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Blog #188                  Lloyd Pye Tribute



Lloyd Pye (1946-2013)



            It is with great sadness that I write this letter about the life of Lloyd Pye. Lloyd died December 9 from cancer.


            Lloyd’s work has been largely ignored by mainstream media because it doesn’t fit the conventional format pushed by academia. His views of the evolution of man are historic, revolutionary and enlightening. His lectures take a common sense approach to a theme that has been debated for centuries. If you haven’t his read, “Everything You Know Is Wrong,” read it.


            As someone who hopes to have an open view of almost everything in science, Lloyd opened my eyes to areas that I had always casually analyzed but never dove deep. You don’t need to be a high flying professor at an Ivy league institution to understand Lloyd’s presentations. One of his strength’s was his ability to speak to the masses, to have everyone understand the linkage he made in his theories.


            Lloyd wasn’t just a brilliant person, he was an athlete. He earned a football scholarship to Tulane University where he was a punter and running back from 1964-1968. As most of you know, I am a huge advocate of athletics in life. This keep us healthy, it gives us personal time to think through issues and team sports build the skill of getting along with others and learning to compromise. Working together under the theme of one team, one direction is huge in the transition to life skills. Lloyd was one of the few researchers in our arena that had made the transition and applied his athletic teachings.


            After earning a degree in Psychology, Lloyd went on to apply his degree as an Army intelligence officer. It was probably his ability to investigate, analyze and apply that allowed Lloyd to thrive in the Army and then to move into private practice of researching and lecturing.


            I encourage all of you to commit one hour to viewing one of Lloyd’s lectures. I promise that it will stimulate your thoughts and may change your views on something HUGE. Challenge yourself, open your mind and apply logic.

Lloyd's You Tube Page:



Lloyd's Official Site: http://www.lloydpye.com/


The prayers of our entire team go out to Lloyd’s family and friends.





Bigfoot Blog 187            A Very Sad Day in Our World      May 24, 2013


Many years ago I was reading every book, article and website that dealt with bigfoot, sasquatch, yeti, hairy man, etc, and it was during that effort that I crossed paths with Bobbie Short. I found her website (www.bigfootencounters.com) highly informative and filled with articles that appeared quite factual. I continued absorbing everything I was reading and then reached out to a very few researchers to ask questions.


One of the first people I emailed and asked for a phone meeting was Bobbie. She was open, highly intelligent and willing to help the novice. She was filled with information that proved to be reality, she was also advising me to be cautious as there were certain people in the field that could be dangerous, mean and conniving, again, also proved to be accurate.


Bobbie Short was probably one of the smartest women in the bigfoot research arena that I ever had the pleasure to work with. Bobbie had a side of her that many would say was unusual, that’s because they didn’t understand her. Bobbie was highly, highly private. She once explained to me that she had worked with another bigfoot group early in her bigfoot research and the leader of that group had threatened her, physically and with litigation. He had made innuendos that he knew where she lived and she was afraid of physical harm. This event caused Bobbie to retreat into a safety shell, something I understood. What many people do not know, Bobbie Short was not her name, she refused to use her real name because of the safety aspect for her and her family, this is how aggressive and dangerous our bigfoot community can be.


Bobbie loved her family, which included her horses. She lived on the outskirts of San Diego and was a registered nurse by profession. During the later stages of her career she was a hospice nurse, something that explains the “giving” nature that Bobbie had in her heart. It takes a very special person to work hospice, Bobbie had that ability.


Many people have asked me how Bobbie first got her interest in bigfoot. She was camping with friends near the Marble Mountains Wilderness Area in Northern California, got up early one morning to use the restroom and had a female bigfoot cross closely by her. I remember Bobbie telling me that the woman had a deformed arm/shoulder and really paid Bobbie little attention as she passed by. At the point of the sighting, Bobbie was hooked. As she moved forward with her research she had the innate ability to see through peoples lies and rubbish and think for herself. She wasn’t afraid to stand up for her beliefs, yet did this with me utilizing a polite but stern way that I highly appreciated. Some people have interpreted Bobbie’s style as possibly curt or direct, I saw it as accurate, intellectual and helpful, nothing less.

Where some researchers try to bully others, there was no bullying Bobbie.


Bobbie had eaten cherry tomatoes that were imported from Mexico. She washed the tomato yet still got sick, very sick. She thought that she had fought her way back but eventually the bacteria got to her heart and took her life.



In my years on this Earth I’ve met many interesting and intellectual people, there is no woman on this Earth in the bigfoot research world that matched Bobbie. I will personally miss her very, very much. My condolences go to her family.


Blog # 186                                    National Park Service-Beware!


            I just returned from a crypto conference at Salt Fork State Park in Ohio. Bruce Harrington was the organizer and did a masterful job producing a top quality event. The list of speakers was some of the best where I’ve participated.


Ron Morehead was first on the speaker list and is famous for recording the Sierra Sounds CD (http://www.bigfootsounds.com/) at 8500 feet near their hunting camp (Sierra Nevada Mountains, California). He described seeing a series of orbs and hearing sounds that have been described as “Samurai Chatter.” Ron eventually got his tapes to R. Scott Nelson, a crypto linguist specialist that worked with the tapes to determine that IT WAS language, a huge accomplishment for the bigfoot world. Scott stated in his presentation that humans are the only mammals that have specific language that matches what he heard on the tapes, further validating that bigfoot is human. Ron and Scott’s presentation was riveting and encouraging as we continue to move in a positive direction in this arena.  You can read Scott’s report on the sounds on our website (http://www.nabigfootsearch.com/Bigfootlanguage.html).


The other primary speaker was Pat Spain, the host of the Nat Geo series, Beast Hunter (http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/wild/beast-hunter/). Pat has a great sense of humor and joked he was far from a beast hunter and was not that macho. He did play a series of videos showing his worldwide escapades and search for cyptid creatures. He and his girlfriend (Anna) were two of the nicest recent additions to the speaker’s forum that we’ve had in several years.


I spoke for 90 minutes, 1/3 about the bigfoot DNA project and discussed specifics and how people that criticize the study are mostly commenting on the result, not the study protocol. It would appear that very few people have actually READ the study and thus can’t and won’t make cogent arguments why it should not be fully recognized by science. After 30 minutes of explaining the study, I opened it up for dialogue. There were two questions about DNA, nothing about study specifics. Dr. Ketchum’s study will someday be recognized as stellar work, be patient as more scientists read what she accomplished and endorse the work, it is still evolving.


The last hour I spent presenting many of the findings in the “Missing 411” books (http://www.nabigfootsearch.com/Bigfootstore.html).  The number of people who attended the conference and read the books was amazing. It was the first time my son had attended a conference like this and he was shocked at the number of positive comments people contributed.


Since writing in an area outside of bigfoot, I am constantly amazed at the good-natured people that contact me on a regular basis stating something positive. It doesn’t end there. Several months ago a programmer from Microsoft in Washington State had read the Missing books and emailed me. Sue stated that she was disturbed by what the books stated and wanted to make a contribution to the cause. She offered to write a database program to track the people I had documented and include the various variables I explained in the books. I told her that this would be fantastic, but also explained that an effort like this would take hundreds of hours to program and an equal number of hours to input the data, she insisted.


Yesterday I received a PC in the mail from Sue containing the database. I spent the majority of the day going through the data and being totally, totally blown away by the great work she did. She told me today that if the National park Service won’t develop their own database to track missing people, the Can Am Missing Project (http://www.canammissing.com/page/page/8396197.htm) will now have their own. The database cannot go onto our website for a number of reasons, but it will be a HUGE source of information for our research. Sue, we cannot thank you enough!!!


As if Sue’s contribution was not enough, 6 months ago we received a very thick legal envelope from Finland. “EK” had taken a similar interest to Sue with just a different angle. EK is an expert at planetary position, solar flares and a few other elements that I won’t discuss now. Suffice it to say that he presented us with another database with equally unusual data that turned our heads for many weeks; we are still deciphering the information. You will hear more about this in the months ahead, it is disturbing, complex and intellectually stimulating.


I have never been more positive about the direction of any research I’ve participated as I’ve been with the Can Am Missing Project. We are making progress in understanding this complex area, and with the contributions of people like Sue and EK, we won’t be stopped. We would like to talk to victims who are identified in the books and eventually have a conference where these people can meet others with similar backgrounds.


Have a GREAT Day!!


David Paulides




Blog #185       The Epiphany Video                April 8, 2013


There are a few times in research where you read a book, browse a blog or watch a video that truly hits the nail on the head, our researcher Scott Carpenter found one.


One of the true cornerstones of a great researcher/investigator is having the knowledge that you are not the center of the universe. NABS researchers know we don’t have all the answers and spend a great deal of time browsing the work of others and absorbing their ideas and hypothesis. Everyone needs to spend time reading and watching the work in peripheral disciplines to truly understand the entire picture. If you continually read only bigfoot research, you may miss a major aspect to the biped that is being discussed in another corner of the research world.


Scott directed us to the work of Lloyd Pye. Now, if you are deeply religious and unwilling to look at research with an open mind, stop reading now. I do not want to anger anyone….


Lloyd has a background in military intelligence and initially pursued a writing career in fiction. On his website is the following information about how he evolved into writing about hominoids.


Lloyd's website:http://www.lloydpye.com/index.htm




“Finally, at 45, I read Zecharia Sitchin’s classic book about Sumerian prehistory, The Twelfth Planet, which he published in 1976 but which I didn’t find out about until 1990. His translation of Sumerian history written in cuneiform on stone tablets provided an explanation for human origins that made rational sense based on what I had learned about the reality of hominoids. I had the front end of his work and he had the back end of mine, so I knew I could combine the two and create something unique and valuable. In late 1997 I published "Everything You Know Is Wrong" (EYKIW), which became a proverbial “overnight sensation.”

Through 1998, I traveled all over the U.S. and into western Canada lecturing about it at dozens of conferences and speaking about it in many radio interviews. I then had some appearances on local TV shows. My increasing exposure brought me to the attention of Ray and Melanie Young of El Paso, Texas, who were in possession of an unusual human-like skull. They showed it to me early in 1999 and asked my opinion. I felt it was almost certainly a human deformity of some kind, but I told them it couldn’t hurt anything to be absolutely sure. They asked if I would confirm that for them, and I said I’d be happy to.

That set in motion on on-going series of events as I attempted to definitively determine the genetic heritage of their unusual relic, since dubbed the Starchild Skull http://www.lloydpye.com/images/ask.gif. I have shepherded the Starchild through more than a decade of scientific tests, expert analysis, raised public awareness, and have published both a printed book and an eBook about it. After all that, a recent DNA test finally gave a preliminary but convincing result that the Starchild Skull is part human and part nonhuman. Now I plan to recover its entire genome to prove this radical assertion beyond any possible doubt.
www.StarchildProject.com has more information about this topic.

Whenever the Starchild case is over, I intend to refocus on my other career as a researcher of the Intervention Theory of human origins, and as a proponent of hominoid reality.”




I am laying the groundwork for what I want you to watch. Lloyd is a master at making things simple, explaining ideas for the common man to understand, heck, I even got it. In 1999, Lloyd made a presentation about the framework for human evolution. He uses facts, diagrams and drawings to explain the movement of humans up the evolutionary chain. His explanation will be quite new to some, others may have heard something similar.


I want EVERYONE who watches this video to watch it in its entirety. The video will go full circle to a point that EVERYONE who monitors this site will feel closely attached. Lloyd talks about Hominoids (Bigfoot-Yeti) and how evolution does or does not apply, and why. The video is presented in a very pragmatic fashion and there is a rationale why you need to watch it from the beginning.


As you near the end of Lloyd’s presentation, he talks about DNA and how human DNA relates to fraternal and maternal ancestors. As you watch this, think about our Bigfoot DNA study and the outstanding work completed by Dr. Ketchum. Think about the statements made about the fraternal side of the DNA equation and bigfoot and listen intently to what Lloyd states about our human DNA. This presentation was made in 1999, Dr. Ketchum’s study was completed in 2013, 14 years after Lloyd’s outstanding lecture.


Our group has felt for many years that the public has been mislead about bigfoot for many, many decades. The ape theory may still be a possibility is some of your minds. After you watch this video, I believe that your views of bigfoot and humans will be permanently changed.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABSxMw0ENqc



Blog# 184-The Human Side of Bigfoot             March 26, 2013


            I have always been one to refrain from public ridicule of other researchers, a practice my constituents don’t believe in…In the following blog and response, I will not name the individual that I directed the response as I would like to maintain my dignity and practice of public ridicule, but, I believe it necessary to respond to a public wrong.


            I am one of 30+ researchers from around the world that are on an email list where current bigfoot issues are discussed. The individuals on the list are perceived to be the “top” researchers on the topic, that’s debatable. One of the individuals has been in the bigfoot arena for decades and is of the belief that bigfoot is an ape and is constantly trying to demean others by attacking the research of the opposing view. While you will not see an attack emanating from this side, you are about to see a factual response to an inflammatory article this individual penned.


            The “researcher”, calls himself a researcher but I haven’t seen any of his field work in decades, wrote an article titled “What Changed the Face of Bigfoot.” He starts the article with drawings showing an ape appearance and then near the bottom of the article has the following statement about Harvey Pratt’s sketches that appear in “The Hoopa Project” and Tribal Bigfoot.”


“This trend in Bigfoot/Sasquatch faces, I’m afraid, continues in the direction of humanizing them. One of the extreme examples of this is the facial profiles by the skilled forensic artist Harvey Pratt. My critique of Pratt’s drawings are that they all look “beautiful” to readers, but they also seem to all look exactly alike –  with subtle differences, but very human and looking like human criminals with more hair.”


The following is my emailed response to the author and group of researchers on the list.


I have just ONE question to the author, please explain what a criminal looks like?


My response is below.





            I’m constantly amazed at the bigfoot communities need to post derogatory personal comments about other contributors in the field in an effort to promote their own beliefs. This practice is unnecessary and erodes the credibility of all researchers.


            To say something negative about a Harvey Pratt sketch is an amazing reach, even in this research area. Harvey is one of the most renowned Native American artists in Oklahoma. His art is on the walls of the Oklahoma Supreme Court and he did the art design work for the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation shield. He draws animals, landscapes, people and murals. Harvey is also one of the most honored law enforcement officers in the state of Oklahoma, recently inducted into the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Hall of Fame. He has served over 40 years in law enforcement and is the former head of the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation. He is presently the only forensic artist in the state of Oklahoma. His witness assisted forensic drawings have put countless criminals behind bars.

            Forensic art and how it’s applied to witness testimony is different then an artists drawing a figure, it’s a skill developed over years of practice, successful interviewing techniques, face to face interaction and exceptional listening skills. Many of the suspects that Harvey has drawn with the aid of en eyewitness, when those suspects are later apprehended, the sketch appears as though the suspect was in the room when Harvey did the drawing, that’s how accurate his skills are.

            When North America Bigfoot Search (NABS) decided to use a trained FBI forensic artist, we looked for the best in the world, it was Harvey Pratt. He had testified countless times as an expert in the courts in Oklahoma and his sketches spoke for themselves to hundreds of juries.

            Every sketch that Harvey has done for NABS included a signed affidavit from the witness affirming the facts of what they observed. Harvey sits face to face with the witness and goes through a scripted list of questions that exude a series of answers leading to the sketch and its evolution. This is not a quick process and you cannot be successful in the effort without working directly with the witness and listening, acknowledging corrections and moving forward with THEIR direction, not the artist interpretation. We have never completed a bigfoot sketch over the phone, these are done face to face.

            Several years ago NABS was invited by Craig Woolheater to the Texas Bigfoot Conference. Harvey had his recent bigfoot sketches displayed on a table in the entry hall. At one point a 16-year old boy entered the room and stared at the sketches. He loudly called his mom over and stated, “Mom, these guys finally have it right. I’ve been telling that guy 5X that he is drawing it too much to look like an ape and he doesn’t listen, these guys have it right.” This was a milestone moment that everyone in the vicinity of our table heard. It turned out that this young man was working with another organizations artist over the phone. The witness had told the artists several times to stop drawing an ape looking face and make it more human, he kept getting the ape face back until he finally gave up.

            This isn’t an indictment against artists, this is presenting a series of facts supporting our effort, the first time a federally trained law enforcement officer applied their 40 years of forensic training to an area that desperately needs more professionalism. A few years back Dr. Meldrum voiced similar concerns about Harvey to me while at the Honobia Bigfoot Conference. I asked if he had ever seen the process at work, he had not. I invited him to watch Harvey interview the witness and observe the sketch evolve, he did. At the end of the session, Harvey asked the witness how comfortable he was with the drawing? The witness stated that he nailed the drawing and was amazed how accurate the sketch was. Yes, the drawing had profound human characteristics, like many of Harvey’s drawings. The reaction of this witness is almost exactly like ALL OF OUR WITNESSES, the reason, Harvey will sit with the witness and make any corrections until it’s 100% accurate. This is their drawing, not Harvey’s and he is committed to getting it correct.

            The statement could possibly be accurate because of bringing trained professional investigators in the bigfoot research world, “This trend in Bigfoot/Sasquatch faces, I’m afraid, continues in the direction of humanizing them.” I would direct all readers to July 16 1924, front page of the Oregonian newspaper and the title, “ Big Hairy Indians Back of Ape Tale.” You won’t see many senior researchers talking about a series of these articles that appeared in that decade because it doesn’t fit their paradigm. Three Native American tribes held a press conference and explained that the bipeds were not apes, they were a people. People that they traded with, who spoke a language and had special skills that normal humans did not possess. I invite any researcher anywhere in North America and gain the trust of Native American elders, not an easy task. Once you’ve established that trust, ask the elders their opinions of bigfoot (no tribe calls them that), they will uniformly state that they are another tribe of ……people. I have visited dozens of tribes during my years of bigfoot research and have NEVER heard any tribal member call them an ape, gorilla or animal.

            If a bigfoot researcher states, “My critique of Pratt’s drawings are that they all look “beautiful” to readers, but they also seem to all look exactly alike – with subtle differences, but very human and looking like human criminals with more hair,” I would ask him if he observed the response from the witnesses to Harvey’s drawings. Fact, no, the drawings do not all look alike, and the person making this statement has never seen all of Mr. Pratt’s drawing of the biped. The reason the drawings have a human quality to them, maybe he was drawing someone that had the genetics of a human with an exceptionally hairy and muscular body.


David Paulides

North America Bigfoot Search




Blog #183                          March 14, 2013                      Reading and Understanding


During the last several years I’ve had various comments come across our site indicating a readers thoughts and opinions about books, blogs, our site and research. 99% of the people who write to us are making positive statements. One of those writers made a very, very insightful comment about North America Bigfoot Search and our work, stating that we read others work and posted insightful research. It would seem that other groups don’t want to recognize others accomplishments.


When we started to look into the issue of missing people, we scoured the available online research and books that that dealt with the issue. We looked at historical data and current information. As we did with bigfoot research, we read everything we could get our hands on. Remember, we purchased Ray Crowe’s research and much of that is posted on our site. His work included research completed by dozens of other bigfoot researchers from throughout North America and

is now contained on a CD we produced:


I cannot tell you how many times we’ve referred to Ray’s newsletter (Track Record) to locate research done by others.


We will readily acknowledge that we have taken our share of verbal and written abuse from a select few in the bigfoot community. There is one common denominator amongst these individuals, they haven’t read much of what we’ve produced, or, for that matter what anyone has written. It’s hard to respect someone when they make a blatant claim about one of our members or their books when it’s obvious to ANYONE who has read the documents that the individual is trying to manipulate the public opinion by blatantly lying. I’ve never been in a world where people will post opinions about books, research and investigations when the comments aren’t in the least bit supported by the work.


There have been many comments about The Bigfoot DNA study Co-authored by Dr. Ketchum. Myself and our other researchers know exactly what is in the study, how it was constructed, who did the testing and the relevant results. 99% of the comments from the outside world are made to blind others of the study results. These individuals have no idea what the true results contained, or they did and are hoping that the public will believe their attempt at skewing the paper by lying, it’s a horrific scenario that continues to take place. Remember, Dr. Ketchum is listed as the primary author but in reality is only a co-author as many other PhD’s participated in writing and structuring the white paper. I was fortunate to be privy to some conversations from various journals that had viewed the paper. I can confirm with 100% certainty, the paper was refused by some of the biggest journals in the world and THEY NEVER read it. How do we know they didn’t read it? The answers to the questions they posed, and thus the reason for refusal were inside the paper and easily, easily found. In fact, in many of the instances our authors notified the journal of the exact location of the answers and were ignored.


Dr. Ketchum did something and went somewhere where all others had failed, or refused to try. We’ve seen comments on various sites about the study and its completely obvious that few have read it. It seems that society is not ready to accept the results and journals will never give the credit to a group outside academia, thus an early refusal of the white paper was the result. I do wish Dr. Sykes good luck on his research, as it will support our findings.


I will now be changing gears and moving onto missing people and our associated research. The same methodical path we have given to bigfoot, its history and the importance of that historical perspective, we are giving to missing people. We are also adamant to support our work with local, state and federal law enforcement reports and affidavits where needed. Yes, affidavits, something we utilized in the bigfoot world when a witness claimed to a have a sighting, they were required to sign an affidavit or we would not investigate the incident. So, if somebody is lying to us, they are committing a crime. The affidavit causes people to actually READ their report and ensure all relevant facts are correct AND it ensures that there is no manipulation of the sighting report, as there is and continues to be on other websites. How do we know that other organizations have changed reports to fit their theories, we’ve been told by the actual investigators who wrote the report and from the witnesses who filed the report. In short, we are doing everything possible to ensure the data is correct and the information is supported.


The people who have read the “Missing 411” books know that every story is supported by a notation of where the facts in the story were obtained. Many times the facts came from law enforcement reports obtained through a Freedom of Information Act filing. Even in these instances, there have been individuals who have made posts blatantly lying about facts surrounding the case and making statements that we are withholding information. This is an absolutely disgusting and revolting practice as victim families read some of this rubbish. Few in this community want to do the legwork necessary to obtain the reports, read them, interpret the results and apply the thoughts to paper, but they are willing to call us liars, amazing.


One of the most astonishing and remarkable statements made in some posts about the “Missing 411” books is that WE name bigfoot as the culprit. Again, readers understand that I DO NOT name anything or anyone as a suspect in any disappearance. If you are able to identify who or what is doing this, I recommend you contact the appropriate law enforcement agency and file a report, quickly.


Because of the quality of the researchers in our organization, we have been able to make strides in understanding the missing person issue that nobody has ever identified. There are over 32 clusters of missing people in rural areas of North America, maybe more if you divide the state of Pennsylvania. Clusters are not always in locations where people may theorize they should be. They are sometimes in locations that are baffling, yet support our theory because of the factors included in the disappearance.


Our researchers are reading every opinion, thought, book and paper that deals with missing people and abductions. We are finding new missing people that fit our study criteria. We locate a new case almost every week. We locate a new cluster just about every other month.


Fourteen months ago we started down the path of collecting more cases and developing the identification of more clusters. Readers from throughout the world wrote letters to inform us about similar cases in their area and supporting the idea this is a widespread issue. We have had eight different prominent and thought provoking theories presented to us about what may be happening to these missing people. Several of the letters were dozens of pages long, well constructed and thought provoking. Many of the thoughts and ideas we’ve never heard about and pushed us into more reading, studying the concepts and learning about things we never imagined. It’s unimportant at this point to publicly state what these people said as it just detracts from the story behind the missing people. If we started to present everyone’s theory, the theory becomes the story, not the missing person and the facts behind their disappearance. The families and friends of the missing are due the ultimate in respect and dignity and they need more press about their loved ones disappearance, let’s respect that.


During the summer of 2012 I made a presentation to the National Association of Search and Rescue professionals (http://www.nasar.org/) at Harvey’s Resort in Lake Tahoe. This is one of the largest Search and Rescue Conferences in the world. I was one of the conference speakers and presented the findings behind “Missing 411.” At the end of the presentation, there were dozens of searchers that wanted to discuss what they had experienced. The scenarios continue to replicate themselves and are just as baffling to the professionals in the field as they are to us in our homes.


As I stated earlier, it’s difficult for anyone to understand the facts behind each of the “Missing 411” books if you haven’t read them.  It’s difficult to have a conversation about the books if you haven’t read and digested the facts. The books are a straight-forward depiction of a segment of missing people and how their stories are related. There will be and there always have been a segment of the public that for whatever reason does not want you to read the books. Either they believe they can alter your perception and convince you not to buy or borrow the books, but factually, they don’t want you to read them. I have never personally met anyone who has read the books that wasn’t dumbfounded by the stories and what they meant to them. Their awareness of the outdoors is changed forever and the subsequent experience will be different. Every family that takes children into the outdoors should read the books.


On Sunday, March 17 I will again be on “Coast to Coast AM” with George Knapp for another four-hour session, here is a highlight from one of my other appearances: 



This upcoming session with George is going to cover new missing cases, my new book and go into areas never previously discussed. March 17 will be the formal release of “Missing 411-North America and Beyond.” Please do not look for the book anywhere prior to that date, but it will be released in conjunction with the show and will be released through our website.


Buy a book and open your mind.



David Paulides



Blog # 182                                               Clarity                 January 21, 2013


            It’s been awhile since anyone has heard from me on this post, it’s time.

            Harvey Pratt and I made a presentation at the Oklahoma Science Museum last Saturday. We wish to thank the hundreds of supporters that attended and made this event a huge success!!

            There was a good crowd with many great questions. As usual, somebody in the crowd was from another bigfoot group and decided to twist the presentation to fit their attack profile. We need to address some points.

            60% of my presentation dealt with my last two books, “Missing 411.” There is not one mention of this portion of the presentation in the attack blog.

            On the bigfoot section of the lecture I addressed a portion of the book, “The Hunt for Skinwalker” (http://www.amazon.com/Hunt-Skinwalker-Science-Confronts-Unexplained/dp/1416505210/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1358790160&sr=8-1&keywords=the+hunt+for+skinwalker) by Colm Kelleher and George Knapp. I explained that Bigelow Aerospace (http://www.bigelowaerospace.com/) and the National Institute fior the Discovery of Science (Also owned by Mr. Bigelow)had purchased property on a ranch in Utah explicitly to study aerial phenomena that had been reported by previous owners. Understand, billionaire Robert Bigelow owns Bigelow Aerospace and Bigelow Aerospace is the only privately owned group in the world that has their own space station orbiting Earth. They are a very well funded research group that only hires the top PhD’s in the country.

            When Bigelow purchased the ranch, he placed PhD’s and a group of retired FBI agents on the property 24 hours per day, seven days a week to monitor the unusual activity. I explained in the presentation that FBI agents do not lie, they are held to a very high standard and can be forced to take a polygraph test at any time to test their credibility on any issue. If the FBI states that something happened, it’s believable.

            While Bigelow employees were occupying and studying the phenomena on the property, they observed a window frame in the sky on the horizon above a meadow. The frame opened and a creature that looked similar to a bigfoot exited and jumped onto the meadow and ran off.

            It was at this point in the presentation that I explained that credible people, extremely credible people that were placed on the property to specifically study the area documented these incidents and that our research arena shouldn’t discount what was described. The person who decided to attack my presentation stated the following about what was presented:


“Then things got weird when he talked of a person that saw a rectangular window open out of thin air and a Bigfoot step out of it, as well as orbs and other phenomenon, and that we should be open minded.”


            The blogger either wasn’t listening or purposely didn’t want to hear what I was stating. I was explaining the contents of Kelleher and Knapp’s book. As I even stated in the presentation, some people will have a difficult time accepting what was described in the book and they will immediately discount the sighting without understanding the study. If the blogger thought that was weird, maybe she should read the book and understand the study.


Regarding the DNA Study

The world needs to understand that North America Bigfoot Search was the organizer of the study. We orchestrated the search that led to picking Dr. Ketchum to conduct a study of bigfoot DNA. It was our first submission where Dr. Ketchum obtained unusual results from that DNA, as was explained in “Tribal Bigfoot” (http://www.nabigfootsearch.com/tribalbigfoot.html). It was during a Coast-to-Coast segment that George Knapp and I brought Dr. Ketchum onto the show and explained to the world what we were attempting to accomplish. We had already obtained dozens of bigfoot specimens; we were looking for more from a cross section of North America, Coast to Coast got us that.

            I’m smart enough to understand what I don’t know. I don’t understand the complexities of DNA testing. Once the samples were given to Dr. Ketchum, the ball was in her court. While the testing progressed slowly, there was consistent progress and the secrets to its DNA was eventually revealed. Several labs participated in extraction and classification, it was not solely Dr. Ketchum reporting results.

            A team of highly trained scientists was organized by Dr. Ketchum that were used to write the white paper. I was not part of this team and was not privy to their process, testing or formation. When more specimens were needed, I went to groups that were involved, or my own researchers and got the specimens. NABS has no control over where the paper was submitted, the results of those submissions, submission responses or what the exact status is of the paper today, this is in the science teams hands.

            There were three specimens where an entire genome was extracted. One of the three was obtained by an individual that stated he killed a bigfoot. Dr. Ketchum still has a sizeable portion of the specimen left and will (if needed) allow a lab to conduct secondary testing on it to affirm the results obtained by that initial independent lab. There was another specimen sent by friends of this individual to another lab where the results revealed it was a bear. That “friend” that sent the sample is a member of a group that has routinely attacked and slandered NABS many times in the past. I’ve seen photos of each sample, they look entirely different. The proof is in the DNA, period.

            At the end of the Oklahoma presentation, this blogger approached me and asked if I’d be on her internet radio show. I didn’t recognize her or her name and asked who sponsored it. She stated a name of an internet blogger and you-tuber that regularly attacks anyone with an opposing view. I politely declined her request. She then asked if I’d tell her what journals have reviewed the paper, I politely told her that I was under an NDA and could not release that.

            The final paragraph in the bloggers diatribe had this:

“So, in conclusion, I am somewhat surprised that the Science Museum of Oklahoma would host a lecture with unproven theories and so heavily laden with biased opinions and obvious contempt for others involved in Bigfoot research that disagree with their conclusions and public statements.”

            This is a fascinating statement meant as an attempt at character assassination. She NEVER states one theory that she disagreed with or one theory that we even made! She also never made one statement about who we supposedly attacked or had contempt for….

            I should state that the curator/Director of the museum sat through the presentation and commended us on a compelling and interesting program that had people riveted. Since 60% of my presentation dealt with “Missing 411” and the blogger decided to completely ignore that segment, it’s no wonder she’d also twist facts and attempt to discredit a group that has done nothing but attempt to enlighten this research arena and to organized studies and new ideas. We won’t attack others, but we will clarify and correct when others completely misstate the truth, a routine practice in the bigfoot world.


David Paulides


North America Bigfoot Search


Additional Links:

National Institute for the Discovery of Science:http://web.archive.org/web/20071007111321/http://www.nidsci.org/



Blog #            181                        November 23, 2012


The DNA Project/Update  


It’s been many months that myself and members of our team have silently watched the progress of our Bigfoot DNA Project under the guidance of Dr. Melba Ketchum. Silence in this research arena tends to push outsiders to make rash and irresponsible comments. In the technology world, silence about projects is routine, expected and is part of the landscape. In the bigfoot world, people in the past have been boisterous with wild claims, accusations and irresponsible behavior the norm. Our group (North America Bigfoot Search) has been trying to live by a different standard, a professional standard that the rest of the world understands and appreciates.


In the last twelve months you have seen a variety of groups suddenly take interest in bigfoot DNA. Where was that interest four years ago when we started our DNA Project? Dr. Jeff Meldrum has gone to Europe with his interest and utilized the resources of Oxford University in an attempt to develop a DNA sequence on Bigfoot. A weekly show about bigfoot also has just recently found an interest in bigfoot DNA and is trying to exploit this avenue, and there are others. There is not one group that has developed the scientific team and the high number of quality specimens to even come close to what North America Bigfoot Search and Dr. Ketchum’s team of esteemed scientists have accomplished.


The public perception of bigfoot, sasquatch and wild men is about to change forever. It has always been our belief that there would come a time when researchers would no longer be calling them animals, apes and human type gorillas, those statements will be reserved for re-runs of your favorite screamers and tree bangers. Yes, you are reading this correctly, times are about to change. I have consistently stated that we are close to a release date. We are very, very close.


Dr. Ketchum and her team of scientists and laboratories have been able to sequence three complete genomes, getting identical results independently verified by different labs. This is not a casual everyday finding, this will cause the scientific community to stand up and take notice. Many people have claimed to know what our results were, nearly everyone was wrong, even some high profile media people that have just recently made comments, all were wrong.


Dr. Ketchum originally found the combination to unlock bigfoot DNA and utilized top scientists in various fields to validate her results. The results were independently verified with the group silently sitting on these findings for months, as the results were validated a third and fourth time. Remember, this isn’t one total genome sequence; it’s three with dozens and dozens of other findings validating the results. The exact number of specimens, the number of mitochondrial results and the specifics of the scientific white paper will be released very, very soon. The paper is very complex and filled with amazing findings.


Before the world is enveloped in bigfoot, sasquatch mania and we lose sight of the real hero’s of this project, I need to address a few of the VERY best researchers in the world. Scott Carpenter, Richard Hucklebridge, Rob Alley and Harvey Pratt have contributed to the knowledge base of the scientists in a way never before accomplished. It was the vision and professional manner that these fine men have and the ability to overcome public ridicule and outright hostility that changed the course of the understanding of bigfoot forever. Where the majority of bigfoot researchers failed in getting specimens on multiple occasions utilizing innovative methods, these men did it.


The one person that was able to unlock the safe to understanding bigfoot DNA, Dr. Melba Ketchum. Where every other scientist gave up and claimed contamination, Dr. Ketchum continued to move forward. Where every other scientist was unable to turn the corner, Dr. Ketchum did. This lady did not understand the word “defeat,” she is a true pioneer in her field!


We need to express a sincere “Thank You” to the dozens of others who politely and professionally contributed to our project and the pool of specimens. We could not have done this without you!! Your patience and adherence to the Non-Disclosure Agreement shows your belief in the project and your stoic professionalism.


The days ahead are going to be exciting.


Happy Holidays



David Paulides


North America Bigfoot Search







Blog # 180                    An Open Perspective                  March 14, 2012



In the past I’ve written about the similarities between the UFO world and the Bigfoot/Sasquatch research arena. If anyone spends time investigating both segments, they will find one glaring difference, the UFO world in North America is united under MUFON (http://www.mufon.com/BecomeAFieldInvestigator.html ) and UFO Magazine (http://www.ufomag.com/). The bigfoot world can’t find common ground or a common theme to unite.


We’ve always stated that if you don’t read, if you don’t open yourself or your organization to dialogue on different topics, you are stuck in your own paradigm, you will learn nothing.


I recently finished a New York Times Best Seller written by Pulitzer Prize winning author and Physician John Mack. Dr. Mack was a psychiatrist at Harvard University Medical School and an authority on the experiences of alien abductees. His university and peers initially chastised him until they started to read his studies. Harvard actually conducted a confidential investigation of Dr. Mack’s work, they eventually exonerated him of any misconduct but did allege minor methodological errors, no action was ever taken against him. “Abduction” was Dr. Mack’s book written about experiences of abductees and published by Ballantine Books in 1994 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Edward_Mack).


In September 2004 Dr. Mack was living in London and was walking home with family and friends after dinner. A drunk driver hit the doctor and fatally injured him.


Dr. Mack’s work is very revealing and forever placed the alien abduction issue into a different paradigm for anyone studying the topic. He stated that abductees were having a real experience and the similarities in the stories could not be fabricated. The book explains how abductees when taken are frozen in place and paralyzed, yet have all other mental facilities .

**Let’s stop here and review a similarity.

We’ve read many bigfoot witness reports where they were camping and usually sleeping in a tent. The witness hears bipedal sounds or a roar and sometimes even observes a huge shadow. Witnesses state they want to talk yet cannot, they sometimes explain that they try to move and cannot. Refer to the attached bigfoot report, scroll to investigators note for details on paralysis (http://www.bfro.net/gdb/show_report.asp?id=28207).


A familiar theme in Dr. Mack’s book about “Abduction” is the victim seeing a figure, the victim goes unconscious and they awake surrounded by aliens that appear in a variety of forms. Some victims see the common grey alien, some see the Viking and others report seeing a bigfoot looking figure on the craft. Seeing a bigfoot on a spacecraft is not unique.


Another routine element in abductions is missing time. The abductee goes unconscious and when revived, they have lost a significant period of time. Yes, there are bigfoot witnesses that have also experienced a loss of time, refer to the attached report  http://skyshipsovercashiers.com/bigfootet.htm). Scroll down to "Spacecraft Overhead during Bigfoot Sighting", this occurred in the Manistee National Forest in Michigan.


If you haven’t heard enough about the connection between bigfoot and UFO’s, you need to purchase “Silent Invasion by Stan Gordon, The Pennsylvania-UFO Bigfoot Casebook." The book places UFO’s and bigfoot in the same time/space in Pennsylvania (http://www.ufomystic.com/2008/02/10/ufo-bigfoot-connections/). Stan does a great job explaining the relationship and making it blatantly clear, this happened. On page 196, paragraph 1-2, Gordon writes,


“The young ladies were in a conversation when suddenly their attention was drawn to a sight that they would never forget. Coming across the road and running toward a wooded area was a seven-eight-foot-tall bigfoot like creature which was covered with white hair.”


“Seeing the albino, hairy creature was strangely enough, but there was another detail which added to this mystery. The creature was carrying a luminescent sphere in one hand. “


Shortly after this event a father of one of the girls went further down into the property and saw something in the sky that projected a beam onto the ground.


One question we need to ask each researcher in Pennsylvania, what was it about Pennsylvania that caused this to occur, or, has this been happening in other states and just not reported?


The sphere (orb) of light has been also associated with bigfoot on many occasions. The Colville Indian Reservation in the Cascades of Northern Washington has had a long history of odd lights/orbs; it is also a central point for many bigfoot sightings in that region. There was an article written by “Silvereagle” in 2007 that stated bigfoot researchers Shelly Binkley and Ray Rosa saw a bigfoot ”transition into an orb in front of their eyes.” Ron Morehead and team also saw the orbs and lights during the taping of the Sierra Sounds. Orbs were seen moving between and around the trees coupled by very bright lights.


George Knapp and Colm Kelleher wrote “The Hunt for Skinwalker” (http://www.rense.com/general69/skinw.htm), the story of unusual aerial phenomena, bigfoot and crypto ground creatures seen at a rural ranch in Utah. A team of physicists and retired FBI agents still occupy the ranch and are studying the phenomena. Former residents and staff had seen Bigfoot type creatures and other crypto type mammals. From page 137-140 the authors describe orbs or spheres of light that are seen and have been seen on the ranch for many years, all in the same area as the bigfoot and crypto creatures.


Bigfoot believers need to stop and think through this clearly. If you were willing to believe witnesses about their bigfoot sighting, why wouldn’t you believe their sighting of orbs and UFO’s? Is the jump from bigfoot to orbs and UFO’s too big of a jump to comprehend and accept?


I have a longtime friend who was a bigfoot witness. They told me that if I ever wanted to believe bigfoot was related to UFO’s, they wouldn’t speak to me any further. I believe that is someone who is having a difficult time opening their mind and accepting people’s statements. If you are willing to accept a bigfoot sighting, start believing the UFO/orb sighting. The number of people from all walks of life that have reported abduction experiences is very high, are we going to discount every story, it only takes one to be true?  David Paulides actually wrote about a sighting of a UFO by a US Forest Service team (Tribal Bigfoot-http://www.nabigfootsearch.com/tribalbigfoot.html) in Northern California, are they believable? This observation was made in an area of bigfoot sightings.


Understand something very, very clear, we are not stating that bigfoot and UFO’s are one in the same, we don’t know. We do believe that bigfoot and UFO’s have been seen in the same area simultaneously, expertly documented by Stan Gordon, Colm Kelleher and George Knapp. We believe that orbs have been seen in the vicinity of a bigfoot sighting. We understand that some bigfoot witnesses have experienced symptoms and physical effects quite similar to abduction victims. Do we now stop our research into the possibility of a connection between UFO’s and bigfoot?


Always Walk in Pairs in the Woods

Comments to: nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com 





Blog # 179                   Missing 411            3/4/12


As I have continually stated on this blog for the last several years, this research arena is truly amazing. People continue to twist the truth and demean others at a nonstop pace. Some are willing to turn their backs on others based on something read on an anonymous blog, amazing.


“Missing 411” was released three days ago and there are already people making comments that are outright lies. It’s so blatantly obvious that people haven’t read the book and decide to tell the world something that isn’t true. “Missing 411” is about people who have disappeared under highly unusual circumstances in remote areas of North America. I have gone to great lengths to avoid giving an opinion about what is causing these disappearances. If you listened to the Jeff Rense interview and IF YOU READ the book you’ll understand that I want this book to be about the victims.


The missing people and their families have gone through one of the worst family tragedies anyone can imagine. Let them have their moment, let the victims get the publicity they need to expose the disappearance.


The stories of how federal agencies treat the circumstances of the missing, how the clusters of missing are identified and how certain elements in stories seem to have a common bond are all vital parts of the book that need to be read to be understood. I don’t need my opinion about what may be happening to these people for this story to be compelling.


