 5th wheel). By then we felt very comfortable with what we'd been doing and were used to making our own decisions about such things. In case of a security problem, I had several firearms aboard. However, I did notice that nobody else was camping along that lonely stretch of road, not that it bothered me because I enjoy relative solitude in natural surroundings. I wasn’t keeping my journal during that period, which in retrospect was pretty dumb, so I can only roughly guess precisely where we camped. It was beyond Happy Camp and I believe about half way from there to Hamburg, perhaps in the vicinity of Seiad Creek. I can’t say for sure because I simply don’t remember by looking at a good map of the area. I may be well off the mark (when I have a chance to ask my wife about this, she may be of some help in pinpointing our location with somewhat greater precision). I distinctly remember the terrain, however. I was looking for mountain property and recall being somewhat disappointed because the terrain in that area wasn’t quite as dramatic as I was hoping, which is not to say it didn’t appear steep, wild, and very rugged in some places and the general area quite isolated. I stopped for the night where the mountains WERE the most dramatic of anything we saw along the entire route and parked off the highway in a nice clearing, sort of a primitive rest area below some very high and dramatic cliffs, with the river at their base and us camped on the other side of the canyon. That evening, just as it was getting dark and I was outside enjoying the wild surroundings as my wife was busy preparing dinner in our trailer, I heard a loud, frantic scream (more like a shriek) emanating from the vicinity of a high promontory several hundred feet above the river. It was very eery and unlike any natural sound I'd ever heard before or of which I was aware. It was much too loud to be from a bobcat or a large bird of prey, too high-pitched to be from a bear, and too strange, prolonged, and peculiar to be from a mountain lion. Nevertheless, it was definitely from a large non-human animal of some sort. It didn't frighten me because it was well above us but I got the distinct impression that the scream was territorial in nature and directed at us. A more skittish camper might have packed up and left right then but whatever it was seemed to have no intention of coming out of its mountain fastness to cause us any harm so long as we minded our own business and stayed put. After that, we spent an uneventful and peaceful night.



NABS Followup- NABS researcher contacted the witness at his residence. He stated that he was on a trip with his wife driving from Willow Creek eastbound on Highway 96. He was advised by a realtor to stay away from this specific area (east of Happy Camp), he didn't understand why. He believes they were on Highway 96 in the area of Seiad Valley in the region where the river is on the north side of the roadway. He said that he was walking around their 5th wheel near twilight when he heard an "unearthly scream", something he had never heard before. He thinks it was coming from the top of a nearby rock on a ridgeline. He states that he believes that the scream was directed at he and his wife, a warning not to come too close. He said this occured on the most isolated protion of Highway 96 and there were no other vehicles or people in their area. The witness was certain that the scream was not from recognized normal game in the area but something much different. **The scream described by the witness does match that of a Bigfoot. When NABS refers to our "Northern California Bigfoot Map" we do see that there are many Bigfoot incidents in the area around Happy Camp and one specifically in Seiad Valley. The Red Buttes Wilderness Area is on the northern side of the roadway in the area of this incident. The witness was very credible.


Tracks Found
Memorial Day 2003
Orleans, CA

    A physician contacted North American Bigfoot Search to advise that he was driving his 4 wheel drive vehicle up the Eyesee Rd from Orleans. The Eyesee Rd is also named the Go Road and is the access point from Orleans into the Bluff Creek area (Six Rivers National Forest, Northern California). He stated that the vehicle had to forge many large snow drifts that had partially blocked the road but he had made it approximately 15 miles north into the area.
    At the 15 mile point there was an extremely large drift blocking the road and he had to decide to stop and back pack in the remainder of the distance or turn and head back to a closer trail. As he was outside the vehicle, he observed a small mountain lion cross the roadway near the large drift. The physician was an amateur tracker and he wanted to view the tracks in the snow. He stated that as he was approaching the area where the mountain lion crossed, he saw a series of huge human type tracks crossing the roadway on the snow. The doctor stated that you could distinctly see five toes (not claws) and huge feet (over 17 inches in length). He said that the stride was over 48 inches. He followed the tracks to an area where they went over a steep embankment of the roadway and into deeper snow, this is where he stopped.
    The physician explained that the print was clearly visible in the snow and that the mountain lion and the human looking track were not on top of each other but in the same general area. He did not see other tracks in the same vicinity. He stated that he has been an amateur tracker for several decades, hikes and camps in the outdoors regularly and has never seen something similar to the tracks he saw over Memorial Day. He stated he has seen hundreds of bear tracks in this area and these were definitely not bear.

