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Blog #188                  Lloyd Pye Tribute



Lloyd Pye (1946-2013)



            It is with great sadness that I write this letter about the life of Lloyd Pye. Lloyd died December 9 from cancer.


            Lloyd’s work has been largely ignored by mainstream media because it doesn’t fit the conventional format pushed by academia. His views of the evolution of man are historic, revolutionary and enlightening. His lectures take a common sense approach to a theme that has been debated for centuries. If you haven’t his read, “Everything You Know Is Wrong,” read it.


            As someone who hopes to have an open view of almost everything in science, Lloyd opened my eyes to areas that I had always casually analyzed but never dove deep. You don’t need to be a high flying professor at an Ivy league institution to understand Lloyd’s presentations. One of his strength’s was his ability to speak to the masses, to have everyone understand the linkage he made in his theories.


            Lloyd wasn’t just a brilliant person, he was an athlete. He earned a football scholarship to Tulane University where he was a punter and running back from 1964-1968. As most of you know, I am a huge advocate of athletics in life. This keep us healthy, it gives us personal time to think through issues and team sports build the skill of getting along with others and learning to compromise. Working together under the theme of one team, one direction is huge in the transition to life skills. Lloyd was one of the few researchers in our arena that had made the transition and applied his athletic teachings.


            After earning a degree in Psychology, Lloyd went on to apply his degree as an Army intelligence officer. It was probably his ability to investigate, analyze and apply that allowed Lloyd to thrive in the Army and then to move into private practice of researching and lecturing.


            I encourage all of you to commit one hour to viewing one of Lloyd’s lectures. I promise that it will stimulate your thoughts and may change your views on something HUGE. Challenge yourself, open your mind and apply logic.

Lloyd's You Tube Page:



Lloyd's Official Site: http://www.lloydpye.com/


The prayers of our entire team go out to Lloyd’s family and friends.





Bigfoot Blog 187            A Very Sad Day in Our World      May 24, 2013


Many years ago I was reading every book, article and website that dealt with bigfoot, sasquatch, yeti, hairy man, etc, and it was during that effort that I crossed paths with Bobbie Short. I found her website (www.bigfootencounters.com) highly informative and filled with articles that appeared quite factual. I continued absorbing everything I was reading and then reached out to a very few researchers to ask questions.


One of the first people I emailed and asked for a phone meeting was Bobbie. She was open, highly intelligent and willing to help the novice. She was filled with information that proved to be reality, she was also advising me to be cautious as there were certain people in the field that could be dangerous, mean and conniving, again, also proved to be accurate.


Bobbie Short was probably one of the smartest women in the bigfoot research arena that I ever had the pleasure to work with. Bobbie had a side of her that many would say was unusual, that’s because they didn’t understand her. Bobbie was highly, highly private. She once explained to me that she had worked with another bigfoot group early in her bigfoot research and the leader of that group had threatened her, physically and with litigation. He had made innuendos that he knew where she lived and she was afraid of physical harm. This event caused Bobbie to retreat into a safety shell, something I understood. What many people do not know, Bobbie Short was not her name, she refused to use her real name because of the safety aspect for her and her family, this is how aggressive and dangerous our bigfoot community can be.


Bobbie loved her family, which included her horses. She lived on the outskirts of San Diego and was a registered nurse by profession. During the later stages of her career she was a hospice nurse, something that explains the “giving” nature that Bobbie had in her heart. It takes a very special person to work hospice, Bobbie had that ability.


Many people have asked me how Bobbie first got her interest in bigfoot. She was camping with friends near the Marble Mountains Wilderness Area in Northern California, got up early one morning to use the restroom and had a female bigfoot cross closely by her. I remember Bobbie telling me that the woman had a deformed arm/shoulder and really paid Bobbie little attention as she passed by. At the point of the sighting, Bobbie was hooked. As she moved forward with her research she had the innate ability to see through peoples lies and rubbish and think for herself. She wasn’t afraid to stand up for her beliefs, yet did this with me utilizing a polite but stern way that I highly appreciated. Some people have interpreted Bobbie’s style as possibly curt or direct, I saw it as accurate, intellectual and helpful, nothing less.