The first book that I released deals with disappearances in the western United States and Canada. The second book deals with the eastern United States and with special sections dealing with sheepherders, berry pickers and farmers/ranchers. This second book also has a master list of all missing and some general overall conclusions drawing together certain consistencies and elements that stories bring together.


This research world needs to be more grounded and respectful. If you truly believe that anyone in this organization would spend 3+ years investigating a phenomena that is as sensitive as missing children and adults, and deliver that in anything less then the most respectful of methods, well, then you need to spend time with people who care about others and their life changing circumstances, we have.

Don’t believe rumors. If you have any questions about the content of any of our books, send us an email. We pride ourselves in answering all correspondence.


David Paulides




Blog #                    Missing 411


As I have continually stated on this blog for the last several years, this research arena is truly amazing. People continue to twist the truth and demean others at a nonstop pace. Some are willing to turn their backs on others based on something read on an anonymous blog, amazing.


“Missing 411” was released three days ago and there are already people making comments that are outright lies. It’s so blatantly obvious that people haven’t read the book and decide to tell the world something that isn’t true. “Missing 411” is about people who have disappeared under highly unusual circumstances in remote areas of North America. I have gone to great lengths to avoid giving an opinion about what is causing these disappearances. If you listened to the Jeff Rense interview and IF YOU READ the book you’ll understand that I want this book to be about the victims.


The missing people and their families have gone through one of the worst family tragedies anyone can imagine. Let them have their moment, let the victims get the publicity they need to expose the disappearance.


The stories of how federal agencies treat the circumstances of the missing, how the clusters of missing are identified and how certain elements in stories seem to have a common bond are all vital parts of the book that need to be read to be understood. I don’t need my opinion about what may be happening to these people for this story to be compelling.


The first book that I released deals with disappearances in the western United States and Canada. The second book deals with the eastern United States and with special sections dealing with sheepherders, berry pickers and farmers/ranchers. This second book also has a master list of all missing and some general overall conclusions drawing together certain consistencies and elements that stories bring together.


This research world needs to be more grounded and respectful. If you truly believe that anyone in this organization would spend 3+ years investigating a phenomena that is as sensitive as missing children and adults, and deliver that in anything less then the most respectful of methods, well, then you need to spend time with people who care about others and their life changing circumstances, we have.

Don’t believe rumors. If you have any questions about the content of any of our books, send us an email. We pride ourselves in answering all correspondence.


David Paulides









Blog # 177        Liability                                                                 02/28/12




Over the last 50 years there have been many theories about why the government won’t acknowledge the existence of bigfoot. As I have stated in previous blogs, there are parallels between UFO and bigfoot researchers and their study arenas, many I have never discussed.


As many UFO researchers have proven, our government has been studying the topic for years, Project Blue Book (http://bluebookarchive.org/) is absolute proof they took the issue seriously and committed resources to investigate. Many researchers would allege that Blue Book was a farce, but the fact remains the government did put forth resources, probably to develop a comprehensive strategy of denial. The Majestic 12 document (http://www.ufocasebook.com/documents.html)  is another example of high-ranking government officials developing a strategy to deal with the issue.


How do we know the government has knowledge that bigfoot exists, because they have reports from government scientists explaining their observation of a bigfoot in the wild. There is also confirmation at one point a top administrators in the Department of Interior has studied bigfoot and spent time in the field casting prints. We’ll explain more about these at a later time, but we are walking down a path, stay with me.


Since we are closing in on definitive identification of bigfoot through DNA analysis, many may believe the government is developing a strategy to acknowledge the existence of the biped, no way! Our government has known of bigfoot’s existence for at least 40+ years, probably longer.


Some of the reasons that bigfoot researchers believe our government will never acknowledge the biped:

1.    The government would need to allocate open space to their survival.

2.    Acknowledgement of the species would restrict logging and other outdoor activities.

3.    If they are proven to be a tribe of Native Americans, the government would need to compensate them at some level.

4.    A special governmental agency would need to be implemented to address their survival needs.

None of these are true.


In the future you will be introduced to an element of bigfoot behavior that is rarely discussed, routinely ignored and reprehensible in thought. If the government never admits knowledge of a libelous issue on property under their control, they cannot be held liable, this was specifically told to two of our researchers while investigating a specific topic. Be patient, the epiphany of this libelous issue will make its presence in the coming months.


If you need to be hit over the head with a new idea, it won’t happen here.


Enjoy the great outdoors!

Always walk in pairs when in the woods.

Questions and comments to: nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com


Blog #116                       Summer Camps & Rural Schools


I’ve meant to write this blog for the last several months but the moment that pushed me came this morning.


My son attends Miami University in Oxford Ohio. He was recruited to play for their ice hockey team while he was in the United States Hockey League. Ben is a freshman this year when Miami came out ranked as the #1 team in division one ice hockey in the NCAA, quite a accomplishment, they have since dropped in the rankings but are on a great seven game stretch.


For people who do not know ice hockey, players give themselves nicknames, always given by others and usually playful and good-natured. Ben’s teammates soon realized I had penned a couple of books on bigfoot and approached him about his beliefs, he explained he was a believer and soon got the nickname of “Squatch.”


As with any group of intelligent people, you will have some that believe and some who do not, the team was fairly evenly split on their thoughts. Well, one of the teams senior members had told Ben in the past that he was not a believer, this is a guy who is well respected and is a leader on the team, times have changed. Last night that same team member approached Ben and said he had something to tell him. He stated that his younger brother had recently told him a story about being at summer camp and seeing a bigfoot outside his dorm. The player told Ben that his brother would never lie about this and the encounter has changed his belief system. At this point the names of the involved people will remain anonymous but I do hope to meet the witness when I’m in Oxford next week.


The point of the story is that the number of bigfoot witnesses is far beyond what most people believe. The television shows where supposed researchers are doing absurd things in the woods, behavior by other supposed “researchers” towards each other and a long line of historical hoaxes have sent many witnesses underground for fear of ridicule and humiliation. Times will start to change in the coming year, guaranteed. We believe that the public is getting tired of the same story, the same absurd attempts at contact and the demeaning quality of bigfoot research today.


There is one more critical element and point to the story at summer camp. During my years of reading thousands of witness encounters and descriptions, kids and children having encounters at summer camps and rural schools is a continuous and ongoing event throughout North America. It’s humorous to read about researchers wanting to travel deep into the woods to have an encounter. Bigfoot advocates would have much more success staying on the perimeter of a scouting camp in the woods, a rural school or even a church camp. I can guarantee that dozens of encounters are occurring annually throughout North America at the hundreds of summer camps in rural locations.


NABS has been sitting on a witnesses affidavit for several years as we get closer to the optimum time to release it, I will release some details. The witness was a young girl at a summer church camp on the fringe of a national forest. She was returning to her dorm hall (this was a large room with many bunkbeds) after dinner and found a bigfoot sitting on a top bunk across the dorm from where she entered. The bigfoot looked at the witness and then left out the open dorm window. This area has a long, long history of bigfoot encounters.


There are many other stories where a group of Boy Scouts are camped in the woods and a bigfoot is seen watching the group from a perimeter position(http://www.bfro.net/gdb/show_report.asp?id=6170). Other stories of a rural school where a bigfoot is watching the kids on the playground or other day camp stories (http://www.oregonbigfoot.com/report_detail.php?id=00052). These stories are scattered throughout the web and demonstrate a continuous, inquisitive behavior on the part of bigfoot. If some organizations started to read their own websites, they may find an avenue for serious research rather then providing humor for the the world watching their series.


Children have occupied a large part of my private and research life for the last few years. Yes, I have continued to coach hockey, something I’ve done for over a decade, but children have also been and integral part of my research life, something that the public will understand after my two books will be released in the near future. The research topic I have been working turned into a very large manuscript that we split between the western and eastern United States. Each book is approximately 400-pages. No, the topic of the books will remain confidential until they are released. I have had several people read the books for editing, opinion and opinions for the back cover, here is one partial statement from a noted celebrity:

“At a minimum this story deserves space on the front page of every newspaper in the country, and it warrants a formal high level inquiry into the federal agencies whose files leave little doubt that something very strange is happening in our wilderness.”


Stay tuned, 2012 will be the biggest year in the history of bigfoot since 1967.

Always walk in pairs in the woods.

Opinions to nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com













Blog #115   Taking a Bigfoot Specimen

The question of whether it’s ethical for a bigfoot organization to participate in a hunt for a specimen has had much media attention in the last several months. The issue got instant visibility when a retired forest ranger from Oklahoma made a presentation at the Honobia Bigfoot Conference. He named the organization (TBRC) and he named the individual that had been staying at a local cabin hunting the biped. The ranger stated that he thought the group was conducting research, not attempting to collect a dead specimen. TBRC went into the woods, apparently observed a bigfoot and fired a massive barrage of bullets in an attempt to bring it down. The shooters apparently did not know the background they were shooting into as two hikers were in the field of fire. The hikers ran back to their car and took a near death ride out of the area thinking they were being tracked and killed. The hikers vehicle was damaged during their subsequent escape. The local sheriff was called and was able to interview the TBRC shooter. The sheriff confirmed the story just as it was written above.

NABS is not in the business of embarrassing individuals involved in the shooting but it is important to understand what can happen in the woods. The retired ranger was irate when he heard what TBRC was doing in his woods. He sent NABS a copy of a check TBRC sent to the hikers for damage to their vehicle and an apology letter from their accountant. Again, we won’t print it because we don’t want to embarrass the people involved but we also think it’s valid to show the public what a groups policy is on this issue.

TBRC was officially on the ranger’s property and Alton Higgins is the chairman and biologist of the group. He had publicly stated in the past that a specimen needs to be taken; I guess public ridicule has started to have an affect, a minor affect. The attached link explains the group’s position (  
http://www.texasbigfoot.com/index.php/news/news/191-wordfromchairman). TBRC is now stating they are taking a neutral position on the collection of a bigfoot specimen.

Any competent hunter lives by a set of moral and ethical rules when they are in the woods. Rule number one, you don’t shoot at anything unless you are absolutely positive what you are about to kill. TBRC wants to kill a biped and then figure out what they shot, hmm. There has never been a shred of physical evidence that there is a wild gorilla or ape living in the wilds of North America, none. It is illegal in many states to hunt any mammal that is not a named game species in season, how could this activity be legally or morally justified?
Nobody can definitively state what species a bigfoot/sasquatch may be.
It is against the law to hunt a species not named in a state-hunting guide.
If bigfoot were human, it would be a felony to shoot or injure it.

NABS respects the opinions of competent researchers and amateur enthusiasts. The woods become a dangerous place when some compromise the safety of others and show no regard for established laws.

Always walk in pairs in the woods.
Opinions can be forwarded to: nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com



Blog #114      DNA Project Update

NABS and Dr. Ketchum have been deluged with questions about the status of the DNA Project. Dr. Ketchum and the team have

been buried with meeting the requirements that comes with a science paper of this magnitude. Dr. Ketchum has decided to respond personally and put many of the questions to rest, here is her update:

Ok, for the sake of time ( and I hope all of you understand), I will answer everyone publicly here. I keep getting a lot of emails from people wanting to know the status of the project. Though I cannot give details or timing, I will assure everyone that all is well and we are continuing to move forward. Good science cannot be forced or quickly completed. If it is not extremely thorough, then... it will all be for naught and any paper rejected outright. So, I ask you to be patient and understanding and realize that extreme scientific overkill is required in order to convince a world full of skeptical scientists. "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof". This is what we are doing. When we started this, I thought we would be finished in a few weeks, but instead as Sasquatch are known to do, they threw us curve balls even with their DNA which can be as elusive as they are. Thank goodness we are past that! As a result, we have assembled a renowned team, each of us with our own specialties to make this project "extraordinary". If everyone will hang in there, I promise it will be worth the wait. We have the proof, now just give us the opportunity to present it in a form that will even convince skeptics. Thanks so much for all of your emails and support. Best wishes to all. Melba Ketchum.



Blog #113                     Call Blasting

I recently read that a few people in the bigfoot world were arguing about who was responsible for the first call blasting, that is humorous.

When I first entered the bigfoot arena call blasting appeared to be an easy method to generate an interaction and confirm the biped was in the area. I thought it would be fun and entertaining; my views have changed, drastically.

The more I was around intelligent and informed researchers I started to realize the inherent risks associated with the call blasting technique. First, how would we know at this point in research what we were blasting? Are we calling them an obscene name in their language, are we challenging them to a fight, are we telling them that we are invading their territory, correct, we don’t know. This would be similar to traveling into a racially mixed neighborhood and blasting something into their streets without the knowledge of what you were saying, you may not come out alive!

In building a relationship with the biped we need to instill trust, respect and communication, verbal, sign language or other. Imagine you were a farmer or rancher and you owned 500 acres of land adjacent to a National Forest. One weekend night a group of teenagers drive into the forest and start blasting their stereos into the serene environment you’ve learned to appreciate, how would you feel? You might feel violated, angry and you might even feel like retaliating. Now, imagine you are a bigfoot and someone enters your forest, the forest you occupy day in and day out and they start blasting something into your serene woods. The blast may scare a deer you are stalking or even children in your clan, we don’t know. We can confirm that the blasters have NO IDEA what they are saying, none.

I recently attended the Oklahoma Bigfoot conference and probably learned more on our topic in three days that I’d learned the previous year. There was a preponderance of common sense flowing through the conference, people were talking rationally and respectfully and we were exchanging ideas. I’ve known for many years that I’ve believed bigfoot is a human based biped, what I failed to apply is the thinking that humans apply to other humans and apply that to bigfoot.

For years researchers have gone into the woods and commanded or demanded the respect and admiration of all creatures, including bigfoot, this attitude has reaped little or no return. Blasting loud sounds, taking large groups and occupying their ground, disturbing their environment and failing to respect the land and their home has been a failure of many associated in the bigfoot world. There is one consistency that can be viewed by people who have had a purposeful encounter.

When we are driving down a mountain road, turn the corner and see the biped, that is accidental and this does represent a majority of the sightings reported.  The voluntary sightings, the sightings where bigfoot allows itself to be seen, many of those are never reported because witnesses dream of a second opportunity. Many of these encounters occur with children, women and sometimes the elderly. A far rarer encounter would be with a middle-aged man. Men have the habit of needing control, demanding to be the alpha in the encounter, thus there is usually no encounter. Children are the innocent witness, will do no harm to the biped and don’t demand the dominant role, either would most adult females.

With the assistance of highly enlightened and informed practitioners, my view of the bigfoot world has significantly evolved. I believe that people need to give up control, bring down your guard and place the control aspect of the encounter in the hands of our friends, if you want the encounter. Are their risks, absolutely? Are their rewards, maybe the reward of a lifetime? I can’t completely endorse the practice publicly because there is an associated risk and it may at times be significant. I can tell you that placing yourself in that vulnerable position may be the best chance you ever have of a bigfoot encounter. You may need to leave cameras and firearms at the car and wander into a meadow, alone. You might need to bring a good book, play some Native American music and find a comfortable meadow to sit and relax. I would always leave behind organic apples and I’d probably take a bite out of at least one to ensure they knew it was safe.

Many of you may be thinking that I’ve lost my marbles and smoked the hooka, no, not even close. Think of the many times you’ve seen a bigfoot television show and their groups call blasting, have they ever been effective at seeing the biped? Why would we continue to utilize techniques that have never been successful? Personally, I’m not an advocate of game cameras. With several hundred thousand cameras out in the wild of North America, how many quality photos of bigfoot have been captured? Is your effort with the game camera going to be different?

The application of the above listed strategy cannot hurt anyone. It won’t play great on a cable TV shows, but I really don’t care. Imagine the people in your life who you’ve had a quality relationship, those were probably the same people that showed respect for your thoughts, ideas and your space. If bigfoot is a human based biped, why would they have feelings any different than ours?

Always Walk In Pairs in The Woods and Carry a Personal Transponder.
Opinions and Email to nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com




Blog #112- Censorship by the National Parks
    Several weeks ago a team of our researchers were working a perimeter area of a national park and decided to enter the park to purchase lunch. The team browsed various items in the gift shop/restaurant and went to the counter to purchase their sandwiches. When they were at the counter, the manger saw their shirts (NABS logo’s) and asked if we sold items with our logo on it? The researcher got the name of the manager and stated that he would have one of our people contact him.
    Two weeks after the initial contact in the gift shop we did speak with the manager. These were very nice people, knew our books and logo items would sell in the store and had gone to their buyer to open a purchasing agreement. The buyer told the manager that they couldn’t sell any bigfoot/sasquatch related items at the order of the liaison between business owners inside the park and the local National park administrators. The buyer stated that they had several conversations about this topic in the past and that the administration at this national park was not going to budge, the managers were disappointed.
    We are withholding the name of the national park so that the people running the gift store won’t lose their business when it’s time to renew with the park. I can tell you that this is a very controlling position by the National park Service. The buyer did contact us and stated that the park reinforced their position by stating they don’t want visitors to be confused about mammals actually inside their park so they don’t want anything about bigfoot, it might confuse the visitor, hmm. I think our government was established with freedom of speech and this type of censorship doesn’t put the national park service in a good light. Maybe the same gift store shouldn’t carry teddy bears because they don’t want children to think grizzly bears are cozy….
    We are torn in what to do in this situation. We don’t want to name the park and possibly injure the future business of the gift store and their operators. We also don’t want to let the national park system off the hook in the censorship involved in not carrying our items. We are interested in your thoughts. Contact us directly at;
Always walk in pairs in the woods. 




Blog #111         Setting the Record Straight.....Again

It seems that I am constantly correcting the public record for the DNA Project, it's an unfortunate situation.

Some bloggers do not hold themselves to a journalistic standard in their stories, this is the reason I am prompted again correct a completely erroneous post. Multiple participants in the project sent me the blog and asked me to respond.

Most journalists require two independent sources to write a story, sometimes, if the one source is willing to sign an affidavit of fact and allow themselves to be quoted, the writer will go with one source, but the world knows that one source. In the case I am addressing, this blogger didn't reveal her source yet leveled a negative opinion based on erroneous facts in her article. **it's unimportant who made this statement (thus we are not listing the name) and this response is not meant to embarrass them of their site, we merely want to set the record straight.

The blogger was writing an article about Derek Randle and in the middle of the first paragraph and completely out of context inserts the following;

"I am not a fan of Melba Ketchum because I find her NDA's unethical. She is being paid to conduct DNA testing and that does not give her ownership of the samples." The writer gives two reasons for stating she is not a big fan of Dr. Ketchum's, no other reasons were cited.

Reason #1-"Dr. Ketchum does give her ownership of the samples." This is 100% false, see the attached. I have placed a photo of the first paragraph of everyone's NDA in the DNA Project. EVERYONE owns their samples, from cradle to grave, this never changes. Dr. Ketchum never claims ownership of the samples and has never asked. After the tests are completed, the supplier of the sample still owns the sample.

Reason #2-"She is being paid to conduct DNA Testing." There are few groups that have paid for DNA testing, very few. 90% of everyone who has participated is charged nothing for the process. The costs of participating is being absorbed by an independent benefactor who has interest in the topic, who has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars towards this project, and, he's still contributing. I can tell you for a fact that NABS has paid for test kits and materials, never has Dr. Ketchum ever asked us for money to compensate her time.

It will be a fact that certain elements in our world will continue to try to blur the truth about the DNA Project and its participants. As I have stated before, unless it is publicly stated by NABS, Dr. Ketchum or another participant currently in the project, check the source and then ask us for confirmation.


David Paulides



Blog #110     Stand Tall

We’ve received dozens of emails questioning the DNA study, attacks leveled at DNA researchers and the constant diatribe by bigfoot bloggers. These attacks were expected from the same segment of our world that has a long history of attacks when the victim has information that cast a shadow on their hypothesis, emailers don’t fret.

The bigfoot/sasquatch world has been trapped in a 1960’s mentality for almost 50 years. The last great photos or footage of the biped was in 1967 and no group has made a substantial push to scientifically validate the biped, at least publicly.

NABS purchased the research of Ray Crowe when he retired. Ray had extensive information on a variety of topics, most people ignored or put no credence. NABS knew that Ray had a gold mine of information in a newsletter he published, “The Track record.” Every month for 17 years Ray wrote the newsletter and distributed it across North America (
http://www.nabigfootsearch.com/TrackRecord.html). Prior to purchasing Ray’s research, NABS had read ALL of the Track Records and knew exactly what we were getting. We understood that people had difficulty accessing specific information in the Track Record because there was no index. NABS spent almost a year indexing the Track Record and scanning it into a CD format, 3000 pages of documents on many unusual anomalies. We use the Track Record index on a daily basis because of the value of the reports Ray wrote.

The information in the Track Record assisted in giving NABS direction in our research. Ray wrote many credible articles about Native American beliefs and how they related to a variety of crypto topics. A question we routinely ask ourselves is why the old guard of the bigfoot research world completely discounted the Native American and Native Canadian beliefs about bigfoot/sasquatch? It seems this old guard went completely Ape and discounted any idea that the biped could have a predominant human dimension. This old guard wrote countless books proclaiming the biped was an ape or gorilla and still make presentations pushing that hypothesis.

During the review of the Track Record, it quickly became obvious to us that somewhere or somehow the old guard either didn’t read, didn’t research or put no credibility in the Native Canadian or Native American belief and history with the biped. They decided to push their own belief system and attempt to squash, humiliate, embarrass or bully any other researcher with a contrary view (As is being seen today with the DNA study).

During the last decade there have been several DNA tests done by a variety of people, some with the ape hypothesis. ALL of the studies have shown a more human genetic profile for the biped then anything close to ape or gorilla. The interesting part of this story is that each incident stops short of a complete genome series being completed, quite odd. Considering that some of the ape theorists are scientists and understand DNA testing, but they want us to believe that they never completed the process to understand the genetic alignment. NABS believes that genetic testing has been completed by at least one of these scientists and they didn’t like the results, it didn’t fit his hypothesis and the results were concealed from public view.

When NABS started to walk the path for DNA testing we knew we’d need specimens. We initially thought that this must be a very formidable task since no other bigfoot research group had been successful even with LARGE funding from a benefactor. NABS had a series of meetings with researchers, most not known to you, we developed a theory of how to subtly take hair off the biped without causing injury and to continue to take their hair without them knowing it was occurring, it worked. It has worked dozens of times in several states across North America. Our system involved getting the root with the hair, as a bigfoot hair without a root is useless for DNA extraction.

Dr. Ketchum was working on extracting DNA (
) from our hairs when we started to realize that we would like a wider swath of genetic history from more states and provinces. Dr Ketchum and Dave Paulides went on George Knapp’s Coast-to-Coast radio show and made a public plea for more bigfoot hair, oh we hit gold. People understood we were mounting a serious effort and they contributed, other bigfoot research groups and individuals that had been rebuffed in the past by other groups all contributed validated bigfoot hair.

This study has been a lesson in understanding and compassion for people who had a belief. A few of the participants were labeled by other groups as not credible (Yes, the people who believe bigfoot is an ape), yet it was these people that gave us great specimens and specific insight into bigfoot behavior that we can guarantee is factual and valuable to our research. Many of these people have been in the background for too long and their views have been ignored, that will hopefully soon change if the study supports their beliefs.

NABS has told many supporters not to respond to the critics and naysayers and not to lower themselves to their level. In a yelling match the person screaming the loudest looks like the fool, not the person who calmly and quietly attempts to speak their mind. Trust me, the critics will get louder and more vocal as their perceived expertise is threatened and their income stream comes to an end. We knew the attacks would happen and will continue to happen as long as the public gives them a podium in which to spout.

The DNA project will not be the final project for NABS. We are 80% completed with a parallel study on bigfoot/sasquatch behavior that will cripple the belief system of many of the researchers in the ape arena. This has been a three+ year study that has revealed astonishing data that nobody has ever touched. We have never been an organization to put forth hollow promises and this will be another valuable piece to the bigfoot/sasquatch puzzle.

There are so many pieces to the bigfoot/sasquatch puzzle that few are addressing. We aren’t sure what supposed “professional” bigfoot researchers have been doing in the last 50 years as they haven’t met a scientific criteria for acknowledgement of the biped and aren’t sure why this hasn’t been pursued, or has it and you haven’t been told? We are speaking of the researchers that have been supported through documentaries, funding from other wealthy researchers (Yes, there is one very wealthy researcher that has been building his base by paying others) and sales of their own products.

NABS has received several inquiries from visitors about why we haven’t done a documentary or TV series. We won’t participate in an effort where we don’t have editorial authority over the final product. We won’t allow our research to be manipulated or edited to the point of bending the truth. We won’t enter into a contract where the audience is taken into the woods and the effort doesn’t produce an educational experience for the viewer and researcher. There are too many shows where the audience is manipulated, lied to and there is NO RESEARCH occurring on screen, we won’t be a party to this type of production and we won’t allow this topic to be used as humor. How can we make these promises, because we know we can continually produce an educational experience based on specific locations we are studying.

We need to stand together, proud and professional as the DNA study gets closer to being released. The result of the study is the star of the show, not the researchers. We cannot fall into factions and start to lose sight of our efforts and goal. Adversaries want us to fight, want us to fall apart and appear to the public to be bottom feeders and uneducated crypto creeps, don’t bite. The vast majority of the public doesn’t read or visit the websites that are in the business of causing turmoil, don’t worry. We sincerely appreciate the hundreds of emails supporting this effort!



Blog #109- The Bigfoot DNA Project

This bigfoot world is an amazing place with equally amazing people.
As the leader of the organization that started the Bigfoot DNA project, the organization that has supplied the most specimens and the person who is sitting on the sidelines watching statements made about our supposed results, I am highly disappointed in some people, people that asked to join the project, people who were embraced and given opportunity and specified access.

The statements you are reading in the media about our supposed results hurt all members of our team, members that have sat on the sidelines, kept their secrets to themselves, quietly and professionally did their jobs and chose to abide by an understanding that nobody would make statements until the scientific white paper was printed in a science journal.

Certain individuals that were allowed to join the project have personal objectives that were more important to them then the teams objectives, something that can never be compromised when you’re a member of a progressive team, the team always comes first. If you’ve ever been a member of a team, any team, the success of that team brings ongoing discoveries and synergy that can last for years. This team overcame significant obstacles, weathered the storm, stayed together, the consummate word “together”, and they had compassion for others feelings and concerns. To borrow a statement I continually heard from my years of playing on sports teams, “There is no “I” in team.”

I’ve been at this for over six years and continually on the DNA Project for three. Standing next to me for these years is a group of phenomenal researchers that haven’t asked for publicity, leaked information or tried to upstage their partners. We have all stood in line, quietly and respectfully waiting for the scientists, writers, hair and fiber experts and other contractors to complete their tasks, it has been lengthy

The reason why we took the DNA path is because of the aggressive assertions some researchers have made about the biped. DNA is the fingerprint of life, DNA identifies what the biped is, and we then have an indisputable answer. Remember, this isn’t a one or two specimen; these are samples from across North America. This isn’t one laboratory doing the testing; several have crosschecked the work of others. There is a specific story line about each of the specimens, how they were obtained, witnessed and how they are associated with the biped.

I can guarantee that the information you are reading in the media is but a shot glass of sludge on a mountain of data. The people releasing the information have extremely fragmented data on two of our 100+ samples. These people are not DNA experts, have never worked in that field yet feels compelled to let the world know their opinions. When we started the process of accumulating specimens we had hoped for a dozen, the project slowly grew and momentum took hold and we started to get inquiries from across North America. The results have been nothing short of enlightening, encouraging and surprising.

Dr. Melba Ketchum is the star of this team. Yes, we did interview a variety of scientists prior to enlisting Dr. Ketchum’s services, but she had the interest, background and demeanor to work with a variety of personalities and professions and be successful in the endeavor. Without Dr. Ketchum’s nonstop commitment to this study, it would never have reached the point it has today. She has attempted to balance a myriad of interests while keeping a professional and polite demeanor; she should get a gold medal for her efforts.

The next time you read anything associated with our project, understand that unless it comes directly from Dr. Ketchum, nobody has all of the results. There is only one DNA expert who has all the data sitting in front of them, Dr. Ketchum. There will always be people in this world who want to inflict pain and suffering into others who have worked years at a project, for little or no compensation, and it’s those people that gain some level of satisfaction in knowing they’ve inflicted that pain, taken the air out of that balloon, it’s those people I feel sorry for, for it’s those people who don’t understand that there is a far greater success in being a member of a group and not being an individual.

Thank you Dr. Ketchum for your nonstop commitment to this project!

Yes, we are still accepting specimens for DNA testing. The DNA Project has a benefactor who pays for the testing process, the testing process and examination by a hair and fiber expert costs the submitter nothing. If you are interested in submitting a sample, please contact me directly.

Thank you to each of you who have participated and supported each member of our team. You have my personal apology that this process has taken three years, but great results take time, it will be worth the wait.

David Paulides




Blog# 108            Native Americans and First Nations People

    There are times in our history that aren’t flattering to our Native American people. There had been significant bad press in the early years about their lifestyle and demeanor, much of it exaggerated and not true. It might be possible that much of the writings in the early and mid nineteen hundreds had contributed to a complete lack of understanding of much of the Native American culture. To completely ignore Native American and First Nation elders and not give credibility their teachings would be very short sighted.

    A majority of early bigfoot/sasquatch researchers have completely ignored what our Native friends have stated. Some have quoted bits and pieces but many did not attempt to understand their beliefs and teachings. Many of these researchers discounted the hundreds of years of teachings and theories that the Natives developed and completely made up their own theories, yes, made up their own theories about bigfoot/sasquatch. How could anyone completely ignore what a Native people’s beliefs and understandings about their established land were and then have the ego to develop another theory that is in direct conflict with what Native’s are telling you, especially without scientific evidence?

    David Paulides has done significant research into Native American’s beliefs on a variety of topics. In Paulides’ writings he quotes segments of Lucy Thompson’s book, “To The American Indian, Reminiscences of a Yurok Woman.” The book was first copyrighted in 1916 and has since been released again; (

    Lucy was a Native Yurok living on the Klamath River in Northern California. This was a well educated woman who wrote about the life of a Native on the river, it is fascinating and sheds light on many topics you may be interested. I would encourage anyone interested in the bigfoot/sasquatch topic, read the writings of as many Native Americans you can find, you will learn a perspective that many of the original bigfoot/sasquatch researchers have chose to ignore or minimize. NABS believes that minimizing or ignoring the writings of the people who settled our lands is a catastrophic mistake to our research.

    We would like to pose a few questions to all of our visitors who have read books from the early bigfoot/sasquatch researchers. These researchers are smart people, well organized and thorough, we have a difficult time understanding how this happened.
1.    What if all of the early theories and statements about the origin and heritage of bigfoot/ sasquatch were wrong?
2.    Would you think it was odd that the researchers who have the most publicity, get the most press and yell the loudest are also the individuals that have steadfastly stood together to hold their opinions and demean those that have tried to prove the truth?
3.    How could the early bigfoot/sasquatch writers that called themselves “researchers” completely ignore and place no credibility into the teachings and statements of Native American and First Nation elders?
4.    Once you get into the minutia of the bigfoot/ sasquatch research, once you start to read large quantities of Native writings, you start to question if the public has been purposely mislead about our bipedal forest dwellers, is that possible?

    Once people have a financial interest in the results of anything, neutrality tends to be thrown out the window. Some researchers can see that their pontifications are soon going to be challenged by scientific results. This is the calm before the storm, but, it isn’t very quiet. There has already been a few of the early researchers starting to back-peddle on their beliefs, yes, this has started. One of the few men that has maintained a stance that bigfoot has always looked human, Bob Gimlin. Once Bob saw a bigfoot he stated that he thought it looked human, many ignored these early statements and still do. Maybe they think Bob didn’t have a good view?!

    The point of this blog is that everyone who is truly interested in bigfoot/sasquatch research should be reading everything possible as it relates to our bipedal topic and Native American and First Nations people. One of the few early researchers that took this association seriously was Ray Crowe. Ray wrote the “Track Record” and included many stories of the association between the two entities. Ray actually wrote many stories that nobody else would touch because of the sensitivity (

    Many people have asked where NABS has been the last few years. Well, the DNA study has taken much of our time but we have also committed ourselves to understanding every facet of the Native American-First Nation association with the bipedal forest people. The more we have committed to this understanding, the more we are fascinated. If you don’t believe that this association isn’t very strong, read “Giants, Cannibals and Monsters” by Kathy Moskowitz Strain, you will be pleasantly surprised (
    Don’t hide in a hole and continue to read the diatribe written by some researchers who are trying to perpetuate a myth. Expand your horizons and read books on the periphery of the topic, you will become more enthralled in the issue and have a greater understanding of the arena. Understand something, when NABS entered this space we did exactly what we are asking you to do, educate yourself on the issue as a whole, not narrowly. Don’t look at this topic as an easy fix, there is nothing easy to understand about this issue. The more you understand the better educated you are and the less you will be fooled by some who claim knowledge. It’s obvious that many of the early researchers in this space either didn’t want to read or conduct research, didn’t want to support Native American beliefs, or, specifically wanted to mislead, we are not sure which is correct.

Enjoy the great outdoors.
Always walk in pairs when in the forest.
Questions and comments to: nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com



Blog #107               Base of  Knowledge

    During the past several years our group has read books and documents from organizations around the world. The documents that we’ve read are not exclusively dealing with bigfoot, they deal with a variety of issues. If you read information dealing just with bigfoot/sasquatch/ wild man issues you will be missing a great deal of quality data that may be associated with the biped. In past blogs we have referred to a book “Hunt for the Skinwalker,” by George Knapp and Colm Kelleher (
http://www.amazon.com/Hunt-Skinwalker-Science-Confronts-Unexplained/dp/1416505210). This book described a series of events concerning a ranch in Utah where strange phenomena occurred and some included sightings of a biped similar to bigfoot/sasquatch/wildman. You need to read Knapp’s book if you want a broad base of knowledge on the bigfoot issue.

    We are amazed of the ridicule that bigfoot organizations take over the citing of literature outside the bigfoot arena, sometimes alluding to UFO and other spatial issues. We don’t believe that critics have a valid complaint if their base of knowledge isn’t equal to or greater then what we have cited. Rene’ Dahinden had the best quote for critics with limited knowledge;

"Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but no one has a right to be wrong about the facts. Without the facts, your opinion is of no value."

Rene' Dahinden, August 1999

    We subscribe to the MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) monthly newsletter. This is an excellent document that regularly has articles from physicists and scientists that deal with a variety of topics related to the UFO phenomena. Attention all pessimists, read carefully, unidentified flying objects does not mean just alien space ships, it means anything that is flying that cannot be identified. MUFON deals with all issues dealing with spatial issues. MUFON investigators must pass an extensive test, they are monitored, their reports are tracked and there is a vast database of knowledge that is accessible by all investigative teams, they are much more professional then 99% of the bigfoot groups that exist. To ignore MUFON’s this vast amount of knowledge would be placing your own bias in front of credible research.

    In the March 2011 MUFON newsletter, page 8-10, an investigator responded to a series of livestock mutilations in Springfield, Missouri. In column one paragraph two (Page 8) there is the following, “Bob and I walked about a hundred yards into a pasture when we noticed that we did not hear a chainsaw or any other noise coming from the woods.” The investigators would find that another cattle mutilation happened the night prior to their arrival and was near the location where there was an absence of sound.
    In past blogs I have explained that our investigators have experienced the phenomena of complete silence in the middle of the woods. It was as though every possible sound was vacuumed up and eliminated, it was deathly silent. This occurred to us in a southern region of the Siskiyou Wilderness. We sat on opposite sides of a large tree for over 30 minutes until the phenomena passed. The sounds of wind rustling leaves, squirrels and other associated sounds slowly came back.

    There have been many reports over the years where a bigfoot encounter/sighting has been documented in conjunction with a loss of all sound. Why would a bigfoot encounter and an absence of sound be associated? If we continue to read just bigfoot related books, the answers will never be found. How many physicists have been associated with the bigfoot phenomena, none that we know. There are many high profiled scientists associated with the UFO arena and we need to start reading more about what they are saying. A broad base of knowledge on any topic is not a negative; it makes you a more knowledgeable person and more interesting.

    Keith Wolverton was a Deputy Sheriff in Great Falls, Montana. He was assigned to investigate a series of cattle mutilations from 1975-1977. Wolverton wasn’t ostracized for his investigations; he was eventually promoted to Captain in Great Falls. Wolverton co-authored a book, “Mystery Stalks the Prairies” (
http://www.amazon.com/Mystery-stalks-prairie-Roberta-Donovan/dp/B0006WH8CA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1302543145&sr=1-1).This book highlights the cattle mutilations his agency was tagged with investigating, the association with Malmstrom Air Force Base and other bizarre sightings and issues associated with the investigation, some bigfoot related. This book will increase your base of knowledge in an area few are willing to explore yet a sheriff’s department committed two years worth of research on the topic. The National Institute for the Discovery of Science (NIDS) thought so highly of his work that they obtained copies of all Wolverton’s reports and assimilated his finding with issues at other U.S. and Canadian locations.
NIDS article:

    For the last three years NABS has been working under the belief that bigfoot does exist. We have allowed the scientists to conduct their DNA studies proving the existence of the biped at the DNA level while we work on the complex and integral issues involving the biped’s behavior. Researchers DO NOT need to continue to muddle down the path of proving that bigfoot exists, this is completed and the study will be released soon.   

    Researchers need to immediately move away from trying to prove the biped exists to a position of accumulating data about behavior. The idea of studying more footprints, casts and other associated information will prove nothing other then where the biped may be living, it will not prove it’s species. Additional evidence related to DNA is still being accumulated but it’s not being used to prove the existence, it’s being used to understand genetic abnormalities and family ties.

    NABS has been on the path of studying behavior for several years and is discovering some fascinating facts associated with their background. If researchers would start to work under the system of investigating behavior and attempting to understand their background, this knowledge would lead a better overall understanding of the biped. We need information about food source, sleeping/nesting areas, stick and ground structures, observed families, geographical dispersion, taped conversations and more, much more.

    Broaden your base of knowledge and start reading books outside the bigfoot arena. Unless you are as educated and informed as the person making the presentation, then it will be difficult to understand their approach, hypothesis and pyramid of knowledge.

Always walk in pairs in the woods.
Enjoy the great outdoors.
Opinions and questions to: nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com



Blog # 106- Response to DNA Question

NABS participates in an email exchange with the top names in the bigfoot, sasquatch, yeren, yeti, hairy man world. It is a roundhouse discussion on a variety of topics related to our group. On February 26 Dmitri Bayanov sent David Paulides a question about the DNA study and his feelings if it would hold up and be supported by the scientific community. Dmitri did ask a series of other questions and voiced some concerns, here is David's response;

When we started down the track of obtaining specimens for testing WE (NABS) were not looking to prove anything to anyone, WE were merely the conduit for the scientists. We did take the path of DNA to prove the existence of the biped because it is scientifically accepted as life's fingerprint.

Film can always be altered, spliced and changed to fit the needs of the objective but scientists that work with DNA know that if samples are maintained, results can be replicated. WE (NABS) and other bigfoot/sasquatch/hairy man/ yeren/ yeti researchers  are not going to prove anything to the scientific community in regards to the biped. We've proven to be a group where many enjoy researching and attacking each other rather then plodding a knew path to discovery and revelation, the outside world can see this. There has been very little progress or new evidence since the PG film yet research groups have existed for decades. The outside world has seen our den and it's not a pretty picture and it's not a place where the majority of mainstream science wants to participate, I've heard this many times from credible professionals, inside and outside our organization.

While NABS and people calling themselves bigfoot/sasquatch researchers aren't going to prove anything to the scientific community, DNA will. The scientists on this project have chosen a specific path to deter attacks on the research by utilizing peer review through a noted journal. Having independent scientists review the work of other scientists and accept it as credible and acceptable is the path to notoriety. If the DNA work passes through to the journal, everyone involved in this project believes it will open new doors to academia who will take the topic and start to walk the path to understanding, accepting and protection of the biped.

All of us may end up on the outside looking in at this arena as science takes the topic of bigfoot/sasquatch/hairy man and applies needed funding to start down the research road.
It will be interesting if mainstreams science reaches out to any of us for assistance..!!

We (NABS) iare baffled why the known bigfoot groups/researchers who have existed in the last 15 years have done little to pursue DNA research, develop synergy amongst the different factions and cohesively pursue this topic. Maybe the DNA fingerprint has been known and those results were not acceptable to their hypothesis??.....As I stated 5 years ago, the answer to the DNA issue will only happen after several groups work together to solve the equation, and that is excactly how it is happening. Thanks to many of you who have assisted in this project!

I will tell you that scientists working this project are excited and confident that the DNA work nearing completion will forever change the public view of this topic, it is an exciting time.
All the best.
David Paulides


Blog 105- That Wyoming Monkey

We were doing archive work and came across the below posted article. We believe this article is a fascinating look at what really may be out there that we haven't discovered.

Be safe and enjoy the great outdoors

Walk in pairs when you are in the forest.



Blog 105                       Public Ridicule & Killing a Bigfoot

As we close out 2010 I think it’s important to look at the news that’s permeated the bigfoot world in the last several weeks.