NABS Comments:
We have placed teams in this area during all times of the year. The physician’s account of snowdrifts crossing the Eyesee Road is a reality. The Forest Service doesn’t gate the road and its open all year far back into the wilderness. We have stopped many times and walked miles up the road looking at various tracks crossing the road, you will see many. We have never seen a Bigfoot track cross the road but we do find this account quite credible. The physician reiterated that he had lived in this region of Northern California for a majority of his life and knows the difference between large bear and human tracks. He also stated that the tracks didn't start on the roadway but were crossing the road from one part of the forest to another.


Bigfoot Sighting
April 1995
Morro Bay, CA
Source-Track Record

A Bigfoot researcher was contacted  regarding a sighting on the central coast of California near Morro Bay. This area is interesting to NABS for a variety of reasons but anything near the coast falls within some of our researchers realm of expertise.

A couple and their teenage daughter were at the Cerro Alto Campground on Highway 41 between Morro Bay and Atascadero (This is the main highway between the area inland near Atascadero and the coast-Morro Bay). The family was spending the Easter Holidays camping and the girl saw something that she thought was a bear, but later realized was a Bigfoot. The family notified a local Bigfoot researcher who responded to the scene.  They did find some possible prints and scuff marks but nothing conclusive.
    Two days after the initial sighting the researchers returned to the location with the intent to stay for a week. At sunset in the quiet camp the family heard water splashing from a nearby creek, thinking it was some kind of wild animal, they crept up close to investigate. At first they thought they were seeing a man, they slowly closed to within forty feet of the subject. Their view was blocked by a ledge and they couldn’t determine the height initially. At this point the creature sensed their presence, turned and stood up. The Bigfoot was 6 ½-7 feet tall, dark colored (it was starting to get dark and they couldn’t tell if it was dark brown or black). The creature scarred the witnesses and they ran back to camp. Researchers were again called, returned to the creek and did see huge human prints in the shallows of the creek.
    One of the witnesses was a 45 year old military veteran who appeared quite believable. He stated that he did catch a glimpse of the creature’s profile and stated that it had very long hair and the nose and lips and chin all looked very human. The man did glance back as they were leaving the area and saw the creature going the opposite direction in the creek. The area of the sightings is primary chaparral.


NABS Comment- This appears to be a very credible sighting. The description given by the witness of the facial profile matches with the multitude of witnesses and forensic sketches we have completed on or near the coast in California. We also believe that Bigfoot is not afraid of children or young women in the same way they are afraid of mature men. The sighting by the girl may have been instigated or allowed by Bigfoot, we'll never know.



Source: NABS

June 2008

Location: Redwood National Park, Orick, California

NABS routinely goes into the field and conducts research. In June of this year we went to an area near Redwood Creek on the perimeter of Redwood National Park above Orick. Orick has a long history of Bigfoot sightings from a variety of credible sources. As one drives into the park from Highway 101 you will commonly see a herd of Elk that meander along the highway from the park entrance north towards the coastal zone. This herd is large and healthy and an obvious food source for a BIgfoot.

We had recieved a variety of reports of the years of Bigfoot activity inside the park. We did go to the park office and acted as tourists and asked about Bigfoot activity in the area, we were almost laughed out of the building. We were told that Bigfoot was a complete fantasy and that they HAVE NEVER received a report of a Bigfoot sightings anywhere in the area. That was a true shock to us because we have a series of sighting reports from inside and outside the park and up and down the highway around the park.