Where some researchers try to bully others, there was no bullying Bobbie.


Bobbie had eaten cherry tomatoes that were imported from Mexico. She washed the tomato yet still got sick, very sick. She thought that she had fought her way back but eventually the bacteria got to her heart and took her life.



In my years on this Earth I’ve met many interesting and intellectual people, there is no woman on this Earth in the bigfoot research world that matched Bobbie. I will personally miss her very, very much. My condolences go to her family.


Blog # 186                                    National Park Service-Beware!


            I just returned from a crypto conference at Salt Fork State Park in Ohio. Bruce Harrington was the organizer and did a masterful job producing a top quality event. The list of speakers was some of the best where I’ve participated.


Ron Morehead was first on the speaker list and is famous for recording the Sierra Sounds CD (http://www.bigfootsounds.com/) at 8500 feet near their hunting camp (Sierra Nevada Mountains, California). He described seeing a series of orbs and hearing sounds that have been described as “Samurai Chatter.” Ron eventually got his tapes to R. Scott Nelson, a crypto linguist specialist that worked with the tapes to determine that IT WAS language, a huge accomplishment for the bigfoot world. Scott stated in his presentation that humans are the only mammals that have specific language that matches what he heard on the tapes, further validating that bigfoot is human. Ron and Scott’s presentation was riveting and encouraging as we continue to move in a positive direction in this arena.  You can read Scott’s report on the sounds on our website (http://www.nabigfootsearch.com/Bigfootlanguage.html).


The other primary speaker was Pat Spain, the host of the Nat Geo series, Beast Hunter (http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/wild/beast-hunter/). Pat has a great sense of humor and joked he was far from a beast hunter and was not that macho. He did play a series of videos showing his worldwide escapades and search for cyptid creatures. He and his girlfriend (Anna) were two of the nicest recent additions to the speaker’s forum that we’ve had in several years.


I spoke for 90 minutes, 1/3 about the bigfoot DNA project and discussed specifics and how people that criticize the study are mostly commenting on the result, not the study protocol. It would appear that very few people have actually READ the study and thus can’t and won’t make cogent arguments why it should not be fully recognized by science. After 30 minutes of explaining the study, I opened it up for dialogue. There were two questions about DNA, nothing about study specifics. Dr. Ketchum’s study will someday be recognized as stellar work, be patient as more scientists read what she accomplished and endorse the work, it is still evolving.


The last hour I spent presenting many of the findings in the “Missing 411” books (http://www.nabigfootsearch.com/Bigfootstore.html).  The number of people who attended the conference and read the books was amazing. It was the first time my son had attended a conference like this and he was shocked at the number of positive comments people contributed.


Since writing in an area outside of bigfoot, I am constantly amazed at the good-natured people that contact me on a regular basis stating something positive. It doesn’t end there. Several months ago a programmer from Microsoft in Washington State had read the Missing books and emailed me. Sue stated that she was disturbed by what the books stated and wanted to make a contribution to the cause. She offered to write a database program to track the people I had documented and include the various variables I explained in the books. I told her that this would be fantastic, but also explained that an effort like this would take hundreds of hours to program and an equal number of hours to input the data, she insisted.


Yesterday I received a PC in the mail from Sue containing the database. I spent the majority of the day going through the data and being totally, totally blown away by the great work she did. She told me today that if the National park Service won’t develop their own database to track missing people, the Can Am Missing Project (http://www.canammissing.com/page/page/8396197.htm) will now have their own. The database cannot go onto our website for a number of reasons, but it will be a HUGE source of information for our research. Sue, we cannot thank you enough!!!


As if Sue’s contribution was not enough, 6 months ago we received a very thick legal envelope from Finland. “EK” had taken a similar interest to Sue with just a different angle. EK is an expert at planetary position, solar flares and a few other elements that I won’t discuss now. Suffice it to say that he presented us with another database with equally unusual data that turned our heads for many weeks; we are still deciphering the information. You will hear more about this in the months ahead, it is disturbing, complex and intellectually stimulating.