The first item to discuss is the continued and never ending ridicule of people that lives in the bigfoot world. There are a few select people that relish taking shots at certain researchers, right or wrong, they continue to try to embarrass and humiliate. Most of the people that utilize the tactic of humiliation and trash talking are not researchers themselves, they aren’t journalists and they are not experts on anything related to science. It’s actually hard to understand why these people get any press and why anyone listens to their rants. Our advise to anyone who is new to the bigfoot world, take everything you hear about anyone with a flashing yellow light, especially if the information is inflammatory.

The second item that needs to be addressed is another news item floating through the bigfoot world about an individual that wants to kill a bigfoot. No, we aren’t worried that this person would be successful, people have been trying for 50 years to kill a bigfoot and those that have specifically went out with the intent of killing have never found their bounty.

Ethics is one of the backbones of our organization. There are no ethical bigfoot researchers that promote killing a bigfoot, period. How could you have ethics and promote killing something when you have no idea what it is? What if bigfoot’s DNA confirms its human, would killing be ethical? The first rule in hunting is that you have 100% target acquisition, you absolutely know what you are shooting, you don’t guess. We’ve spoken to a few people who have claimed to have killed a bigfoot and each person gets very frightened when they get close to their kill. They are frightened at the humanity they see when they eventually get a close look at their body, thus their reluctance to lead officials to the kill. These killers believe they may have committed homicide.

Harvey Pratt has drawn dozens of sketches of bigfoot seen by witnesses at close range. Many of these sketches have a very, very human face. The Patterson-Gimlin biped looks very human when the hair is removed from its face (See Tribal Bigfoot sketch). NABS does not believe that it is a fluke that the sketches drawn by Harvey and witness statements of individuals who have claimed to have shot a bigfoot all claim that these bipeds look very human.

NABS believes that facial features in a bigfoot deviate as much as facial features in humans. Imagine a face of a Nigerian male compared to a white male compared to an Eskimo male, they look very different. Some of the people have huge heads, small heads, square jaws, round jaws, 7’ tall, 4’ tall and everything in between. Some people are extremely intelligent and some are not. It’s the people that refuse to read, read literature that’s been around for a 100 years that states that bigfoot is another type of tribe, see Tribal Bigfoot. If people don’t believe what NABS states, that’s fine, then read what other tribes across North America have stated.

I think it’s generally known throughout the bigfoot world that there are two beliefs, bigfoot is either an ape or its human. If the possibility exists that it is human, then humans should take the cautious route and cause no harm to the biped. NABS believes that if someone specifically attempts to kill a bigfoot, and bigfoot DNA returns as human, those people involved in the planning and killing of the biped should be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law. If bigfoot DNA returns as an ape, those people involved in the killing should be prosecuted for killing an endangered animal under the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Protection Act. NABS has been told that USFW has a special section that can be utilized for species that are not specifically identified but are later found to exist, we hope they are right.

It seems that every few years someone somewhere comes up with an idea to go out and do harm to a bigfoot. We believe that bigfoot can take care of themselves and do not need special protection measures. There is a better chance that the hunter of a bigfoot will need to dig two graves, one for the biped and one for themselves, because they probably won’t live through the event.

Yes, NABS would definitely agree to debate ANYONE ANYWHERE on the topic of bigfoot being closer on the genetic scale to human then ape. We will put $10,000 on the table, the opponent can put $10,000 on the table, pick 9 people from the general public and allow them to make an educated decision after hearing the evidence. We made this same offer 14 months ago to two of the biggest proponents of the ape theory in the bigfoot world, they refused our offer. These people are authors and claim to be experts on the topic yet they won’t come close to debating the topic, you make your own conclusions.

DNA evidence on this issue is around the corner, we can’t wait for the results!

Questions and concerns about this or any other issue:

**Always hike in pairs in the woods.



Blog #104           "The Wild Family"

The following article was cited in an edition of the "Track Record" and goes towards validation that a hairy biped has inhabited North America years before mass publicity hit the topic. Read carefully on how the biped is described by witnesses, "The have very black eyes, rather flat nose, thin lips, large feet and hands and are quite muscular." It's an interesting article.

Republic County Pilot

Cuba Kansas, 9/9/1886


Blog # 103            Genetic Variance & Observation Points

    In the last several months I have been privileged to be on several great radio broadcasts. During the course of the broadcasts I have been questioned about the appearance of the bigfoot that Harvey Pratt has drawn that appear in “The Hoopa Project” and “Tribal Bigfoot.” The major question that continually surrounds the these drawings is why they look so human?
    I should clearly and accurately state that every witness that Harvey has worked with has been extremely satisfied with his or her drawing. I should also state that Harvey has never drawn a bigfoot from an east coast or southern witness. This statement is made to clarify the regions that we have covered. We have had several people write and state that what they observed looked more animal, looked more ape, looked more scary, all believable and all possible. We do not have the egos to think that everything we’ve drawn represents the entire bigfoot population, that would be crazy! This same analogy could be used in drawing people from Inuit compared to a black person in Louisiana, their appearance, language and lifestyles are all very different even though they live on the same continent.
    Imagine you were a 5 foot tall native resident of Beijing, China. You spent your entire life in the middle of the city, never traveled outside the city and never watched television. Imagine if we took you outside your comfort zone and placed you inside of Shaquille O’Neil’s residence. O’Neil, an African American NBA player, well over seven feet tall with a dark appearance my actually scare a Chinese person who had never ventured outside Beijing. They would not have any life experience to deal with such an appearance.
    Common sense and what we know about human genetics has to be the overriding thoughts as we start to uncover the truths about bigfoot. There can be no hard and fast rules (except DNA) but it is logical to relate the appearance of all primates to those of all known primates. Remember, Chinese, Japanese, Native Alaskans, Russians, Africans, Germans, etc, we have the same human gene, we are all bound together as one, despite a great difference in physical appearance, language and lifestyle!

    Several months ago we wrote about the ability to travel into the woods and observe a bigfoot. Just this last week we had another email from an individual who wanted to start an expedition this next summer to look for bigfoot. We advised the person that he might have the best luck driving the back roads in a heavily wooded area between the hours of 1am-5am of seeing the biped. We also advised the person of the latest technology on the market that he might wish to purchase to document his excursion:
Vosonic GV6330


**It might be wise to use this camera in your truck and point it toward your sleeping position or tent while you are camping, it would be interesting to see what crawls around you at night….
    No, we have no idea of its performance, but if you do, please write and tell us, we’ll pass along the information to our visitors.

    One item that we failed to tell the last person who inquired about a bigfoot expedition is the best place to view a biped. A year ago we wrote about Syl McCoy and Bob Titmus in the 1960’s. These men were well beyond their years as far as insight into stalking and finding evidence of bigfoot. They knew that getting their scent off the ground was one sure way to increase your chances of observing the biped in the wild. Mrs. McCoy had told us that Syl and Bob had climbed a huge Douglas Fir tree and spent the night 100’ up in the air in the hopes of observing a bigfoot, she stated that they froze and didn’t see the biped that night but it was a great insight into an excellent observation position and an example of a great strategy.
    We’ve read dozens of sighting reports from a variety of hunters that have been in deer and tree stands that have observed a bigfoot from their position. Many of these reports describe an incredibly scary experience where the hunter felt stranded and isolated in the stand. There are two critical elements at work in your favor when in a stand or tree, first, you are in an area with known game, and the second is that your scent is up off the ground where mammals with superior scent cannot easily detect us. Native Americans used this exact technique to get close to deer when they hunted with bows and arrows. We believe that bigfoot has a far superior ability to smell then humans. This doesn’t mean their scent glands are different (we don’t know) but maybe they have developed that sense out of need where humans do not have the same need.
    This is probably the third blog where we have encouraged researchers to go into blinds and trees and settle in for several hours. We believe your chances of seeing a bigfoot from a position high off the ground is much more likely then your position on the ground.
    The last reminder is that rivers and streams offer a great viewpoint of the biped that we believe that many researchers ignore. It is our belief that many of the bipeds utilize the rivers at night to float from location to location in a stealthy manner. Many sightings are made near rivers and the biped is described as “wet.” We’ve interviewed several campers that have either seen a bigfoot jump into a river or come out of a river all at near darkness.  When we discussed this theory with elders in Hoopa, they all agreed that this is probably occurring on a regular basis.
If you refer to the Northern California Bigfoot Sightings map(
) you will see that a vast majority of the sightings are in close proximity to major rivers.

Always walk in pairs in the woods.
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Blog #102                     "Alone We Equal Controversy, Together We Make History"

When North America Bigfoot Search first started down the bigfoot research road we made several statements claiming the bigfoot mystery will only be solved through mutual cooperation. We stated, “This mystery will not be solved until groups work together and develop research synergy.” The ability for bigfoot groups to work together is something that never happened on a grand scale in years past. Times have changed, the mechanism for success is in full swing and history will be made.

The Patterson-Gimlin film is probably one piece of history that is still standing strong as evidence that a bigfoot biped exists in North America. Gimlin and Patterson took tremendous public ridicule from others stating that the film was a hoax, it wasn’t. People who are still making this claim, people who claim they are researchers need to seriously save their professional reputations and look at the hard evidence that 21st century science and digitalization brings to the table. There is absolutely no doubt in the minds of our researchers that the biped caught on film by PG was a real, wild, hairy, biped.

What did the PG film bring to the world of bigfoot research, controversy, claims of a hoax, embarrassment for Gimlin and Patterson, etc. At one point Bob Gimlin stated he wanted nothing further to do with the film because of the controversy the footage produced.
**Without physical evidence or proven scientific identification the Patterson-Gimlin Film brought nothing but 40+ years of controversy.

The first physical specimens that NABS accumulated took us to the next phase of our plan, sending these samples to a noted expert and working with them towards scientific identification? Where do we take these specimens, who can we trust and who will work with us? We started calling a few select labs, professors and scholars and obtained a list of professionals that had the knowledge and background to give the topic a reasonable chance at success. One candidate immediately came to the top of the list as a proven leader, Dr. Melba Ketchum. Dr. Ketchum has a background in veterinary medicine, is a Moody Scholar and has applied herself to the study of DNA and genetic research. She routinely testifies in the Superior Courts as a DNA expert. Dr. Ketchum is a valuable member of the team and someone who has continually shown her patience dealing with a wide variety of personalities and personal motives. Dr. Ketchum had no idea of the personalities that existed in the bigfoot world until she embarked on this DNA research project, she is now well versed! Dr. Ketchum has more knowledge about bigfoot/ sasquatch and yeti DNA then any other scientific professional in the world and this was obtained through years of perfecting and understanding the techniques of extracting and categorizing associated DNA.

When NABS sent Dr. Ketchum our first hair sample she started the long-term process of attempting to extract DNA. Other people had sent samples to Dr Ketchum with the claim they were from bigfoot, but these samples had always later been identified as a possum, raccoon, etc. The NABS sample was the first specimen that actually intrigued Dr. Ketchum because of the unusual findings that were generated.

NABS continued to extend an invitation for other groups to participate in our study and slowly, very slowly others started to bring their evidence as people read about our study. We now have several parties involved in the research with a variety of backgrounds and professional expertise. The ability to work together, develop synergy and to understand that, “alone we equal controversy, together we make history” will be the bigfoot statement of success.

In the near future the world will be privy to a multi level release of facts that will change the way people perceive the bigfoot/sasquatch/yeti topic. It is the ability for groups to work together and for people to apply their expertise from different professional backgrounds, it is this synergy that will bring the world the biggest bigfoot news since the PG film.

We are in for exciting times!

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Always walk in the woods in pairs.



Blog #101                   The Patterson- Gimlin Timeline

In David Paulides' book, Tribal Bigfoot (http://www.nabigfootsearch.com/tribalbigfoot.html), pages 321-326 he goes through a careful point by point analysis from the time Roger Patterson captured a bigfoot on film at Bluff Creek, until the film left the state. This narrative has caused quite a stir inside the bigfoot community because it highlights several conflicting statements made by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin. Just for clarity, NABS and David Paulides were not the first to develop concerns about this timeline, Peter Byrne and Ray Crowe wrote about this in Ray's Track Record (http://www.nabigfootsearch.com/TrackRecord.html), TR 48 Pages 8-9 (See below).

Why are facts related to the movement of the film important? It's not so much the movement that is important, it's a conflict in the changing of the story, as Ray Crowe outlines again below. It's how the timeline makes the trip impossible to make in one day in the times P-G claim. Why are these facts important? Let's think back to the most important day in your life, whatever that may be. For Roger and Bob, it was the day they caught that bigfoot on film, no doubt. On those days in your life that are the most important, they are ingrained in your mind, you will never forget those specifics facts that happened that day. The major facts, such as whether the film was mailed or flown out, I think you'd remember that, clearly. What you did immediately after taking the film, I think you'd remember that. Who edited the film, I think you'd remember that? Where is the remaining footage, I think you'd remember that? The list goes on and on and it involves many more then just Gimlin and Patterson. Research is about questioning the standard, about thinking outside the box and about getting the facts, some don't want those facts uncovered. Some people would rather attack other researchers in an effort to humiliate or discredit, rather then discover the truth. The truth will cost many their credibility, integrity and income, they know this.

It's amazing to us that a group of researchers sit on one side of the fence and question aspects of the PG film that don't add up. We've driven those roads, know the time it takes, etc, it cannot happen as Patterson-Gimlin stated, period. Well, I guess it depends which story you believe as Ray Crowe describes two different stories that Bob Gimlin has made. Yet there are others, a specific group that has stated in public forums that they propose killing a bigfoot and believe it's an animal, they sit on the other side of the fence and defend the impossible. Why would a group continue to defend when confronted with facts that are reality, there is the real question. How could ANYONE want to kill anything when they have no positive proof what they are killing, that is crazy. Researchers have no proof whether this is human or animal, what type of mentality can claim that killing of a bigfoot is a positive event when that killing may be of a human? How can anyone have a cogent conversation with someone who has that belief system?

NABS has asked two of these key players to sit down with a retired FBI agent, take a polygraph test and clear the air, at our expense, they refused. Why would they refuse? This would be done at their leisure, in their home, on our dime, they refused. We made this offer two years ago and they haven't ever discussed this in a public arena. NABS has asked several of these people to debate the PG film and the aspect of whether bigfoot is human or ape, they have ALL refused, yes, each one. They are quick to call others names, fabricate stories, etc, but debate, hmm, no, don't want to do that....

The old guard in the bigfoot world has lived in their penthouse for many years. They haven't been questioned and their beliefs have been held as gospel for decades. NABS believes that these people are nice guys, no doubt. They are fun to hang with, they tell great stories, they draw large crowds and they like to drink beer. This is the point of separation between research and a social gathering. Social gatherings are needed in society, but don't blur the line between the two groups. What many have done, are still doing is not research. Many that pontificate have never done serious research, they have sat at home and been invited onto a cable show, they write an abusive blog and they belittle others. This is our world, welcome to it. Does anyone contemplate why the scientific community plays no role in bigfoot research?

Please read what Ray Crowe wrote about the Patterson- Gimlin timeline in his Track Record #48, June 1995.

Questions and Comments to: nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com

Always walk in pairs in the woods!



Blog #100


1962 Columbus Day Bigfoot/ Game Camera Photos

There has been much talk throughout the internet about a supposed bigfoot killed during the Columbus Day storm of 1962. Here is a little background.

The “Big Blow” started far out in the Pacific with Typhoon Freda and made its way to the Pacific Northwest. It did reach land and it was classified as one of the biggest storms to hit since the “Great Gale” of 1880. The storm was centered at Tatoosh Island in Washington but spread throughout the western U.S. Wind gusts were measured at Cape Blanco at 145 MPH and at Mount Hebo Air Station (OR) maximum gust of 130MPH. Salem (OR) had a wind gust of 90 MPH.

The storm brought with it huge rains and millions of dollars of downed trees. Estimates placed over 11 billion board feet of timber was downed in N. California, Washington and OR. There were 46 human fatalities associated wit the Columbus Day storm, but one additional fatality was claimed, one that we will talk about now.

One specific site made claims that a bigfoot was found under a downed tree in an Oregon forest. There have been a few posts that have contributed significant detail to the photo. One stated it was on Griffey and Laird land, officials were notified and somehow the government got involved. People had taken photos of the creature and some were still in the process of photo taking when supposed government folks arrived and demanded they stop. They were also supposedly told to hand over the photos. Apparently, some of the photos were not confiscated by government personnel, the rationale behind this demand isn’t clear.

Another twist to the Columbus Day bigfoot is that people wrote that there was photos of this creature in newspapers, hmm. The storm occurred 10/12/62 but the body was not discovered until 11/62. Even though claims have been made that newspaper(s) ran the story and the photo, there hasn’t been one article brought forward as proof. Owners of a site that are running this story have claimed they made a trip to Northern California where they supposedly saw a photo taken at the site. Supposedly, the owners are afraid to release or sell the photo for fear of the government prosecuting or taking the photo. Ok, we suppose this is possible but our question is why people aren’t giving these owners competent counsel?

NABS spoke with civil rights attorneys, the best civil rights attorneys and we got a great answer. They stated that the government can never discover your identity if you turn the photo over to an attorney and have the attorney release the photo, or, if you wish to sell the photo, have the attorney represent your interests as they attempt to sell the photo to a news organization. You see, there is something called “attorney-client privilege”. Attorneys can never release any information about your identity which they and their clients have deemed privileged conversation, the identity would be privileged.

The thought that the government would ever proactively pursue prosecution of the owner of a photo is ludicrous, for a variety of reasons. The best reason NABS has heard is that if the government wanted to pursue a prosecution, they would have to get an arrest warrant., and or search warrant They would need to intimately explain facts that delineate what laws were broken and how you broke them. If they happened to get you to court, your attorneys would file a “discovery” motion, which would force the government to release ALL information they possessed on the topic, bigfoot. The government would never release any information along these lines. The absolute best reason that the government would not pursue prosecution, it validates the topic!

If someone does have a photo of a Columbus Day bigfoot crushed by a tree, go to your local civil rights attorney and get it released. If you want to release it casually and anonymously, send it to us, we will publish it. No, we are not afraid of government intervention or prosecution.

There are only two reasons that the site won’t publish the photo;
1.    The photo does not exist.
2.    They have received bad legal counsel and they need to seek a civil rights specialist, not someone anonymously counseling them over the internet!

Bigfoot Photos
A short note here about bigfoot photos. We had many lengthy conversations on this topic when our group was originally formed.  When we were establishing our research plan, similar to a business plan, this topic was covered at length. Early in our development we determined we would not pursue this angle of research.

First, the best photos/film of bigfoot ever taken was the Patterson Gimlin film footage. It’s been over 40 years and it still stands as the best in class. This footage did nothing to get the scientific community to address the topic, it stayed underground and has stayed at that same location for 43 years. There has been a variety of video footage from numerous sources that has surfaced over the years that also showed promise, but, the PG footage is still the best we have.

Game camera photos have trickled in over the years. There are tens of thousands of game cameras set up throughout North America, yet there are only a handful of quality bigfoot photos, why? Have the few quality photos changed the mind of scientists, no. Will a quality 8X10 clear photo of a bigfoot alter the perception of mainstream science about this topic, no. The only thing bigfoot photos bring is turmoil, jealousy, anxiety, ridicule and animosity, and maybe a trophy for your wall.

Everyone hold there comments for a second. NABS deals with a variety of individuals in their attempts to get quality photos, this is always in conjunction with the effort to get physical evidence. We greatly admire the effort these individuals have made to work their program, it’s extraordinary. But our belief is that photos are a trophy and do nothing to make inroads to the scientific effort of legitimization of the topic. Anytime you can get into the woods, place a camera, lay some bait, have some fun, that is a good day and shouldn’t be demeaned, and, we don’t have that intention, we have admiration. We will gladly work with all of you!

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Blog #99                                Coast to Coast

“Tribal Bigfoot is one of the best books on bigfoot that I have ever read”, George Knapp, Host, Coast to Coast AM, 8/30/10

NABS would first like to thanks George Knapp from Coast to Coast AM for an outstanding segment with David Paulides and Dr. Melba Ketchum the morning of 8/31/10. George’s professional demeanor, preparation and interview skills make him the consummate professional, thank you George!

NABS is starting to move more into the mainstream of media and public view. You will start to see us taking a prominent role on issues involving bigfoot, sasquatch and wild man issues. The promises we made 6 years ago are coming to fruition and we will celebrate many of those with you in the coming weeks.

On 8/30/10 NABS Executive Director David Paulides was on “Coast to Coast AM” with host George Knapp. This was David’s third appearance of Coast to Coast and thanks to Mr. Knapp, NABS released some interesting information regarding their DNA study. We announced that we have been working for the last 2 years with DNA Diagnostics and they were our partners on a comprehensive DNA study of bigfoot/sasquatch genetics. The direct or of the lab, Dr. Melba Ketchum was interviewed the second hour of the show and answered questions about research, DNA and the obstacles incurred by the study. She explained that she has a scientific team assembled of other noted PhD’s and they will culminate their research with a scientific white paper, submission to a journal and a press conference.

Six years ago NABS started our journey with a business plan, a specific itinerary of what we would attempt to accomplish. We had NO aspirations of making this a career or lifelong adventure. This was and is not a hobby of our people; it is a full time job. That full time job has allowed us to understand and see issues inside this world that many have either ignored or not observed. Our plan has continued to evolve with each success.

We promised the bigfoot world that we would educate the public at our expense and inform them of our hypothesis via our website. We believe that we have posted more information from other researchers then any other bigfoot group in the world, except, www.bigfootencounters.com.
Our purchase of Ray Crowe’s research and that of the Western Bigfoot Society allowed us to publish the Track Record; (http://www.nabigfootsearch.com/TrackRecord.html).
Our purchase also included letters from Peter Byrne, Rene’ Dahinden, Ray Wallace, John Green and many, many more researchers. We have printed many of these letters and more are coming. All of the letters we release will be placed on our website. Some of these letters are so vulgar and insulting to other researchers that we will not post them.

NABS also acquired the research from the Bay Area Bigfoot Group operated by George Haas and Archie Buckley;(http://www.nabigfootsearch.com/Bigfootbulletin.html)
They produced the “Bigfoot Bulletin” Newsletter, a very informative and factual account of what was occurring in the bigfoot world during their tenure. Each newsletter is placed on our site for your review. Archie Buckley was an expert on the human foot and the application of his expertise on the topic of bigfoot casts and prints is fascinating and logical.

We want the world to understand that our website and our knowledge did not evolve from our minds, it came from reading the work of people noted above. These individuals did outstanding research and documented it for us to read decades later. Many people have attempted to enter the field and understand the bigfoot world from scratch, why? Why would anyone want to reinvent the wheel when it has been explained and answered in a very reasonable and understandable manner? NABS cannot take credit for the great work of the people noted, they painted the picture; we are merely putting a frame around it.

The application of DNA and genetics to bigfoot wasn’t a possibility in the 60-s and 70’s. It’s the new breed of researcher that must push the limit of scientific knowledge, open the minds of the closed thinker and ask science to take a hard look at this topic. NABS is presently working with other groups to further the DNA study and looks forward to continued success through mutual cooperation. The idea of mutual cooperation is something that rarely has existed in our bigfoot world. It appears that many have believed they can go alone and find the answers without crediting hard working front line researchers, without acknowledging the success of prior groups and without developing synergy inside our arena, that thinking is destined for failure. This may be one reason why little research has been accomplished in the prior 40 years. Why hasn’t the work of the Haas group and others with a similar hypothesis been publicized? Why has the older regime in the bigfoot world continued to discredit and attempt to embarrass groups with a similar hypothesis? Find a bigfoot group that has positive synergy, a definitive plan, professional demeanor and align closely with them, success will follow.

DNA Diagnostics and their director (Dr Melba Ketchum) have requested that NABS be the organization that screens new samples that are directed to their lab. NABS has no interest in monopolizing this research, we always can use new samples, hair, tissue, blood, bone, etc. If you have bigfoot/ sasquatch/ wild man samples that you believe would benefit the program, please contact NABS, we will give you a specific identification code, review your sample and forward it for research purposes. We will keep you informed of what is occurring with your sample. We, meaning several groups are on the brink of a major discovery in the bigfoot world. We look forward to hearing from you and reviewing new evidence.

Always walk in pairs in the woods.
Carry a personal transponder
Enjoy the great outdoors!
North America Bigfoot Search
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Blog #98                Alaska Bushman/ Update

It would seem that the heat is off NABS temporarily and is now centered on a researcher in Oregon, Bill Emery. Bil has been working the case of a bigfoot near Sru Lake and apparently has obtained game camera photos of the biped. We do not know Bill and have not seen the photos but we have read much of his writings, the man knows the topic. In fact, Bill has insight that 90% of the researchers today do not have, he understands the biped. He has made statements in the last year that we don't hear from many researchers, in fact, only one other researcher has made statements similar to what Bill has claimed. What are those statements, well, for now we won't go into it except to say the man knows the topic and we are saddened that cyber bullies are attacking him. Hang in there Bill, people are supporting your efforts.

NABS believes that the job of any researcher is to know the historical perspective of their field as well as they know the current state of affiars. To understand the past means you won't make mistakes that have been made by others. We study history to understand the perspective of others and what happened to them during their tenure on this Earth. From time to time we will include a historical article that relates to bigfoot. In this blog we will be including an article from the Fairbanks Daily Times, June 16, 1914. The name for bigfoot in many parts of Alaska is "Bushman" and this article relates to an incident in a village of Native Americans.

**Sorry for the small print, that was the best we could do with the 1st segment of the article...


Enjoy the great outdoors.

Travel In Pairs.




Blog # 97               Update

I would first like to thank everyone for the email communications NABS has received over the last few months. There hasn’t been one rude or abusive email, everyone has asked good, inquisitive questions appropriate for the topic. We also appreciate all the supportive comments and sightings information.

One question that has arisen since our last blog, “Where has NABS been?”

When we first embarked on our research, honesty, and integrity were job #1, it still is. We didn’t care where the facts took us, we were going there. We didn’t write books and then develop our organization; we did the research and then kept you informed as we continued down the road.

As we were driving down the road in Hoopa, we contacted one of the brilliant minds in the bigfoot research area. This person is known by all but keeps a relatively low profile. They have been a huge resource to NABS by telling us of all of the minefields in the bigfoot/sasquatch world. We asked them to join us at several conferences, they always refused. We asked them to contribute on radio shows we were doing, they politely refused. We speak to each other regularly and communicate daily. This person has a brilliant mind and knows the bigfoot world in all directions. What this person told me during one of our first conversations is resonating so true today…

During one of my first conversations with this researcher, they complimented NABS on our work, professionalism and our evolving theories, and on our integrity. They told us that we would be resented for our positions and our polite nature. They told us that there might be a group of people that team together to slander and attempt to destroy our theories and integrity. They stated that one reason they won’t go to conferences, gatherings or participate in shows is that there is little honesty and integrity in this research arena. They stated that people would lie, twist the truth, and fabricate “facts”, slander and attempt to destroy everything you will build. Well, at the time (5 years ago) this seemed a little harsh. We still knew that this person had more knowledge then anyone else we were communicating with and we weren’t going to worry about his or her personal concerns.

Going into our 6th year we can now see that the researcher was 100% correct about the bigfoot world. Yes, there is a group of people that are outstanding individuals. Most sit quietly on the sidelines, send emails occasionally but are brilliant minds that appreciate the advancement of science. There are also the cyber bullies that continue to push their own agenda and attempt destroy others. We have NEVER seen such inconsiderate and slander filled people in any profession anywhere at anytime. Do we see what the researcher was warning us about, ABSOLUTELY!

There is a blog about bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest that is one of the worst sites we have ever observed. Many of the people that say they have PhD’s do not. Many of the “facts” they quote, are not. They regularly make allegations, groundless and complete fabrications where they will not allow an alternative viewpoint. It’s an unreal world where people can get away with slander and sometimes worse…please check the names that are bantered around that site. Many claim to be PhD’s but there is no record of them anywhere…. The site has made some very, very bold claims about bodies, shootings and missing people, all to get others alarmed and upset but always with no evidence and no names.

Several months ago I was sent a private email from an individual who threatened to kill me if I made an appearance, somewhere. Please notice I have not gone to a conference in over a year. I sent the email to law enforcement, they eventually identified the person and action is pending. He is someone who has posted on prior bigfoot sites, he knows the landscape and we apparently got him concerned because NABS does not feel bigfoot/sasquatch is an ape. This is how disturbed the world can be.
No, I am not greatly concerned about someone trying to kill me, I am normally surrounded by other law enforcement agents, and almost all are armed to the hilt. But, to inflict concern to my family gets me concerned enough to change my behavior…

NABS won’t be bullied any longer. Unfortunately, most in the bigfoot world don’t understand the polite and professional approach and ignoring the behavior doesn’t seem to work. You CANNOT make groundless claims against people just to drive others to your site; there are ramifications to such behavior. You can’t make accusations against others that are utterly groundless.

One reason you haven’t heard much from us in many weeks is that we have been working very hard at several projects.

The Track Record (TR):
We released the Track Record on CD because the value of the research contained in the 3000 pages is overwhelming. We routinely use this document for our own work, the 80-page word index is what makes this CD so easy to use. When we hear about a sighting in a specific location, we immediately go to the TR and see if there are historical issues associated with the site. We recently had a spat of sightings in Tennessee and we went to the TR to see if there were any parallels with what was being reported today. Ray Crowe did a fantastic job of accumulating information about bigfoot/sasquatch and a variety of other crypto topics that would take you years to read.
**This is part of what NABS promised in giving back to the community.

NABS has NEVER, EVER stated that we have had bigfoot DNA come back as human. As an attempt at slander and further attempting to embarrass, one site is allowing this lie to continue and a multitude of others to proliferate. The owner of this site believes bigfoot is an ape and will not allow a differing view. I stated that over the last 10 years many labs have reported bigfoot samples that have comeback with human DNA, not us. There has never been a reported bigfoot DNA sample that has come back anything close to gorilla or ape, none…
Please refer to Tribal Bigfoot, page 467 paragraph 2 , Dr. Curt Nelson (University of MN, PhD) was analyzing DNA from Snellgrove Lake (Canada) and made the following statement on a Monsterquest segment, “It’s identical to human DNA except it had one nucleotide poly-morphism.” “DNA says primate but not quite human, not quite non-human, one of the base pairs is deviated.” On this same segment of Monster Quest Dr. Lynn Rogers examined samples of hair that was taken from Snellgrove Lake and determined it wasn’t human because it didn’t have a medulla but it looked human. The hair had a naturally worn tip “like it came from a wild human.”

NABS lab reports that have been printed in our books mimic much of the results that were obtained in Monsterquest. This biped is nothing close to an ape or gorilla. This mammal has a very good intellect, walks, runs and swims better then any human and is more adept at avoiding us then any other known species in the world. There is no known ape or gorilla in the world that has the ability to walk such as bigfoot/sasquatch, none. Historical perspective, Native North Americans have written about the “Big Hairy Man” for centuries. Check our website for pictographs drawn at the Tule River Reservation 1500 years ago. Tribes DO NOT consider them animals, they are another tribe. Many tribes feel they can communicate with them and utilize a special language, see “Bigfoot Language” on our website.

Tribal Bigfoot-
Our publisher (Hancock House) ran out of copies of Tribal Bigfoot and they are presently on back order. NABS has always maintained a large supply of our books and does have (First Edition) copies and they can ship today. Apparently Hancock didn’t realize the demand for the book, thank you all for the support.

The Hoopa Project-

It is still listed at Hancock House as one of their best sellers. Thank you very, very much for the support, it is appreciated, greatly.

Next Steps
We will attempt to be more current with our blogs moving forward. Feel free to contact us anytime and someone will always be responding to emails. We respond to EVERY email and appreciate the correspondence.

100% Satisfaction
WE strive for 100% satisfaction in every facet of our research, period. We utilize sworn affidavits in our research because this holds the witness accountable, stories cannot be changed. WE have NEVER had one witness complain about the process or about the way they were treated by NABS researchers.


Blog # 96                         The Human Factor #2/DNA/ Killing a Sasquatch

In our previous blog we went into detail about sighting reports that were documented by Mr. John Green which showed that Bigfoot/ Sasquatch had a human appearance. Many of you wrote and asked if the sightings that were quoted were all of the “human” sightings in their entirety that were recorded in Mr. Green’s books, heavens no. Mr. Green did an excellent job of documenting these sightings and there were many, many more. We will include a few more of the “human” in appearance sightings below.

We again go to Mr. Green’s book, “The Sasquatch File” for reference. Mr. Green has a background as a newspaperman and owner of a paper. His ability to obtain a story and document it accurately is generally accepted by the bigfoot community. It is because of his credibility that we feel very comfortable citing his stories and knowing that he got the facts correct.

The first story of Mr. Green’s we will cite will be:
Page 31, column 2, Brown’s Gulch, North of Butte, Montana, May 17, 1964. “Dr. Joseph Feathers wrote that a Boy Scout had been awakened by something moving in front of the tent where he was sleeping, and got up. He encountered a man covered with brown hair with silver tips and with a heavy beard. The boy screamed, waking the camp. Tracks 20 inches by 7 inches with a seven foot stride were found the next day.” This is an excellent example of a boy describing what he saw “a man covered with brown hair.” The boy didn’t say it was an animal, ape, gorilla or bear, he stated it was  man.

Near Bridge River, British Columbia, 1960’s, page 33 column 2.
“Game guide Chilco Choate wrote to Grover Krantz that he saw through a telescopic sight about 200 yards away the head and shoulders of something manlike but covered with hair.” Chilco didn’t state that it was an upright animal or gorilla he saw in the scope, he described it as “manlike.”

Richmond, Lulu Island, BC, July 1966, page 33, column 2.
“That night at No. 2 road Darlene Leaf, babysitting at a neighbors, heard the horses making a great fuss in the barn at 10pm. She told Rene and me she saw the head and shoulders of something like a man looking over a row of raspberry bushes about six feet high.” Again, the description indicates a “man.”

**There has been some flack that has come our way because of a depiction of the Patterson-Gimlin incident in Bluff Creek. Mr. Paulides stated in Tribal Bigfoot that Mr. Patterson fell off his horse, another researcher stated that this was a lie, we will refer you to Mr. Green’s book, again, page 39, column one, “Their horses reared when they encountered the animal, and Roger’s fell, but the creature stood and watched as he untangled himself.”

Lolo Pass, Idaho-Montana Border, Date Unknown
A woman who spoke to Roger Patterson in Richland, Washington said that she and others saw a dark grey, human-like creature standing swinging its arms back and forth beside the road at night.”

We could cite dozens of more stories in Mr. Green’s fine book but we believe you would be better to purchase it and read the accounts yourself.

On page 65 of Mr. Green’s book he explains his belief behind his research.
“The most important conclusion is that Sasquatches are not human or near human. Except for their upright posture they are not built like humans, but are far heavier for their height as well as being much taller.” NABS would invite anyone to watch professional wrestling and compare the appearance of those athletes, averaging 6’6” and close to 300 pounds, with huge trap muscles, are they “normal” in appearance to humans? On the opposite end of the genetic scale there are pygmy tribes in the Amazon that are very small yet also human. Imagine someone from a Pygmy Tribe walking into an NBA locker-room; are those people “normal” in size? Think of the number of NBA and NCAA teams that have people of enormous height that are playing basketball, are they unique in size? Mr. Green’s definition of the sasquatch/bigfoot directly contradicts what Native American tribes who live with the bipeds say about them. The tribes call them people from another tribe; they are never called animals by the people who live with them.

On page 65 in column 2 Mr. Green states, “I consider Sasquatch to be an ape, probably the direct descendant of what science knows as Gigantopithecus, but differing in four different ways from other apes.
1.    It is an omnivore. Chimpanzees also have recently been convicted of killing for food, but most apes eat meat only in captivity.
2.    It is nocturnal. No other ape is active in the dark. (Neither are any birds, except owls).
3.    It is a strong swimmer, which is probably one reason why it is so widespread. Its relatives, except man tend to be fenced in by any large river or body of water.
4.    It is a complete biped while all its relatives but man are more or less quadrupedal.”

While NABS DNA testing is not yet complete, there was a major effort on the part of MonsterQuest to attempt DNA extraction from nails and a board from a cabin at Snellgrove Lake in Canada. Part of the below listed narrative comes directly from the television show and part is from a communication between Jeff Meldrum and Dmitri Bayanov from Russia.

The background on the story is that there is a remote fishing cabin on Snellgrove Lake that was only accessible by floatplane. The owners had problems in years past with something breaking into the cabin and damaging the interior. The owners placed boards with protruding screws and nails around the outside perimeter walkways in an attempt to keep the perpetrator out. One summer the owners returned to find blood on one of the boards with screws/nails. A team from Monsterquest went to the lake and retrieved the board and attempted to extract DNA. Below is the story and how it unfolded. The results don’t appear to be an ape to us.

“The tissue and blood samples were first examined for DNA by Dr. Todd Disotel. He could find no DNA and said he thought it had all been degraded. Then Dr. Nelson (a microbiologist) tried his hand at it, concluded that something was inhibiting the testing, and isolated out the galvanizing substance from the screws. Then he was able to obtain DNA and sequence it. His finding was for human, but with one variance that appears in chimpanzee, not human, DNA. Dr. Nelson said that he will perform additional tests over the next year, and that he thinks perhaps his results may show Bigfoot to be some sort of human.

Jeff Meldrum gave such answers to Dmitri Bayanov's questions:

1. Why did it take so long to announce the breakthrough result?

It is not really "breakthrough." We are talking about a mere 300 base pair sequence. This is extremely small sample, nothing near a publishable result which would be many thousands of nucleotides. I was unaware that Curt felt confident that more sequence could be attained. I need to discuss this with him as well as see to follow-up of the hair identification

2. How solid is the lab that did the DNA testing? Did other labs confirm the finding? Will it be challenged by skeptics?

Curt is an excellent scientist and very capable. Of course it will be challenged. It is extremely preliminary and tentative. The best we could hope is that it will spark some interest and possible attract some funding to follow-up.

Narrator: Dr. Curt Nelson has also been doing DNA tests on the blood, hair, and tissue samples and suspects there is an unknown substance, or inhibitor, present that is interfering with the DNA extraction. Nelson must first identify the inhibitor and remove it from the sequence. The inhibitor has been identified. The galvanizing on the screws was mixed in with the animal DNA. Nelson can now nudge DNA from the purified samples.

Nelson: Scientific evidence, at this point, is now suggesting there really is an animal there. I cut it out, I re-purified it, and amplified it again using the same primers, and I got a very strong reaction. When I did that I got rid of the inhibitory stuff by running it out that way. And I found it was identical to human DNA, except it had one nucleotide polymorphism. That nucleotide that was different was a difference that is shared with chimpanzees. I got DNA that was primate DNA, and I knew that I might be looking at the DNA of a Sasquatch.

Narrator: The DNA says primate, but not quite human and not quite nonhuman primate. One of the base pairs is deviated.

Nelson: What we have to do now is look at more DNA. We have to sequence more of it. We have to design primers to amplify different regions of the DNA so that we can get sequence across the mitochondrial genome and determine whether or not it is just human DNA, which seems unlikely that something -- like a human -- would step on that board like that.

Narrator: Great apes share nearly identical DNA with man except for a 35-base-pair deviation. The Snellgrove DNA sample has only 1 deviation. According to Nelson, there is only a 1 in 5,000 chance this is human DNA.

Nelson: What we're looking at is the blood so far. So if we can find that same sequence exists in the tissue and hair, that indicates that an animal that bled there and left the tissue there and the hair there was all the same animal, and produce the same sequence. That's important to tie it all together; that could take a year.

**This is one point of good evidence that indicates that bigfoot is very close to humans on the genetic scale.

Killing a bigfoot/ sasquatch
There are a few researchers that are very straight-forward on their views of killing a bigfoot/sasquatch as a specimen. In October 2009 John Green was interviewed by Daniel Perez and was asked a very lengthy list of questions. One question that was asked by Perez was, “If you were a big game hunter, would you think twice about shooting a sasquatch should opportunity arise?” Green’s response was, “That was our intention in the beginning. It is still the only thing anyone could do that would immediately settle the matter beyond argument, but not being a hunter of anything I don’t know if I could actually do it.” Well, Mr. Green did make trips to the Bluff Creek area in the 1960’s. He may be referring to that era as a time that killing was his intention… We also respectfully disagree with Mr. Green’s statement that killing would the only thing anyone could do to settle the issue, how about finding a body, bones with hair, etc? If DNA studies are completed on tissue that show that this specimen is very close to humans on the genetic scale and is a new species, isn’t that a wake-up call to science and the world?

Since Mr. Perez asked Mr. Green a question about killing a sasquatch, we decided to research our archives to see what Mr. Perez’ mindset is on the issue. ON 10/30/91 Mr. Perez gave an interview to the Press Enterprise newspaper. The article states, “Perez wants to bag a sasquatch not just for his sake, but for theirs.” “It will determine that all of those people who said that they saw something were not off their rockers.” The line below Perez’ photo of him holding his rifle is, “Danny Perez, hardcore sasquatch investigator/ hunter.” At one point in the interview Perez states, “Every year in the United States there are about 20 reported sightings, in the past 100 years he estimates there have been 7000 sightings.” Yes, that is a quote from the article attributed to Mr. Perez. NABS sent Mr. Perez an email asking if he still went out and hunted bigfoot/ sasquatch as he described in the article? Mr. Perez never responded to our email.

