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Report Sightings & Incidents
All Bigfoot sightings and encounters would be appreciated!!

All sighting and incident reports are followed-up. We GUARANTEE a quality and thorough investigation. The researcher that contacts you has years of experience dealing with Bigfoot sightings and incidents. We are not amateurs that do this part time on weekends, we are full time professionals. We have probably dealt with a situation very similar to what you've encountered and we are very interested in documenting the encounter. We are thorough in our research and that thoroughness may be very time consuming.

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These reports are extremely valuable and are the backbone of future investigations. You cannot put too much information in the sightings report. Reports always point to more questions, thus the need for your phone number followup information, this we hold in strict confidence. Many times we have multiple reports in one area and would like to ask additional questions. We sincerely appreciate your assistance. Your contact information is always held in strict confidentiality. If you request that the entire incident be withheld from public view, we will abide by your request. We will post pertinent information about the creature and specific information that leads to the general knowledge of bigfoot/sasquatch/wildman as a biped living in our environment.

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