I have never been more positive about the direction of any research I’ve participated as I’ve been with the Can Am Missing Project. We are making progress in understanding this complex area, and with the contributions of people like Sue and EK, we won’t be stopped. We would like to talk to victims who are identified in the books and eventually have a conference where these people can meet others with similar backgrounds.


Have a GREAT Day!!


David Paulides




Blog #185       The Epiphany Video                April 8, 2013


There are a few times in research where you read a book, browse a blog or watch a video that truly hits the nail on the head, our researcher Scott Carpenter found one.


One of the true cornerstones of a great researcher/investigator is having the knowledge that you are not the center of the universe. NABS researchers know we don’t have all the answers and spend a great deal of time browsing the work of others and absorbing their ideas and hypothesis. Everyone needs to spend time reading and watching the work in peripheral disciplines to truly understand the entire picture. If you continually read only bigfoot research, you may miss a major aspect to the biped that is being discussed in another corner of the research world.


Scott directed us to the work of Lloyd Pye. Now, if you are deeply religious and unwilling to look at research with an open mind, stop reading now. I do not want to anger anyone….


Lloyd has a background in military intelligence and initially pursued a writing career in fiction. On his website is the following information about how he evolved into writing about hominoids.


Lloyd's website:http://www.lloydpye.com/index.htm




“Finally, at 45, I read Zecharia Sitchin’s classic book about Sumerian prehistory, The Twelfth Planet, which he published in 1976 but which I didn’t find out about until 1990. His translation of Sumerian history written in cuneiform on stone tablets provided an explanation for human origins that made rational sense based on what I had learned about the reality of hominoids. I had the front end of his work and he had the back end of mine, so I knew I could combine the two and create something unique and valuable. In late 1997 I published "Everything You Know Is Wrong" (EYKIW), which became a proverbial “overnight sensation.”

Through 1998, I traveled all over the U.S. and into western Canada lecturing about it at dozens of conferences and speaking about it in many radio interviews. I then had some appearances on local TV shows. My increasing exposure brought me to the attention of Ray and Melanie Young of El Paso, Texas, who were in possession of an unusual human-like skull. They showed it to me early in 1999 and asked my opinion. I felt it was almost certainly a human deformity of some kind, but I told them it couldn’t hurt anything to be absolutely sure. They asked if I would confirm that for them, and I said I’d be happy to.

That set in motion on on-going series of events as I attempted to definitively determine the genetic heritage of their unusual relic, since dubbed the Starchild Skull http://www.lloydpye.com/images/ask.gif. I have shepherded the Starchild through more than a decade of scientific tests, expert analysis, raised public awareness, and have published both a printed book and an eBook about it. After all that, a recent DNA test finally gave a preliminary but convincing result that the Starchild Skull is part human and part nonhuman. Now I plan to recover its entire genome to prove this radical assertion beyond any possible doubt.
www.StarchildProject.com has more information about this topic.

Whenever the Starchild case is over, I intend to refocus on my other career as a researcher of the Intervention Theory of human origins, and as a proponent of hominoid reality.”




I am laying the groundwork for what I want you to watch. Lloyd is a master at making things simple, explaining ideas for the common man to understand, heck, I even got it. In 1999, Lloyd made a presentation about the framework for human evolution. He uses facts, diagrams and drawings to explain the movement of humans up the evolutionary chain. His explanation will be quite new to some, others may have heard something similar.


I want EVERYONE who watches this video to watch it in its entirety. The video will go full circle to a point that EVERYONE who monitors this site will feel closely attached. Lloyd talks about Hominoids (Bigfoot-Yeti) and how evolution does or does not apply, and why. The video is presented in a very pragmatic fashion and there is a rationale why you need to watch it from the beginning.


As you near the end of Lloyd’s presentation, he talks about DNA and how human DNA relates to fraternal and maternal ancestors. As you watch this, think about our Bigfoot DNA study and the outstanding work completed by Dr. Ketchum. Think about the statements made about the fraternal side of the DNA equation and bigfoot and listen intently to what Lloyd states about our human DNA. This presentation was made in 1999, Dr. Ketchum’s study was completed in 2013, 14 years after Lloyd’s outstanding lecture.