NABS would direct Mr. Green and Mr. Perez to the following laws in California that would make the killing of a bigfoot or sasquatch highly illegal.

California Fish and Game Code
Nongame Mammals

§ 4150.  Definitions; Restricted Taking or Possessing
All mammals occurring naturally in California which are not game mammals, fully protected mammals, or fur-bearing mammals, are nongame mammals. Nongame mammals or parts thereof may not be taken or possessed except as provided in this code or in accordance with regulations adopted by the commission.

Section 2000 California Fish and Game Code

It is unlawful to take any bird, mammal, fish, reptile, or
amphibian except as provided in this code or regulations made
pursuant thereto. Possession of a bird, mammal, fish, or reptile or
parts thereof in or on the fields, forests, or waters of this state,
or while returning there from with fishing or hunting equipment is
prima facie evidence the possessor took the bird, mammal, fish or
reptile or parts thereof.

California Administrative Code Title 14 Section 472-475 are the sections that you would be arrested under for shooting a non game species in California. If the species is not listed in the code as an animal with a hunting season or an animal listed in the code, you cannot kill or possess it. Violation of this section is a misdemeanor and up to one year in jail.

182 California Penal Code
Conspiracy- If two or more people conspire to commit any crime, this is a felony.
A felony is punishable in the California state prison system for no less then 16 months or in the county jail for no more then one year.

As of this moment we do not know if bigfoot would be classified as a human or an animal, nobody knows. The above law definitions work to explain if the biped was killed and it was determined to be an animal. If the biped was found to be human, then the following law section would apply.

If people went into the woods with the intent to kill a bigfoot or sasquatch and the biped turned out to be human, that killing with malice aforethought would be prosecuted as:
187 P.C. Murder- With intent, planned and designed to kill, first degree murder with the penalty of life imprison without parole or death.

NABS has read many accounts of people shooting a bigfoot and even some of the people finding the body. If a bigfoot does appear quite human, as in Mr. Pratt’s sketches, there may be good rationale while people are not turning in the bodies or going to law enforcement with the carcass. Maybe, just maybe, these people are quite concerned that they would be prosecuted for a very serious crime. NABS is quite aware of other researchers that are actively hunting for a bigfoot. We don’t put much credence in their work and doubt they will ever be successful, but if they are, we will be the first group that is demanding prosecution based on the knowledge and intent these people had when they initiated their search.

Questions & Comments to: nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com
Always hike the woods with a friend.
Enjoy the great outdoors.


Blog # 95                                          The Human Factor & Evidence Cited by Other Researchers

During the last few months NABS has received several emails from other bigfoot group members claiming their support for our attitude, research and position. A few of these emails offered significant insight into how the groups leaders felt their position was threatened to the point that they were working together to attack NABS, yes this is true, we have the emails. It’s difficult to understand why any group would choose to attack another group rather then tighten their own research. This is one of the main issues in the bigfoot arena and why noted professionals have been reluctant to enter, make themselves known and take a public stance on issues.

Two of the emails we have received enlightened us as to one reason for the organized attacks. It appears that several groups are very upset over the sketches that Harvey Pratt has drawn and their appearance of having a human quality. The public is becoming aware that Harvey brings with him enormous credibility in his work, what he draws is what they are; it is exactly what people describe. People are starting to take notice that bigfoot may be far more human then has been pitched at them for the last 40-50 years. The “real” question that we continue to ask ourselves is why these researchers have ignored facts that they themselves have documented, facts that all point to a human quality.

When we started our organization David Paulides interviewed John Green at length. You can read portions of that interview on this site (
www.nabigfootsearch.com/Guestcolumnist.html). Mr. Green gave his insight on many critical areas of bigfoot research. There were very few instances where Mr. Green stated that he didn’t know an answer or where he waivered on his answer. He appeared very sure of his answers and obviously had spent years studying the topic. That first conversation with Mr. Green was very enlightening and appreciated. One of the books most researchers have read is, “On the Track of the Sasquatch”, author- John Green, Hancock House Publisher.

Most bigfoot researchers have read Mr. Green’s books, respect his position and know that he has devoted a significant part of his life to bigfoot/sasquatch research. If there were one person in this research arena that most would turn to for advice and insight into research, that would be Mr. Green. It is that very respect and admiration that researchers have for Mr. Green that we will cite specific sections of his book specifically detailing witnesses statements about bigfoot and sasquatch that indicate a human quality. Knowing that most researchers have read these books and believe in his theories, how has this volume of evidence been overlooked?

Mr. Green’s book is a good overview of many aspects of bigfoot/ sasquatch and highlights many of the famous stories tied to the biped. On page 6 column one of the book Mr. Green relates a story involving an incident with Ruby Creek Indians. The witnesses see a large and hairy creature coming towards them and they run. “In describing the animal, Mrs. Chadwick declared it was 10 feet tall, hairy, with a human face.” According to the newspaper article that Mr. Green cited the creature turned out to be a bear, Mr. Green writes, “Ten feet tall…with a human face” cannot successfully be applied to any bear. The tracks were 8 inches across and 18 inches long, too big for any bear anyone has ever observed. Mr. Green took this investigation a step further and had a witness interviewed by a local magistrate (Page 8 column 2) and later signed a declaration in part stating, “question- and what did Mrs. Chapman say about the Sasquatch, answer- She said it was a big hairy man. Question- Could these have been near tracks? Answer- No they certainly couldn’t. Bear tracks wouldn’t ever have the shape of a human heel. These looked like human feet.”

On page 11 Mr. Green describes an incident involving Albert Ostman. Ostman gave Mr. Green a written account of what he heard about Sasquatch. In column 2 Ostman wrote, “At the time I had never heard of Sasquatch. So I asked what kind of an animal he called a Sasquatch. The Indian said “They have hair all over their bodies, but they are not animals. They are people, big people living in the mountains.”

Ostman claims to have been kidnapped by a Sasquatch. As part of his declaration to Mr. Green Ostman writes (Page 14, column 2), “They were standing around me and continuously chattering. I had never heard of Sasquatch before the Indian told me about them. But I knew I was right among them.” There are two things about Ostman’s statement that strike us as unique. The “chattering” description of their language is consistent with descriptors used to describe the Sierra Recordings described in a report by Scott Nelson under bigfoot language on our site. The descriptors used by the Indian to describe the bipeds to Mr. Ostman were obviously sufficient for Ostman to draw the link.

Later, Ostman states that the light starts to come up the valley and he can start to see a number of Sasquatch. His description includes, “They look like a family, old man, old lady and two young ones, a boy and a girl. The boy and the girl seem to be scarred of me. The old lady did not seem too pleased about what the old man dragged home. But the old man was waving his arms and telling them all what he had in mind.” What Ostman is describing appears to be a family structure. This sounds exactly how a human family would interact. Again on page 14, column two Ostman states, “I moved my belongings up close to the west wall. There were two small cypress trees there, and this will do for a shelter for the time being. Until I find out what these people want with me, and how to get away from here.” Ostman used the word “people” to describe the sasquatch, not animals, not apes, not gorilla’s, people. If you couple Ostman’s statement that he was around “people” and the explanation of the family unit, it’s hard to imagine that the bipeds were anything other then human or a very close genetic brother/cousin to human.

On page 49 of Mr. Green’s book he describes an incident that was viewed by a young man who later became a deputy sheriff.  The man described his bigfoot in column two as “I could see his teeth. His teeth weren’t very big in front except these (pointing out eye teeth) and they kind of protruded more then others. They weren’t fangs, they were slanted more…forward, they were slanted more forward. And his face was slanted an awful lot. He had a real low forehead.” There were a few more questions about the description that brought this response, question- did the nose protrude like a human nose, “well, not very much. It was real flat and wide. Q-As if a human nose was squashed, A- mm hm”.  This report is important because it describes human type teeth, not ape or gorilla. The descriptors used on the face are similar to human.

On page 52, column one Green interviews a foreman for a road maintenance crew in Squamish. His description of what he observed, “I knew it was definitely not a bear, it was a human like animal but a monkey type appearance.” Here is a witness that is wavering on the descriptor. Later in the same column the witness states “It didn’t have a bears face, it had more of a flat face like a person or a monkey.” Again this is a statement that does not firmly place this biped in either category, ape or human. There have been several drawings we have done that the biped has features that are very square and rugged, but some humans also have this appearance.

On page 53, column one Mr. Green interviews a trucker that hit a bigfoot/sasquatch. The truck driver was traveling down The Avenue of the Giants when he came around a curve and hit the biped. One statement the driver gave to the following question, Did you notice the shape of the head? Answer, “ From the back side it appeared to be round, not like I would picture a gorilla or ape or something with a crown on the back of the head. It was more humanlike.” The driver did eventually stop and checked the damage of the truck.

Another book that Mr. Green wrote was “The Sasquatch File”, here are some quotes from that book. Page 5, column one, “Forty years ago, longtime residents of Washington State were interviewed for a book, “Told by the Pioneers.” In it P.H. Roundtree tells that the Indians would not go to the Pe Ell Prairie until after the Roundtree family settled there, because “A big Skookum, or Hairy man came and drove all the Indians away that were living there.”

Page 5 column 1-2, “I have nothing definite for Oregon before 1900, but I do have a copy of a Sunday Magazine article written in 1947 by Dale Vincent which tells of a “Lost Tribe of Indian Devils called Swalalahists that lived on the upper reaches of the Sixes River.” “The devils were described as standing over six and one half feet tall, heavy and powerful and covered with a short coat of yellowish fur.” This same “Indian Devil” moniker was placed on bigfoot on the Klamath River by the Yurok tribe in the early 1900’s and described in David Paulides’ book, Tribal Bigfoot (

Page 5 column 2, bottom of the page “Looking up saw something sitting on a large boulder, about fifteen or twenty paces from him. He supposed it to be some kind of an animal and immediately came down on it with his needle gun. The object instantly rose to its feet and proved to be a man. This man appeared to be covered all over with coarse black hair, seemingly 2-3 inches long, like the hair of a bear.”

Page 6, column 2, Northern Nevada, “I am told that the Lansing Michigan Republican, August 4, 1870, reported that a large party in Northern Nevada had seen a man covered with fine hair run past their camp carrying a club and a rabbit. It had a scream like the roar of a lion.”
1904, Vancouver Island, BC, Page 9 column one, “The wild man was apparently young, with long matted hair and a beard and covered with a profusion of hair over his entire body. He ran like a deer through the seemingly impenetrable tangle of undergrowth, and pursuit was utterly impossible.”

Page 10-11 is a huge article written by J.W. Burns titled “Introducing the B.C. ‘s Hairy Giants, A collection of strange tales about British Columbia’s as told by those who say they have seen them.”

Page 12, column 2, Cowlitz River, “Almost immediately a very large man-like creature about six and one half feet tall came into view. It was walking on its hind legs, was covered with dark hair, had a bearded face and large chest and as far as I could see was not wearing any clothes of any kind.”

Page 13, column 2, Northern Michigan, 1910, “Mary Lou Truman, St. Lodi, California wrote to Ivan Sanderson that two hunters had followed strange tracks and come upon a human giant with long arms and short-light colored hair.”

Page 14, column 1, Head of Pitt Lake, August 1933, “A Vancouver man wrote to me that he and a friend saw a black furry creature with a human face walking around on two feet eating berries.”

Page 14, column 2, Early 1940’s, near Coombes, Vancouver Island, “Alex Oakes, Coombes, driving a mile east of the town saw a hairy animal “or damn near human” run from a field across a road and into the woods, leaping two fences. He told me it was about 7 feet tall and covered with brown hair.”
**There are dozens of more entries in his books that described a human looking bigfoot or sasquatch. In the interest to cut the chase we are not going to include every entry.

In respect to Mr. Green there were entries that did describe a creature other than looking human. The point to this exercise is that Mr. Green’s book was copyrighted in 1973. He and fellow researchers have had access to this information for over 50 years and apparently have chose to ignore it. The numbers of entries that describe a human looking bigfoot/sasquatch would be enough for any credible researchers to take note. Mr. Green has made many statements in the past indicating that he was always researching an “ape-like” creature and didn’t put any credence into the biped being human even though many of the sightings cited in his books mindicating a human quality are from Canada. This is apparently what a majority of other researchers have done who have followed Mr. Green, ignored the human quality. It is also readily apparent that Mr. Green and a vast majority of older researchers/groups have chose to ignore almost every Native American description and opinion of bigfoot/sasquatch. NABS believes that the similarity in the Native Americans accounts from tribe to tribe, state to state and the U.S. to Canada make them much too similar for it to be pure fable.

How can researchers discount the sightings in Mr. Green’s fine books when they describe a biped with a human appearance? Mr. Green and other veteran researchers advocate the KILLING of a specimen/bigfoot. How can anyone claim that killing a bigfoot or sasquatch could be justified when you have an enormous amount of sightings depicting a human element? These accounts are not just from NABS files, they are from Mr. Green’s books. The first rule in hunting is that you absolutely know what you are going to shoot. How can anyone claim for certain that bigfoot is an animal when you have credible witnesses, witnesses that Mr. Green has cited in his books claiming that the biped is human? Tribes in the U.S. and Canada stating that bigfoot/sasquatch is human and from another type of tribe, how can this be ignored?

The overwhelming issue to NABS is how can veteran bigfoot researchers be disturbed by Harvey Pratt’s drawing of a bigfoot with human qualities when in two books written by one of the most famous bigfoot researchers of all time has dozens and dozens of reports of a bigfoot with human qualities? How can Harvey’s drawings be a huge revelation? Why are these researchers shocked and upset?

The point of this blog is to highlight the fact that researchers, other then NABS have been receiving reports during the last 50 years that relate to a sighting of a bigfoot/sasquatch that show a profound human quality. We chose to utilize Mr. Green’s books because of his stellar reputation in the community and the amount of sightings he has investigated, yet he chose to include the reports we have quoted.

NABS likes to believe that we take a common sense approach to bigfoot research. If witnesses report to other researchers that they observe a family environment associated with a sasquatch, well maybe we should all stop and take note. Mr. Green seemed to believe the story and the consistency which Ostman related the incident, yet veteran researchers believe killing a bigfoot/sasquatch/wildman is justified.
We don’t understand.

The bigfoot community should appreciate Mr. Green's contribution to our base of research through the exceptional job he did by documenting and including the various sighting reports in his many books.

Comments and opinions are always appreciated- nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com

Enjoy the great outdoors.

Always hike in pairs.


Blog #94                                    DNA Results and a Cohesive Community

North America Bigfoot Search (NABS) entered the bigfoot research arena with a defined objective, see www.nabigfootsearch.com. We knew from the start that we would not loiter in this space for the mere enjoyment of making it a hobby. All of our people have had successful professions in other areas; we have not made this our lifelong ambition. We believe that it is our unique professional background that has given us the ability to look at the research and offer a fresh prospective. 

One of our main objectives in NABS was understanding bigfoot DNA, associated issues, past identification and research efforts. From the start of our research we found multiple studies that indicated DNA results which showed "human". These results came from multiple labs in different countries with different specimens. Please stop at this point and ponder something, why haven't the mainstream researchers at that point jumped on the results, studied the topic to understand why they were getting those returns, and, acknowledged that this may be human? Nearly 90% of the researchers that have been involved with bigfoot research for the last 50 years have stated that they believe that bigfoot is some type of ape or gorilla and most have claimed that they want to shoot and/or kill a specimen. Stop again for a second and contemplate this, if you wanted to kill a bigfoot you definitely would not want the public to believe that it was anything close to human, that wouldn't be good for public relations or book sales.

Again, 90% of the researchers in the last 50 years have written books under the hypothesis that bigfoot is an ape or gorilla. These researchers need to continue to perpetrate this myth if they are to get continued speaking engagements, sell their books and get the public to log onto their webpage's. NABS has studied this topic relentlessly and has yet to find any physical evidence indicating there is a wild ape or gorilla living in the woods of North America. The interesting part of their predicament is that they don't want to defend their position; they want to argue illogical points about superfluous issues not relevant to the topic.

Starters, bigfoot hair has been analyzed under an electron microscope and experts have confirmed that it is an unknown primate without scientific classification. It is distinctly different then any other primate in the world. It does not match ape, gorilla or any other primate.
Human Characteristics which ape's and gorilla's do not possess;
1. Bigfoot can swim quite well.
2. Female's of the species have enlarged breasts when not feeding or pregnant.
3. They possess the ability to speak (see language report on webpage))
4. Bigfoot walks and runs completely upright
5. The footprint of a bigfoot matches the physical characteristics of the human foot (see Archie Buckley Report on website).
6. Every DNA study ever completed on bigfoot has had returns showing it is human.
7. Witness statements on behavior indicate they have many of the same traits as people.
8. Witnesses reporting on their observations of teeth and hands/fingers indicate that bigfoot has body parts identical (larger) then human.
9. The examination of hundreds of sighting reports indicate that bigfoot has advanced thinking capabilities that rival humans.
10. Law enforcement forensic drawings completed with witnesses in "Tribal Bigfoot" show a much more human biped rather then anything close to an ape or gorilla.

Please do not get derailed over misinformation by some participants who realize that within a matter of months their body of work will be outdated and contrary to proven science. The tactics being used by a chosen few is ruthless and unprofessional and goes to our statements that little have been accomplished in the bigfoot research arena in the last 40 years. This effort also defines why researchers outside our space have refused to join the research effort and have labeled the space in negative and unprofessional terms.

When we entered the bigfoot research world we reached out to many of the older researchers and asked their opinions on a variety of topics, we learned allot, and, we thank them. We asked them to join our efforts and develop synergy to accelerate research, 95% refused and ignored our call. The bell is going to ring in a few months and a chosen few will be there, the vast majority will not. The people who will not be at the table have chosen a destructive rather then constructive path, all of these people believe in the ape or gorilla theory and still want to kill the biped.

As I explained in "Tribal Bigfoot", our study is moving forward, results are progressing and we are breaking new and innovative ground. There is much anxiety in our space because many know that they are going to be on the outside looking in. If they would put down their pens, arrows, swords and other weapons and put on their common sense/friendship caps, we could be a united community that tells the world that we worked together to overcome one of the biggest questions of modern time. NABS would gladly stand side by side with some of these ground breaking figures, but unfortunately they have chosen to denigrate the entire research space rather than cohesively move to a position of mutual trust and admiration.

David Paulides

North America Bigfoot Search

Comments and questions to:




Blog # 93                                  Peter Byrne & NABS Moving Forward     

During the last several years NABS has been fortunate to accumulate substantial research material from noted investigators from the past and present. A significant portion of this material is letters that were written to researchers, witnesses and directly to Ray Crowe and Peter Byrne. Many of these were written in the 70’s- 90’s and a significant portion of these were direct attacks on other researchers.

The NABS files contain letters from Green, Perez, Steenburg, McClarin, Coleman, Grumley, Everett, Filer, Guttila, Krantz, Crook, Bonnichsen, Moore, Pyle, Pedersen, White, Lund, Fahrenback, Freeman, Morris, Lapseritis, Michael, Wallace and dozens more you would know. Many, many of these letters were direct attacks on the credibility and integrity of other researchers. Many of the letters placed demands on Mr. Crowe, such as, “If you include his name in the newsletter then you can’t use my material”, things such as this were constant. Letters included allegations of fraud, misconduct and direct statements that some were con artists, yes, this is absolutely true.

Many of the letters that we possess are also letters from researchers and witnesses directly to Peter Byrne when he was actively researching bigfoot. Many of the witness letters are riveting and contain useful information. We didn’t find one letter where researchers were asking Peter one question about his research, not one! We didn’t find one letter where other researchers were asking to align resources and work together, not one! We did find one consistency in the files we possess; we could not find one letter penned by Peter that was an attack on any other researcher. We found dozens of hate letters sent to Peter that had an undertone of jealousy.

**Peter Byrne

Peter Byrne was an individual who had a longtime interest in bigfoot. He made the effort to obtain funding for research and established a location in The Dalles, Oregon for an office. Peter also established an eight hundred number for witnesses to call in their sighting. This entire effort was something very new to the world of bigfooting. A large institution gave funding to a researcher to investigate a crypto topic, unique. This effort drew significant international coverage and with that also drew barbs, arrows and slander against Peter.

When NABS first entered this arena we knew that this was a dysfunctional area where significant strides in research hadn’t been accomplished in years, it was stale. As we have stated in previous blogs, we spent the first six months researching the people/researchers and their expertise, background. We were trying to find researchers that we could align with and who were credible. Over the years we have interviewed many of these individuals and asked them questions about their feelings, concerns and expertise. Certain of these people were rude and abusive from the very beginning while others were open, helpful and wanted to develop synergy. Many of these conversations took place at conferences and back rooms, but the substance of the conversation was consistent at each location where we met. Remember, there is a public persona and the private person behind each face. Many times we met a personality that was “strong and wrong”. The person came on extremely strong with their views trying to overwhelm us with how correct they were, we just listened. We found that the strong and wrong attitude is flagrant in this world and one reason that many organizations can’t align their thoughts and research with others. They can’t seem to find historical or physical evidence to support their hypothesis but they overwhelm you with their ideas, strong ideas.

Part of that research during our initial opening phase was the discovery of mounds of paperwork all tied to litigation. Yes, many people in the bigfoot world like to file lawsuits against each other. We possess dozens of lawsuits filed by some of the biggest names in this research arena, starting in the mid 1960’s extending until just recently. The allegations in these suits are stunning and the amount of time and energy people have placed in these documents is even more revealing.

Again, the one consistency in every one of the lawsuits is that Peter Byrne is not involved. He is not mentioned in any of the litigation that we possess. We don’t have one letter or communiqué that Peter wrote where he publicly slammed an individual or organization. He is a gentleman that conducted his research and came to his conclusions. I’m sure that Peter made mistakes along the research route, heck, NABS knows that we have. We think the public persona that Peter Byrne exudes should be a role model for every researcher in any arena.

The background information that we developed early in our existence has helped NABS come to our thoughts and ideas. The alignments that we have in the research community are strong and tight. Our partners understand our philosophy, strategy and goals and we appreciate the relationships that we’ve developed over the years, really, thanks.

Lest talk about goals for a few paragraphs. The main goals for NABS was to have bigfoot recognized at a scientific level, educate the public and develop protection measures within our legal system. NABS believes that we have met our goal of educating the public in the relatively short time frame we have been on the scene.

Educating the Public: We have established a website that contains newsletters from the 60’s-70’s (The Haas Bigfoot Bulletin), we have kept you updated through the blog and we will continue to add valuable data to our site. David Paulides has written two books outlining the bigfoot issue and they are available through our site. NABS has also taken 17 years of Ray Crowe’s research and through our own efforts developed an 80 page index for 3000 pages of newsletters Ray authored. The index on the “Track Record” is the single most valuable bigfoot research tool that exists today and we have made it available to the public. We believe our educational goal has been met.

Protection measures: Not legally needed, more on this later.

Scientifically recognized: In the next several months scientific results which NABS started 27 months ago will be completed. The results cannot be altered, facts are facts, the DNA on bigfoot will have been completed and it will be recognized. Mission completed.

All of the NABS personnel have had success in other professions. This is not their legacy and they won’t stay in the arena after our goals and objectives have been met. Why would anyone want to stay and align themselves with a culture that thrives on public humiliation and libelous and slanderous behavior? Once the DNA results are in we will move onto our next project. We are sure that once DNA has been established, the aberrant behavior that exists in our arena will shift towards the lab that did the work, they already know this is coming.

We want to thank our supporters that have kept us informed over the last few months of new barbs and slangs that were headed our direction. We already know that another is coming soon. One of our academic advisors told us last week that we should take this attention as a sign that we are having a profound impact on the bigfoot arena and people’s ideas and thoughts, otherwise, why would these people continue to bang at our door…..

Your thoughts and ideas are always welcome.

Enjoy the great outdoors.
Walk in pairs when in the forest.


Blog # 92                “They Walked Among Us”

Our researchers are constantly reading, new material, old stories, books, periodicals, etc. They are on an ongoing search for additional information, something that will assist us to unlock a complex puzzle.

One of the dozens of books we purchased in the Ray Crowe Collection was a 44-page report written by Ed Fusch, “They Walked Among Us.” The report was copyrighted in 2002 and published by Ed. NABS has a few copies in our possession. This report has stood out amongst our researchers as information that is credible, mimics results we discovered in Hoopa, Tule River and other tribal locations in Oklahoma and Minnesota.

Ed decided that he wanted to research the Native American relationship between the Colville and Spokane reservations and bigfoot. He met with elders from each tribe and then conducted an extensive periodical search. His results are interesting and informative.

Ed’s report starts with stating that the Spokane Indians call bigfoot “Scweneyti” which translates to “tall, hairy, smells like burnt hair.” On page 11, paragraph 3 Ed quotes, “The old timers among the Spokane Indians had some very strong and unshakable beliefs about him foremost of which were:
    Belief number one, and the strongest of these beliefs was that Scweneyti was NOT an animal!
” (Ed capitalized letter in “NOT”).

Ed’s statement in his book that bigfoot is not an animal again goes to the same understanding that each tribe we have visited also believes. The Native Americans hunt the woods daily, they know the landscape, they know what an animal is, why aren’t other researchers listening?

Page 15, paragraph 1, sentence 16, “Scweneyti was accepted by the Indians as part of their environment, like the coyote, deer and bear. He was not considered an animal, but people.”

Page 26 describes events surrounding the kidnapping of Native American women by the Scweneyti at the Spokane Indian Reservation. The first paragraph talks about the kidnapping of a young female that was not seen again until she was an older adult. There is another account on the same page where Scweneyti kidnapped a virgin between 14 and 18 years old and kept her for 3 years. When the woman returned she stunk very bad.

The Colville Indian Reservation comprises of eleven different tribes. Their word for bigfoot is Skanicum and it was always considered a “human being and a member of their own species”, (Page 30, paragraph 1).  On page 33 Ed describes the abduction of a Native by Skanicum and her subsequent rescue by other tribesman. She supposedly had a child by Skanicum’s that they named “Patrick” who was raised on the Colville Reservation. Patrick’s physical features were a little different from other Native’s.

On page 37 there is a story about the Wenatchee Tribe of Washington and their relationship with “Choanito”, their name for bigfoot, the translation in their language means “Night People”.  A member of the Wenatchee Tribe was kidnapped by a Chaonito and held for two seasons. The victim described the Choanito group as “They were like a different tribe of Indians, (Page 37paragraph 2, line 10).

The stories in this book are well written and comprehensive in descriptors, we have just pointed out a few of the significant details. This report mimics stories we have heard throughout the U.S. and Canada about behavior associated with bigfoot, Sasquatch or wild man. The stories about kidnappings are nearly identical to kidnappings described in Tribal Bigfoot (
www.nabigfootsearch.com/tribalbigfoot.html). For bigfoot researchers to continue to ignore these stories, not believe what Native’s are stating about these people would be a direct insult to every Native American/Canadian. The stories are too consistent to not hold the truth. We encourage you to continue to read, interview other researchers, and ask them the tough questions. Why haven’t they interviewed tribal members about their encounters, they are the individuals who have lived with these people for hundreds of years?

NABS is starting to hear a major shift in belief patterns from readers emails. The people who are reading reports and books, asking questions, are starting to understand why NABS has reached conclusions that DO NOT parallel many of the long time researchers.

NABS will continue to feed you articles, papers and stories that are well written and thoroughly researched. We appreciate the overwhelming show of support you have given us through your many emails, thank you.

To purchase a copy of "They Walked Among Us", please go to the bigfoot store link: www.nabigfootsearch.com/Bigfootstore.html

Comments and questions to:

Enjoy the great outdoors.
Do not hike in the woods alone.


Blog# 91                     How Low Can We Go

The last 72 hours have been an interesting stretch for NABS and our researchers. We have continued to get positive reports from our project leaders while others in our arena have decided to attempt character assassination through a cyber bullying tactic.

The last 3 days has brought a number of emails from supportive followers all stating the obvious, “don’t lower yourself to address obvious personal attacks.” I think everyone that is involved in research would agree that investigations and research are open to public scrutiny, we agree. Going back into someone’s personal history 23 years ago and trying to bash their credibility today is a new low for our world. A seasoned bigfoot researcher who has been in the game for over 25 years told us that they had seen this behavior in the past from the same people, but they had never seen them go this low ever.

One of the comments made about our researchers in the past is questioning why many of them don’t publicly publish or make themselves known to the public? I think the answer is obvious. Why would any professional want to be publicly slammed for something they were accused of 23 years ago when in FACT they were completely exonerated and cleared, close the book. Folks, there is a group of people in our community that call themselves “researchers” and “writers” that have spent an excessive amount of time and energy doing one thing, trying to publicly assassinate NABS and their personnel. You must ask yourself why would they expend so much energy on a group that is relatively new to the field, doesn’t make TV appearances and makes relatively few public appearances? The answer, many of our researchers have testified hundreds of times in criminal court. When a defense attorney doesn’t have a defense for their client, they don’t try the case facts, they put the witnesses to the test, and this is what is happening here. We aren’t seeing attacks on our affidavits, witness testimony, hypothesis, or behavior statements, instead, these people have put their energy into trying to character assassinate our researchers, unbelievable.

Another comment made by this group of individuals is that our researchers have made mistakes, big mistakes. Namely, there is a serious allegation that one of our researchers doesn’t hold the credentials he has claimed. Let’s clear the air now, NABS, our researchers and our research do not lie, PERIOD. We came from a background that holds honesty at the highest level.

Harvey Pratt and David Paulides have integrity and credibility that goes beyond the bigfoot world. They spent a majority of their life protecting the citizens of their community and winning accolades, awards and commendations for their outstanding police work. Paulides had over 45 commendations during his 20 years in law enforcement, and is one of the most commended officers on his department when he left, awards ranging from day to day excellence, capturing robbery suspects, burglars, arsonists, designing law enforcement programs and making dozens of large narcotic seizures. Pratt has received local and national awards for his work, many awards. Harvey’s forensic work has put countless felons behind bars based initially on just his sketches. Neither man has a criminal conviction for anything more then a parking ticket, read this again, neither man HAS EVER been convicted of anything more then a parking ticket, ever! Harvey Pratt reached the level of assistant director of the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation before he retired the first time. Harvey was asked to come back to the bureau and be their forensic artist, a skill the region needed. Harvey is an award winning artist who draws animals, landscapes, etc, all with the expertise of the nationally recognized Native American artist that he is. Paulides spent 20 years in law enforcement and chose to retire, obtain his pension and apply his bachelors and masters degree in the technology area. Paulides reached the level of COO in a laser company before choosing to retire again and eventually be a founder of NABS. David has spent thousands of volunteer hours coaching and teaching girls and boys on how to play ice hockey and is a certified level 5 coach for USA Hockey, yes, we are continually giving back to the community.

As we have stated on this site in the past, DO NOT believe anything you read about NABS or our personnel unless we have printed it here. I remember a lesson my mom taught me when I was a young person, when someone stated something that was malicious and hurtful, “don’t go down to that level, you’ll just become one of them.” I think that statement still rings true today. Please don’t ask us to personally attack anyone over any issue, it won’t happen. We believe that the research (or lack of) that has gone into each group’s hypothesis, will eventually be the sole factor that pushes that group decisively to the top.


NABS routinely gets letters from readers. A few of these letters struck us as a polite gesture and they were appreciated. The following letters were sent to a competing site and they forwarded it to us to print, thanks! The letter is a review of “The Track Record, A Bigfoot Encyclopedia.”

A Review of North American Bigfoot Search’s DVD of Ray Crowe’s Track Record

In early 2007, I had the privilege of boxing Ray Crowe’s Western Bigfoot Society and International Bigfoot Society records for their sale to North American Bigfoot Search.  Aside from some help from Ray’s daughter, I was alone in the work since I couldn’t find volunteers and Ray was in a period of limited locomotion.

Packing brought back many memories.  Recently, I’ve had cause to revisit those dusty, moldy poignant fourteen hours of work in five sessions to provide information to another researcher.

During my remembrance, I recognized one thing seemed missing, something I haven’t seen on the Internet, although I spend little time searching for Bigfoot stuff on the web.  It was a review of the absolutely incredible work NABS did to organize, scan, index, and catalog Ray’s Track Records, A Bigfoot Encyclopedia into a DVD format.

The DVD is available through the North American Bigfoot Search website for the very reasonable sum of $19.95 plus a modest shipping charge.  This is why every, and I mean every, serious Bigfoot researcher should buy a copy.

First, let me say that during its 16 year run from 1991 to early 2007, Ray Crowe always advised his readers “To have their “Skepticals” on.”  Pretty much, Ray typed his contributor’s works in as they came.  He did one other thing; he generally didn’t repeat what was readily available through other venues; rather, Ray would simply reference where the citation could be found.

So, what does all that mean?

One: there is a huge amount of primary information available in the Track Record.  This was recognized by NABS, which has astute people on staff, and they went to the time and expense of making 174 of the newsletters {about 3,000 pages} available to the many who have few if any copies of the originals {I think I have a complete set, but may be missing a couple, yet for it’s convenience, I find the NABS DVD my go-to reference.}

Two: critics who say the TR is hardly worth the paper it’s printed on are in serious error.  Crowe’s work is in fact an Encyclopedia unmatched in our field of study.  It goes far beyond the product of some Bigfoot books which are mainly, “back-in-the-day, they saw one; and reports of one walking across a road.”

Now, let’s consider some TR generals and specifics which I selected virtually at random this morning.

The superlative 80 page index begins with four or five pages of Bigfoot only related material.  Some headings read: “Bigfoot Caves {20 citations}, eyes {100}, odor {60+}, wood knocks {20+}. 

Indexed topics include: BF/Sasquatch/Wildmen, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabras, Research Reports, Yeti/Yowie/ Yaren Reports, Photos of Researchers, Research photos & sketches, and commentary.

Just three issues are adequate to demonstrate the wide range of exceptional material available in the TR DVD: issue #16 of May 1992, issue #28 of June 1993, and issue #130 of August 2003.

#16 – this one caught my eye because of a mention of Olallie Lake tracks which is in my primary area of field research.  The heading was somewhat misleading as the tracks actually occurred NW and across Big Bottom on the upper slopes of Mt. Lowe.  The vicinity of Mt. Lowe is an area I have spent many days and nights investigating.   I was also disappointed to know that the many reports of activity near Olallie Lake are apparently not in the Track Record.  No matter.

#28 – there is a version of the Clackamas Indian myth about Bigfoot presenting themselves to man and not being seen.  Ray also comments on the eleven {11} Bigfoot newsletters in print at the time.  One central to his comments exploded onto the scene and then evaporated, as most have, with the exception of Daniel Perez’s monthly.

#130 – this one was a bit touching.  While it was surely selected at random, I found it important for it contains a photograph of a much younger Ray and our dear Theata before she had cancer.  Theata Crowe was a beautiful, wonderful person.

Anyway, pages 2228 & 29 on the DVD version of #130 have old drawings about wild men in Europe.  P.2230 relates a Loch Ness type Native American legend of a similar, more violent creature called the “Wallowa Lake Monster.”  P.2232 contains a report from Russia authored by Valentin Sapunov.

Somewhere as I was rambling with my mouse I found a reference to Forest Road 4610 which was very important to me, although I thought I knew the road area “well.”

I could go on, but I will not.  Save your money, buy the DVD.  It contains important history that someday may become rare.  Also know the DVD is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  If you are not familiar with PDF in large documents, it is very easy to learn and navigate.

Where to buy the DVD:  www.nabigfootsearch.com

Thank you.

Joe Beelart
West Linn, Oregon
April 3, 2010

This review was not solicited by; and, has not been seen or endorsed by North American Bigfoot Search.

**Thanks Joe for the gracious remarks.
**This second email was sent directly to NABS and dealt with a blog #90 where we wrote about something irrelevant to bigfooting.

"This is probably my 5th email to your organization , everyone has responded within a day or 2. That story about Shay playing ball on your website really hit home and got me all chocked up. My son was born with two club feet and the day he took his first step was the best day of my life. But to watch him play baseball as I did was over the top, I cant cry in front of other parents if you know what I mean.  Now he’s 9 and we go out camping looking for bigfoot together in the Adirondacks and with the passing of time its easy to forget. But I never forget how fragile and precious life and individual people are and to my delight he’s even a better person than I try to be. I couldn’t be more proud. So when I read that story on my favorite bigfoot site I had to respond. Thanks for your time and all the best to you and yours" .. (Name Removed by NABS)


Blog # 90                                    Two Choices

We are going to deviate from our normal talk about items related to bigfoot and write about humanity.

Folks, we at NABS have our flaws, as everyone does. Most of us have children and we attempt to live a life that’s a model for our kids to follow. Most of us volunteer a significant amount of our time to a non-profit cause of our choice, it keeps us grounded and humble. We don’t want to leave behind a trail of destruction and negative interactions, but, a positive impact on every person that we meet. Part of being a good businessperson is the ability to converse with all levels of society, and, doing this effectively and in a positive manner. When we leave this arena, when our mission is accomplished, we do not want to be known as a group that believed in speaking negatively about others, spreading rumors, bashing competitors or attempting to assassinate the character and good name of people by trashing their work, there is NOTHING productive in this approach. As NABS has stated since their inaugural year, this puzzle will only be solved through mutual coroboration and cooperation, this is turning out to be true.

We won’t be a group that stays in this research area for the life of their founders. We came here for a specific goal, once that is accomplished, we will leave for our next venture, and, there are many ahead.

The below listed narrative was sent in and we believe hits at the core of human behavior. I remember years ago an elder friend told me “it isn’t what you do in the public forum that truly matters, it’s what you do when nobody is watching that defines character. Enjoy the story and please feel free to copy the story and pass it on.
North America Bigfoot Search

__________________                    _________________                         ________________                    _____
Two Choices

What would you do?....you make the choice.. Don't look for a punch line, there isn't one. Read it anyway. My question is: Would you have made the same choice?

At a fundraising dinner for a school that serves children with learning disabilities, the father of one of the students delivered a speech that would never be forgotten by all who attended.  After extolling the school and its dedicated staff, he offered a question:

'When not interfered with by outside influences, everything nature does, is done with perfection.

Yet my son, Shay, cannot learn things as other children do. He cannot understand things as other children do.

Where is the natural order of things in my son?'

The audience was stilled by the query.

The father continued. 'I believe that when a child like Shay, who was mentally and physically disabled comes into the world, an opportunity to realize true human nature presents itself, and it comes in the way other people treat that child.'

Then he told the following story:

Shay and I had walked past a park where some boys Shay knew were playing baseball. Shay asked, 'Do you think they'll let me play?' I knew that most of the boys would not want someone like Shay on their team, but as a father I also understood that if my son were allowed to play, it would give him a much-needed sense of belonging and some confidence to be accepted by others in spite of his handicaps.

I approached one of the boys on the field and asked (not expecting much) if Shay could play. The boy looked around for guidance and said, 'We're losing by six runs and the game is in the eighth inning. I guess he can be on our team and we'll try to put him in to bat in the ninth inning.'

Shay struggled over to the team's bench and, with a broad smile, put on a team shirt. I watched with a small tear in my eye and warmth in my heart. The boys saw my joy at my son being accepted.

In the bottom of the eighth inning, Shay's team scored a few runs but was still behind by three.

In the top of the ninth inning, Shay put on a glove and played in the right field. Even though no hits came his way, he was obviously ecstatic just to be in the game and on the field, grinning from ear to ear as I waved to him from the stands.

In the bottom of the ninth inning, Shay's team scored again.

Now, with two outs and the bases loaded, the potential winning run was on base and Shay was scheduled to be next at bat.

At this juncture, do they let Shay bat and give away their chance to win the game?

Surprisingly, Shay was given the bat. Everyone knew that a hit was all but impossible because Shay didn't even know how to hold the bat properly, much less connect with the ball.

However, as Shay stepped up to the plate, the pitcher, recognizing that the other team was putting winning aside for this moment in Shay's life, moved in a few steps to lob the ball in softly so Shay could at least make contact.

The first pitch came and Shay swung clumsily and missed.

The pitcher again took a few steps forward to toss the ball softly towards Shay.

As the pitch came in, Shay swung at the ball and hit a slow ground ball right back to the pitcher.

The game would now be over.

The pitcher picked up the soft grounder and could have easily thrown the ball to the first baseman.

Shay would have been out and that would have been the end of the game.

Instead, the pitcher threw the ball right over the first baseman's head, out of reach of all team mates.

Everyone from the stands and both teams started yelling, 'Shay, run to first!  Run to first!'

Never in his life had Shay ever run that far, but he made it to first base.

He scampered down the baseline, wide-eyed and startled.

Everyone yelled, 'Run to second, run to second!'

Catching his breath, Shay awkwardly ran towards second, gleaming and struggling to make it to the base.

By the time Shay rounded towards second base, the right fielder had the ball . the smallest guy on their team who now had his first chance to be the hero for his team.

