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Bigfoot Video
Various videos of Bigfoot/ Sasquatch and Wildman

This page will include various videos that we've previewed and find interesting. These videos include supposed footage of bigfoot and segments that outline the evidence that supports that the biped exists. While we cannot validate their authenticity, they are interesting. We will include this page to give our supporters a broader view of tactics, strategies and results that some are obtaining utilizing a variety of approaches. While NABS has never attempted to specifically obtain photos of videos, we do review the work of others.







Bigfoot Infrared/Scott Carpenter

Rich Germeau Interviewed

Jeff Rense Interview #3/Missing 411- North America and Beyond

Paulides Intervewed By Jeff Rense/Missing People/Part 1

Paulides Intervewed By Jeff Rense/Missing People/Part 2

1967 Patterson-Gimlin Film Stabilized

In Search of..Monster Hunters-Part One

In Search of..Monster Hunters-Part Two

In Search of..Monster Hunters-Part Three

In Search of ....Bigfoot with Leonard Nimoy, Segment 1 (Segment on Native Americans, Grover Krantz & Skamania County Sheriff)

In Search of.... Bigfoot with Leonard Nimoy, Segment 2 (Peter Byrne, Lumber Jack Interview, Footprints)

In Search of.... Bigfoot with Leonard Nimoy, Segment 3 (Peter Byrne, Native Americans Claim bigfoot is human)

Ancient Mysteries...Bigfoot..Part 1 (Peter Byrne/Bigfoot Photos/ 986 AD Leif Erickson/ Hoopa Valley, CA/ Elder Jimmy Jackson- Hoopa/ Byron Nelson- Hoopa/ Columbia River/ Dr. Roderick Sprague/ Ed Edmo/ Mary Schlick/ Elkanah Walker)

Ancient Mysteries...Bigfoot.. Part 2 (President Roosevelt-Wilderness Hunter/ 1958 Jerry Crew/ Patterson Gimlin Film/Dr. Krantz/Dermal Ridges/ Unusual Hair/ Sterling Bernel U.C. Berkeley/Bigfoot Scream/ Alan Mootnick/ Photos)

Ancient Mysteries...Bigfoot..Part 3 (Bigfoot Research Project/ Peter Byrne/ Human Face Not Ape Face/Migration/Nest/ Social Network/Rogue Male/ Dr. John Crane/ Footprints)

Ancient Mysteries...Bigfoot..Part 4 (Peter Byrne/ Daryl Owen & Scott Herriott and Video they captured in N. Cali of a BEIGE bigfoot/ Dr. Grover Krantz)

Ancient Mysteries...Bigfoot..Part 5 (Peter Byrne/ Al Hodgson and Tracks/ Skamania County Law protecting biped/Native Americans & Bigfoot)

Bear Walks on Two Legs/Bigfoot Researchers Take Note/This bear is observed in the wild walking for long distances on two feet, its adaptability from walking on only three legs is remarkable!

Bob Gimlin Interviewed on Mysterious World- Listen to his words to describe the biped- "It looked like a huge hairy human being"

Burley, Idaho Bigfoot Sighting, Listen While Dale Graham specifically Describes the Incident, Listen to the Descriptors...

Bigfoot Howls & Screams

China- Supposedly of a Human/ Yeren-Bigfoot Mix

Possible Yeti Footage from the Tatra Mountains, Poland

Paulides & Nelson Talk About Bigfoot Being Human and Not an Ape

A Retired Teacher Describes his Bigfoot Sighting

Vocalization & Deer Run-GSM National Park

Anatomy of A Blobsquatch

Bigfoot DNA Collection

Legen of Nevada's Red Headed Giants






















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