Our group has felt for many years that the public has been mislead about bigfoot for many, many decades. The ape theory may still be a possibility is some of your minds. After you watch this video, I believe that your views of bigfoot and humans will be permanently changed.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABSxMw0ENqc



Blog# 184-The Human Side of Bigfoot             March 26, 2013


            I have always been one to refrain from public ridicule of other researchers, a practice my constituents don’t believe in…In the following blog and response, I will not name the individual that I directed the response as I would like to maintain my dignity and practice of public ridicule, but, I believe it necessary to respond to a public wrong.


            I am one of 30+ researchers from around the world that are on an email list where current bigfoot issues are discussed. The individuals on the list are perceived to be the “top” researchers on the topic, that’s debatable. One of the individuals has been in the bigfoot arena for decades and is of the belief that bigfoot is an ape and is constantly trying to demean others by attacking the research of the opposing view. While you will not see an attack emanating from this side, you are about to see a factual response to an inflammatory article this individual penned.


            The “researcher”, calls himself a researcher but I haven’t seen any of his field work in decades, wrote an article titled “What Changed the Face of Bigfoot.” He starts the article with drawings showing an ape appearance and then near the bottom of the article has the following statement about Harvey Pratt’s sketches that appear in “The Hoopa Project” and Tribal Bigfoot.”


“This trend in Bigfoot/Sasquatch faces, I’m afraid, continues in the direction of humanizing them. One of the extreme examples of this is the facial profiles by the skilled forensic artist Harvey Pratt. My critique of Pratt’s drawings are that they all look “beautiful” to readers, but they also seem to all look exactly alike –  with subtle differences, but very human and looking like human criminals with more hair.”


The following is my emailed response to the author and group of researchers on the list.


I have just ONE question to the author, please explain what a criminal looks like?


My response is below.





            I’m constantly amazed at the bigfoot communities need to post derogatory personal comments about other contributors in the field in an effort to promote their own beliefs. This practice is unnecessary and erodes the credibility of all researchers.


            To say something negative about a Harvey Pratt sketch is an amazing reach, even in this research area. Harvey is one of the most renowned Native American artists in Oklahoma. His art is on the walls of the Oklahoma Supreme Court and he did the art design work for the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation shield. He draws animals, landscapes, people and murals. Harvey is also one of the most honored law enforcement officers in the state of Oklahoma, recently inducted into the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Hall of Fame. He has served over 40 years in law enforcement and is the former head of the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation. He is presently the only forensic artist in the state of Oklahoma. His witness assisted forensic drawings have put countless criminals behind bars.

            Forensic art and how it’s applied to witness testimony is different then an artists drawing a figure, it’s a skill developed over years of practice, successful interviewing techniques, face to face interaction and exceptional listening skills. Many of the suspects that Harvey has drawn with the aid of en eyewitness, when those suspects are later apprehended, the sketch appears as though the suspect was in the room when Harvey did the drawing, that’s how accurate his skills are.

            When North America Bigfoot Search (NABS) decided to use a trained FBI forensic artist, we looked for the best in the world, it was Harvey Pratt. He had testified countless times as an expert in the courts in Oklahoma and his sketches spoke for themselves to hundreds of juries.

            Every sketch that Harvey has done for NABS included a signed affidavit from the witness affirming the facts of what they observed. Harvey sits face to face with the witness and goes through a scripted list of questions that exude a series of answers leading to the sketch and its evolution. This is not a quick process and you cannot be successful in the effort without working directly with the witness and listening, acknowledging corrections and moving forward with THEIR direction, not the artist interpretation. We have never completed a bigfoot sketch over the phone, these are done face to face.

            Several years ago NABS was invited by Craig Woolheater to the Texas Bigfoot Conference. Harvey had his recent bigfoot sketches displayed on a table in the entry hall. At one point a 16-year old boy entered the room and stared at the sketches. He loudly called his mom over and stated, “Mom, these guys finally have it right. I’ve been telling that guy 5X that he is drawing it too much to look like an ape and he doesn’t listen, these guys have it right.” This was a milestone moment that everyone in the vicinity of our table heard. It turned out that this young man was working with another organizations artist over the phone. The witness had told the artists several times to stop drawing an ape looking face and make it more human, he kept getting the ape face back until he finally gave up.