He could have thrown the ball to the second-baseman for the tag, but he understood the pitcher's intentions so he, too, intentionally threw the ball high and far over the third-baseman's head.

Shay ran toward third base deliriously as the runners ahead of him circled the bases toward home.

All were screaming, 'Shay, Shay, Shay, all the Way Shay'

Shay reached third base because the opposing shortstop ran to help him by turning him in the direction of third base, and shouted, 'Run to third! Shay, run to third!'

As Shay rounded third, the boys from both teams, and the spectators, were on their feet screaming, 'Shay, run home! Run home!'

Shay ran to home, stepped on the plate, and was cheered as the hero who hit the grand slam and won the game for his team.

'That day', said the father softly with tears now rolling down his face, 'the boys from both teams helped bring a piece of true love and humanity into this world'.

Shay didn't make it to another summer. He died that winter, having never forgotten being the hero and making me so happy, and coming home and seeing his Mother tearfully embrace her little hero of the day!


We all send thousands of jokes through the e-mail without a second thought, but when it comes to sending messages about life choices, people hesitate.

The crude, vulgar, and often obscene pass freely through cyberspace, but public discussion about decency is too often suppressed in our schools and workplaces.

If you're thinking about forwarding this message, chances are that you're probably sorting out the people in your address book who aren't the 'appropriate' ones to receive this type of message Well, the person who sent you this believes that we all can make a difference.

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Blog # 89                                        “ I Fought The Apemen of Mt. St. Helens”

Fred Beck was a prospector and mountain man that had a gold claim near Mt. St. Helens in 1924. Fred and a group of other prospectors had worked the area and claim for 6 years and had some unusual occurrences happen near their site. It wasn’t until they decided to shoot at one of the bipeds that had been watching them did things take a turn for the worst. The bipeds attacked their cabin late one night and Fred wrote “I Fought The Apemen of Mt. St. Helens.” The book is only 22 pages long but it’s filled with great detail.

The reason we are writing a blog about Fred Beck and his book is because the details inside the book are worth noting. The title of the book gets a majority of the press but some researchers and many members of the press don’t read what is inside.

Fred gave many great interviews about his ordeal and all were consistently told without deviation from what he claimed occurred. The miner’s main mineral claim was 2 miles east of Mt. St Helens. The prospectors had regularly seen huge human type footprints and it made them quite uneasy. They tried not to think of the tracks because they had a good gold mine and were focused on bringing out the loot.

Fred’s book was written in 1967 and it includes details that NABS is shocked other researchers have ignored.

Page 5, section-Indian Legend, “According to Indian legend the “apes” were the ferocious Selahtik Indians, a band of renegades much like giant apes in appearance who lived like wild animals in the secluded caves of the cascades.”

David Paulides has written extensively about the claim of bigfoot being a Selahtik. Here it is written again in 1967 but it’s seemingly ignored by many researchers.

Page 6- Paragraph 11, “Unless the creatures are really fuzzy throwbacks, the lost Indian tribe theory seems most likely to some of the fans of the mystery.” It’s interesting the Fred would put this thought in his book, again, not something you hear other researchers talking about.

At this point in the book Fred makes some unusual claims. He flatly states that one of these bipeds will never be caught or killed. He made this claim in 1967, well, it’s 2010 and still no body. He goes onto make associations about a psychic element to the biped, some of his associations are pretty interesting and do attempt to explain the unusual nature of the biped.

Fred calls the bipeds mountain devils, apemen and abominable snowmen, all at different locations of the book. On page 10 paragraph 6, “The snowmen are a missing link in consciousness, neither animal or human. They are very close to our dimension and yet are part of one lower. Could they be the missing link man has been so long searching for? “ Fred makes this statement years before others started to make a similar association.

NABS IS NOT raising a flag at this point and stating that what Fred states is fact, but, we are going to point to a very unusual parallel investigation. When Fred talks about another dimension, he hit on something that researchers inside NABS know about quite well.

The National Institute for the Discovery of Sciences (
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Institute_for_Discovery_Science)is an organization based in Las Vegas and founded by billionaire Robert Bigelow. They investigate science related phenomena that normal scientists will not touch. They employ physicists and retired FBI agents to conduct their studies. The book, “The Hunt for the Skinwalker” was written by George Knapp and Colm Kelleher (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skinwalker_Ranch) and explains the research Bigelow’s team conducted at a rural ranch in Utah. The family living on the ranch had things happen to them that are completely outside the realm of what we think is a “normal” life. On page 145, paragraph 6, “A big black creature just crawled through the tunnel, got onto the ground and walked away.” What the investigators observed was something similar to a window frame in the air on the horizon floating in mid air. The frame opened revealing a tunnel in which a huge black creature crawled through, jumped onto the ground and walked away on two feet. We are abbreviating the story, but the facts are amazing. If anyone other then Bigelow’s team had made the claim, we would be suspect of the story, folks, these are the most credible of research teams, NABS believes what they wrote. The next Chapter of the book goes into a background on bigfoot and sasquatch and how these creature have been around for centuries.

NABS writes about Bigelow, Beck and others because we want you to open your minds. We ARE NOT stating that bigfoot comes from another world. We are stating that once you close your mind to possibilities, you are no longer doing constructive research.

One important part of Beck’s book that many seem to overlook,(focusing more on the title) is what is written on page 15, paragraph 4. A person asks Beck to offer more details on the physical appearance of the biped that he observed, “Their shoulders were tremendous but they had slim hips. They were hairy but not shaggy. In general they possess a very stout physical frame, but looked more like a giant human than an ape.” Ok, everyone take note, “looked more like a giant human than an ape”, how was this lost on researchers in the past 40 years?

On page 19, paragraph 3 of Beck’s book he writes, “I have found that most Indians know more about the abominable snowmen than one white man in a thousand.” Again, why didn’t researchers key on this statement and search out Native American’s for help researching this topic? NABS has consistently stated that Native Americans know more about this topic then any other group in North America, and, they should, they have lived around them for centuries.

On Page 19, paragraph 8 Beck writes, ”They (Native Americans) told me that the Selahtiks migrated into Canada and in fact traveled the mountain ranges nearly to Mexico. One of their favorite methods of traveling was floating down rivers at night, “like logs.” The entire NABS team nearly fell out of our chair when a member read this at a meeting. We have been told by the Hoopa, Yurok and Karuk of Northern California that bigfoot utilizes rivers as their roadways, they travel by night and float to the ocean. Here is Fred Beck again making the claims we have been making for five years, yet he said this in 1967. We have tried to encourage other researchers of setting video cameras with night vision on bridges in known bigfoot activity areas to catch them on the float, so far, nobody is listening… NABS has always stated that a vast majority of sightings are in close proximity to major rivers, this is why.

Lastly, look at the sketch on the cover of the book that was drawn by Everett Davenport, looks human!

There are many books written on the topic of bigfoot, sasquatch and wild man and each offers value to researchers. We encourage all of you to read as much on a topic as possible, whatever it is. Keep an open mind, don’t restrict your thoughts and ideas until you have a broad base of knowledge. This mystery is going to be solved.

Enjoy the great outdoors.
Always travel in pairs when hiking in the mountains.
Opinions and comments are always appreciated: nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com


Blog #88                           The Poll/Humans & Bigfoot

NABS recently ran a three week poll that showed a face of an individual and asked the participants to vote on what race and sex the photo depicted. After 200 people cast their votes, here are the results:

                                           # of Votes        %
Tibetan Male                               4            2%
Tibetan Female                           4            2%   
Hispanic Male                             8            4%
Hispanic Female                         2            1%
Native American Male             72            36%
Native American Female         80            40%
Cambodian Male                       4            2%
Cambodian Female                   2            1%
Siberian Male                          10            5%
Siberian Female                      16            8%

Male                                        98            49%
Female                                  101            51%

The Photo came from a book (To the American Indian: Reminiscences of a Yurok Woman) written about Native American Yurok’s living on the Klamath River in Northern California. The book was written by Lucy Thompson,  a Native American Yurok woman who penned the book in 1916.

In David Paulides’ book, “Tribal Bigfoot”, page 450-451, forensic artist Harvey Pratt took several frames of the Patterson Gimlin film that highlighted the facial features of “Patty”. Mr. Pratt has spent a majority of his law enforcement career drawing sketches of suspects in crimes with the aid of witnesses. He has also gone to many advanced training classes and perfected the ability to take a photo of a suspect (say a bank robbery surveillance photo) who is wearing a beard. Mr. Pratt can take the photo, remove the beard and draw what the suspect will look like without the facial hair. During extensive conversations with NABS personnel, we decided to ask Mr. Pratt if he would take the facial hair off of Patty, and, he did. Tribal Bigfoot-

Mr. Pratt’s sketch of Patty without hair looks very similar to a Native American male (Page 450-451, Tribal Bigfoot), wow, but wait…Now insert the poll results. 49% believed you were looking at a male and 36% thought it was a Native American male. We placed this poll for a variety of reasons. What Mr. Pratt does is not solely art, it’s forensic science (Harvey Pratt Information-www.nabigfootsearch.com/Team.html
). NABS believes that Patty is a real bigfoot, we also believe that there are strong ties between Native Americans and bigfoot, coincidentally, this is implied in Lucy Thompson’s book.

What are the implications if the facial sketch of Patty without hair looks male, maybe there are ties with Native Americans. We must remember that Native Americans have a much different facial structure then Norwegians and Asians. If you start to seriously look at the science behind the claims you will start to realize that Native Americans and bigfoot have lived together for thousands of years, and, that relationship is unique.

Just because Patty’s face has a structure that reminds the average person of a male does not mean it was a male, obviously not. We should advise everyone here that after NABS released Mr. Pratt’s sketch, we were contacted by one of the largest and most popular crypto shows on cable. The owner of the series stated that they contracted with a graphic designer to also remove the hair from Patty, and, they did it several years earlier. He stated that the results were very similar to NABS. We know the question you are asking, “why haven’t they ever made their sketch public?” Do you really need an answer? That series has characterized bigfoot as a horror series star, not the reality of what they’ve discovered, or, we know. They’ve continued to attempt to parlay bigfoot as a scary beast that is of horror quality, to release their own sketch would only humanize what you and I already know. This is the point where NABS reminds its readers not to believe much of what you see on television. These shows are in the business of one thing, ratings. If they can’t draw decent ratings, the show is over. NABS personnel have NEVER been on a television show because we won’t compromise our position or allow the science behind our beliefs to be compromised.

Please think about this the next time you are watching a crypto show on cable, have you ever seen these shows depict a researcher that has the beliefs of NABS? Why? This is the answer behind why you can’t believe what you see. Many of the oldest and best known researchers have spent an entire career making strong and assertive claims that bigfoot is an ape. Most of these individuals have very strong personalities and lash out at others who have contrary views, but why? Thinking outside the box, researching areas that haven’t been explored, utilizing new techniques and advanced technology advances Science. NABS has four major projects going right now and all will be a different and exciting discovery to the world of bigfoot/ sasquatch/ hairy man.
Always travel in pairs while in the forests.

Enjoy the great outdoors!

Comments & Questions are always appreciated: nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com


Blog #87                          Public Safety Officers

In the realm of bigfoot witnesses you don’t find many better equipped and trained to remember, identify and describing specific events then a trained public safety officer. Their reports of viewing a bigfoot are few and far between yet they do occur. Numerous studies have indicated that police officers, deputy sheriffs, firefighters and paramedics are rated as “high” in societal trust and credibility. When a public safety officer has a sighting of the biped they probably have no idea what they are viewing as they probably haven’t studied the issue. The other major issue is that the officer probably has no idea who they can talk to about what they just witnessed.

NABS is one of the very few groups that has emerged in the bigfoot arena in the last decade that seeks out credible sightings and witnesses and will travel to investigate those sightings on site. We don’t put every sighting we receive up on our site. We require affidavits for every witness who claims they had a bigfoot sighting and we investigate general issues relevant to the arena of bigfoot research.

Most bigfoot organizations don’t have individuals that have had exposure to complex and long-term investigations, criminal or civil. This statement is not to slight the efforts of these individuals, it is to point to a unique difference between the two approaches. Some groups will take whatever people say as gospel, post it, rely on it and point to it as the truth, we won’t. The approach to believe everything anyone says has gotten bigfoot/sasquatch researchers into significant trouble in years past. The public has demanded a higher level of accountability and integrity if they are to believe allegations of sightings. There are a few in the bigfoot community that take offense to a multi disciplined approach and investigation to sightings, unfortunately this is the only method that science will accept in an effort to specifically identify the species.

Rarely does NABS receive a report that someone has observed something in the woods that appeared to be an “ape”. In past decades a report similar to this would’ve been posted and accepted as another bigfoot sighting, not anymore. While variances of description should be occurring, a bigfoot under close observation doesn’t look like an ape and here is the major issue in the world of bigfoot. Many groups have been accumulating sightings for years from people claiming a sighting by an individual of what they described as an ape or gorilla. While some of these sightings may have been true, many there are language or educational barriers, many are not. Again, it goes towards an investigative body that will look closely at the allegation, conduct a thorough investigation and come to a rationale conclusion.
The ability to conduct thorough investigations is something that NABS does possess.

When a public safety officer comes forward reporting a sighting of a bigfoot, that individual must be supported and commended for their courage. The report must be investigated in the same manner as any sighting and the details explained and documented. If the officers department attacks him in some legal manner because of the report, the officer must have groups rally to his support with loud and thundering anger discouraging the retaliation. NABS is a relative newcomer to the bigfoot arena compared to other groups thus many in the community still may not know us. We will take a proactive approach to contact the officer and instill the support and confidence that there are others in the identical position as them.


Blog # 86                                      Bigfoot Research Reference and Assistance

Over the last 5 years North America Bigfoot Search (NABS) has taken great pride in answering every email and question that has come our way. We believe that it takes a community of knowledge to answer the most complex problems. We have also made it our goal to make our research accessible to the masses and we believe that this has been accomplished through The Hoopa Project, Tribal Bigfoot and The Track Record.

During the last several weeks a series of questions have come to us inquiring about specific areas of bigfoot research. One question was about the variance in bigfoot eye colors reported and how common various eye colors are documented. We took this question and looked at “The Track Record” index and got the following information. This is exactly what is in the index under “Bigfoot eyes”:
Bigfoot Eyes TR 15 Pg 4(glowing green), TR 15 Pg 4(red), TR 16 Pg 6 (glowed red), TR 33 Pg 4 (Red), 12 (Red), TR 39 Pg 7 (Red), TR 41 Pg 4 (red), TR 42 Pg 12-13 (Red), TR 45 Pg 6, TR 47 Pg 7 (yellow), TR 49 Pg 9 (Glowing Red), TR 52 Pg 5 (Red), TR 56 Pg 5 (glowing Red), 7 (Gray), TR 59 Pg 6 (Yellow w/ Black Pupils), TR 60 Pg 5 (green glowing eyes), TR 61 Pg 8 (Blue w/ white eyes), TR 62 Pg 4 (Blue), TR 64 Pg 4 (Black), 5 (Brown), TR 78 Pg 2 (Blue), TR 79 Pg 13 (Brown), TR 81 Pg 3 (Yellow), TR 82 Pg 3 (Greenish-Yellow), 5 (Greenish-Yellow), TR 84 Pg (Orange), TR 85 Pg 6 (Glowing Red), TR 85 Pg 8 (Glowing Red), TR 85 Pg 10 (Blue), TR 87 Pg 7 (Yellowish-Brown), TR 93 Pg 5 (Glowing Red), TR 94 Pg 10 (Red), TR 96 Pg 6 (Red), 11 (Yellow), TR 99 Pg 14 (Glowing Gold), TR 99 Pg 15 (Bright Red), TR 98 Pg 2 (Red Reflecting), 10 (Red), 11 (Red), TR 100 Pg 3, 15 (Red), TR 102 Pg 7 (Yellow), TR 103 Pg 7 (Red), 13, TR 106 Pg 13 (Reddish-Brown), TR 108 Pg 17 (Red), TR 112 Pg 6 (Red), TR 113 Pg 17 (Red), TR 116 Pg 2 (Yellow), TR 118 Pg 3 (Blue), 10 (Yellow), TR 122 Pg 17 (Orange), TR 126 Pg 7 (Yellow), 16 (Cat-like eyes), TR 127 Pg 3 (Comparative eye statement), TR 128 Pg 3 (Pinkish-red), TR 130 Pg 2 (Red), TR 131 Pg 1 (Blue), TR 132 Pg 6 (Greenish-Yellow), TR 132 Pg 10 (Blue), TR 133 Pg 5 (Yellow), 8 (Red), 16 (Brown), TR 134 Pg 10 (Yellow), TR 134 Pg 10 (Green), 10 (Red), TR 134 Pg 11 (pinkish-orange), TR 135 Pg 6 (Brown), TR 136 Pg 6 (Goldish), TR 137 Pg 7 (reddish-Brown), TR 138 Pg 14 (Dark Brown), TR 139 Pg 4 (Blue), TR 139 Pg 7 (Black), TR 140 Pg 5 (Glowing Red), TR 142 Pg 1, TR 145 Pg 8 (Glowing Red), 8 (Yellowish-red), TR 148 Pg 4 (Yellow), TR 154 Pg 2 (Brown), TR 156 Pg 3 (Glowing red eyes), 6 (Glowing Red Eyes), TR 158 Pg 8 (Red), TR 159 Pg 3 (Red), TR 161 Pg 2 (Yellow), 2 (Brown), TR 165 Pg 4 (Blue), TR 172 Pg 10 (Red), TR 173 Pg 3 (Glare Red), TR 174 Pg 6 (Glowing Peak).

“TR” indicates Track Record number, they are numbered 1-174 and the “Pg” indicates the page number. There are more then 85 listing for just eye color. Each entry on the index regarding color is a story about a sighting which will include the location and specifics that the witness was willing to explain.

"The Track Record, A Bigfoot Encyclopedia" is over 3000 pages long and has an index that is over 80 pages in length. The project of developing an index took us over a year to complete. Here is the link to our website for more specific information about the Track Record:

The next question that came our direction was the complex issue of bigfoot odor. This is not an easy question to answer but it is one that we have posed to people who have been around the biped the most, Native Americans. Many different tribes have told us that bigfoot needs to get as close to their prey as possible to make a successful capture/kill. Even though they are exceedingly quick, it would be in their best interest to expunge the least amount of energy as possible in every hunt, thus also reducing their chance of injury. The Native Americans have told us that all animals and humans in the forest have a distinctive odor, thus deer can smell hunters, deer can smell a mountain lion, and, the prey of bigfoot can smell them. In an effort to mask their odor, the bigfoot will roll or spread feces, urine and sometimes blood of different species on them in an effort to hide/mask their own odor.

Researchers must understand that encounters with bigfoot can happen at different times. You may come across them when they are not hunting and may not have any odor. You may also come across them while they are hunting and they may have an immense odor. They may also have an odor associated with human perspiration, damp, musky and stinky, just needing a bath. In a final response to the question, we again referred them to the Track Record and the index on “bigfoot odor”:
Bigfoot Odor TR 7 Pg 5, TR 9 Pg 3-4, TR 10 Pg 3, TR 15 Pg 4, 5, TR 17 Pg 2, 4, 5, TR 18 Pg 4, TR 19 Pg 7, TR 25 Pg 8, TR 28 Pg 9-10, TR 33 Pg 5, TR 39 Pg 8, TR 40 Pg 6, 7, TR 42 Pg 1A, 9, TR 43 Pg 7, TR 44 Pg 6, 8, TR 47 Pg 9, TR 52 Pg 3, 5, TR 55 Pg 7, TR 58 Pg 6, TR 60 Pg 9, TR 61 Pg 8, TR 64 Pg 4, 5, TR 70 Pg 8, 17, TR 74 PG 12, TR 80 Pg 8, TR 81 Pg 6, TR 82 Pg 13, TR 83 Pg 12, TR 84 Pg 8-9, 10, TR 85 Pg 15, TR 86 Pg 5, TR 90 Pg 5, TR 91 Pg 4, TR 95 Pg 2, TR 108 Pg 7, TR 109 Pg 1, 15, TR 110 Pg 7, TR 111 Pg 2,  TR 119 Pg 4, TR 120 Pg 9, TR 121 Pg 11, TR 124 Pg 13, TR 127 Pg 12, TR 130 Pg 3, TR 132 Pg 5, TR 133 Pg 10, TR 134 Pg 10, TR 136 Pg 2, 7, TR 138 Pg 14 (Musky), TR 139 Pg 2, 13, TR 140 Pg 5 (Urine Odor), TR 145 Pg 2, 7, TR 146 Pg 2, 3, 11, TR 147 Pg 6, TR 150 Pg 2, 9, 14, TR 151 Pg 7, TR 152 Pg 4, TR 154 Pg 2, TR 157 Pg 10, TR 159 Pg 1, TR 160 Pg 9, TR 163 Pg 5, TR 165 Pg 5, TR 167 Pg 4, TR 169 Pg 7, TR 170 Pg 5, TR 171 Pg 14, 15.

The last of the series of questions we will address will be bigfoot hair color. Many have asked us if bigfoot comes in any other colors then brown and black? The answer to this question is a resounding, “YES”. We have recorded sightings ranging from golden, reddish, gray, white, tan, blotched colors, light brown, essentially every hair color that a human can possess a bigfoot can possess. Here is the Track Record index listing for a grey colored bigfoot:
Bigfoot Grey in color TR 21 Pg 4, TR 50 Pg 8, TR 54 Pg 5, TR 63 Pg 3, TR 64 Pg 6, TR 69 Pg 10, 11, TR 80 Pg 8, TR 86 Pg 6, TR 89 Pg 8, TR 93 Pg 5, TR 96 Pg 12, TR 98 Pg 2, 11, TR 99 Pg 14, TR 100 Pg 11, TR 103 Pg 5, 10, TR 122 Pg 8, TR 125 Pg 6, TR 127 Pg 12, TR 129 Pg 2, 3, TR 132 Pg 6, TR 140 Pg 5, TR 141 Pg 10, TR 150 Pg 10, TR 152 Pg 1, TR 159 Pg 2, TR 160 Pg 8, TR 161 Pg 3 (Charcoal Grey), TR 168 Pg 7.

There are listing in the Track Record for every color we noted. In Tribal Bigfoot we made many statements about the association of a blonde or light brown bigfoot with body mass and structure. Harvey Pratt did two outstanding sketches of golden colored bigfoot that are in Tribal Bigfoot from sightings in Northern California, they have very human qualities.

One of the goals of this blog is to inform the weekend researcher that there are research tools available to you that reflect the issues you confront and hear about on a daily basis. When you hear something that seems completely absurd or out of the realm of reality, Ray Crowe probably covered it in the “The Track Record.”

Enjoy the great outdoors.
Always Travel in Pairs.
Comments and opinions are always appreciated.


Blog #85                         Oregon License Suspensions and Bigfoot Sightings

During our years of bigfoot research North America Bigfoot Search (NABS) has heard many stories regarding the governments involvement in the topic. In “The Hoopa Project” we copied a United States government document from the Army Corps of Engineers that talks about bigfoot living in the forests of Washington. There were also citations in the book about the FBI conducting hair analysis on purported bigfoot hair, again, all written in a government document. More information about the Hoopa Project:

In the last month a series of claims were made on Linda Newton Perry’s site about the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles becoming involved in bigfoot sightings. The claim was made that people who observed a bigfoot and subsequently reported the sighting to an Oregon police department would have their license suspended. Since many of us in NABS are current and former police officers this information was deeply disturbing. Let’s clarify the authority police officers have in California. If we observe someone driving and is under some type of physical impairment (physical impairment) we can sent a special notice to DMV requesting that the driver go through a new drivers test with an official to prove they can still operate a vehicle safely. If a medical doctor is treating a person who is having fainting spells or blackouts, they are required by law to notify DMV, subsequently, the person’s license will be suspended until the fainting spells are under control. We know of no authority that allows officers in California to recommend suspension of a license based on the driver making an observation and subsequent report. Example, seeing things or thinking you are seeing things is not necessarily a rationale to suspend a license.

An individual on Ms. Perry’s site made mention of Oregon DMV form 4423 and that this form was utilized to suspend licenses. The Oregon DMV stated that a form of that number does not exist in their system, but, that may be a law enforcement form utilized by an agency that they numbered. Form 6066 is utilized by Oregon DMV to document license suspension issues.

The Oregon DMV issue was of critical importance to NABS so we decided to spend the day investigating the issue. After a series of phone calls, we were able to contact the Oregon DMV’s Public Information Officer, David House. David is the point person for the public and media that have questions about anything inside the Oregon DMV. NABS explained the issue in great detail to David and inquired if Oregon DMV had a practice of suspending licenses of drivers who reported a bigfoot or sasquatch sighting? David stated that the law in Oregon appears to mimic the law in California. The intent of the law is to control physical impairment, not mental issues. If a driver has issues controlling their vehicle a law enforcement officer can request re-testing. If someone is severely mentally disabled the DMV sends the officers statement to the DMV’s “Medical Program Coordinator” (MPC). The MPC evaluates the requests and then can send a notification to a driver requesting that they obtain a medical clearance from a psychologist or psychiatrist. This ISN’T their (DMV’s) doctor, this is a doctor of the drivers choosing. If the doctor evaluates the driver and determines they are medically unfit to drive, they can recommend suspension. Again, this would be a doctor of the drivers choosing that would make the recommendation.

I asked Mr. House if he could check with the MPC and determine how many times in the last several years a bigfoot or sasquatch sighting has been the catalyst listed by the police officer as a reason for suspension, he stated he would check into it and contact us later in the day. Four hours later Mr. House did call NABS. Mr. House stated that he contacted the supervisor of the MPC and she then contacted each of the three subordinates that review cases. Never in the history of Oregon DMV has a bigfoot or sasquatch sighting been listed as a reason for license suspension, according to Mr. House. Mr. House did state that possibly the police officers listed the bigfoot or sasquatch in their report and did not forward that information to DMV, but he thought that wouldn’t be valuable as all information is needed in the report to authorize a medical evaluation. He further stated that if a bigfoot or sasquatch sighting was the catalyst for the suspension and it wasn’t listed in the documents sent to DMV, what would the officer list as the rationale to suspend the license?

So, to clarify the issue of drivers licenses being suspended in Oregon because of a bigfoot or sasquatch sighting, the official response from the Public Information Officer is NEVER. If there is a license suspended the driver has a right to an administrative law hearing. The driver can go alone or with an attorney, they are informal as many of us in NABS have attended them over drunk driving arrests and subsequent suspension of the arrestees license. The administrative law judge sits as an impartial party and makes a decision as to the outcome of the evidence. There is a stenographer in the room and everything stated is documented.

NABS would recommend that any driver in Oregon who is faced with suspension over a bigfoot sighting to get the stenographers documented and certified notes, they will show why the license suspension was upheld and validate your claim. Here is the link to Oregon DMV:

It would seem that Mr. House knows that drivers with licenses suspended could easily prove why they were suspended via the stenographers and attorney’s notes and he knows he would be challenged if he lied, so, we wouldn’t understand why he would. He also knows that he is gauged by the media and public contacts as to his honesty, so we doubt that he would lie under the scenario of our interview. There may be isolated incidents where a local small town police officer didn’t report the issue to DMV regarding a bigfoot sighting, but, if that happened, DMV would surely hear about it at the hearing stage from the driver. It’s an interesting issue and you’ve just been privy to the DMV response.

**Maybe there are some people out there who just don't want bigfoot sightings reported......


Opinions and comments to: nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com


Blog #84             Human Qualities & Peter Byrne’s Documentation

The last professional researcher to commit full time to the study of bigfoot with significant resources and an investigative team was Peter Byrne. Peter was a big game hunter that had traveled the world. He has a very engaging accent and I’m sure that this was one attribute that allowed witnesses to feel comfortable in his presence.

Peter established a research center in The Dalles, Oregon. The center has long since closed but many of the letters and documents that he received were re-printed by Ray Crowe in two separate writings, “The Byrne Files I” and “The Byrne Files II”. Both of these works contain fascinating letters from witnesses and many responses from Peter. NABS acquired the rights to these writings when we purchased the Ray Crowe research and part of our rationale in the purchase was to carefully review many of the letters that Peter received. To read more about the Byrne Files hit the click below:


NABS was formed to establish that bigfoot did exist of that it was an elaborate hoax. We did not have a predisposition for which route we would take and we didn’t have theories or angles that we leaned towards. It was after years of reading, study, field work and interviews that a profile of the biped started to emerge. Part of our research included the review of the research of others. We did not want to re-invent the wheel and take credit for the work already accomplished by others. Part of that review process was the careful reading of the Byrne Files.

NABS utilized the forensic skills of Harvey Pratt from the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation to draw the sketch of what witnesses had observed. Harvey was told to draw the best sketch possible and to take as long as needed to get it right. Harvey traveled to the witness at great expense to NABS. These sketches were not done via phone or email, they were a sit down session that sometimes last two hours. This part of our project clarified that the biped we were studying had firmly established human physical qualities. It walked on two feet like man, it had two arms like a man, it had facial features close to man and sometimes nearly identical to man. No other research group has ever utilized a law enforcement trained forensic sketch artist to sketch what bigfoot witnesses have observed.

It is truly amazing to NABS researchers when we hear that we have fabricated evidence or persuaded witnesses to accept a sketch that isn’t truly what they observed. We’ve been accused of humanizing the biped rather then depicting it as an animal. The reality of our work is that bigfoot/sasquatch or wild man appears to have human qualities that cannot be ignored.

In the Byrne Files Part I a letter is written to Peter that describes an event that took place in Illinois in 1968. The letter describes a sighting of a bigfoot with “human features.”

See attached article

The Byrne Files I, Page 42-43

In the Byrne Files #2 Page 3 the following letter was sent regarding an incident in Arkansas approximately 100 years ago. The witnesses stated, ”It was just like a human except that it was hairy all over.” The witness goes on to describe behavior that sounds very human, see below.

See Attached article

The Byrne Files #2, Page 3.

The last letter that we will include occurred in Texas in 1921 and may be the most amazing. The witness was so convinced the bigfoot was human that he continually attempted to engage the biped in conversation but only received a grunt in response.

See Attached

The Byrne Files #2, Page 10

While the letters prove nothing, they are one small building block in an ever evolving pyramid of knowledge. NABS is not out looking for articles such as what we have quoted, they are easily found. We encourage the readers to conduct their own research, dig deep and read the historical perspective and the associated language of what was printed in the 1700-1900's, you will find a distinctly human angle to this issue.

Enjoy the great outdoors.

Comments and opinions are always appreciated at: nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com


Blog #83                The Chinese Wild Man & DNA

In our ongoing effort to categorize the Ray Crowe research we came across a report written by a Chinese scientist, Si Zi. Si had written a letter to Ray asking for copies of his newsletter about bigfoot and he was enclosing a copy of his report about the Chinese Wild Man's hair analysis. One item that immediately struck us is that the Chinese scientists have always called their bigfoot "Wild Man", never any term indicating an animal or other primate. The Chinese wild man has been part of their culture for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The report indicates that the scientists have recovered thousands of hairs and all are physically different then any known hair, animal or primate. The morphology of the hair is different then all human or primate hair yet can be classified as primate. They have been identified as primate but not a known and recognized primate. **This is the exact result that NABS has documented when identifying bigfoot/ sasquatch hairs that we have recovered.

The report indicates that they found inordinate ratios of fe/zn in wild man, more then 50x greater then humans and 7-8x greater then some animals. Our studies have indicated that bigfoot hair has unusually high levels of melanin that may be acting as a inhibitor to DNA extraction in certain areas. To view a relationship between zinc and melanin, refer to this study at Rice University: pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/es60111a006. We must state that we do not have conclusive proof that there are high levels of zinc in bigfoot hair but we do see a correlation between the zinc and melanin levels in wild man. The cause of the unsual levels is worthy of study. While this report does not offer conclusive proof of the primates existence, it is one piece to an ever evolving puzzle. Stay with NABS over the next 12 months as we continue to clarify the DNA profile of bigfoot/sasquatch/wildman.


The report concludes by stating that this is the first report to provide scientific evidence of the possible existence of wild man. The date of this report was 12/31/96.

The Chinese report is below. Page 1.

Page 2

Comments and opinions are always appreciated.


Enjoy the great outdoors!


Blog #82                Fish Lake/ Southern Oregon

North America Bigfoot Search has been studying this topic for almost 6 years. We’ve trekked into some of the most remote regions of our forests, never traveling to see the biped but to understand the reasons it may be visiting that specific area. We started our research with no pre-conceived ideas or designated path, we were not given marching orders. This was pure research bringing every variable into the mix.

After months of accumulating data, talking to various experts, spending years in isolated communities, mapping locations of sightings, a shape of what we were studying started to take shape. This was a very slow process, months of team meetings, reviewing reports by experts on behavior, language, motion, tracking, footprints, photography and many other subjects too numerous to mention.

One of the first reports we prepared was an overview of bigfoot traits. This was a summary of thousands of reports that showed a consistency of behavior in identified areas. This is the link to our site where we outline and provide a brief overview of that report:

The traits and characteristics that we identified:
This is a biped.
An adult ranges on average from 6-8” in height.
Average weight 600-800 pounds.
It can reach a ground speed of 30-35 mph.
It is 10-15X stronger then the average human.
Teeth are similar to human.
Hair color can be anything in the range that humans possess
Can be very territorial.
Vision- Daylight vision is average while night vision is exemplary.
Hearing –possibly an infrasound ability that humans do not possess
The sense of smell is equal to or greater then humans.
Rational thinking ability has been shown and exhibited
Rock Throwing, sometimes huge boulders, extremely accurate
Wood banging
Wood Structures, (The Hoopa Project Pg 124).
Yelling and screaming
Similar to human.
Does have an unidentified language, confirmed by a linguistic expert. See the attached link for report: http:
Footprint is similar to human, refer to report:

Swimming-Excellent, known to swim long distances
Highly interested in small children and women with long hair.
Climbs trees with ease.
Can stalk with an extremely stealthy approach.

DNA- There have been numerous DNA tests done on samples attributed to bigfoot and a majority have been classified as having a  human element. Scientists have discounted the human results as being caused by human contamination. NABS has been conducting their own DNA testing for the last 22 months with results indicating this is not an animal.

All of the indicators that NABS has established is that bigfoot is on the human side of the genetic tree.

Fish Lake
Fish Lake is located in the Six Rivers National Forest in Northern California, just south of Bluff Creek. There has been a history of bigfoot incidents at this lake dating back to the 1950’s. Bluff Creek travels just east of the lake and eventually dumps into the Klamath River. There is a paved road that goes directly to the lake where there is exceptional campgrounds and a truly beautiful setting. The area immediately behind the lake has been closed to all hiking for the last 7 years. The USFS claims that the region has a tree disease that can be carried and spread, thus the closure of the area. It’s always been suspicious to NABS that this area is closed as it represents absolute prime bigfoot habitat and also would be the alleyway for the biped to walk from the interior of the wilderness into Fish Lake and onto the Klamath and Hoopa. When we have spoke to administrators in the Orleans office about this issue, they are very evasive as to when the area will open and, specifically why and where the disease is located. We have also asked for the reports outlining the issue in the area and have been told they would be forth coming, we’ve never received them.

Southern Oregon
As this blog is going out there is an ongoing project taking place in southern Oregon. In the recent past there has been serious damage done to a sign and garbage cans in a remote wilderness area of a National Forest. The type of damage that was sustained was severe and inconsistent with a teenager going on a adolescent rampage. Local bigfoot researchers in the area got a hold of this story and started to look into the issue. Not long after initial inquiries the USFS closed the region to all public access.

Articles have stated that a California Bigfoot group has filed a formal complaint with the Forest Service about the closure, this was not NABS. There has also been a recent article indicating that a USFS team will be going into the area with the aid of snowmobiles. They will be staying for two weeks and will be taking a biologist, a tracker, an animal behavioral specialist and a hound. There was no mention of any firearms or tranquilizers. The Forest Service spokesperson was asked what type of study was going to take place by this team, his comment, “I’m not at liberty to discuss it any further.” Maybe there is no study taking place, maybe they are going in to bring out a body?

All indications are that the team entering this Southern Oregon Forest are attempting to stalk the perpetrator of the vandalism. The team knows that a bigfoot may be the culprit.

There has NEVER been a confirmed case where people have been successful in stalking a bigfoot, bigfoot will find you on their terms, not yours. Bigfoot has shown mixed emotions with canines. There have been many documented cases where dogs have gotten involved with a bigfoot and have not lived through the encounter. There have been others where the bigfoot hasn’t felt threatened by the canine and the dog merely ran from the biped and hid his under a house or their owner.

The behavior indicated by the biped in southern Oregon shows that it is probably not happy with human intrusion into an area that it wants to occupy. It has shown aggression and its reluctance to merely move onto another area, it is being territorial.

NABS has publicly indicated that we believe that bigfoot is on the human side of the genetic tree (Tribal Bigfoot, DNA Report, Pg 372-373). We believe that this genetic association also means there are bigfoot that mimic the human population, passive, aggressive, interested, angry and criminal. Researchers entering an area where a bigfoot has shown aggressive and angry behavior is forcing a confrontation that will not be beneficial to the researchers or the bigfoot. First, it is extremely doubtful that we (the public) will ever know the true outcome of this expedition. If someone is seriously injured or killed, they will be carried out by helo and we will hear zero. If nothing happens, nothing will be said. As we’ve stated many times in the past, bigfoot finds you, you won’t find bigfoot. Going into high altitude wilderness in the middle of winter puts you on their turf and their conditions, not something that NABS would ever do. You need every advantage when studying this biped, including the ability to evacuate quickly, which won’t exist in a major storm.

NABS believes that this team is greatly underestimating the conditions that will be present. Our guess is that they will set up camp in a valley area, probably near the base of a mountain to lessen wind and weather issues against their camp and to be near a water source. Anyone who has studied bigfoot knows that they enjoy camp sites at the bottom of mountains and in valleys as this offers them the optimum location to harass (rock throwing, keeping you up at night, etc) and observe you! The team would not set their camp on a mountaintop or ridgeline as weather conditions would be horrid in winter.

When you enter a habitat that is occupied by beings that have lived it for thousands of years, you better bring in experts. The Green Berets, Navy Seals and Army Rangers have experts in survival under these conditions. They know how to occupy areas covertly and successfully place surveillance under harsh conditions. We’ve spoke to these experts about the conditions that will be present in Oregon and they state that researchers entering this area without adequate support (immediate evacuation when needed), training (extensive winter survival training should you be forced from your camp), positioning (Knowing where to place the camp to have a tactical advantage)and having personnel that can get you in and out with everyone alive and healthy, and, no casualties at either end.. These specific areas of expertise should be employed when entering a wilderness area under adverse conditions.

It would be interesting to understand the expeditions goals. It would appear that they are going out to kill it, thus the dogs and the tracker. If this is the motive of the team, there will be no good outcome.

North America Bigfoot Search


Enjoy the Great Outdoors!!


Blog #81                                    2009 in Review

NABS made a promise to the public that we would continue to keep them informed and updated as to our progress. The educational process would be done through our website and through publications. We do not have an agenda and we go where the research takes us, sometimes to some very unusual locations! Below is a list of what we have accomplished in the last 5 years.

2005- California Bigfoot Search was established and we immediately went to work developing our team and building a strategy. The name was soon changed to North America Bigfoot Search (NABS).

2006- A NABS team went to work in Hoopa, CA. We established ourselves as honest, credible and interested in the lives of the residents and their stories. We met with many outstanding individuals in Hoopa and learned much about Oh Mah. The result of 24 months of study was “The Hoopa Project”.

2007- North America Bigfoot Search started conversations with the Western Bigfoot Society of Oregon to purchase their research. The culmination of this effort was to archive all of the various research that Ray Crowe had accumulated over the decades of investigating bigfoot. NABS also received the publishing rights of Ray Crowe’s work. NABS is still reviewing documents that were received in this purchase, hundreds of pages of documents from Peter Byrne, John Green, Dahinden, etc. This was a great acquisition and furthers bigfoot research substantially.

2008- The Hoopa Project was published. Affidavits were used for every witness that claimed a bigfoot sighting. The best law enforcement forensic artist in the U.S. was brought in and interviewed the witnesses and subsequently drew what they saw, a first for the bigfoot research world.


2008- NABS reached an agreement with the California AAA driving club to license their map of Northern California and Southern Oregon. We placed all of the sightings in the Hoopa Project and Tribal Bigfoot on this map with a listing on the reverse side of each incident and what transpired.


2009- The second book by our Executive Director, David Paulides was published, Tribal Bigfoot. Tribal was the logical next step in NABS’ research. The team went outside the bounds of Hoopa and continued their investigations into counties that surround Hoopa and then traveled to Oklahoma and Minnesota in the pursuit of bigfoot sightings and encounters. NABS again utilized the services of a forensic artist to draw exactly what the witnesses observed. The drawings have been described by witnesses as "stunning" and "exactly what I saw."


2009- NABS worked 18 months on Ray Crowe’s “Track Record” to develop an index that would aid bigfoot researchers. Ray Crowe published a monthly newsletter for 17 years that covered the world. The Track Record was over 3000 pages and 174 issues. The index that NABS authored is over 80 WORD pages in length and is the most comprehensive index in any crypto field, we nicknamed this project “The Bigfoot Encyclopedia”, it’s huge!