Redwood National Park is probably one of the least visited of all the National Parks. There is not a gate controlling entry or exit and there are limited areas to stop when you are driving through. The park is beautiful, well kept with little patrols. You do need to be careful about leaving items in your cars as we've been told that vehicles are broken into in this area occassionally.

Some of the sighting reports we have had emanate from the Bald Road area just east of the park. This area of the foothills is very wild and its easy to get lost if you don't have a good map. The Park map only includes the park, you need something better (purchase the NABS Bigfoot Map of Northern California, available at our store). Many of the reports include people driving through the area, seeing something in a field that looks like an old stump. People stare at the stump, it starts to move and then run on two feet. The Bigfoot is routinely a reddish tint in color, similar to the redwood bark on the trees common to the area. We have also had reports of screams from the area of Redwood Creek.

Redwood Creek is a very interesting area to NABS. There are reports from the late 1800's that the Yurok chased a group of "Indian Devils" up the creek to their homes and then killed them because they continued to take their women and their food. It would appear that the Yurok didn't kill all of them or some family members have returned to establish residency. The area has been a hot spot for years. As is the area west of the park adjacent to the Klamath River. Both of these areas are very wild with little human activity.

NABS had a team on the perimeter of the park adjacent to Redwood Creek. We must admit that it was a very quiet area that seemed quite different then many regions we had conducted research. There were many large bear tracks, very large, few deer and alot of small mammals. The creek is famous for its runs of salmon and steehead and you could see the fingerlings in the small tributaries. The region by the creek is dark, wet and probably 20 degrees cooler then the meadows outside the creek bank area.

NABS had requested access to an apple orchard in Orick, picked the apples ourselves and then placed a neat pile in an area down near the creek that we had cleared of weeds and foliage. We also hung apples in a tree above the area we had cleared. The team then left the area for three days and went to a different area. We returned to find every apple on the ground was gone. We had cleared a 12' radius circle and placed the apples in the middle. The apples hanging above the ground were still intact. We did handle this area like a crime scene.

It was obvious from all team members that at least two Bigfoot had been at the location. They took a long path to get to the location and it was a path that allowed them to stay on weeds and foliage. The area immediately around the cleared dirt circle was heavily trampled and in some places you could make out the form of a large human type print. There was one spot where it appeared t us that two creatures sat and probably ate. There were no remnants of any of the apples on the ground. There were no animal tracks in the circle that we cleared, it was perfectly raked as we left it. We did find one very interesting clue.

Directly adjacent to the cleared area we found one small hole approximately 5 inches into the ground. It was the circumference of one huge human hand, very large. When shining our light into the hole we could see what appeared to be marks of fingers that were impressions in the ground. It appeared that something made a fist, pushed it into the ground and then leaned out into the center area and grabbed the apples. This area was very moist. We were near the creek and there was a small amount of water in the bottom of the hole where we saw finger marks. Because of the water, we were unable to cast the indentations. This was the only mark we saw anywhere in the area. We did canvass the area from the inside out for 300 yards in every direction and could find no other evidence.

On our hike out of the creek area we did try wood knocking. Withing two minutes of us striking one tree twice we did receive a clear knock from an unpstream position possibly 300 yards away. We stayed in our position and knocked back 5 minutes later but did not hear a response. We continued to stay in our position for the next hour but heard, saw and smelled nothing unusual.

This was the second trip into this area and we will definately be back with a different strategy.




Source: Track Record
February 1996

“Dr. Fahrenbach received a sighting report from the upper Clackamas River, Oregon that was very interesting. The man and wife were exploring an old mine-shaft on January 14, 1996. There are 30 abandoned quick-silver mines in the vicinity, on the south side of the river that is reached by cable or boat. The mine is near Lake Harriett off Highway 57 east of the Ripplebrook Ranger Station.