            This isn’t an indictment against artists, this is presenting a series of facts supporting our effort, the first time a federally trained law enforcement officer applied their 40 years of forensic training to an area that desperately needs more professionalism. A few years back Dr. Meldrum voiced similar concerns about Harvey to me while at the Honobia Bigfoot Conference. I asked if he had ever seen the process at work, he had not. I invited him to watch Harvey interview the witness and observe the sketch evolve, he did. At the end of the session, Harvey asked the witness how comfortable he was with the drawing? The witness stated that he nailed the drawing and was amazed how accurate the sketch was. Yes, the drawing had profound human characteristics, like many of Harvey’s drawings. The reaction of this witness is almost exactly like ALL OF OUR WITNESSES, the reason, Harvey will sit with the witness and make any corrections until it’s 100% accurate. This is their drawing, not Harvey’s and he is committed to getting it correct.

            The statement could possibly be accurate because of bringing trained professional investigators in the bigfoot research world, “This trend in Bigfoot/Sasquatch faces, I’m afraid, continues in the direction of humanizing them.” I would direct all readers to July 16 1924, front page of the Oregonian newspaper and the title, “ Big Hairy Indians Back of Ape Tale.” You won’t see many senior researchers talking about a series of these articles that appeared in that decade because it doesn’t fit their paradigm. Three Native American tribes held a press conference and explained that the bipeds were not apes, they were a people. People that they traded with, who spoke a language and had special skills that normal humans did not possess. I invite any researcher anywhere in North America and gain the trust of Native American elders, not an easy task. Once you’ve established that trust, ask the elders their opinions of bigfoot (no tribe calls them that), they will uniformly state that they are another tribe of ……people. I have visited dozens of tribes during my years of bigfoot research and have NEVER heard any tribal member call them an ape, gorilla or animal.

            If a bigfoot researcher states, “My critique of Pratt’s drawings are that they all look “beautiful” to readers, but they also seem to all look exactly alike – with subtle differences, but very human and looking like human criminals with more hair,” I would ask him if he observed the response from the witnesses to Harvey’s drawings. Fact, no, the drawings do not all look alike, and the person making this statement has never seen all of Mr. Pratt’s drawing of the biped. The reason the drawings have a human quality to them, maybe he was drawing someone that had the genetics of a human with an exceptionally hairy and muscular body.


David Paulides

North America Bigfoot Search




Blog #183                          March 14, 2013                      Reading and Understanding


During the last several years I’ve had various comments come across our site indicating a readers thoughts and opinions about books, blogs, our site and research. 99% of the people who write to us are making positive statements. One of those writers made a very, very insightful comment about North America Bigfoot Search and our work, stating that we read others work and posted insightful research. It would seem that other groups don’t want to recognize others accomplishments.


When we started to look into the issue of missing people, we scoured the available online research and books that that dealt with the issue. We looked at historical data and current information. As we did with bigfoot research, we read everything we could get our hands on. Remember, we purchased Ray Crowe’s research and much of that is posted on our site. His work included research completed by dozens of other bigfoot researchers from throughout North America and

is now contained on a CD we produced:


I cannot tell you how many times we’ve referred to Ray’s newsletter (Track Record) to locate research done by others.


We will readily acknowledge that we have taken our share of verbal and written abuse from a select few in the bigfoot community. There is one common denominator amongst these individuals, they haven’t read much of what we’ve produced, or, for that matter what anyone has written. It’s hard to respect someone when they make a blatant claim about one of our members or their books when it’s obvious to ANYONE who has read the documents that the individual is trying to manipulate the public opinion by blatantly lying. I’ve never been in a world where people will post opinions about books, research and investigations when the comments aren’t in the least bit supported by the work.