2009- NABS acquired the research of Archie Buckley of the Bay Area Research Group. They were one of the first groups in California to put forth a systematic and scientific effort to investigate bigfoot. Archie was an expert on the foot and wrote several excellent papers, many on this website. Archie worked closely with George Haas. George produced one of the first bigfoot newsletters, The Bigfoot Bulletin. NABS has placed every Bulletin on our site for the public to review. www.nabigfootsearch.com/Bigfootbulletin.html                

Review- NABS is not attempting to compete with any group or individual. We will continue to take the high road in every relationship we pursue. We will strive for professional investigations and presentations. We always attempt to answer every correspondence we receive and we sincerely appreciate your emails and support through the purchasing of products in our store. Every penny of profit from the store goes directly back into our research. We have several exciting projects that have been ongoing for many months. You will soon realize that we do not take a conventional approach to bigfoot research, we will taking a cutting edge angle that utilizes the latest in forensic science and investigative excellence.

All of the above listed items can be purchased at our store link;                                                                                              www.nabigfootsearch.com/Bigfootstore.html              

Your comments and questions are always appreciated;

Enjoy the great outdoors!
Always travel in pairs.
North America Bigfoot Search


Blog # 80                                 Happy Holidays & An Interesting Story

NABS wants to thank each and every person who wrote us this year. The hundreds of emails we’ve received are all appreciated. We do respond to everyone who writes. We respond to the supporters and the critics and we are polite in every exchange.

We have allot to be thankful for and much of that comes from the support we get when we are in the small communities. Without you opening your doors and allowing us inside, our research would grind to a snails pace. We are also very thankful for the solo researchers that have joined our efforts to forward us valuable evidence in the last year. We have been humbly surprised by the number of you who have understood and appreciated our efforts and have sent us your findings and requested our assistance.

Predator & Bigfoot

We hear many, many stories over the years and a vast majority of those are filed away in our brains never to be told again. Every once in awhile we hear a story that has an interesting twist and it starts to make the rounds of researchers. Several months ago we were approached by an individual who was doing his own bigfoot research. The person was from Los Angeles and had ties to the motion picture industry. His interest in bigfoot emanated from a sighting made by a friend and he subsequently started to conduct his own field work. His friends from the industry heard of his hobby and related the following story.
**Disclaimer- NABS is not stating that anything related to this story is fact. We merely found the story interesting.

The movie “Predator” is the favorite film of several of our researchers. Many of us know this movie very, very well. There are a few that can recant story lines, it’s scary how well they know it, and, there may be a reason! This informant told us that Predator was loosely based on the physical abilities and known traits of bigfoot, hmm. He filled in the gaps as is described below.

There have been claims that bigfoot can appear and disappear, same as Predator.
When the Predator does disappear, it doesn’t disappear totally, there is a blurry outline and fuzzy perimeter to its shape, same as was described to David Paulides by a Hoopa Police Officer in “The Hoopa Project.”

The Predator has the body of a man and walks on two feet.
Bigfoot has a body similar to a man and walks on two feet.

The Predator killed a soldier in the movie and then hung the body in a tree.
Bigfoot has been known to kill game and place the body in a tree.

The physical size of the Predator is much larger then a human.
The physical size of bigfoot is much larger then a man.

Predator appeared to enjoy and protect a woman in the movie. At one point it appeared that a soldier was abusing the woman and the predator killed him.
It’s widely known that bigfoot likes women and children.

The Predator moves through the trees with ease because of its strength.
In “The Hoopa Project” and “Tribal Bigfoot”, David Paulides tells how witnesses describe bigfoot moving through and hiding in trees.

At one point in the movie the Predator changes and it appears to disappear into its fuzzy perimeter, except its glowing eyes.
Hundreds of witnesses have described bigfoot with glowing eyes.

The Predator exhibits super-human strength throughout the movie.
Bigfoot is known to have strength up to 10X that of man.

At one point in the movie a soldier hears a voice talking to him, presumably the Predator.
Many people who have a bigfoot sighting, report hearing voices talking to them in their head.

The Predator cannot be killed with conventional firearms.
To the best of our knowledge, a bigfoot has never been killed with a firearm.

The Predator doesn’t speak our language.
Bigfoot doesn’t speak our language, but, it does have a language.

The Predator had the soldiers under surveillance at many points in the movie without them ever having any knowledge.
It is known that bigfoot has the ability to watch us and has and we would never know it.

The Predator is living in a forest and jungle setting.
Bigfoot lives in both a forest and jungle setting.

In a later version of the Predator we learn that he came from another planet and crashed on Earth.
Some claim that Bigfoot came from another planet and crashed here on Earth.

This is just another one of those stories that come from the world of bigfoot research!

Have a great holiday with your families!
Always travel in pairs.
Enjoy the great outdoors



Blog # 79                     Indian Folklore & Bigfoot

**David Paulides is part of a group of worldwide bigfooto researchers that are part of an ongoing email exchange regarding bigfoot, sasquatch, wildman. In the last email Dmitri Bayanov asked for input about Indian folklore and bigfoot. This started because a certain segment of researchers were pushing their agenda that bigfoot was an ape and Dmitri stepped in and asked for an historical documentation to support their position. He then asked David to write about NABS beliefs and research. This is David's response.

Fellow Researchers

While I tend to stay on the sidelines during most discussions, your most recent email regarding folklore and others response to the email has prompted me to write.

I spent two years on the Hoopa Reservation in Northern California understanding fact from fiction in regards to bigfoot, sasquatch, Indian devil, etc. It took me many months to develop the contacts and trust of the Native Americans in and around Hoopa. I knew going into the reservation that information would not immediately flow; it would take contacts and a build up of trust. That trust continued to mount until I eventually had the ability to run the Klamath and speak with elders from the Yurok and Karuk tribes. While some have discounted our findings in this area, I will tell you that they shouldn’t be overlooked. Native Americans have been victimized so many times that they are very cautious about making statements to people who wander onto their reservation asking for information. The documentation that I placed in “The Hoopa Project” and the stories, many first hand and through affidavits are a credible portrayal of bigfoot from the late 1700’s. We never had one Native American elder ever call bigfoot an animal, ape or gorilla. They all referred to bigfoot as a person, human, wild man or another Native American name that all meant a relative of some form of man.

In “Tribal Bigfoot” I spent countless hours in the libraries of the Pacific Northwest accumulating historical articles about bigfoot, wild man, Indian devil, etc.  One article that we uncovered is called, “Big Hairy Indians Back of Ape Tale”, Oregonian, July 16, 1924. We believe that this article and others of the same time period all reflect a truthful account of Sasquatch in the Pacific Northwest in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. It unbelievable to us how other researchers bypassed this and it wasn’t written about and exposed. Jorg Totsgi from Hoquiam, WA wrote the article stating that the 7’ tall, hairy beings in the woods should not be hunted by a sheriff’s posse with the mindset they are animals, they are people. Totsgi stated that three different tribes (Clallam, Quinault, Lummi) have met with these people regularly, speak with and trade with them. He states they have special abilities and they are harmless if left alone, but, if bothered can cause great harm.  He states they are the Seahtik (this is spelled several different ways) Tribe and are another group of Native Americans. They can be found on Vancouver Island and on the Olympic Peninsula. Totsgi wrote this article because of a sheriff was putting together a posse to go out and hunt the group. The article and others of the same time period are printed in “Tribal Bigfoot”. This is by far not the only documentation that bigfoot is related is some manner to Native Americans, refer as Dmitri did to Kathy’s book and to our website (www.nabigfootsearch.com) where we have written about the Tule River Indian Reservation in Northern California and the pictographs of a bigfoot family on the walls of a large rock. We were given special access to this area and the tribe. The Tule Indians stated they had a long relationship with the “people” and they were in and around their tribal area regularly, thus the paintings on the walls, dated 1500 years ago.

I would also like to refer researchers to “The American Indian, Reminiscences of a Yurok Woman”, 1916, Heyday Books.  Lucy Thompson was an educated Yurok woman living approximately 20 miles west on the Klamath from the Hoopa Reservation. The tribes intermingled regularly and had the same issues of survival as others in the area. In Lucy’s book she writes almost two full chapters about Indian Devils. About how they came into camp when the warriors are gone hunting and how they steal the Indian women, sometimes permanently, sometimes they eat them and sometimes they are taken as wives. She describes how some children are born from this union and some of the kids are very wild and cannot be tamed.

I should clarify that we (NABS) has never felt that bigfoot or sasquatch will come back with DNA that shows it a homo sapien. We have repeatedly stated that we believe that it will come back much closer on the genetic tree to human then gorilla, Giganto or ape.

We believe that you cannot ignore history, I wrote several chapters in Tribal about the history of bigfoot/sasquatch and how the human characteristics have remained consistent through history. It’s beyond us how bigfoot got derailed into an ape, gorilla or Giganto. When you look at the written history behind bigfoot/sasquatch/wildman and read about their language, society, tribes, cannibalism, rape, abductions, you cannot ignore the human traits that are consistent in each story. I know that many have made a career by calling bigfoot/sasquatch and ape, gorilla, Giganto and we understand the passion that comes with a lifelong statement that “this is what it is.” We didn’t come into this arena with ANY preconceived notions, none. If we could prove this was all a hoax, we would state that. If we found it was more ape then human, we would state that. From a position of neutrality, which is where we started, we are stating that it appears from the experts that bigfoot utilizes language, has human characteristics, has abducted humans, has killed and eaten humans, apparently has bred with humans and the physical characteristics and behavior exhibited is consistent with a population that is found on several continents.

I know that others will say that “what we researched wasn’t a human”. Well, whatever you did research was extremely smart, evasive and had the thinking ability to avoid detection and long-term surveillance over many decades. We don’t believe that you can ignore the statements of the one population base that has shared ground with these bipeds for hundreds of years, the Native Americans. Researchers won’t hear truthful Native American stories until they’ve garnered the trust and respect of these people and have convinced them they are sincere in their quest and subsequent documentation of truthful stories.


Blog #78                   San Antonio Sighting

Every so often there comes a bigfoot report that is worth garnering a second look. We invite our visitors to look at this event and share with us what the caller felt and how she responded to the dispathcher, it's a very interesting conversation.

'I'm dead serious': San Antonio homeless couple calls 911 to report Bigfoot sighting

by Joe Conger / KENS 5

Posted on December 8, 2009 at 7:56 AM




SAN ANTONIO—San Antonio police have released a 911 dispatch call reporting a "Bigfoot" sighting.

The audio recording between a dispatcher and the homeless couple lasts more than eight minutes. In it, the primary caller appears sober and deliberate as she describes the beast Nov. 30.

"And I know you guys are going to think I’m crazy, but I’m dead serious," she says on the recording. "This big thing was 75 feet away from me, smelled awful, devoured a whole deer carcass, and then took off and screamed, screeched, and took off across the street."

"I’m going to tell you right now, I’ve lived in the woods six years. Swear to God, I’ve never seen nothing like this. I’m 6 feet 3 inches; it’s bigger than me," said her 63-year-old husband.

The couple claims the creature walked upright as it carried the deer carcass off into the woods.

Police reports indicate dispatchers sent an officer by the location that night, but he found no sign of the couple or the beast.

The callers said they were living in a tent in the woods in northwest San Antonio, near the intersection of Highway 151 and Loop 1604. The area has acres of wooded terrain surrounding it.




This is the You Tube link where you can listen to a homeless person call the police department and describe, in detail , what they observed, it's riveting!



Blog #  77                 Monumental Day/ Bigfoot Bulletin/ Upcoming Exciting Posts                                         

Today is a monumental day at North America Bigfoot Search (NABS), we are posting #25 of 26 of the George Haas “Bigfoot Bulletin”, 26 issues packed with well documented bigfoot research. George and his team of Archie Buckley, Jim McClarin, Warren Thompson and others did a stellar job considering they were on the cutting edge of crypto research.

Six months ago we promised our readers that we would post the best research available on the web and make it free to all who were interested. We are fulfilling the promise to keep our readers informed. The Bigfoot Bulletin was part of the research purchased from Ray Crowe and the International Bigfoot Society. We study history in school for a reason, well, the Bigfoot Bulletin is documented history of bigfoot research and its by a group that we believe got the proposition correct and utilized viable research methods to put together their hypothesis, it’s worth reading about this bit of history.

**Our commitment to educating the public and keeping them informed on this topic will not stop with the Bigfoot Bulletin. In the near future we will be posting a revolutionary new category, some that will cause a stir in our arena. NABS has dozens of original letters that were written by Ray Wallace to Ray Crowe. Mr. Wallace owned a construction company that built roads in the Bluff Creek and Mt. St. Helens regions. Yes, it is an odd coincidence that the Wallace team built roads into some of the hottest bigfoot areas in the country, but, from that emanated some very interesting letters, we will be posting the letters. Ray has much notoriety for forging bigfoot tracks and claiming they were originals, understood. Once NABS read the letters that Wallace wrote, most written about his exploits in the 50’s and 60’s, the reader will immediately understand why we are posting these. Mr. Wallace has intimate knowledge of bigfoot behavior that was not widely known when he wrote the letters. He writes about conversations he has with Indian Chiefs about bigfoot behavior and what the chief informs him about the bipeds, it is very enlightening. Few people in the 50’s and 60’s chose to listen to the Native American about bigfoot, Ray did, and, he documented those conversations. Mr. Wallace did have a special insight into bigfoot and we will give the public the first look at these letters in the weeks to come.

On Page 3 of the 25th Bigfoot Bulletin George Haas hit the nail on the head and made statements that NABS agrees with 1000%, and, unfortunately, the state of bigfooting hasn’t changed in 40 years. George writes that there was a growing trend for bigfoot splinter groups to form and to keep their information secret. He goes on to write that researchers are now keeping their information secret and not sharing. He concludes by stating that we should be sharing information. Early in the formation of NABS we made a statement that almost exactly mimicked George’s statement. The bigfoot arena is one of the most unusual in the world of business that anyone in our organization has ever seen. George saw this behavior as an issue in 1971 and we continue to see the same behavior in 2009. One will notice that George and his team kept the newsletters positive and upbeat, something that NABS believes needs to continue in our world and to steer clear of personal attacks.

The 26th Bulletin will be posted in the next 7 days. To the best of our knowledge BB #26 was the last Bulletin and it is equally as long as 25, packed with great information.

Here is a summary of the biggest bulletin that George Haas ever produced. Refer to the Bigfoot Bulletin page on this site to observe all of the bulletin’s. The 12 pages are a great summation of the groups achievements;

Page 1- Robert W. Morgan Organizing Capture Attempt
Page 2-     Is Bigfoot in Shasta?
        Warren Thompson Reports on Round Mountain, CA
        Track Sightings Found Near Colville, WA
Page 3- Japanese Expedition to the Himalayas
        More Tracks in Washington State
        The Greatest Advance in Knowledge Comes From Sharing Information
Page 4- Report from Idaho At O-Mill
        Tracy M. Blair
Page 5- Family of the Devil (Brazil)
Page 6- Does Bigfoot Pound Rocks?
        Jim McClarin Card File
        John Dana
Page 7- Archie Buckley Reports on the Yolla Bolly
        Bob Titmus Writes About Rock Pounding
        Boris Porshnev Writes About Zana and Almasti
Page 8- Michael Johnson- Kentucky-Rock Pounding
        Newsletter Suspended Because of Illness
Page 9- The Gougou- The Bigfoot of the East, by Bruce Wright
Page 10- Continuation of Page 9 Story
Page 11- Markers for Tracks
        Quote of the Month
Page 12- Recently Published

It’s been our pleasure to post the Bigfoot Bulletin and we hope that you’ve enjoyed reading 25 of 26. Look forward to BB #26 in the next week followed by the Ray Wallace letters in the weeks to come, you will find them fascinating!

Enjoy the great outdoors!


Blog # 76                                  Ohio Research

Bigfoot research has taken our teams across the United States and Canada. We have been fortunate to meet some phenomenal local residents that have guided us through their cities and counties and have been extremely hospitable. We thank every one of these contacts for their assistants.

**This photo was taken the morning after the first snow of the season. Water is abundant in this region of Ohio and near the creeks and rivers you can find plenty of animal tracks. As you can see on the ground near the creek, tracks are nearly impossible to find this time of the year because of the leaves.

Ohio has always been on the NABS radar screen and has been a location where bigfoot has an extensive history. Although personal issues originally took us to Ohio, it is bigfoot research that has kept us going back.

A review of the state map of Ohio in concert with reviewing sightings in the state we find that a majority of the sightings occurring in the southwest area of the state with a splattering of sightings throughout the state. NABS happened to be based in an area called Ellsworth Township, approximately 25 miles southwest of Youngtown. This area is a rural with rolling hills, farms and a mixture of new and older homes. Many residents have lived in the area for over 100 years and can supply a healthy history for the area. NABS was lucky to meet a family that has lived in the region for over 150 years and has spent the last three generations as farmers.

**This was quite an interesting spot. There was flow to the creek but quite slow and very fresh. The area was alive with birds for a majority of the time in the area and the, quiet. It wasn't deathly quiet, just an abnormal quality about it. We hudled up next to a tree for 30 minutes and sounds came back to normal, it was interesting but nothing defnitive.

Bigfoot sightings for this area of the state are few, but are here. We spoke to the families about the history of the area and if there were any peculiarities that they had experienced over the years in relationship to wildlife and farming. Many of these families live in a very rural setting where we heard rifle fire on a regular basis, and, hunting seasoned hadn’t opened yet.

We spent many hours hiking the rolling hills and observing more deer per square mile then any other location in recent memory. There were so many deer that hunting wouldn’t have been challenging! We observed one 8 point buck within minutes of leaving the shoulder of the road and entering the woods followed by 4-5 6 pointers inside of 30 minutes, it was unreal. In conversations with residents, raccoons are everywhere and hunted by some. Porcupines are rare and bear in this area are even seen less frequently. Bear are in Ohio but not in this area of the state. There are very few berry bushes that we could locate but a multitude of corn and other farm grown products, all available to anything wild and roaming.

While we were in the state, they experienced their first snowfall of the season. We jumped out of bed early in the morning and immediately got out onto the cold and wet trail. We did find many tracks, some HUGE bucks, smaller game but nothing of our big friend. We also spent significant time around local reservoirs that were nearly empty. It made for interesting walking near the waters edge where we also observed allot of tracks, but no big guy.

**We included this photo to give you a sense of the sheer impossibility of finding tracks in this time of the year because of the magnitude of leaves on the ground. This also gives deer less cover and they more vulnerable to prey...

We did have a very interesting conversation with a local resident who had no idea why we were in the area. He told us of a fall encounter two years ago near his residence. Hickory trees surround the house and the leaves had just started to fall but still offered significant coverage, to the point you couldn’t see more then 20 feet into the forest. He stated that it was just after dusk and he was on his back deck barbecuing and simultaneously smoking meat. He stated that he started to hear owls hooting extremely loud from one corner of his yard. He stated that one owl would stop and another owl would start in the other corner. That owl would stop and another would start in a further corner of the yard. The reason the individual was telling us the story was because owls weren’t very prevalent in his area and the hoots were abnormally loud. He also added that his dog was laying inside the front door of his house and was interested in coming outside and chasing the sounds, he thought that behavior was odd. The area around this residence is littered with small ponds and creeks and is directly in an area with dozens of deer.
I think that most bigfoot enthusiasts would recognize the scenario described above as behavior consistent with bigfoot activity.

We did question resident about any possible changes in the environment in the last 200 years. The stated that the land hasn’t changed significantly. There were more homes but not enough to drastically change the landscape. I might add here that this area of Ohio suffers high unemployment and home values have suffered, some drastically. You could purchase a 4000 square foot home on over an acre, in beautiful condition for under $300,000. If you’d like to live in a quiet, beautiful region where the cost of living is low, people are extremely polite and the winters are cold, this may be the place.

NABS has included a series of photos that beautifully describe the locations we were visiting. NABS had attempted to meet with local bigfoot experts from Ohio, but it was Thanksgiving week and families issues took priority, as they should! We will be back to this beautiful state in January as we have uncovered additional evidence that is worth additional time. WE have received several reports of ongoing activity in this region and parts south, we are ongoing with this research.

Enjoy the great outdoors!



Blog #75                                        Tribal Bigfoot/ Wild Man

In the past several months we’ve read about a few bigfoot notables that have taken a cheap shot at Harvey Pratt, the law enforcement forensic artist who completed the drawings in The Hoopa Project and Tribal Bigfoot. This individual implied that Harvey’s drawings were specifically drawn to appear human so we could perpetrate the idea that bigfoot was on the human genetic side of the scale, unbelievable! This person never interviewed any of the hundreds of witnesses who have worked with Harvey who personally thanked him for his time, patience, and accuracy in the work he completed. Maybe this individual could’ve gone to Oklahoma City and met with District Attorneys, U.S. attorneys and judges and asked about Harvey’s professional name in that community. Lastly, maybe this individual could’ve looked at the THOUSANDS of drawings Harvey has completed on suspects where the accuracy in the drawing was so precise that it allowed a law enforcement officer to pick the suspect out of a crowd and bring that person to court to face their accuser.  Harvey Pratt is a man of immense integrity, honesty and accuracy, for anyone to imply that Harvey completed a drawing with some agenda in his mind is criminal! These type of statements about NABS personnel go towards identifying the lack of professionalism and jealousy that exists in the bigfoot research world.

The world needs to understand something very, very clearly, NABS had NO AGENDA when we started down this research path. If people were seeing ape-like creatures, Harvey would’ve been drawing ape-like creatures, but, this isn’t what our witnesses are seeing. Are there ape-like creatures out in the woods of North America, maybe, how could we positively say no? We have crossed the U.S. attempting to get a broad spectrum of reports from a variety of witnesses and the drawings all come back relatively close to each other.

While going through our archives we came across an article that emanated from Russia. The articles speaks of a wild man in the Siberia region that has hair over its entire body and sounds to resemble our biped bigfoot. In Tribal Bigfoot we list numerous articles dating back over 100 years that depict a “wild man” scenario, not ape. Read the article below for reference to the Russian wild man.

One researcher who has had a sighting in Northern California is Bobbie Short. She observed a female in the Marble Mountains Wilderness area. Several NABS personnel have had extensive conversations with Bobbie about her sighting. Bobbie is a nurse by profession and has an eye for accuracy, that’s part of her training. Bobbie saw a biped that looked much, much more human then anything close to an ape. We are still waiting for a witness to come forward and be interviewed by NABS that states they saw an ape walking upright. Bobbie is a notable figure in the bigfoot world, has done a tremendous amount of great research on this topic and we would encourage you to visit her site and read a portion of the hundreds of articles she has posted, come to your own conclusions about what side of the genetic tree bigfoot may be occupying.


The public needs to understand that many of the people in the bigfoot world that are making a living selling their books and operating their websites have a HUGE vested interest in continuing their banter that bigfoot is a creature on the ape side of the genetic tree. Their books are based on this theory; their websites propagate the idea that this is fact. When a new organization arrives on the scene and utilizes proven forensic techniques to depict what witnesses are seeing, these same individuals attack us. They have no basis for their attacks, they use innuendo and “he said, she said” to support their claims. Don’t believe anything you hear about NABS unless you hear us say it or unless you read it here.

NABS is still working on our bigfoot hair project and working towards resolution. This project is approaching two years in duration and has had more scientists committed to finding the answers to this complex equation then any other NABS project to date. We continue to make progress, slow and steady. It will be interesting when we are completed, many of the discussions about where bigfoot is on the genetic tree will be answered.

NABS has had dozens of emails from concerned people stating that they have posted their concerns and feelings about our research on forums and websites only to have those statements edited or removed. YES, the groups where you are posting your feelings and concerns’ supporting NABS are censoring those statements in an attempt to control the belief systems of our bigfoot arena, that is fact. NABS has spoken to each of the individuals controlling those sites and they’ve stated, “it’s our site and we can do whatever we want with it.” Truth is sometimes a very scary proposition, especially when it starts to hit people’s wallet. Don’t expect to see us on anyone’s list this year, we’ve already been told that our research doesn’t match with their belief system.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!
Enjoy the great outdoors!




Blog #74                   Evidence Supporting our Hypothesis

During our time in this arena we have heard a variety of researchers argue, discuss and banter about the possibility that bigfoot is an ape or gorilla hybrid. While we have always listened intently and politely, we have had our doubts. If you read the historical record of this biped you start to see that many had this figured out years before the Patterson-Gimlin film. If you read the Bigfoot Bulletins you can understand how early researchers were tracking the idea that the biped was much more human then any claim of it being ape or gorilla.

In the last month another researcher has stepped forward with his claim that bigfoot could not be an ape or gorilla. Dr. Esteban Sarmiento is a functional anatomist at the American Museum of Natural History. His research centers on the skeletons of hominoids. He has appeared in several television specials that discuss bigfoot, sasquatch and other crypto bipeds. Sarmiento stated that the biped is "exceedingly human like" and "it would be our closest relative on Earth". See the full story here (Thanks to Bobbie Short and Bigfoot Encounters for posting this):


NABS believes that many other researchers will step forward in the coming years with their belief that bigfoot is on the human side of the genetic tree. The evidence is mounting, people are starting to question the old ape and gorilla theories and experts in their respective areas are migrating towards the human equation. It sometimes takes years for the comfort level in some circles to rise and allow these views to bubble to the top, the bubbles are rising!

Enjoy the great outdoors!



Blog #73             Danger in the Woods!

During our time in the woods we are routinely asked if we have ever faced danger or threats during our hikes and excursions. I usually explain that there was one time in a state park in Northern California I was traveling alone and was in the far reaches of the park. I was on a lonely trail and was confronted by an individual that would be described as a “hippy” type. He had long hair, looked unkept and wasn’t carrying a backpack or supplies. It appeared to me at the time that he was probably protecting something in the area, maybe an illegal grow. Because I was in a state park I wasn’t armed and felt vulnerable. This person asked me what I was doing in the area? It was obvious I was hiking but I didn’t want to be rude or antagonistic, so, I politely stated I was enjoying the sites and just passing through. He warned me to stay on the well-defined trail and not to stray, I said “sure”.

I am sure that there are many examples of hikers that killed in the woods under scenarios similar to what is described above. I probably would’ve been a little more abrupt with the guy if I had a weapon, but, the situation called for diplomacy, and that’s what he got. It’s too bad that our forests have people of questionable character walking about and doing illegal things, but, that is reality.

We recently read the below listed article about a Canadian who was attacked and killed by a coyote. We have never heard of a fatal attack by this animal, but, it’s a harsh environment in the forests and when food is scarce predators can do very unusual things, all predators! Black bears, mountain lions, wolves and grizzly bears have all killed hikers in North America. We need to be cognizant that this is their environment, they are the experts and survival and escape, not us.


Recommendations, always, always travel with a friend when hiking. Two brains are better then one and two people can fend off an attack better then one. This isn’t a guarantee that you won’t be attacked but you probably will not. There was an incident in Northern California two years ago when a retired couple was walking a popular trail, together when a mountain lion attacked the male. The wife pulled out a pen and stabbed the lion several times until it released the husband. He did have serious head injuries but he did survive.

Whenever we go into the woods alone we carry a satellite phone. No, these are not that expensive and can be purchased and utilized under minimal plans where you pay for a small amount of minutes annually. Whatever county we are in, we tape the phone number of the county sheriff onto the phone in case of an emergency. Dialing 911 from a satellite phone doesn’t work; you need the area code and number for the local sheriff.

How does all of this apply to bigfoot? Please read Tribal Bigfoot and you will see the correlation. Bigfoot is a predator, probably the biggest predator in North America and they do have a history of being unfriendly, from time to time. We don’t think this behavior is normal within their clan/tribe, but it does exist.

Enjoy the great outdoors!


Blog #  72                           Felton Bigfoot Conference

The conference was held Saturday October 17 and started the day at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton. At 11am the group met and had a great barbecue hosted by the museum staff. It was a very comfortable time to mingle with visitors and converse over the latest bigfoot gossip.

**Robert Leiterman from the North Coastal Region of California where he is a California State Park Ranger.

**Ron Morehead (L) and Scott Nelson (R)

(L-R) David Paulides, Robert Leiterman and Tom Yamarone

At 2pm everyone left the museum and headed down the road to the Felton Town Hall where a list of very competent speakers presented their latest finding.

The afternoon started with Tom Yamarone playing his guitar and singing some memorable bigfoot songs.  Kathy Strain was the first speaker.

Kathy is the U.S. Forest Service archaeologist for the Stanislaus National Forest near Sonora. She has also written an excellent book, “Giants, Cannibals and Monsters, Bigfoot in Native Culture.” Kathy nailed this topic in her book. It is filled with excellent photos and narratives that strengthen the idea that bigfoot has been part of the Native American Culture for centuries. Her presentation was quite interesting and on topic for NABS because of the Native American-bigfoot connection.

Ron Morehead and Scott Nelson were next to speak. Ron was the individual responsible for the Sierra Sound Recordings of a bigfoot. He gave an interesting presentation on how this was accomplished and the progression from recording to analysis. Ron has been on a mission since the 1970’s to prove this was not a hoax and this was truly a recording of a bigfoot, he found that proof in Scott Nelson.

As NABS stated in an earlier blog, Scott Nelson is the expert in linguistic translation. I don’t think you will find anyone with more qualifications in their respective arena then Scott. He slowed the Sierra tapes showing that it was a language but the bigfoot speak incredible fast and we can’t understand. When the tape is slowed, you can definitely see there are hesitations in the phrases, similar to human language. After watching two of Scott’s presentations, we walked away absolutely convinced that bigfoot does utilize language and it’s quite possible they were trying to communicate with the Ron Morehead team that was on site. NABS would like to thank Scott for entering the bigfoot arena and adding a significant level of professionalism to an area that desperately needs more.

Bill Munns is an expert in the development of costumes for the movie industry. Bill explained how he had made some very, very complex costumes in his past and he always had an interest in bigfoot, so, he thought he’d apply his knowledge to the topic.

Bill stated at the top that he felt that this was a real primate that was in the PG film. He states that there are certain ways costumes move, no matter how well they are built. He showed frame 352 and he focused on the extension of the right arm behind the biped. He centered on the area of the shoulder and showed a small indentation in this area that is seen on people when they hold their arm back. He explained that when he saw this on the PG film, he knew this was a real biped. He stated that there isn’t a costume made that could replicate this feature. Bill went into several other aspects of the body and frame of the biped that added to the notion that this is a real biped. Mr. Munns added another level of certainty that Patterson and Gimlin truly caught a bigfoot on film in October of 1967.

The last person on the schedule was NABS Executive Director David Paulides. One of the first items that Paulides reiterated was that NABS would not partake in bashing other researchers or their findings and asked people in the audience not to support a culture that fed off this behavior, their was widespread clapping in the audience after this statement!

Paulides reviewed “The Hoopa Project” and that sightings and evidence still is coming into NABS. He moved onto “Tribal Bigfoot” and highlighted some of what his team accomplished. He then moved onto a hair study that NABS initiated that is entering its 20th month. He voiced his frustration that the project has taken this long but explained that there are many, many issues with bigfoot hair that don’t exist with other primates. He stated that the project would continue even though they were frustrated with the pace.

Paulides spent time discussing the Patterson- Gimlin film and the behavior of the biped in the film. He explained that he and his team have reviewed thousands of sighting reports and many of the behaviors exhibited by the biped in the film are not consistent with the majority of reports on file.
1.    The bigfoot was seen during daylight hours, specifically mid-day.
2.    The biped didn’t run even though she was confronted by armed men.
3.    It was a female; a vast majority of sightings are males.
4.    She didn’t immediately go for cover and protection, she stayed in plain view.
5.    This biped had much more facial hair then 95% of the sighting reports that NABS has documented.
6.    There has never been a bigfoot filmed for this duration since 1967, yet, there is probably 100,000X more people in the forests of the U.S. now as compared to 1967 that possess a video recording device. Why hasn’t this been replicated?
7.    The timeline of PG observing the biped, riding back to camp to get casting material, casting the tracks, recovering the casts, driving to the post office in Eureka and arriving by 5pm is IMPOSSIBLE. This isn’t even close to reality, especially in 1967 when the roads over Bald Hills were horrible and PG was driving an old truck.

Much more about the bigfoot on the PG film was discussed, but, those were the highlights. Paulides had several people in the audience that were not listening carefully and took offense to what he was saying. Twice he brought people back to the topic he was discussing and repeated his words, slowly and carefully. This is obviously an emotionally charged topic for many people, but, Paulides stated that “People sometimes miss the obvious, the behavior exhibited was not consistent with known bigfoot behavior.” Paulides also stated several times that NABS does believe that it was a real bigfoot captured on film by Roger Patterson.




Blog #71                  Honobia Bigfoot Conference 2009

Several people have asked for a summary of the Honobia, OK Bigfoot Conference, 2009. The NABS team is still enroute home from the conference so this information is fresh!

This is the second year we have attended and the attendance this year seemed to be larger then 2008. This agenda was packed with interesting speakers and the crowd seemed informed and interested. NABS was represented at the conference by David Paulides and Harvey and Gina Pratt.

Dr. Jeff Meldrum from Idaho State gave his usual informative and educational talk on his research. Members of TEXLA also gave entertaining talks on tracks and sounds they had found. This is also the first opportunity that we had to meet and observe Thomas Powell’s presentation. Thomas is a very smart and entertaining science teacher from Portland, OR. Thomas wrote “The Locals”, a very good book about his research in the Oregon and Washington areas. It was our good fortune to finally meet Thomas. Harvey Pratt gave an engaging presentation about his forensic art, reconstruction and how this applies to bigfoot research. The crows was enthralled with Harvey’s very explicit photos and lecture, he’s a pro!

**Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Harvey Pratt at the conference.

R. Scott Nelson
One of the highlights to NABS was the presentation by R. Scott Nelson, crypto language specialist and whose report appears on our website. This is the first opportunity that we had to meet Scott and see his presentation, it was riveting! Scott did an outstanding job explaining the process he goes through in examining tapes and possible language. His decades of expertise in this field makes him the absolute expert in this niche. He took the Sierra Recordings and painstakingly took the phrases apart second by second. He played segments of the tape for the crowd and then slowed the tape to a crawl so we could see the tone and patterns of the speech, it was there. Scott left the crowd convinced that Bigfoot does utilize speech and has feelings expressed in its tone. It was a great presentation. We look forward to meeting with Scott again in Felton and observing his presentation! Scott Nelson has given NABS further proof that Bigfoot has definitive human qualities, language.

David Paulides
David started the presentation with giving an overview of NABS.

The first section that he detailed was an 18-month study of bigfoot hair. He explained that some reports are contained in “Tribal Bigfoot” and that the study is continuing and progress is being made on DNA extraction. He encouraged research groups to work together and utilize one centralized lab rather then forcing other labs to start from scratch in their knowledge base. Bigfoot hair is a complex issue and not a normal mammalian hair. If we all tried working together we could quickly cover significant ground rather then force each lab to muddle in their learning curve.

David also spoke about the Patterson-Gimlin Film and the recent controversy that some on the bigfoot arena tried to stir. He flatly stated that nobody in NABS would ever publicly criticize any researcher for their viewpoints or research strategy. He explained that we in the bigfoot arena are already persecuted by the general public, why throw knives at each other? He encouraged people to speak about topics but not to publicly berate each other.

David went through a list of issues in the Patterson film that is not consistent with other sightings that NABS has researched and studied. He said that his team has reviewed approximately 2000 sighting reports and certain behavior observed in the PG film are not consistent with the behavior consistently exhibited in other sighting reports.
1.    A female bigfoot is observed for an extended period of time during daylight hours in the PG film.
**90% of all sighting reports are of males
**In 40 years since the PG film there has never been a bigfoot observed for this length of time.
2.    Patterson and Gimlin happen to stumble into filming this biped in the Bluff Creek Creek basin.
**What percentage of people had a recording device in 1967 that could document what P & G had viewed, and, were in the forests? Obviously a very, very small percentage.
**What percentage of people from 1999-2009 had a video recording device that could record clear video in the woods of North America, in essence, the odds of filming a bigfoot from 1999-2009 were probably 1,000,000X more probable then they were in 1967 based only on the number of video recorders in the possession of visitors to the woods, yet, no video of this quality and length has since been made.
3.    Patty didn’t run.
**In the hundreds of cases we have reviewed where an individual observed a bigfoot, when the biped knows it is observed, it immediately runs and leaves the area, it doesn’t linger, Patty did, why?
4.    Patty stayed in an open area and didn’t immediately move to cover.
**At the opening of the P & G footage, Patty was close to the forest line, look at the area behind her. She chose to move along the creek bed and stay in view. She obviously knew she was being observed, she turned and looked (another very unusual trait exhibited in this film that is not common in other sightings).
5.    Patty had a very hairy face.
**NABS has interviewed hundreds of bigfoot witnesses and done numerous forensic sketches of what these people had observed. Approximately 3-5% of our interviews indicate that the biped has facial hair as heavy as Patty.
6.    Nobody can produce the original version of the PG film.
7.    Nobody can tell us where the film was processed.
8.    The timeline that was given on how the film was transported from Bluff Creek to the post office in Eureka and then Patterson and Gimlin driving to Willow Creek to meet Al Hodgson is impossible (See Tribal Bigfoot for details).

Paulides explained that because of the above details being inconsistent with other sighting reports, the film is worth investigation. Taking into account #1-5, what were the odds that P & G happen to be riding down a trail and catch Patty on film, she cooperated and stayed in view, she didn’t run, she turned to look at them, they obtained clear footage (not blobsquatch) and this was all done by a couple of cowboys who never had training with a camera?
Seriously, what are the odds of this event occurring by pure chance?

Paulides broke from the critique of the film to publicly release high resolution scans of the transparencies made by Roger Patterson of 5 frames of the PG film. Patricia Patterson allowed NABS to scan these transparencies at the highest possible resolutions, never before done by anyone (They had been scanned before but never coming close to the resolutions obtained by NABS). Paulides did indicate that specific details in the film not visible under normal viewing are now. He also stated that the scans show significant detail about the landscape and the biped not visible in any other document relative to the film. He thanks Patricia Patterson for allowing NABS to scan these transparencies and show them publicly. This was a first for the Oklahoma Conference. Paulides will show the remaining 3 transparencies at the Felton Conference later this month. Patricia Patterson holds all rights to these transparencies.

NABS does believe that Patterson and Gimlin did film a bigfoot in the 1967 footage. They are surprised that other researchers haven’t investigated and questioned the circumstances of the event especially since most understand bigfoot behavior and have sighting reports available for review. NABS does understand that some in the bigfoot community don’t want to question anything relative to the PG film and would rather take it at face value. NABS has not and will not be intimidated into shying away from research. We will also not make conclusions until we completely understand the totality of the circumstances. NABS has been very fortunate to have many witnesses to peripheral events approach us with new evidence on the PG film. While our viewpoint on this issue is evolving, we are not ready to publicly make any statements incriminating anyone. Everyday we are getting closer to an understanding of this film, but, WE NEED MORE HELP FROM YOU. The answers are out there and we need you to bring it to us. Your identity will remain anonymous. Thank you to the many people who have come to us with valuable evidence, you will continue to remain anonymous.

Paulides went on to talk about follow-up research in Hoopa regarding “The Hoopa Project”. He also spoke about “Tribal Bigfoot”, the historical perspective and articles his team found and the significance of Harvey Pratt’s forensic work with witnesses. This included age progression of bigfoot and utilizing his abilities to take the hair off of Patty’s face, exposing what she really looks like, found in “Tribal Bigfoot”.

The presentation ended with an explanation why NABS has not been in any documentaries or television shows relative to Bigfoot. He explained that most producers are trying to make bigfoot into a monster and don’t want to expose that it may be much more human. He stated that they have had many conversations with various shows but the producers don’t want to stick to the facts or they aren’t interested in the research. In closing, Paulides stated that the only group in the world doing full time research (NABS) into bigfoot isn’t getting public or cable television exposure because of an agenda by producers to keep the facts from the public and they continue to spin reality into what they consider to be more entertaining. He did hint at a speck of hope, stating that they were having conversations with a major network into a long-term project, stay tuned.

In closing, there has been an aging group of people who call themselves researchers who have leveraged their entire career on an assumption that bigfoot/sasquatch is an ape, gorilla or something very close. Members of this fraternity have made many publicly disparaging statements about NABS and our followers, we don’t and won’t reciprocate and engage in unprofessional behavior, and, make assumptions that will later prove unfounded. A few of these individuals have edited promotional material sent to them by other conferences and organizations so that NABS personnel and their supporters aren’t shown on the conference agenda’s they promote, yes, this is true!

There has never been an ape or gorilla found living in the wilds of North America. There is no fossil record of anything similar to an ape or gorilla living in North America. Apes and gorilla’s cannot stand and run for any significant period of time. The human is the only primate species that has enlarged breasts in their females consistently over their lifetime. Science has shown that language is one of the cornerstones separating us from lower primates, bigfoot has language! Every species of gorilla or ape ever recognized by science can be easily placed under surveillance, studied and behavior understood, bigfoot cannot. NABS would gladly sit and discuss our research with any known researcher in either category. We would request that everyone in our arena act in a dignified and professional manner, respecting differences of opinion and points of view. Let’s treat each other in a manner where if our children read our rhetoric that we wouldn’t be embarrassed by the behavior.