This particular shaft was boarded up with a special door for entry that had to be crawled through. Using big flashlights, the lady first, it was just a short distance from the entry of the 400 foot shaft where she saw a Bigfoot. She was so startled that she dashed back out with her husband (he didn’t even see it), before she told him of the shaggy, silver/gray creature. It was sitting hunkered up, head between its knees and one armed wrapped around it and one shading its eyes from the light. She described it in human terms, rather then those of a bear and commented on the foul odor when they entered.

Later, her husband with some neighbors, re-entered the shaft and explored it to its end, without seeing anything significant, and, the smell was gone. They did collect some bedding material that was due to be delivered to Dr. Fahrenbach. The bed was 4 ½ feet X 4 feet and composed of sticks and ferns. There was snow on the ground but no tracks were noted. At a nearby work center garden, stalks of Brussel sprouts had been eaten by something with big teeth.”

NABS Comments:
During our past four years of research mines and quarries have consistently been mentioned as a location where Bigfoot may frequent. We can all understand that a mine offers shelter but we are still struggling to understand why they may linger around an open quarry, especially quarries that have not been in operation for many years.

The witness in this case mentions and describes the creature in “human terms”, not ape or animal terms. This is a consistent theme in our contacts with witnesses who have had close encounters with the creature. Understanding that this sighting was in the heart of winter, it would be logical that this Bigfoot was sheltering in a cave.

Location of Sighting: Sandy River, Oregon

Date of Sighting: August 1974

Source: Track Record #59
               July 1996

A new member (Jim Fauley) came in on 7/12 and related an interesting tale. Near Wildwood, OR, he and a friend were living in an A-frame house near the Sandy River (near Zig Zag). In August of 1974 around 9pm, Jim was around the back of the house with his friend’s pet, a wolf named Thor. There was no light in the back, but the sky was bright from a partial full moon., and all of a sudden Thor jumped up and started to do a sort of bark, wolves don’t normally bark. The dog seemed scarred to death, made a huge circle into the woods and came back with his tail between his legs. Jim looked out and around the corner of the house to see what all of the fuss was about, and, in the front porch light about 50 feet away he could see a Bigfoot as it stepped out of the brush, took three strides and covered almost twenty feet. It glanced back at Jim revealing huge neck muscles and it was gone around the opposite side of the house. It was eight feet tall, no apparent neck, but huge neck muscles could be seen.
    Around the same time (as the Bigfoot sighting) Jim’s friend came back and uttered, “wa-wa-what’s that?’ He had seen the creature in the porch light. Jim looked around and noticed a large lone tree, 150 feet tall that stood in the yard, away a bit from the forest. Jim says that when he got close to the tree, he couldn’t help looking up into the tree, and he had a funny feeling, but saw nothing. The total time the creature was present was only about 10 seconds. Nineteen-year-old Jim and his friend jumped into the truck and went to Portland, not returning for two days. Jim looked for tracks then but didn’t see any in the duff.

Ray Crowe’s comments about this sighting:
Two things catch my attention this report, the conclusions of which are speculative. The thing about the tree was one of them. We have had a very few other reports that mention the involvement of trees and the possibility that Bigfoot may be using them. This 2-3 foot diameter tree would well support a large creature and with the reputed strength of the creature’s, Bigfeet might well be climbing then and using them for cover or nesting and we are failing to recognize this. Often, Bigfoot arms are reported to be very long and strongly muscled, similar to what other climbing primates, like orangutans are noted to have. When Scott White took us up the 150 foot tree in Mollala as a viewing experiment, it was almost impossible to see the ground, but he had constructed a hammock that some of the kids clambered in (I didn’t dare try this at that height). Gorillas are known to make night nests in trees (though heavier ones nest on the ground); flimsy affairs (photo in George Schaller’s, 1964, Year of the Gorilla) and it might well be that Bigfoot does the same. And, are we familiar with the sound of large breaking branches being reported in the forest under strange circumstances? Could a creature apparently “disappear” by rapidly ascending the far side of a large tree….leaving no tracks as it had disappeared into thin air?
    The second thing that caught my attention was the reaction of the wolf. Dogs of America, 1967, Sabin, says that “about fifteen million years ago there existed an animal with a wedged shaped head, a heavy coat, a large and heavily furred tail and a long low body. Scientists called this creature “Toarctus”, it bore a strong resemblance to today’s wolf and is generally conceded to be the ancestor to all dogs.”