There have been many comments about The Bigfoot DNA study Co-authored by Dr. Ketchum. Myself and our other researchers know exactly what is in the study, how it was constructed, who did the testing and the relevant results. 99% of the comments from the outside world are made to blind others of the study results. These individuals have no idea what the true results contained, or they did and are hoping that the public will believe their attempt at skewing the paper by lying, it’s a horrific scenario that continues to take place. Remember, Dr. Ketchum is listed as the primary author but in reality is only a co-author as many other PhD’s participated in writing and structuring the white paper. I was fortunate to be privy to some conversations from various journals that had viewed the paper. I can confirm with 100% certainty, the paper was refused by some of the biggest journals in the world and THEY NEVER read it. How do we know they didn’t read it? The answers to the questions they posed, and thus the reason for refusal were inside the paper and easily, easily found. In fact, in many of the instances our authors notified the journal of the exact location of the answers and were ignored.


Dr. Ketchum did something and went somewhere where all others had failed, or refused to try. We’ve seen comments on various sites about the study and its completely obvious that few have read it. It seems that society is not ready to accept the results and journals will never give the credit to a group outside academia, thus an early refusal of the white paper was the result. I do wish Dr. Sykes good luck on his research, as it will support our findings.


I will now be changing gears and moving onto missing people and our associated research. The same methodical path we have given to bigfoot, its history and the importance of that historical perspective, we are giving to missing people. We are also adamant to support our work with local, state and federal law enforcement reports and affidavits where needed. Yes, affidavits, something we utilized in the bigfoot world when a witness claimed to a have a sighting, they were required to sign an affidavit or we would not investigate the incident. So, if somebody is lying to us, they are committing a crime. The affidavit causes people to actually READ their report and ensure all relevant facts are correct AND it ensures that there is no manipulation of the sighting report, as there is and continues to be on other websites. How do we know that other organizations have changed reports to fit their theories, we’ve been told by the actual investigators who wrote the report and from the witnesses who filed the report. In short, we are doing everything possible to ensure the data is correct and the information is supported.


The people who have read the “Missing 411” books know that every story is supported by a notation of where the facts in the story were obtained. Many times the facts came from law enforcement reports obtained through a Freedom of Information Act filing. Even in these instances, there have been individuals who have made posts blatantly lying about facts surrounding the case and making statements that we are withholding information. This is an absolutely disgusting and revolting practice as victim families read some of this rubbish. Few in this community want to do the legwork necessary to obtain the reports, read them, interpret the results and apply the thoughts to paper, but they are willing to call us liars, amazing.


One of the most astonishing and remarkable statements made in some posts about the “Missing 411” books is that WE name bigfoot as the culprit. Again, readers understand that I DO NOT name anything or anyone as a suspect in any disappearance. If you are able to identify who or what is doing this, I recommend you contact the appropriate law enforcement agency and file a report, quickly.


Because of the quality of the researchers in our organization, we have been able to make strides in understanding the missing person issue that nobody has ever identified. There are over 32 clusters of missing people in rural areas of North America, maybe more if you divide the state of Pennsylvania. Clusters are not always in locations where people may theorize they should be. They are sometimes in locations that are baffling, yet support our theory because of the factors included in the disappearance.


Our researchers are reading every opinion, thought, book and paper that deals with missing people and abductions. We are finding new missing people that fit our study criteria. We locate a new case almost every week. We locate a new cluster just about every other month.


Fourteen months ago we started down the path of collecting more cases and developing the identification of more clusters. Readers from throughout the world wrote letters to inform us about similar cases in their area and supporting the idea this is a widespread issue. We have had eight different prominent and thought provoking theories presented to us about what may be happening to these missing people. Several of the letters were dozens of pages long, well constructed and thought provoking. Many of the thoughts and ideas we’ve never heard about and pushed us into more reading, studying the concepts and learning about things we never imagined. It’s unimportant at this point to publicly state what these people said as it just detracts from the story behind the missing people. If we started to present everyone’s theory, the theory becomes the story, not the missing person and the facts behind their disappearance. The families and friends of the missing are due the ultimate in respect and dignity and they need more press about their loved ones disappearance, let’s respect that.


During the summer of 2012 I made a presentation to the National Association of Search and Rescue professionals (

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