**Thomas Powell Signing his book at the conference.



Thanks to DW LEE and the entire Oklahoma Conference team for a great event!




Blog #70            Conferences & Credibility

This is the start of the conferences and appearances by NABS personnel. We have had a very good summer and are ready to talk about current projects and ongoing research, some is quite fascinating.

The last year has been very interesting. We’ve been publicly challenged, ridiculed and had lies stated about our group, it’s a wonderful life! Since we aren’t guided by the banter of other Bigfoot figures who own websites, but we are guided by morality, honesty and professional investigative practices. I remember many years ago when I was placed on a molestation case. An individual had come forward claiming they were molested by a VERY public figure. They were adamant with their assertions, signed an affidavit and a criminal complaint and stated they would do everything possible to assist in the prosecution. Our investigation started with an extensive background investigation into the suspect.

Every background check includes a variety of factors in the subject’s life. Have they ever been criminally investigated, have they been terminated for a criminal offense, are they willing to cooperate in the investigation and do they attempt to intimidate or persuade potential witnesses, all critical factors, and, all point to their moral center. In the case of the molestation the suspect was very available to assist, answered every question, was willing to sign an affidavit and take a polygraph. They provided documentation on where they were, their background, relatives, friends and generally were extremely helpful.

During the course of the molestation investigation, we never told anyone why we were asking questions regarding the suspect. Nobody ever had any idea why an investigation was occurring or why law enforcement was asking questions. The rationale behind the secrecy, what if the allegations were not true? This is exactly what happened, the alleged victim took a polygraph, failed and later admitted to the fabrication. They were criminally charged with filing a false police report.

When professionals are conducting an investigation the last thing we want to do is ruin the integrity and credibility of someone in the public eye when an allegation is leveled. It’s the job of the investigator to take a neutral approach and not to demolish the suspect over a mere allegation. The investigation is similar to building a pyramid, one block at a time building towards the pinnacle. If an investigator reaches a roadblock, they look for alternatives, they consult other experts and they find other avenues to either prosecute or exonerate. Until there is overwhelming and conclusive evidence at either end, the investigation continues, and, sometimes this takes years. Patience is the key to every investigation. As people on the periphery understand the magnitude, professionalism and thoroughness of the research associated with the investigation, evidence starts to trickle down, people start to talk and witnesses understand that their identity will be kept confidential, the case starts to break. Persistence, professionalism and patience will eventually break the case.

We look forward to meeting you at Honobia and Felton!

Enjoy the great outdoors.



Blog 69            Giving Back/ The Track Record-A Bigfoot Encyclopedia

When NABS started to organize and form as a group, one of our edicts was that we would give back to the research world something of value. We knew we would share our research, findings, assumptions and hypothesis, but, there would be more.

We started the web site five years ago and have slowly built a healthy resource for Bigfoot researchers, interested parties and casual observers. We have not sold advertisement on the site and continue to support the website and communications infrastructure internally through founder funds. We hope to continue to accomplish this well into the future.

Our Executive Director, Dave Paulides has written two books, The Hoopa Project and Tribal Bigfoot. Both books have been resounding successes inside the Bigfoot arena and every dollar that David has made has gone directly back into the North America Bigfoot Search general account to fund additional research. David has not profited one penny from either book. If anyone has notions that publishing a Bigfoot book will make you wealthy, think again. The amount of time, travel costs, fees paid to independent contractors and associated fees to bring either book to publisher will far outweigh anything we make in profit from any book for years into the future. These books were published for you, at our expense.

Two years ago NABS purchased the Ray Crowe research collection. This included the rights to Ray’s writings, Track Records, casts, photos and all research material. NABS knew what we were purchasing and knew what we were going to do. NABS had extensively studied the Track Record newsletter that Ray had distributed to his subscribers for 16 years. There was more information in those newsletters about Bigfoot/ Sasquatch then any other book our researchers could find. The 3000 pages of documents, photos, articles and hypothesis were priceless and needed to be brought to the current breed of researchers. One item that continually caused our researchers consternation was that there was not a master index of all Track Records. We found many interesting tidbits of Bigfoot research yet there wasn’t one method to uniformly track them. Over a year ago NABS put a group together to index every Track Record onto a master document, it is now 18 months later and we have completed the project. The result of our efforts is an 80 page WORD document that index’ the entire 3000 pages of the Track Record, yes, you read that correctly, 80 pages. Below is a sampling of one small section of the Index under the category “Bigfoot”, with only the largest “Bigfoot” categories selected;
Some of the major categories and the number of entries;
Bigfoot Berries- 30+
Bigfoot Black in Color- 30
Bigfoot Bodies- 40+
Bigfoot- Brown in Color- 70 
Bigfoot Burying Bigfoot- 18 
Bigfoot Caves- 20 
Bigfoot Children-30 
Bigfoot & Dogs- 40 
Bigfoot Eyes- 100 +
Bigfoot Hair- 50 
Bigfoot Hit By Cars- 15
Bigfoot Hoax- 25+
Bigfoot Odor- 60+
Bigfoot Photos- 30+
Bigfoot Quarry/Gravel Pit- 15
Bigfoot Reddish Brown in Color- 40+
Bigfoot Scat- 35+
Bigfoot Scream- 80+
Bigfoot Shakes- 15+
Bigfoot Shot- 50+
Bigfoot Swimming- 15+
Bigfoot Tan Colored- 15+
Bigfoot Throwing Rocks- 20+
Bigfoot UFO Connection- 15+
Bigfoot Whistle- 8
Bigfoot White in Color- 15+
Bigfoot Whoop Whoop- 10+
Bigfoot Women- 30+
Bigfoot Wood Knock- 20+

Each of these entries on the index states the Track Record and page number where the entry can be found. If you wanted to find the number of times a Bigfoot with red eyes was reported, you could go to each Track Record and read about it. There are sightings in every U.S. state, except Hawaii. Nearly every major Bigfoot story is recounted in these editions and there are photos of many locations, researchers, Bigfoot, etc. You could spend months browsing these newsletters, as we did.

The index was a HUGE accomplishment but we needed the Track Records readily available for viewing. NABS accomplished a monumental task by scanning each of the 3000 pages at a high enough resolution where they are readable on the computer and able to be printed. We completed the project with over one Gigabit of data. We are placing this information on a CD to make it easily accessible. The DVD’s are being copied at this time and will be at our offices by next Friday afternoon, we will be selling them through our website store.

We can guarantee that there is no other document available on any Cryptozoology topic anywhere matching what Ray Crowe and NABS has produced. This is the single greatest Bigfoot Research tool we have ever worked with and we believe that the Bigfoot community will benefit by utilizing the reference availability that the index offers. We believe that the sale of our DVD will go “live” by Friday, September 18. We know you will be quite pleased with the product and the price!

Enjoy the great outdoors



Blog #68            Prions

One of my best friends is the head of a Geology Department at a major university in Canada. We talk frequently about a variety of topics that involve the outdoors, including geology. Three years ago he was invited to Stanford University at an event sponsored by the U.S. Geological Survey titled, Medical Mineralogy and Geochemistry. He gave me a copy of their book, titled the same as the name of the conference, 64th edition, ISSN#1529-6466, ISBN#978-0-039950-76-6.
    One thing I never knew was that geologists deal with a variety of issues that cross into the medical field. Here is a list of names of some of the books chapters;
1. Earth materials linked or potentially linked to human health.
2. Asbestos
3. Aluminum, Alzheimer disease and geospacial occurrence of similar disorders
4. Potential role of soil in the transmission of prion disease.

    This book is filled with fascinating reading that is highly scientific and includes evolving theories. The top researchers in the world have contributed stories. One chapter talks about Guam and the high incidence of the Chamorros of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. A longterm study showed no genetic correlation between the disease and the victims and families. On page 125, paragraph two, the author states that environmental factors appear to be a primary factor. This is a very long study but the core ingredient was the association with the environment. Imagine, a possibility that our environment plays a role in whether we get alzheimers disease..
    Prions are an entirely different issue that I’ve known about for almost seven years. Prions are a very dangerous factor in our environment and its been surprising to me that we haven’t heard more about this until today (9/10/09). On page A9 of the San Francisco Chronicle, science writer David Perlman wrote an article, “Source of Disease Killing Deer Identified.” Well, there was an entire chapter in the above identified book devoted to Prions and their associated danger to wildlife, and, maybe humans. Today was the first time I have ever seen anything associated with prions written in a newspaper.
    Prion diseases are a fatal neurodegenerative disorder that has a longterm consequence to a variety of mammals. In cows we call this mad cow disease, sheep its called “scrapie” and in goats “bovine spongiform encephalopathy and in deer and elk it’s called “chronic wasting disease.” Chronic wasting disease and scrapie appear to be environmentally transmitted (they live in dirt and are eaten by animals) and thus the concern. The author states that prions can live through an autoclave at 135 degrees for 60 minutes, and, boiling does nothing to them, incineration at low temperatures has no effect (Page 138). They can also live through decades of inactivity while in the soil and this may be one way it’s transmitted to the mammals. The concern for humans could be real and is slowly working its way through the political process of allowing mainstream media to publish this. The deer can catch the disease and live for months without any symptoms. According to the book, prions can be found in the muscle tissue of the mammal (Page 136) and here is the concern for humans, hunters eat this meat. The author states that the chance of transmission to humans is low but it would appear that more studies need to be done. Below lists sites that discusses the transmission of prions to humans.




    I would encourage people who are interested in this topic to read “Brain Trust: The hidden connection between Mad Cow and Misdiagnosed Alzheimer’s Disease”, By Colm Kelleher, Paraview Books, 2004. Kelleher makes associations between the monitoring of prions in cattle with cattle mutilations occurring from the 1970’s through today. He claims that the specific body parts that are removed from the cattle are the areas that contain the highest levels of prions. He doesn’t claim that these are extraterrestrials taking these specimens but a high level government program to monitor the level of prions of herds of cattle, deer and elk throughout the U.S.
    The reason this section has been included in the blog is to expose our readers to the VAST array of research that is ongoing at a very high level in the forests and open spaces of our great country. If prions are as dangerous and prolific as is described, they must be having an effect on the Bigfoot population. One of the Bigfoot’s main source of protein are other mammals, deer, elk and smaller game, all might contain prions.
    The real question, should we be eating deer and elk if they show no symptoms of prion exposure for months after being infected?

Enjoy the great outdoors!


Blog #67                    Professional Investigations

In the 50 years of Bigfoot research the world has seen a variety of approaches to the topic. There are many Bigfoot Research groups (they call themselves this) that go out on weekends, set up camp, drink a few beers, tell a few stories, walk around the trails and listen for what goes bump in the night. Some people actually pay these groups to have this experience, no problem, that’s capitalism. There are other groups that sit in their offices, send off newsletters and fire off articles that ridicule other researchers, go out to the field once or twice a year and see what the “real” researchers have been doing, this group does no significant original research, they merely like to disparage and ride the coattails of others while pumping up their chest. The third group is the encyclopedia/computer researcher. They don’t go into the field, they manage a website where they obtain revenue from selling ads on their site, they make occasional television show appearances and they pedal their books. This group has an inordinate amount of time to sit, read others sites and again, try to find a story that is controversial about Bigfoot so they can drive traffic to their site and increase the revenue to their wallet. The last group on the list is the true researchers. You don’t hear from this group much because they are actually in the field working, trying to solve the complexities of the topic, keeping their mouths shut and their eyes open, they don’t sell space on their website, yes we have these types in the Bigfoot world and these are the groups you should be relying on for most of your factual and current research information. We write this because the world of Bigfoot is one of the most dysfunctional arenas in any spectrum imaginable. It’s a place where many can’t work together, most don’t have friends, a majority of research “groups” are a group of one and almost all have an ego the size of Texas.

Most in our organization have been professionally trained and have decades of on the job experience on how to organize, investigate and analyze every investigation they pursue. Part of this training includes a statement, “need to know, right to know”. In essence this means that if you are involved in a complex investigation you don’t dispense information unless the other person has a need or a right to know the specifics of the case. Many times other members of the investigators own organization don’t know the investigation is even occurring. The fewer individuals that know the specifics behind a case, the less of a chance that rumors get started and facts get twisted, yes, this happens. If an investigator is researching a case and the individual being questioned starts to speak publicly about that questioning, the majority of the time this person is desperate, looking for allies and is refusing to cooperate. They will attempt to embarrass, humiliate or even bully the investigator into dropping the case and abandoning the investigation, this occurs daily in law enforcement across North America. A special interest group sometimes takes up the cause of an individual under suspicion, the group berates the investigator and agency yet has absolutely no clue what evidence the agency, investigator, supporting agencies or other witnesses may possess. The special interest group will apply enormous pressure via the press, sometimes peers of the agency will apply pressure and sometimes slander to either get the agency to drop the case or release to the public the evidence they possess against the individual. The special interest group will try to bait the investigator/agency into making a statement in an effort of further ridicule and embarrassment. This behavior is usually followed by members of the public believing the rhetoric of the special interest and falling for the bait, furthering their agenda and making statements that will later prove completely inaccurate. This approach will never work when you are dealing with a professional organization conducting an investigation.

The Bigfoot world has very rarely seen a complex investigation through to its fruition, they aren’t use to this approach or subsequent success. Part of that professional investigative approach is thoroughly questioning individuals associated with the investigation. This includes locking in their story, having the witness clearly answer all questions and leaving no gaps or holes. A thorough investigator will ensure that this process is followed with an affidavit signed by the individual attesting to the facts surrounding the event. The affidavit process is something NABS has utilized on EVERY Bigfoot investigation we have researched and we see no reason to abandon that approach at anytime in the future. Affidavits have a well established place in Bigfoot investigations and were originally utilized by John Green in the early 1950’s as he interviewed witnesses of sightings and events. John understood the value of the affidavit and implemented that into his protocol. NABS knows of no other Bigfoot group that has utilized this approach in the past, other than John, but the value in legally stating the facts, attesting to them in a court document under penalty of perjury is the strongest statement a witness can make and usually sends the investigator in another direction. But, if you are attempting to avoid answering questions, evading answers, talking in circles and/or refusing to answer direct questions, well, you definitely will not want to sign a well-worded affidavit. The refusal by a witness to sign an affidavit is a red flag to any seasoned investigator that there is obviously something askew, especially if the witness doesn’t ask for wording to be changed or slight alterations to the document. Outright refusal to sign the legal paperwork only pushes the investigative team deeper and with knowledge that they are tracking the correct path.

The long and short of this blog, don’t believe what you read about any ongoing investigation until the organization working the case has made a public statement, and, that organization will not make a statement until the case has reached a conclusion. The organization will not make statements because they will not want to embarrass witnesses or involved victims or possibly compromise evidence that is being processed and accumulated.

It’s sometimes fun to read the opinions and feelings of others that the press portrays during a prolonged investigation, but, don’t develop an opinion about guilt, innocence, culpability or involvement until you have seen ALL of the facts.

Enjoy the great outdoors!
Opinions to: nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com




Blog #66           Archie Buckley and San Francisco Bay Area Bigfoot Research

As we stated in a press release today, NABS did acquire the research of 40 years worth of work of Archie Buckley. Archie and his group from the San Francisco Bay Area did almost 4 decades of great Bigfoot research. The group did believe that Bigfoot was human, not ape and they did not believe that a Bigfoot should be shot or captured for scientific purposes.

Archie Buckley was born and raised in Alameda, CA, a small town across the bay from San Francisco. Archie attended and later received his degree from Chico State University in Physical Medicine.

In 1941 Archie was working just outside of Marysville, CA when he stopped at a soda fountain and saw a 16 year old girl working behind the counter. He asked his friend to go inside and broker an introduction, that’s how he met Rhea. Rhea and Archie developed a quick relationship and eloped to Reno, Nevada, got married and didn’t tell Rhea’s parents, she was 7 years Archie’s junior. They were married ten days after Pearl Harbor, 12/17/41.

Shortly after Pearl Harbor Archie joined the Army. He and Rhea traveled the United States and made stops at Little Rock, Arkansas, and places in Texas, they had three kids during that four years. One of the Buckley’s sons is a pilot for Cal Fire and fights forest fires and another son just finished his playing career for the Oakland Athletics as a catcher, their daughter is a college graduate and mother.

Archie spent 38 years working as the Chief of Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Oakland. Archie developed an expertise for understanding stride, walking and foot impressions, this translated well into Bigfooting, and, he wrote several articles utilizing his expertise and applying it to Bigfoot prints.

Archie died on July 18, 2007 after being married to Rhea for almost 66 years. They have a beautiful house in the east bay area that is truly an oasis that contains Rhea’s gorgeous garden. I had the GREAT pleasure of meeting Rhea at her house with her giving me the grand tour. She is without a single doubt the most mentally quick and physically fit 86 year old lady this researcher has ever met! We had a great conversation  and I know I made a new friend. She explained Archie’s passion for Bigfoot, how he spent a great majority of that research time in the Yolla Bolly and Trinity Alps Wilderness of Northern California and how she patiently allowed him to make those trips with the likes of George Haas and Warren Thompson.

Meeting people like Rhea Buckley is really the best of Bigfoot research. Her positive attitude, appreciation for Archie and his research was a definite high point to an otherwise dreary week. Thank you, Rhea for allowing NABS to possess Archie’s research, we will read every letter!

Archie Buckley walking in his research area-Thanks Rhea for the great photo!


Blog #65           Fires and Bigfoot

California at this point has several fires that are devouring our great forests (Santa Cruz, Trinity and Stanislaus Counties). Many of these fires have natural origins, lightning strikes, and other may be arson. In the history of Bigfoot research there are several stories that are associated with forest fires and Bigfoot and a select few where firefighters actually had a sighting. While NABS has never investigated any of these incidents or sightings, we will fill in the gaps about what we know.

Trinity River
Many years ago there were a series of sightings east of Weaverville (Calif) in the general vicinity of the Trinity River. At that time the California forest fires were fought by the California Department of Forestry (CDF), they have since changed their name to “Cal Fire.” Anyhow, a CDF crew responded to a spot fire adjacent to the Trinity River east of Salyer and Burn Ranch. They worked the area and decided they could return to their quarters in Weaverville. It was approximately 3am and the crew was in one fire engine driving E/B along the river. As they came around a corner of the highway they saw a Bigfoot cross the roadway directly in front of them. Again, we’ve never interviewed the crew but the story has floated the web for many years. As a sidenote, Tribal Bigfoot has a few stories were people signed affidavits about sightings in this exact area.

Another incident involves a Native American Fire Fighting crew that was working in Trinity County, somewhere in the far reaches of the forest. Supposedly a crew saw a Bigfoot down in a valley near a river at a point they could readily identify it, it ran away. Again, there are few details of this sighting but it is also floating the internet.

Probably the most famous forest fire related Bigfoot incident occurred near Battle Mountain, Nevada, near Winnemuca. The story goes that there was a raging fire and a Bigfoot stumbled out of the fire, semi conscious and burned badly. They put the biped in the back of a pickup truck and transported it to a local veterinarian. The forest service employees stated that they used a pickup truck so not to arouse interest in someone or something injured and then transported it. Those same employees stated that they were threatened and forced to an oath of secrecy and were not allowed to talk about the incident. This turned out to be a figment of someone’s imagination, never occurred.

NABS believes that Bigfoot is a much smarter biped then to sit idly by as a major fire reaches its immediate area. Bigfoot has the speed to outrun a fire, even if it was close. We believe that it has a thinking process that easily understands the threat that fire poses. We’ve heard unconfirmed reports that some bipeds have actually been seen stomping out small fires, not sure about the veracity of that story, but, it might be possible.

Bigfoot Footage/Research
We routinely hear stories about people that have taken great footage of a Bigfoot. Every time we conduct extensive follow-up on these stories and in every single case, the footage is a disappointment. We have also heard stories of habituators that have great footage that they are reluctant to share, why? If we could assist in putting the worlds pessimism regarding Bigfoot to rest, with the assistance of photos, film footage and scientific proof, why wouldn’t they come forward? We’ve heard every excuse you can imagine, and then more! There are only two rational explanations about their reluctance to release the photos;
1.    The photos and the footage does not exist.
2.    The owners are looking for a huge pay day.

NABS is not saying that we haven’t seen phenomenal photographs, we have. In each instance we were forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which we did. We signed the agreement because we want an understanding about its physical characteristics to ensure we are walking down the correct path, we are. Item #2, pay day, is something that we believe is occurring on a grand scale. There are a few very, very wealthy North Americans that are working sites right now and claim to have footage and photos. We haven’t seen these but we have been consulted about the investigation and research, at a high level.

NABS believes that all researchers involved in the study of this unique biped need to take a breath and dig deep into themselves and ask what they are truly trying to accomplish. We’ve made this offer once, but, here we go again. We all need to put down our ego, put away the check books and work as a team, develop synergy to solve this complex issue at multi levels, and, there are many levels of this issue.
It seems to NABS that many groups continue to walk down the same, identical and useless path as every other group before them;
Put out game cameras
Spend the weekend in a campground
Walk around in the dark with flashlights
Knock on a few trees
Blast some Bigfoot calls
Hide behind a tree with a video camera

Folks, this, or something very close to this has been happening every year since the PG film. It hasn’t worked, it won’t work and even if it did work what good is more photos of Bigfoot going to do for science. They have great footage of a Bigfoot captured by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin, science still won’t buy the product!

NABS has been doing many different things in the woods that have never before been attempted, to the best of our knowledge. If we, as researchers, continue to walk the same path and don’t start thinking outside the box, there will be no progress in understanding this complex biped. We can learn allot from reading studies and articles from the past. Maybe we should study them and attempt to understand why the observers made the statements that they did. We would suggest that EVERYONE read Tribal Bigfoot and specifically read what a group of three Native American Tribes stated in the 1920’s about Bigfoot/ Sasquatch. Every researcher may approach this topic in an entirely different angle if they took those 1920 articles to heart.

Enjoy the great outdoors!
Comments and opinions to: nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com


Blog #64       Skamania County, Washington

Across the river from our base camp in Cascade Locks is Skamania County, Washington. It’s home to Mt. St. Helens and the stories that go with Ray Wallace and Datus Perry fame. Ray claimed that there were several families of Bigfoot that lived on the mountain and Datus claimed that he had multiple encounters over a lifetime. It is a fact that Ray did fake a series of tracks in his lifetime but as a group that has his private notes from a lifetime in the woods, Ray knew some things that only a keep observer of the biped would know.

We traveled through Stevenson and up through Carson. Stevenson has most of the amenities you would need in a small community. The Skamania Lodge is one of the largest employers in the area, has a beautiful golf course and a gorgeous lodge. The place is pricey but it is first class. Carson has a four way stop sign in the town, a hardware store, gas station, antique store and that is about it. We followed the Windy River Road up into the Gifford Pinchot National Forest and were quite impressed with its beauty and its health. The timber industry hasn’t decimated the region too bad until you go onto Google Earth and look at the amount of clear cut that’s been done, brutal.

The weather in this region has been very hot, unseasonably hot, over 100 everyday. As we got deeper into the forest the woods got thick and the temperature started to drop. We were in a rented 4x4 and did take a few spur roads, not many, just to get a peak off the main roads. As our luck would start to roll, one of those roads took us to an on duty Skamania County Sheriff on patrol. We stopped and this led to a one hour conversation about Bigfoot.

We won’t name the deputy out of respect for his privacy but we will say that he was respectful, interested in our work and knew a little about Bigfoot. He was a 26 year veteran and had the high mountain patrol. He told us that it sometimes takes him 2 ½ hours to reach a location on a call for service. He had a region to patrol from Mt. St. Helens to the base of Mt. Adams to the city limits of Carson, absolutely HUGE (The county is 1672 square miles)! He did tell us that he had been on 3 Bigfoot calls in the last 6 years. He said that most calls have turned into nothing but the reports he has heard about screams in the area have been a little hard to explain. We asked if any deputies had a sighting? He said that there is a group that believe the biped may exist and then there are others that make fun of the idea, so, most wouldn’t say anything if they had seen it. We were quite deep into the forest at this time and he advised us that we were close to Skookum Meadows, he knew about the cast and we talked about it at length. He gave us directions, we exchanged emails and we were off for the meadow.

Approximately 2 miles from where we had met the deputy we were in the region of the meadow. The road was blocked by a USFS gate, but we did get close by going down another road. This area is very remote. We were at this location in the early evening and I can tell you for a fact that the bugs were horrendous. I’ve been to the Yukon Territory 4x where the mosquitoes swarm to form fog, this wasn’t far off from that! You can understand how a biped could live in this area unmolested for years. There was almost no vehicular traffic and we didn’t see anyone on any of the dirt roads we had taken. This area would remind a California resident of the upper reaches of the Siskiyou Wilderness.

Our trip into this region did turn up a few witnesses. One man said that he saw a Bigfoot at a distance of 20’ at the city limits of Carson 3 years ago. This was an interesting coincidence. At our ride back from the meadow, it was approximately 9pm and getting dark when we were approximately 3 miles from Carson we saw a herd of 10 elk on the side of the road. We stopped next to them and had a chat, they were not afraid and appeared very healthy. The males were just starting to grow their spikes and the females were very plump. We made it back to Cascade Locks at 10pm and had a great conversation about the trip!

It’s hard to believe what a great opportunity Oregon researchers have in their backyard. The trip from downtown Portland to Skookum Meadows is a 2 hour trip, approximately. It doesn’t get much better then this Bigfoot fans, a beautiful drive along the Columbia River, an easy drive on a great paved road up to the site, it’s worth the trip!

Enjoy the great outdoors!
Comments and opinions:




Blog #63          Columbia Gorge & Klamath Basin

If you’ve been following our posts this week you would see that we’ve added many pictures from the Columbia River Gorge on the Oregon/Washington border. NABS has a team in that area this week and they have been submitting updates as their week progresses. This report is draws comparisons between the Gorge and the four county region of Del Norte, Humboldt, Siskiyou and Trinity Counties in Northern California. In the Oregon/ Washington region we will be addressing Multnomah and Hood River Counties in Oregon and Skamania/Klickitat counties in Washington. Here are the categories we will be comparing;

• Oregon/ Washington counties have Mount Hood and Mount St. Helens with Mount Adams not far away.
• California- Mount Shasta sits in the middle of Siskiyou County. The Trinity Alps Wilderness has many other high peaks that are as treacherous as the volcanic mountains noted.

Native Americans
• Oregon/Washington- The Warm Springs Indian Reservation is located in Oregon.
The Watlala were the primary residents of the gorge in earlier times and lived on both sides of the river. The Clackamas and the Multnomah Chinookans also had a significant part of settling this area.
• California- The Yurok, Karuk and Hoopa were the primary tribal groups occupying the four county region with the Modoc and other groups living oin the fringe areas.

• Summary- As we’ve stated many times, there is a definitive relationship between the Native American population and Bigfoot. Where there are clusters of Native Americans, there are probably sightings of Bigfoot. Read David Paulides’ book, “Tribal Bigfoot” for an understanding of this relationship.

• Oregon/Washington-The mighty Columbia is the primary river that drains the areas of northern Oregon and Southern Washington, it is huge. The Klikitat, Wind, White Salmon, Sandy, Hood and Deschutes rivers drop into the Columbia in this area.
• California- The Klamath River is a very big river but doesn’t come close in size to the Columbia, but, it has a major impact in Northern California. The Trinity (North and South Forks), Shasta, Salmon and other major creeks play a big role in the area.

•Summary- NABS has made the statement before that we believe that Bigfoot utilizes major rivers as a transportation mode. It’s well documented that they are good swimmers, they no doubt go into the water for fishing, cooling, clams and the collection of sea weed.

• Oregon/Washington- The Columbia has several runs of Salmon and Steelhead that migrate from the ocean up into the river and through to its tributaries. The Columbia is also home to the biggest finned creature in the river, the sturgeon. This monster can live to over 100 years old and has been known to grown over 20 feet in length and weigh over 1000 pounds. The sturgeon is a bottom feeder and doesn’t not have teeth. The Columbia also has Walleye, a fish not commonly found in the northwest.
•California- The fishery of the Columbia is a very, very close match to the Klamath. The Klamath has big runs of salmon and steelhead and also has giant sturgeon. The Klamath does not have walleye.

•Summary- All seasonal fish runs migrate up adjacent streams and creeks making the catching of these fish by local predators a relatively easy task, and a great source of protein throughout the year.

Oregon/Washington- The Columbia Gorge has a very diverse environment with a healthy wildlife population. Deer, bear and elk thrive in this region and are routinely seen by locals.

California- The further you get from population masses the more wildlife you will see. NABS routinely observes large herds of elk in this four county area as well as deer and significant bear populations. This area of California is one of the few that has an elk herd.

Coastal Zone
Oregon/Washington- The regions we are describing are within a 40 mile radius of the coast. The rainfall and snowfall in this area are significantly affected by the coastal zone and tidal influence on the river.

California- The four counties described are all within the 40 mile radius of the coast of California and are all affected by the same as is described above relationship.

• Summary- It cannot be denied that the distance from the coast plays an integral role in why each region has a thriving Bigfoot population. Sightings are routinely reported along each river from far inland until it empties into the ocean.

Wilderness Areas
• Oregon/Washington- The Mark Hatfield, Mount Hood, Salmon Huckleberry, Mount Adams, Mount St. Helens and Trapper Creek Wilderness offer protection zones for the wildlife in these areas.

• California- The Yolla Bolly, Red Buttes, Siskiyou, Marble Mountains, Shasta, Chancelula and Trinity Alps Wilderness offer hundreds of thousands of acres of wilderness zone for all creatures to escape humanity.

• Summary- Both areas have significant open space without continual human occupation. When the winters hit in these areas there is no way that humans are walking into the center of these wilderness areas. The big guys are having these areas completely to themselves.

• Oregon/Washington-The Columbia GORGE is called that for a reason. This place has vertical walls steep canyons, waterfalls and generally treacherous conditions. The ability to move easily through these mountains does not exist. If you are not a mountain goat or Bigfoot there is no way you can maneuver safely and quickly through and around the gorge.

• California- One of the first notations our team made when entering the Klamath Basin is how steep and rugged these mountains are. There are very few meadows but many steep canyon walls with marble faces that make hiking anywhere off the trail very dangerous.

• Summary- When you compare the topography between locations there a few similarities that beckon you, the steep walls and the lack of meadows. If Bigfoot were to survive in such an environment you understand the need for extensive muscular development in the lower and upper body. A biped would need to utilize upper and lower body strength to maneuver their way up and around the mountains and valleys.

The trip to the Columbia Gorge is a one hour car trip on a major highway (84) from Portland International Airport. During the ride you will pass many waterfalls that are all worth the stop. Highway 84 hugs the Columbia River during the trip and offers gorgeous views. The people in this area all know about Bigfoot and will talk about it. We have found several witnesses to the biped and all were very helpful.

Comments and opinions are always appreciated.

Enjoy our great outdoors!


Blog #    62                Bigfoot and Water

In “The Hoopa Project” we wrote about the relationship between Bigfoot and water and the possible reasons. We think it’s time to update this information.

We regularly have conversation with other researchers regarding topics of mutual interest. One of the men we regularly talk and exchange information with is Rob Alley in Ketchikan, Alaska. Rob has spent considerable time understanding the biped in his region and their association with water. There have been many fisherman cruising between islands that have seen the biped swimming along similar to how a frog would swim. Rob explains that witnesses do not usual see young Bigfoot swimming but they do see large mature bipeds. Boaters sometimes see them bobbing in the water and think they are logs, until they start swimming away. You can read more about Rob’s accounts of this activity in his book, “Raincoast Sasquatch”.

NABS has recently spent considerable time comparing sighting reports from across the United States with their exact location on Google maps. Once you get the map location, hit “terrain” and you will see the rivers, swamps, lakes, dams and creeks near the location. Once you commit significant time to researching these sightings you will immediately see that a vast majority of the sightings are very close to a major river, lake, swamp or large creek. NABS believes that there are multiple reasons for the bipeds to stay close to these bodies of water;

Transportation- We have heard many stories from locals and Native Americans that they have seen Bigfoot riding the momentum of the rivers downstream late at night. We have never heard of a researcher camped on an overpass watching a river with night vision, but, we would guess that there would be good results. NABS has documented stories from Natives where they have seen Bigfoot going down the Klamath River at night and subsequently see them walking a stage coach trail back upstream the next morning with kelp draped over their shoulders, yes, kelp!! Look up the medicinal qualities in kelp….

Ambush Position-If you compare the method and abilities of crocodiles and alligators with that of a Bigfoot, there are distinct similarities. Both creatures are lightening fast, strong and very agile in the water. We believe that Bigfoot probably uses water as an ambush position for prey as they go to the water at night. It would be an excellent tool to mask associated smells and odors that emanate from a Bigfoot and allow them to get extremely close to prey as they go to the water at night to drink. It might be easier for a Bigfoot to catch fish at night with the concealment of darkness.

Nutritional Source- The obvious reason for being close to water is for drinking and the capture of animal and plant life that may live in the water. This is obvious but it can’t be overlooked.

Environmental- We think that many would agree that Bigfoot does not enjoy extreme heat. The basin of a river or creek is generally one of the cooler climates in a forest. Staying near the water may offer a comfort zone for sleeping and maintaining a comfortable life style. This is not to say that they live on the water, just close.

We would encourage all researchers to pay close attention to their swamps, rivers, lakes, dams and salt water locations during the hours of darkness. We believe that this is one aspect of observation that has not been adequately exploited by investigators in the filed.

Thanks to everyone for their great emails. All mail is read and appreciated.

Enjoy the great outdoors!


Blog # 61                                   NABS Update

We are in the middle of our research season and we can tell you that we are definitely making progress on each of our research and educational areas.

The Track Record
NABS purchased all rights and all available copies of The Track Record. This was a newsletter written by Ray Crowe in Hillsboro, Oregon. Ray was retiring and selling his research. Nabs immediately saw the need for some organization to take the Track Record, organize it and make it available to the masses at an economical price. We are talking 170 issues at approximately 18 pages per issue, nearly 3000 pages of Bigfoot sightings, articles written by every one of the major researchers in the world, etc, etc. The data that is found in these newsletters is truly unbelievable. In the next two months NABS will be releasing a special edition of these newsletters that will rock the Bigfoot world, stay tuned!

Laboratory Testing
From the inception of our organization we were committed to taking the scientific approach to Bigfoot, we have stayed on that track. We have accumulated several very valuable pieces of evidence and they are presently in stages of analysis by the best DNA lab in the U.S. We have hit obstacles and have had issues but the professionals in the lab have sought out answers where most would’ve quit. More on this in the coming year.

The Patterson-Gimlin Film
As one professional stated year’s ago, “This is the Zapruder film for Bigfoot.” We have committed significant resources towards understanding all aspects of this film and this effort has not stopped. Our Executive Director, David Paulides spent a day in Yakima with Patricia Patterson, the wife of Roger. Patricia answered every question that was posed to her and offered us much insight as to many of the unanswered questions. She is one of the most polite and sweet people you could ever have the pleasure in meeting. We will say that we have acquired transparencies and a recent rendition of the movie that has our experts very, very busy looking at segments of the film that have not been seen by the public. There are many, many facets to the filming of this footage that the public is not aware of, some were addressed by David Paulides in “Tribal Bigfoot”. Some of the issues are still being researched and we will make a statement about our findings as we get closer to concrete answers.

**We are still looking for the first generation copy of the PG film- If someone has an idea where we can purchase it, please let us know!!

Bigfoot Photos/Videos
We have recently seen two photographs of Bigfoot that our researchers believe are the “real” deal. We had to sign non-disclosure agreements to view them but they do aid in our research and we do appreciate the gesture of allowing us to view them. We WILL NOT violate anyone’s trust and we would like to see more pictures, not fuzzy images in trees, good clear photos where we can see details. We need these photos to continue our research and formulate a hypothesis. Please contact NABS directly and we will work on the arrangements to view the pictures.

Tribal Bigfoot
We are very excited about the new book released by David Paulides, “Tribal Bigfoot.” This book is revolutionary for Bigfoot circles and sums up our 5 years of research. The ideas and conclusions reached in this book were a cumulative effort of thousands of hours of researchers pouring over records, time in the field on expeditions and tireless effort pounding Bigfoot books and periodicals. We believe that this book will change the direction of many Bigfoot researchers approach to this very elusive biped. Major kudos to Harvey Pratt for his outstanding forensic art and age progression work done with Bigfoot!




I Fought The Apemen of Mt. St. Helens

You will notice that we added a book review to our website of this book, written by Fred Beck. While it isn't a very long book, it is quite an interesting read and it contains many useful pieces of information that have been altered through story tellers over the years. The above is a photo of Fred and the gun he used to defend himself during the Mount St. Helens altercation. For you who don't know, Fred owned a mine on the side of the mountain. He supposedly shot a Bigfoot and this led to others attacking the miners cabin in the middle of the night. We won't go into significant detail but to say that other researchers have interviewed Beck in detail and found his story compelling.

Please send all ideas and correspondence to:
Enjoy the great outdoors!


Blog #60               Happy July 4th!!

Sometimes we wander through the year and forget what really makes our country the leader it is in the world, the country that others look to for direction and assistance when the chips are down.

1.    The armed forces- Hundreds of thousands of our brave men and women are in foreign countries right now working to keep the peace in other countries. They do not get to have barbecues with their families, don’t get to call home and haven’t seen their kids in months. Don’t blame the policies our government has instituted on these brave men and women, appreciate their unbridled contributions. I say that we all need to walk up to the next man or women in uniform and tell them how much we appreciate their contribution to our lifestyle.
2.    Firefighters/Paramedics- How many times do we hear about burning buildings and everyone is running out while the firefighters are running in, it’s unreal. In the Bay Area one of the most proactive search and rescue groups is the Menlo Park and Palo Alto Fire fighters. They routinely volunteer their time and money to travel to foreign countries during a national disaster to save lives, they don’t get allot of publicity but we do appreciate their gestures greatly.
3.    Law Enforcement- Yeh, I know I hear complaints about this group regularly, but, when the chips are down who do we all call for assistance? Law enforcement work goes without significant appreciation. They do not get allot of pats on the back, even from their leaders! If your car cars off an embankment at 3am, the first emergency unit on the scene to save your life is probably a law enforcement officer. I have personally bought these public servants lunch without them ever knowing who did it. It’s a selfish gesture (it makes me feel good), they can’t take gratuities, but, they never knew who gave it so it works.

We do live in a great country. We can study what we want, where we want and write whatever we want, in many other countries these privileges are restricted. The U.S. does have their problems, obviously! As someone who has traveled throughout the world I have consistently heard many say how they want to travel to the U.S. and many would like to live here, there is a reason.

One last thought. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the hill. I believe this is true if you are referring to work, other countries, friendships or neighborhoods. Each new entity has their issues, problems and challenges. If we as a society stop, smell the roses, appreciate the environment we own, you’ll have the time to understand why red, white and blue are great colors, oh, orange, black and white aren’t bad either…..
Enjoy the great outdoors.
Comments and opinions to; nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com


Blog # 59                Tribal Bigfoot

During the last several weeks we have had an enormous amount of interest generated by our new release, “Tribal Bigfoot”. David Paulides and the NABS team has done a tremendous amount of valuable research to generate a book that will cause many in the Bigfoot arena to take notice.

There seem to be two different factions inside the Bigfoot world, one that believes Bigfoot is an animal and one that believes it is human, or a cousin to us. It has taken thousands of hours of research for NABS to come to the conclusions inside of Tribal. Many people will disregard this work because of the title while others who want to learn, who want to understand and who do have an open mind to research will be astounded. Many of the answers to this complex equation have been out there for decades but have never been brought in front of the public.

Tribal Bigfoot reveals two articles written in the early 1920’s that brings forth an idea about Bigfoot that has been spoken about but never directly addressed, we do now.

NABS is one of the few organizations that actually submits articles to labs for scientific analysis. Two of our samples have astounding DNA returns and those reports are included in the book, just making it under the deadline by the publisher.

In the area of Forensic art there is no other organization in the world that is doing the work we have started and continued since “The Hoopa Project”. Harvey Pratt has done a tremendous amount of quality work in meeting with witnesses and drawing exactly what these people have witnessed. The work completely reveals what Bigfoot does look like, from California to Oklahoma; our work has crossed the U.S. We have interviewed many witnesses from different states, different ecological habitats, different climates, different tribal areas, all with remarkable results. There is no other research group in the world utilizing a trained law enforcement forensic artist draw what Bigfoot/Yeti/Wild Man witnesses have observed. Harvey has done something truly unique in Tribal, he has age progressed a Bigfoot, similar to what he has been asked to do with human abductees or missing persons, these sketches are quite revealing.

The Patterson-Gimlin film is an entire book unto itself. We will say that we have taken forensic art, applied it to the film and believe that this one piece of work will change many opinions of what we are dealing with in regards to Bigfoot, it is very revealing.