NABS Comments:
    Crowe’s comments about Bigfoot possibly hiding/living in trees is not new to NABS. In “The Hoopa Project”, David Paulides explains an incident involving a Hoopa Police Officer that believed the Bigfoot they were tracking escaped up into a huge Douglas Fir tree. For our readers in the Midwest and east it may be difficult to fathom such an escape until you see the size of our trees on the west. The redwoods along our coast are gigantic. When you look up into the canopy of a giant redwood you cannot see its top because of a blanket of foliage and debris that makes a barriers 2/3 of the way up the tree. It has been alleged that many of these barriers are the homes of Bigfoot that live in the area. We are actively working a series of sightings along the Northern California coast that involve Redwoods, Bigfoot and their escape into the trees. Many of the large trees in these areas are in groves; they are very close to one another. A creature with strength and dexterity could easily move tree to tree without every detected while near its 200-foot height, and, easily make an escape.





Location of Sighting: Area of Happy Camp, CA

Date of Report: March 15, 1994

Date of Sighting: Summer of 1992

Billy Guffin reports; During the summer of 1992 I was trying to find a trail in the Siskiyou area. About 8am I decided to take the main road back down to the Klamath River (at Happy Camp, CA). Within a block of the summit, there was a curve in the road and after the curve there was a straightaway for about three blocks. I glimpsed a black furry animal walking down the road that was only about three strides from going around another curve. I sped down as fast as I could, but it was gone. It had a straight up gait on two legs, and when it turned its head around, did not move its entire body. I had a short glimpse of his face and it was devoid of facial hair in some spots and made me think it was indeed a Sasquatch.
    The following summer, 1993, having found the trail I was looking for, I camped in the same place. That evening when I went to bed I was listening to my radio. When I turned it off to go to sleep, something hit my tent like a piece of wood or rock. Since this was on an almost level open space, there was no way something could have rolled down and hit my tent. Something had to throw a small rock or piece of wood or maybe hit it with a fist or paw. It startled me as I was almost asleep. I yelled, “go away and leave me alone.” I never heard a sound the rest of the night.

Comments from NABS:
We have had a team extensively investigate the Happy Region over an extended period of time. There are two major wilderness areas (Siskiyou, Marble Mountain) that come together in that immediate area. The areas in the wilderness area get very few tourists and it is very wild. The region has had a long history of sightings going back to the late 1800’s. This is a very believable story and the description that the witness gives matches the sketches of Bigfoot that NABS has completed from the region.

Melbourne, Iowa Sighting
October 2002/ 2-3am

In October 2002 a veteran of the Iraq war and his cousin were walking a gravel road near their residence 5 miles outside of Melbourne, Iowa. He explained that you have to drive 2.5 miles on a paved road and 2.5 miles on a dirt road to get to the area they were walking. It was a full moon, clear weather, fifty-five degrees with no wind.

The witness was in this area at this time because of  odd scratch marks he had observed on an abandoned house nearby. He explained that there are 3 abandoned homes in the area. The one with the scratches had the marks five feet off the ground around the perimeter of the house on siding. He entered the house and heard movement inside and eventually decided to leave without searching the entire residence. There were more oddities to the house, strange marks on inside walls, etc. This house was built in the early 1900’s and there is nobody that lives on the property where it is located.

As they were proceeding down the roadway in the early morning hours they observed something in the ditch to their left 20 feet in front of their position. They saw a seven foot tall creature stand up in the ditch, walk across the roadway and into another ditch and then move up into an adjacent corn field. The creature was described as reddish-brown in color with 2-3 inch long hair over its entire body. There didn’t appear to be much of a neck as the head appeared to blend almost into the shoulders. The creature appeared to walk slightly hunched over.  They got only a side view and didn’t see the face. The creature was moving from a bean field to a corn field. The witness doesn’t believe the creature was aware of their presence. The witness states that he has been in many combat situations in his life and from the movements, actions and demeanor of the creature, he believes that this hominid is much smarter then people realize, it was very cautious and intelligent in its movements. There was no odor associated with the sighting.

The area of the sighting has pine forests, year round running creeks, and wild pheasant.


NABS will be making a presentation at the Honobia Bigfoot Conference inearly October 2008. In honor of that appearance we wanted to run a sighting from Honobia that appeared in the Track Record. We feel that it is valuable for a variety of reasons.

Track Record #93
January 200
Page 3
Bigfoot Lives in Honobia
Tulsa Newspaper

    Seems that a Bigfoot lives in Honobia, southeastern Oklahoma, four of them were seen this last winter. Tim (Last name withheld) lives in the Kiamichi Mountains. The tall, hairy creature resembles a man more than a typical ape. Humphrey’s first noted strange screaming critters in the woods about three years ago. One creature this past winter stared in through a window of the family home, scarring his three year old daughter. They would also beat on the house, and spill meat out of the freezer. In the woods Tim’s said he saw four creatures at once and even shot one of them (no body though, photos that he won’t share with the public). There is now about 3-6 inches of snow cover and tracks were never found by investigators.
    Linda (last name withheld) of Honoboa, on the Leflore and Pushmataha county line said she had seen footprints 15 inches long and seven inches wide. She said that a close friend had seen a deer kill apparently left behind by a Bigfoot where the carcass was whole except for a missing liver.
    A report from Talihina tells of encounters a few weeks ago and an alleged shooting and samples of meat that came from the wound and body recovery a few days ago, no confirmation.
    One of the last reported sightings in Oklahoma occurred in 1971 in El Reno. The thing raided chickens and got to be known as “The Chicken Man.” State wildlife Biologist Mike Sams has heard tales of a giant ”Stairmaster on Winding Stair Mountain.”

This sighting came from the files of the Bigfoot Bulletin and was produced/Edited by George Haas from Oakland, CA. He was one of the first individuals to ever send out a newsletter strictly about Bigfoot. This was found in the archives NABS purchased from the Ray Crowe collection.

The below listed Butte County sighting has significance because of the facial identification, elevation and date of the sighting. This sighting was reported 19 months after the Patterson-Gimlin sighting made national press. The PG creature had full facial hair.

Bigfoot Bulletin
May 31, 1969
Page 5

Bigfoot Sighted Above Paradise, Butte County, California

The following report comes to us from Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Behme of Magamia, Butte County, California and is printed with their permission:

    “You may be interested to know that my husband and I have seen what we believe to be a Bigfoot in Butte County, California. To our knowledge, nothing of this nature has been seen here before.
    On April 16 (1969) about midnight, we were driving along the road from Paradise to Stirling City. The surrounding country is thickly wooded, well watered and criss crossed by deep canyons. As we drove around a long curve our headlights shone on what appeared to be a man in a fir suit crossing the road. For one moment we had a front view as he turned toward the car, then walked into darkness. Our impressions are that he was over six feet tall, completely covered with short black hair which seemed to be flecked either with white hairy patches or mud. His face was white and hairless although the features appeared as a blur. The eyes did not glow in the light as would be the eyes of an animal. The head was small and came to a peak at the top. He was heavily built with particularly heavy legs. He did not run, but shuffled away with a definite limp, once turning his head to look back at our car. The following morning I returned to the area to look for footprints but could find nothing. The ground near the road is rock, gravel and hard clay.
    We have lived in this area for nearly 10 years. My husband is a writer and photographer specializing in outdoor stories for such publications as Field and Stream and Sports Afield. I mention this with the hope that you will believe we are reasonable people, not given to hallucinations brought on by the novelty of a backwoods road at midnight. Naturally we have given a great deal of thought to what it could have been other then a Bigfoot. A bear is out. There are bears in Butte County but all are smaller and do not cross highways on their hind legs, especially when one is especially sore. The idea of a hoax occurred to us. Chico State College is about 30 miles away and this is the sort of involved trick that might appeal to a college student, except that on a week night during a non-hunting or fishing season, at midnight, this is a very lonely road. The chances of a motorist passing until morning are slim. We even thought of the possibility of someone bent on robbery expecting that a motorist would stop at suck an apparition. But again the lack of traffic makes this very unlikely.”
Mrs. Robert L. Behme

Bigfoot Sightings Report

Date Reported: February 2003

Date Occurred: September 1990

Time: 10:30pm

Location: Southwest Colorado, Highway 62, Southside of the Dallas Divide

Elevation: 8900 Feet

Source: Track Record #124, Page 14

I was driving to Telluride when I topped the Dallas Divide (The highest mountain pass in the U.S.). I went around one turn in the road and encountered a creature seated in the middle of my lane. There was no other traffic at this time. I saw it in my brights, slowed down (moved over because the creature occupied a majority of the lane). I passed it doing 2-3 mph curious and a little awestruck. It was seated on its rear and facing to the west (the edge of the road), not really acknowledging my presence at all. There was no snout that I could see. Its rear legs were clearly folded like a person sitting on the ground hugging his knees. The front leg that I could see was so long that with the torso of the creature seated upright, the front leg was able to reach the ground while being completely parallel to the rear leg below the knee. Not a position I have ever seen any creature ever assume before.
    I have seen almost every type of large animal in the U.S., elk, buffalo, grizzly, to name a few, this animal was as big as any that I have seen and was something I had never seen before. It had long wavy hair, reddish in color, sort of like an Irish setter. I’m guessing that the hair was about 4-8” long, covering its entire body. It was clearly alive as I could see that it was breathing and it also seemed agitated, as muscles all over its body were twitching, sort of like a horse trying to get rid of a horsefly. At first I thought it was injured, but I rejected this as I saw no blood and the creature was clearly alive and conscious. This seemed to me all the stranger that it did not seem to let on that I was even there though I was viewing it in my headlights. At the time I was driving a 1976 full size Chevrolet Blazer equipped with a ¾ ton axle and springs that I had installed myself.  The truck sat 4 inches higher then a stock Blazer, yet as I passed the animal, its head, while seated on its rear with its torso upright as I mentioned before, came up as high as the middle of my passenger window. This was a big animal.
    About at this point I remembered how a grizzly or buffalo could easily take my truck apart with little effort and so I decided to leave immediately. Despite having passed within 2 feet (I could have touched it from the passengers side window), other then its rippling muscles under the skin the creature made no other movement.
    I proceeded down the road, perplexed and stunned. Two more turns down the road I came across a second creature seated exactly like the same way in my lane, only this one was a little smaller, the base of its head only reached to the sill of the passenger window, Still a very large creature. For some reason I never had a real sense of danger, maybe because both animals seemed intent on ignoring me. I did inquire with some of my friends if they had ever heard any stories about weird animal sightings there but came up with nothing. I decided to say nothing to anyone.
    So far I have no explanation for what I saw. Bigfoot is as good as any, and better then some. Whatever I saw was not a bear or large animal like an elk or something, it was quite unique.
    My truck was about 6 ½ feet high at the roof. Based on this, from the top of the creature’s head to the bottom of its rump it was 5 ½ feet. Add to that the upper part of its leg and you have another 3 feet? Plus the bottom half of its leg, which was the same length roughly as the top half and if this thing stood upright it would have been about eleven and a half feet. No skin or snout was visible; the head in profile was the size of a bear’s head but no snout. Its body was covered head to toe with the hair I described earlier and extending down the arms. From the rear I would guess at its torso being about three feet wide.



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