If you are looking for a comprehensive book on Bigfoot that takes a scientific approach utilizing proven law enforcement investigative techniques, Tribal Bigfoot will satisfy that craving. The techniques that NABS has utilized have proven acceptable as expert witness testimony in a court of law.

NABS DID NOT have a preconceived notion or idea when we entered the Bigfoot world. We took a very middle of the road angle to all aspects of Bigfoot, never trying to bite too hard on any theory. It was after hundreds of hours of research that we started to narrow our focus. Remember, we had the luxury of doing this research full time with resources, something that few before of have done. We also spent countless hours in libraries and universities examining special collections for that one piece of information that could help with our understanding, this has paid HUGE dividends.

We invite you to read Tribal Bigfoot, cover to cover. Tell us your thoughts and ideas and where you believe you want Bigfoot research to go from this point. We are continuing to pursue our lab testing and DNA analysis. We appreciate your support.
Enjoy the great outdoors.
Questions and opinions: nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com



Blog # 58                Kill or No Kill

There are a few members of our research team that are hunters. Some have hunted for over 30 years and practice responsible hunting, positive field identification before they decide to pull the trigger. This is the morality code of every hunter in America, YOU MUST know and see what you are shooting prior to leveling the weapon and pulling the trigger. There are dozens of people shot every year in the woods of North America because of reckless hunters who don’t practice safe hunting. Many of these reckless hunters are charged with manslaughter and reckless endangerment because of their behavior.

When NABS first established itself we published our mission statement and goals for the organization. One item we published first and foremost is that we would not shoot a Bigfoot/Sasquatch or Wild Man. It is predominant on our website and its an emphatic position. If we don’t know what this biped is, how could you justify shooting it?

There are SEVERAL large Bigfoot organizations in North America that have not stated a public position on shoot versus don’t shoot a Bigfoot. NABS would challenge any members of these organizations to ask your board of directors how they could not take a position on this? This seems to be a fundamental basis for any Bigfoot organization, are you going to shoot a biped if you have the opportunity? If these organizations continue to balk at answering the question, we’d immediately separate ourselves from any involvement.

One of our members met with a group this last week and heard a story about how this individual gut shot a Bigfoot, it ran away screaming and they then heard other Bigfoot coming to its aid. The hunters left the area immediately. Let’s think about the possible ramifications of shooting a Bigfoot.
1.    There is a chance that this biped is much closer to the DNA/human gene pool that many may believe. What if you shot one, got a look at the face and realized it looked human. What are you going to do then? If you report the shooting you may get charged with murder.
2.    Name one worldwide renowned researcher that has ever proposed shooting an animal to prove its existence? I don’t believe Jane Goodall has ever proposed this! Reputable researchers know there are others ways to scientifically prove a creature’s existence rather then killing and taking a body.

In NABS new book “Tribal Bigfoot” there are some very serious parallels drawn between Native Americans and Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Wild Man. We doubt anyone could shoot one of these bipeds after reading this book. We also believe that every prosecutor who ever is placed in a position of charging someone who shoots a Bigfoot should read this book. NABS researchers would gladly be expert witnesses for the prosecution in any trial. Ignorance of the law is never an excuse to violate the law.  Enjoy the great outdoors!

Comments are always appreciated: nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com


Blog #57                Hoax

During the years of Bigfoot research we hear our share of very interesting stories. Some of these escapades are believable, some far-fetched and some completely absurd. In an effort to continue to understand Bigfoot, their behavior and associated lifestyle and demeanor we routinely attempt contact with witnesses of some stories. It was during one of these efforts that we uncovered a truly BIG hoax, bordering on urban myth!

Many years ago we heard a story about how compassionate Bigfoot is, how they enjoy children and how they aren’t afraid of kids or women. We always look for stories that are unusual, can be confirmed and have associated names. Well, several weeks ago we pulled one of these stories and started the background work to either confirm and then attempt contact with witnesses or prove it’s a hoax.

The story dealt with a family from France traveling by light plane across the Rocky Mountains. The plane crashes, the adults die and a small child, boy, apparently lives. Rescuers travel to the crash scene and find the deceased but are unable to locate the young boy. Years later people in outlying communities start to make their normal observations of Bigfoot but this time it is with a human wild boy, sounds intriguing! One of the sightings is purportedly from a Vancouver dentist and his young daughter while they are camping, sounds credible now. They see the Bigfoot and the boy at the edge of the camp site apparently scavenging for food, now that pulls at your heart strings!!

NABS read the story and attempted to find a Vancouver area dentist with the name that appears in the article. We checked state dental registries throughout the Pacific Northwest and Canada, nothing. We checked for a light plane crash in the Rockies containing French visitors, nothing. We are now into this effort several weeks, working the project part-time while doing other NABS tasks. It was at this point that we decided to attempt contact with the purported writer of the article, Ken Kristian.

Ken was very gracious and to the point. He never wrote the article but he had seen it before. He attempted to confirm everything NABS did and was unsuccessful. He stated that it appears the article is a hoax. It is extremely doubtful it was ever a Weekly World News article.

The article is attached at the bottom of this blog.

The lesson to all Bigfoot enthusiasts, be very careful what you believe and always check your sources!

We have just reviewed the final version of “Tribal Bigfoot”. It is at the printer and we will make our 5/29 deadline of having it in our possession. We can tell you that it looks fabulous, Hancock has done an extraordinary job of laying out the photos and sketches with an entire color section in the center of the book.

Enjoy the great outdoors!!

Bigfoot Roaming the Wilds with a Child?

© Weekly World News - May 19, 2000

VANCOUVER, Canada - Excited researchers are combing the wilds of British Columbia in response to recent sightings of Bigfoot accompanied by a blond-haired boy!

More than two-dozen people claim to have seen the human youngster dressed in animal skins and loping along beside the towering man beast. Investigators speculate that the mystery boy may be the missing survivor of a plane crash that occurred in the area 11 years ago, raised from childhood by Bigfoot.

"This is the most tantalizing development in Bigfoot research to take place in decades," said Dr. Rob Worrier, a zoologist involved in the hunt for the elusive forest creature. "It suggests that Bigfoot is not some shambling monster as he is often depicted, but a gentle and intelligent being capable of nurturing behavior and compassion."

Dentist Dr. Arthur Gosten who was camping in the Rockies with his family first spotted the boy, described by eyewitnesses as lean and wiry with long, matted hair, in late March.

The Vancouver man was awakened in the early morning by the frantic cries of his 12 year-old daughter. When he emerged from his tent, he saw her pointing into the woods.

"She said that a 'wild boy' was stealing our food," Dr. Gosten recalls. "I looked where she was pointing and saw this half naked boy slinking off into the trees with an armful of canned goods."

Shouting after the child, Dr. Gosten gave chase and caught up with him at the edge of a clearing.

"I couldn't believe my eyes. The boy was standing next to an enormous, hairy, man like creature at least 8 feet tall," Dr. Gosten said. "The thing took some of the boys load, then they ambled off together into the woods, both of them walking with the same hunched over, ape like stride."

Since that sighting, at least 33 people have reported seeing the wild boy and his hairy companion. Witnesses have included clergymen, forest rangers and even members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

In many cases, the mismatched duo has been heard exchanging guttural sounds as if talking.

"This youngster has all the earmarks of a feral child. A child that has had no human contact and has been raised by an animal," said the Seattle based Dr. Worrier. "The fact that his gait is similar to the Bigfoot and that they can communicate is evidence that the creature is his surrogate parent."

Researchers believe that the wild boy Sightings may be connected to the 1989 crash of a private plane carrying a party of French tourists visiting the region. The crash left the pilot and four passengers dead including young mother Madeleine Dusoire.

Madeleine's baby Marcel was missing and the remains of the 1-year-old infant were never found.
- ---
Source: Ken Kristian
© Weekly World News - May 19, 2000


Blog #56        The State of Bigfoot

The world of Bigfoot research is truly unique. Someday, maybe 300 years from now researchers will not be studying Bigfoot (that will long ago have been proven) but they will be studying the researchers. There is truly no other space in the world that is as unique as the world of Bigfoot researchers, none. You have trade professionals that believe they are journalists, thus giving them a right to bash their peers, you have the unemployed claiming they are investigators, you have people that have great intentions acting like research islands. The groups are so fragmented, so ego centered, so unable to see anything other then their cause, it’s a truly sad state.

NABS has been proud to have never discounted anyone’s research, no one! We will and we have listened to everyone’s ideas and theories. To think that any one group or person has the answer is beyond crazy. We will state that after 5 years of intense research, we have narrowed the field. There’s an old statement that many of you have probably heard, “if you can’t attack the research, attack the researcher.” This is occurring in our community on a daily basis, let’s think why…..

The last 40 years of Bigfoot research has not been very eventful. There haven’t been many big discoveries, videos, and, or new evidence that’s made a splash. There are probably over 100 Bigfoot people that consider themselves world-class researchers. You can hear those hundred on internet radio, Monster Quest, etc, on a daily basis. Most are pushing an agenda, want to be in the spotlight, we don’t care, truly. There is nobody from NABS that has the agenda of wanting to be in the public spotlight. If we are asked, and the host is a professional, we will take the invitation. George Knapp is a prime example of a true radio and TV professional. When George calls, we answer the bell.

The lack of significant research breakthroughs in the last 40 years can be directly related to the fragmentation in our community. There are many “CEO’s” but few workers. Many people post a site but few have the resources or incentive to make significant progress. Times are changing and that makes a few of these longtime researchers quite nervous and uncomfortable.

In the last 18 months NABS has been quietly working behind the scenes on many, many fronts. You haven’t heard us boasting about what we are doing, where we are going or what we propose, that’s not us. We will always promise little and deliver big, and that’s our montra.

On 6/1/09 Hancock House has promised the delivery of David Paulides 2nd book, it will be ground breaking. The research is solid, the theories are based in facts and the science is real. It will no doubt cause immediate dissention in our community and the rumblings have already started. This past summer we made several appearances at Bigfoot conferences and we can honestly state that our reception from you, the public, was overwhelmingly positive, period. We were told that we were highly professional, our presentations were riveting and our ideas were solid. Well, behind the scenes, some of those organizations that invited us didn’t like what they heard. We received over one hundred e-mails from people thanking us for the presentations, but, they apparently weren’t heard by the powers to be.

As the only group in the world doing research 100% of the time on the topic of Bigfoot/ Sasquatch/ Wild Man you’d think we’d have something interesting to present every year, right…. The part-time researcher may have enough data to take a public spotlight every 2-3 years, well, as in professional politics, we have the politics of Bigfoot. The administrators and officials of those Bigfoot organizations are taking a stance and not inviting NABS this year. They have told us that we could rent a booth and sell our books, we’ll pass, thanks. Now, think hard, why wouldn’t we be invited, we are the only group in the world doing this full time, with significant resources…? Our answer, start looking at websites and you’ll immediately see an agenda, and, therein lies the answer.

Let’s talk now about the pending conference in Yakima in the next few weeks. As the only organization who has written a book, specifically about the area of Bluff Creek and Hoopa in the last 10 years, you’d think we’d get an invitation, no (Don’t they want to hear about the years of research into that area?). There is an explicit agenda to that meeting and everyone who attends is playing into there hands. You will hear a one-sided diatribe about “the great” Bob Gimlin, he does come across as a very nice person, Bluff Creek and how the Bluff Creek film has been analyzed by Bill Munns. He will present an analysis of a film from Bluff Creek utilizing angles, numbers, etc, it should be interesting.

Going back to the last 18 months of NABS research, we know much, much more about the politics, facts and research that surrounds what is occurring in Yakima and, unfortunately we cannot support any of it. We did ask for a platform to present our findings and Tom Yamarone (nice person and organizer) turned us down. We got into this field to find the facts, and, people in Yakima know we are quickly uncovering the truth and several of the key players are very nervous, very nervous. As technology continues to evolve and we continue to press that technology envelope in regards to existing Bigfoot research, much of what everyone thought was fact 20 years ago is simply NOT fact. Stop, we do believe that Patterson and Gimlin did catch a Bigfoot on film at Bluff Creek but that’s all we believe, period. More about this in the coming months.

Twenty years from now the public can look back and question why NABS took such a passive approach with the Bigfoot public spotlight, understandable. The reality is the agenda. We truly do not care what promoters think of our research, and, it’s the promoters that put on the conferences, purely financial based. Until the public steps forward and demands professionalism from the Bigfoot arena you will continue to get a healthy dose of “the good ole boys”, a 16 oz beer and a puffed up chest. Don’t expect any significant revelations based on professional research. NABS will promise you unbiased results, professional demeanors and competent analysis.

We truly appreciate all of the emails and questions. We will be releasing information about book #2 in the next 10 days and there is more publishing work to be released in the next 3 months, a second book-NO, but, something even more valuable and interesting, more on that in the next 45 days. Like we said, NABS is the only group in the world to put research in front of the public and allows them to come to their own conclusions, publishing project #2 is directly related to the effort of educating the public and is a very long-term project destined for release no later then 8/1/09.

If you are going to Yakima for the conference I would recommend what the great Ray Crowe stated, “Keep your skepticals on!”

Have a great day and enjoy the outdoors.
Questions and opinions are always appreciated.


Blog # 55                Past Researchers

As spring is in full swing we hope that you get to the outdoors and appreciate the natural beauty that nature presents during this time of the year. Flowers are in bloom, colors are magnificent and our Bigfoot friends are starting to move with more frequency.

NABS has been working diligently during the last three years towards a hypothesis about our big friends. That hypothesis comes from thousands of hours of research, which includes reading the works of past researchers, going into the library and reading miles of archive tape looking for something unique, looking for something to jump out at us. After compiling hundreds of documents, riding the waves of work from past researchers, some items start to become quite clear. While we don’t claim to have all the answers, we do believe that we are tracking the right direction. More about our hypothesis and the direction our organization is taking will be presented in our second book, release date 6/1/09.

George Haas, we hope you are enjoying George’s great work. We are continuing to post his newsletters and we will point you in specific directions that in the 1960’s  George had penned and centered on. I would direct you to the most recent addition to our site under “The Bigfoot Bulletin,” Newsletter #4 page 2, “1917 Washington Report”. This story clearly states that the Bigfoot/Sasquatch was making an appearance as early as 1917 at the Cowlitz River area of Washington, which, is still a hot spot for activity.
    An area that NABS has continued to research is the relationship between our big friend and Native Americans. On April 30 1969 Haas pointed his readers to “Indian Magazine” (Page 3, Newsletter #4) where an article appeared about a Native American and a Sasquatch in 1897 near Mount Shasta, California in a region near Tule Lakes. What is completely astounding is the names the local called Sasquatch and what it was called in Tibet. Remember, communications were much different in the 1960’s compared to what they are today!

The great work that Mr. Haas and his team did will not be lost or forgotten. We will continue to post his newsletters and will also continue to encourage readers to look to past research documents and peruse them for data, hypothesis and information. NABS has been overwhelmed at the research work done during the 60’s and 70’s and are equally confounded that this work is not spoken about in the 21st century. It would appear that casual researchers are continuing to roam the woods for a sighting, yet don’t have a plan for what they specifically want to accomplish, if they want a sighting, that’s good, but, that’s not research.

You will find that NABS may not move like lightening, may not be on television every week, may not be on every radio show in the U.S., but, we will bring you research that shows a commitment to the subject, an analytical approach and a focus on scientific data and approaches that help solve the puzzle. June 2009 will be a new page for Bigfoot research.
Enjoy the great outdoors!
Questions and comments are always appreciated.



Blog # 54                                                     George Haas

One of the edicts that North America Bigfoot Search set down in stone when formed was that we would do everything possible to ensure that our website gave the public a balanced forum for understanding Bigfoot. We didn’t want to espouse one viewpoint of one organization. To facilitate that understanding we embarked on a path of purchasing the research of others who had retire and continued to search for others who were retiring from the arena.

One of the first purchases we made was of the Ray Crowe research. Ray had been dabbling in Bigfoot since the early 1960’s and had made close friends with a variety of investigators from around the globe. He didn’t restrict himself to one path, he allowed everyone to contribute to his newsletter. Peter Byrne was a big supporter of Ray and Peter had contacts with some older and established researchers in the western U.S. One of those established researchers, George Haas established the San Francisco Bay Area Bigfoot Organization. This group spent a great deal of time in the woods, much more then many others. George had a very good mind and surrounded himself with intelligent people who had a great deal of common sense that was reflected in his newsletters and writings. George has since passed away but his work still stands.

Peter Byrne accumulated much of George’s work and gave these to Ray. Ray in turn sold the research to NABS. After reviewing all of the Haas newsletters, NABS can guarantee there is allot to learn from the work. We have never been a group that wants to re-invent the wheel. If we can learn from what others have done, let’s read it and apply it. There are many, many groups on the web that claim to be doing research, attempting to advance the science of Bigfoot, but, we don’t see their results and they don’t publish their findings, puzzling. We can only guess that theses groups are either obtaining no results worth publishing or they are hoarding their results and don’t want to share with the community, we aren’t sure which is happening, neither is good for the world of Bigfoot.

In an effort to further the investigative abilities of all, make information available to the masses, NABS will be publishing all of the George Haas newsletters, their name,  “The Bigfoot Bulletin.” They will be placed on our website under a special section “The Bigfoot Bulletin.” We will be adding newsletters occasionally to keep the flow intact. We have already posted George’s paper, “Bigfoot and Tarzan as Folk Heroes”, and a lengthy paper he wrote, “ The Present State of Bigfoot”, we don’t know what year that was written. Both papers are very well scribed and entertaining. While NABS does not endorse everything George writes and supports, we do feel he was on the right track in his research.

New Hoopa Project Book Review
Occasionally we will post a review that was under “The Hoopa Project” that we feel the author took exceptional time and effort to publish. One just recently added by another Bigfoot site is added to our review section. We would like to thank “Ty” for taking the time and effort to understand the work and publish his opinion.

NABS appreciates constructive criticism of our research from everyone in our community. There are no experts in this category of cryptozoology/Hominology, we are all learning as we push forward. The hypothesis that is/are proposed are all theories based on research and opinion, hard science is still evolving. We like to believe that we will always have an open mind to others ideas and thoughts and would hope that others keep an open mind and a positive framework to their opinions. We don’t see scientists and professors from academia throwing pointed barbs at each other and the Bigfoot arena would do well to do the same.

Enjoy the great outdoors!



Blog #  53                                    NABS Update

Many of you have sent inquiring emails requesting updates as to NABS projects, well, we are sorry we have been negligent. We have been working 14-hour days to get many of these projects on track and rolling.

Project #1- When a book is written, there is a 6 month lead time before it is ever released for public sale. We finished our second book and it is destined for release 6/1/09. There have been many addendums, changes and updates and there will continue to be until it goes to the printer. We can tell you that it picks up where “The Hoopa Project” ended. You really need to understand our strategic approach that we outlined in Hoopa and continued on into our next book. Without the base knowledge we supplied in Hoopa, our second book may be very difficult to understand. This has been another multi year project and we are VERY pleased with the result.

Project #2- There was a specific intent when NABS purchased the Ray Crowe Bigfoot collection of research, literature and various paraphernalia, casts, etc. Our intention was to make the material available to the public at many different levels, we have successfully fulfilled one of our goals, display of the materials. The Bigfoot Discovery Museum under the guidance of Mike Rugg has taken temporary custody of Ray’s casts, photos and displays and is designing them into a collection that will be highlighted at his museum starting in the next month. Mike has done a great job supporting Bigfoot research and we are pleased that he’s taken on the project of displaying the Crowe research. The Bigfoot Discovery Museum is located in Felton, CA and further information can be found on our website under, Strategic Partnerships.

Project #3- Ray Crowe didn’t just collect casts and walk in the woods. He produced a newsletter every month for 15 years. The letter contained some of the most fascinating research by Peter Byrne and others that can be found in no other location that Ray’s “Track Record”. When our team members started to read the hundreds of pages of documents, they were literally shocked at the content and information that was found, it’s truly unbelievable. NABS took the Track Record and is designing it into something that is truly a must have for every Bigfoot researcher and enthusiast. We know that the information in the Track Record is valuable because we know for a fact much of it is absolutely accurate, because, we’ve researched much of it. We won’t say allot more then this project has taken us months, we still are not completed but we are ecstatic over what we are accomplishing.

Bigfoot research is definitely a mixed bag. We greatly appreciate the 99.9% positive feedback on our book, ongoing research, website and personal contacts. Every person on our team believes that you treat people with dignity and respect, it’s too bad that some researchers treat each other with such little respect. We believe in working in the field and making our own roads to research. We appreciate all of your leads and assistance and we will continue to follow the path that will lead to understanding.

Enjoy the great outdoors.
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Blog #52                                 NABS Investigates

Behind the scenes in the Bigfoot world there is usually a flurry of activity that a majority of the public never hears about. Most of the stories are harmless, some have a little flair and a few are quite interesting. Last week one of those stories that was interesting hit the wires. NABS dropped what we were doing, three researchers applied themselves and we got to the bottom, we think, of the story…
Here is the link to the article that started a fire-storm of activity


The article first got our attention because investigators felt that there was justification to ask for a coroner to respond, thus feeling this might be a human body. Once the medical examiner was on scene, they obviously felt there was cause to transport the body to his office for autopsy.

Let’s review, according to the article, two hunters observed the body through their scopes and felt it was suspicious enough to call the police. Hunters usually know when they are looking at a deer, cow or a human and because of that are given a hunting license to roam the countryside with a loaded firearm. These hunters felt there was enough justification to call the police, they felt it was a human body.

The Big Black River straddles the border between Warren and Hinds County Mississippi. One side of the river is Hinds and the other is Warren. Warren County originally received the call from the Hunters and they did respond. According to the article 20 law enforcement officers were on scene, including the Hinds County Coroner. As nature and currents move bodies, this body apparently was on the Warren County side of the River yet Hinds County responded the most officials.

After it was determined that the body was really in Hinds County, they responded with a detective and a contingent of crime scene officials.

Now we will start the story of the NABS investigation.

NABS heard of this event and immediately called one of our contacts in Mississippi, briefed him on what we knew and asked for him to start the investigation. This was interesting to NABS because we’ve had information of Bigfoot activity near the Big Black and the story of this event that was proliferating through the press wasn’t making allot of sense. NABS also contacted a law enforcement official that works with us to see if he could find a method to get through official channels and determine the facts of this case.
Simultaneously to the efforts listed above, we had one of our directors working the phone and attempting to contact the records department at the Hinds County Sheriff to request a copy of their police report. The Police Report of the responding officer is public information and certain details contained in that report are mandated by law to be released.

The first Call to Hinds County records department was met with clear acknowledgement that the lady on the phone knew what we were speaking about, the specific incident. She told me that she couldn’t give me any information about the report unless I had the report number. We asked her if this was the “records department”, she stated “Yes”. We then asked her that the records department is usually the location that does the search for information that she was now requesting from us, was that correct, she stated, “well, yes and no, you need to call the dispatch center.” Ok, this woman didn’t know that she was talking with a 20 years retired law enforcement detective, but, that’s ok, the story didn’t make sense but we’d play the game.

NABS called the dispatch center supplied by the records department. We were initially asked why we wanted the information, we stated that we were writers and wanted information about the incident. Incidentally, it’s none of law enforcements business why someone wants to view a public document, but, we were polite and continued to play the game. After 5 minutes on hold, the dispatcher told us that he couldn’t release any information about this and we’d have to call records to get the report number. We explained that we just were transferred to him from records and all we wanted to know was the report number, he tersely said “no.” We called records back and spoke to the same woman. She now stated that we should call the investigations division and maybe they would talk with us, she transferred us. A very polite woman answered the phone and we again asked for the report number for the body investigation on the Big Black River. This woman stated that there was nothing of value found and she didn’t know the report number. She said that we should speak with records and she immediately transferred us back to records.

At this point most people would probably give up the search, but, NABS has some pretty stubborn researchers and we now saw this as a challenge!

As we were now back on the phone with Hinds County Records, we explained that we had been transferred to three different units and nobody is being cooperative on a simple request for a report number. This woman stated that there probably wasn’t a report written. She stated that if a report was written an investigator should know, she now transferred us back to the criminal investigations unit. Again, the same woman gets on the phone and we politely interrupted her. We told her we wanted to speak to the investigator that responded to the scene and made the decision to bag the body, there is no response and we were put on hold.

After several minutes of holding, Hinds County Sheriff Detective Greg Lewis answered the phone. NABS politely told Deputy Lewis that we just wanted to know the report number on the body at the Big Black. He immediately stated that nothing was found out there and he didn’t even think a report was written. At this point there was a group of us listening to this conversation and we could sense we were getting the BIG LEAGUE run around. Our person on the phone told Lewis that he was retired law enforcement officer and that he knew a report had to be written to get an autopsy requested by the coroner. Lewis asked if we were recording the conversation, we said no, the conversation immediately started to take a different tone.

Deputy Lewis stated that he responded to the scene along with other deputies and crime scene officials. They took over 100 photos of the body and the scene. The body was very decomposed, there were no limbs, just a torso. He stated that nobody could determine if, or where a head should have been on the body and nobody could determine what it was they were examining. A determination was made to take the torso to the coroners office at the State Crime Lab in Jackson. He stated that he attended the autopsy where it was determined that the torso was not human. We asked what it was? He stated that it wasn’t determined and the general consensus was that it might be a deer or cow, hmm. He also confirmed that there was a report written, probably several. We asked where the torso is now? Deputy Lewis stated that he had no idea what the coroner did with the body but that since it wasn’t human, he didn’t care.

We did press Lewis for additional information about the physical characteristics of what they observed. He stated that the torso weighed 69 pounds, had very large ribs, no limbs or other identifiable features, hmm.

NABS first must state at this point that Deputy Lewis was very cooperative once he knew he was talking with a retired law enforcement officer. There was an extreme aura of cover-up that proliferated throughout the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department when NABS was merely requesting a report number, something we are legally entitled to. It is true that Lewis lied to us when the conversation initially started, stating that there wasn’t a report written, but, at this point we are forced to believe what he stated. He wasn’t required to give as many details of this case as he did, and, we appreciate his cooperation. Since there was a coroner on the scene, he/she probably made the ultimate decision on what they were looking at. They probably were not sure and played on the side of caution (which is what we want as a society) and stated there would be an autopsy. It is a little surprising that the coroner didn’t call wildlife officials and tell them what’s floating in their river. Heck, maybe they’d want to do a necropsy to see why large mammals are dieing and floating in their river?

The bottom-line on the Big Black River body, we don’t know what it is. We don’t know where the body is. NABS spent several days on this case and we probably got as much information on this issue as  is possible.

Keep notifying us of any unusual incidents in your area and we will get a researcher on it as soon as possible.

Have a great day.
Enjoy the great outdoors
North America Bigfoot Search


Blog # 51           Research/ Peter Bryne
    Several weeks ago we received a request from noted Bigfoot researcher Peter Byrne asking for a copy of David Paulides’ book, “The Hoopa Project”. Peter offered to send us a copy of his book, “The Search for Bigfoot, Monster, Myth or Man”. NABS was delighted to provide Peter with our book and even more excited to receive a copy of his book. We did have an old copy of the book that we had read years ago but we agreed to screen it again,

    After reading dozens of books on Bigfoot you tend to notice that there aren’t many new angles to the story, Byrne’s book is different. First printed in 1975 by Acropolis books, the story starts with Byrne explaining “The Ultimate Hunt”, “A Look Back in History” and then “A Look at the Present”, a flowing account of Bigfoot in 1975. Byrne was the first person to start a full time research group to investigate Bigfoot with their central location is in The Dalles, Oregon. Byrne had supplemental financial support from the Boston Academy of Applied Sciences.

    As the story moves forward Byrne includes eyewitness reports and investigations concluded by Byrne’s team. His background as a professional tracker, hunting guide and outdoorsman bodes well for Byrne. He has the ability to relate well to witnesses working in the Oregon, Northern California and Washington regions.

    NABS does not look for parallels in others research with our own. We do look for similarities when they strike us as obvious. One item that we’ve noted is that Bigfoot does not appear to be afraid of children. They don’t fear them and they appear to be comfortable in their presence. On page 62 of Byrne’s book, he writes about a series of sightings at a school for emotionally disturbed children in British Columbia. The leader of the school had a sighting of Bigfoot. Byrne writes, ”It walked slowly toward the fire and then stood and looked at him. Jones (witness) kept quite still. The creature, manlike in stance and in facial appearance, was in view perhaps three- four minutes.” This notation is important for a variety of reasons. The idea that most Bigfoot witnesses describe the primate as “ape” in appearance is continually put down by witnesses who have a close encounter, an encounter close enough to describe facial features. This specific sighting is also important as it was made next to a school for kids.

    On page 84 of Byrne’s book he describes an encounter in 1965 between two prospectors and Bigfoot in the Pitt Lake area of British Columbia. They were working in a very rugged and desolate region east of Vancouver with very little humanity anywhere in the area. The prospectors were near a lake, smoking when they saw the primate 10 yards away looking at them. The description the prospector’s supplied, “It seemed to have almost no neck. It was thickly covered with hair all over, and the color was a uniform, dark brown, almost black. The face seemed to be hairless, but it was difficult to say because of the distance.” The description supplied by the prospectors closely parallels drawings made by our forensic artist for, “The Hoopa Project.” Remember, this sighting was made in 1965 yet it was recounted in 1975, 8 years after the Patterson-Gimlin footage. If the witnesses wanted to be publicly accepted they would have stated that the primate had hair completely covering its face, as in the PG footage, they didn’t do this, they explained exactly what they observed. Nearly the exact same description was supplied to Byrne by a highway maintenance foreman in the squeamish area of BC in 1971. On page 100 the witness states, “It was of massive build and had a large, protruding stomach. It was dark reddish brown in color and completely covered in by hair with the exception of the face.” There are more examples of the above listed descriptions but suffice it to say that what Byrne has documented supports what NABS has recently discovered. The descriptors supplied by witnesses over the last 50 years need to be carefully examined for a rational of what researchers are investigating. Rather then to continue to walk the path of "North America's Great Ape", maybe researchers need to take a fresh look at this primate and do some thinking outside the box, more on this in a future blog.

    Byrne does state in his book that he believes with 95% confidence that the Patterson-Gimlin film does document a real primate caught in the wild. He makes this statement in 1975 when there wasn’t a digital enhancement of the film that further validates the films validity. NABS continues to find it interesting that the PG film documents a primate with a full face of hair while witnesses rarely describe a sighting of Bigfoot with that feature. It is also extremely rare to find a witness who has a close sighting of the primate (close enough to describe facial features) where the witness states, “the face looked just like an ape”, from the files of NABS, this has never happened to us.

    NABS would like to thank Peter Byrne for his book and the addition to our growing library. We would also like to wish him continued good health and happy travels as he is now flying back to Nepal and work on his personal projects of goodwill. The Bigfoot world need more gentlemen like Peter who are willing to dedicate years of their life to the sole issue of the Bigfoot phenomena. In the 1970’s there was less support from the academic community about the possibility of Bigfoot’s possible existence. The ridicule and jokes are countless even today, the 70’s were worse. We applaud Peter for his persistence and professional documentation of the primate and wish him the best in his coming years.

Enjoy the great outdoors.
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Blog #50             Don't Believe Everything You Hear

During the last several weeks there have been rumors surfacing throughout Washington and British Columbia that the RCMP have had a Sasquatch that they recovered as road kill and that it was being kept in a freezer at RCMP headquarters, somewhere. Well, thanks to the good work of a BC newspaper reporter the story was tracked down and the details are listed below:

RCMP deny Sasquatch capture

The buzz on some Internet sites of late reported a rare Sasquatch sighting on the highway “this side of Cache Creek” just after Christmas.

The report was made by someone who claimed their father was following behind a pickup that hit the creature. Both drivers got out, “and there was this big hairy thing laying in the road, arms halfway down his legs and huge hands and feet and was walking upright before the guy hit it.”

The report goes on to say the men loaded the creature, still alive, into the back of the pickup truck, “and they were taking it to the RCMP in Cache Creek.”

Ashcroft RCMP Sgt. Dave Prentice says he’s seen plenty of Sasquatches in Harrison Hot Springs - “That’s a hotbed for Sasquatches down there!” - although none of them have been real.

“I have never seen one here to the best of my knowledge,” he said, “and no one is admiting to having seen one here.”

Both the RCMP and The Journal received inquiries asking whether the story was true, from as far away as the state of Washington. Some have been good natured while others were quite serious.

Rumours persist that the creature is being kept “on ice” somewhere in the dark recesses of the RCMP Detachment. Prentice says the only cooler they have is the little fridge in the lunchroom. They keep blood samples in it as well, but no Sasquatches.

“It’s a good lesson that just because something is on the Internet or in print, you don’t have to believe it,” he said. “I guess it’s fun to believe.”



Over the course of the last four years NABS has heard a plethora of stories about Bigfoot being shot, Bigfoot being kept in a cage, Bigfoot living n someone's house, none of these stories have any truth from what we can decipher. Everytime a story such as the one above starts to float the news wires we attempt to get the truth. Unfortnately, there is an aura around Bigfoot that tends to draw the fringe element and they tend to exaggerate a little, ok, maybe alot. Our advise to all of our great readers, don't believe anything about Sasquatch, Bigfoot or the Wild Man until NABS put their foot on the ground and states it's true.

Enjoy the great outdoors!






Blog # 49            Bigfoot Discovery Project

Early in our inception several our team went to the Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton, Ca. The museum sits in the picturesque Santa Cruz Mountains in close proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Mike Rugg is the owner/curator and has spent years gathering artifacts, stories and other Bigfoot paraphernalia to supply the museum. He has done a great job of supplying the museum and accumulating stories of Bigfoot sightings from throughout the area!

The Santa Cruz Mountains have a colorful history that includes railroads criss-crossing the ridges, stage coaches traveling to Los Gatos and even Bigfoot making appearances at a variety of settings from Watsonville to Portola State Park above San Mateo. Mike has carefully interviewed many of the locals that have wandered into the museum and has a map that sits on the wall in the heart of the building. The map is highlighted by several pins that indicate precise locations in the county where Bigfoot has been reported, there are quite a few pins!

One of the most fascinating parts of the museum is the accumulation of videos and photos that Mr. Rugg has collected from throughout the country. The famous Patterson-Gimlin footage is part of his collection and is a definite highlight of the trip. There are also skulls that show the associated sizes of purported Bigfoot and other creatures, some are huge. Ask Mr. Rugg to see his life size version of what Bigfoot may actually look like, it’s baffling! A guest of the museum brought in a tooth that was found near Scotts Valley, it’s a very large tooth, ask to see it. It’s part of the unexplained phenomena that the Bigfoot Discovery Museum has been able to highlight through its great displays.

Every summer the Bigfoot Discovery Museum sponsors a Bigfoot Discovery Day where they invite top researchers to give speeches, sign their books and eat great barbecue. The setting is gorgeous, the guests were hospitable and the stories were superb. We are looking forward to next years event , still to be announced.

**Mr. Rugg has just finished completely renovating a beautiful house that the museum is marketing as the “Bigfoot Riverside retreat”. It has an idyllic setting amongst the redwoods and would be a great place to make base camp for your central coast Bigfoot expeditions, or, just spending a stress free day walking through the redwoods and reading your favorite book. Details are on the Bigfoot Discovery Museum website or contact can be made through www.vrbo.com/194162 or 831-335-4478.

You can join a special group supporting the museum and their cause by going to the website:

The Museum is located:
Bigfoot Discovery Museum
5497 Highway 9
Felton, CA

Wed-Friday 1pm-6pm
Sat-Sun 11am- 6pm
Closed Mon- Tues

Support the Museum!

Enjoy the great outdoors!
North America Bigfoot Search

Blog # 48

Bigfoot research is truly a fascinating environment. The researcher can enter the woods, enjoy the beautiful environment, see nature on their terms and reap the personal rewards that come from tranquility and our natural environment. Now, back to reality. As we’ve stated in previous blogs, the Bigfoot research arena needs to change. There is entirely too much back-stabbing, name calling and research bashing, something we’ve never seen in the highest realms of technology or law enforcement, ever! As a team we have talked about this environment and taken a position that we won’t publicly oust anyone or give them additional notoriety. It is obvious to everyone involved that many of these individuals (yes, individuals) are working alone claiming they run an “organization”. Many of these people are very much individuals and don’t do well in a team setting. They don’t have a history of collaboration or original research, they follow the work of others.
Be very cautious where you spend your money and which articles you put credence in!

During the last several months we’ve received a variety of reports from multiple sources about oddities occurring in our National Forests, sightings of dead mammals where the cause of death isn’t via the standard predator, odd footprints found near the deceased, strange sounds and incidents occurring near campsites in the early morning hours. A few of these reports have been in areas where the government has been conducting their own studies of various species. Answers about what the government is studying, why they are there, what they are looking for are not readily available but are obvious to anyone “in the know”. Until government agencies are willing to work with groups who understand the issues, who the predator is and is willing offer assistance, our state and federal agencies will continue to sneak around the woods and “accidentally” will bump into NABS researchers. No, we aren’t wearing our shirts and we don’t tell who we are, but, we are there. We are sharing the same space, researching the same issues and probably have the same answers, who knows. Heck, we might even be utilizing the same labs! It’s actually a humorous scenario that plays out regularly, almost a cat and mouse game when the two groups meet.

We are always interested in hearing your opinions and comments:

Enjoy the great outdoors!
North America Bigfoot Search




Blog # 47         The Sierra Nevada Mountains/ Elevation Association

During the last eight months NABS researchers have been working the region in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California from Northern California south to the Fresno area. We did a comprehensive analysis of past sightings in these areas and then attempted to understand a variety of factors that may have relative significance to the sightings, similar to what we did with the Northern California Bigfoot Map Project.
    Starting in Northern California we focused on the region near Oroville. This region has a history of sightings going back to the 1960’s, some earlier. A vast majority of the sightings fall into our elevation theory, sightings in California predominantly fall into a range focusing on 2400 feet with the majority 1600- 3200 feet. The sightings in Oroville, around the lake and into the mountains seem to fit these criteria. The sightings are predominantly near water, sometimes its a  lake, creek or major river as the water source.
    NABS has had a researcher accumulating sighting reports near the American River just outside Colfax. There has been a variety of behavior commonly associated with Bigfoot in this area and its been reported from different sources. A team was in this area last week and we canvassed the area for witnesses and found many. There were multiple occasions where witnesses reported seeing three Bigfoot of varying sizes in the area. Hearing there were three Bigfoot is a very odd occurrence, hearing the same information from multiple sources is really odd.
One of the people we contacted indicated he had a friend that was mining just outside Iowa Hill (south of the American River site). Three Bigfoot that overturned his equipment ran the miner off the site. He left and stated that he never would return. We went to Iowa Hill and were directed to a house that sat at the peak of a long ridge, an ideal place for Bigfoot sightings and a beautiful view of three surrounding valleys. The resident was home and stated that it was the first time in 3 years anyone made the long dirt road drive to his residence without specifically knowing him (NABS will canvass neighborhoods no matter how remote they may be). The resident described hearing a sequence of screams coming from different sides of his valley in the last three years at differing times of the year. He stated that he had no idea what was making the sounds but the yells were unsettling. Just by coincidence, he also stated that just below his residence there were the relics of an old Native American village.
**NABS has continuously stated that there is a relationship between Bigfoot and Native Americans.
    Approximately 6 miles south of Iowa Hill is Foresthill. The city of Foresthill is very small yet has numerous Bigfoot related sightings and encounters. Most of these incidents were found on the BFRO site and were directly in line with sightings further north, all were in the same elevation range.
    Extending our search further south into Nevada County. NABS researchers were in the region just east of Fiddletown and had been contacted by a witness who had a Bigfoot sighting. Further follow-up also indicated that Bigfoot had been screaming, yelling and eating various foods in the area. This is a very credible sighting that you will hear more about in the coming months, an affidavit was signed in relationship with the incident.
    The Tule River Indian Reservation is located at the base of the Sierra’s just east of Porterville. The reservation has a pictograph of a Bigfoot drawn on a huge rock deep inside the property. You need a special permit to travel on their land and we encourage people to go to the Tribal Chairman’s office to get a permit and view this great piece of art. You can see photos of this in our “photos” section of the website. The Tule River Natives have a history of Bigfoot sightings going back hundreds of years. This entire region has Bigfoot sightings from the San Joaquin Valley floor up into the higher elevations of the Sierra’s. The region just above the Tule River site is a prime area for Bigfoot.
    The list we just described is a small example of the ongoing analysis NABS conducts on a regular basis. This is also another example of the elevation association along the western United States. NABS IS NOT saying that Bigfoot sightings and incidents are confined to this range, we are merely stating that an abnormal amount of sightings are in this range. Whether the sightings in this area are attributed to moderate weather conditions (near the snow line) or there is specific food sources available only in this area is unknown. We also find it quite a coincidence that many of the Bigfoot sightings and encounters are in areas close to Native American encampments.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors.
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Blog # 46               Happy Holidays/Relationships

    NABS would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone in our Bigfoot community a joyous holiday season and a great New Years. We know that we come from a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds yet we all share a common bond, Bigfoot, and that is joyous.
    Knowing that a majority of the NABS team comes from a law enforcement and technology background, we thought we’d talk about something that’s important during this time of year, relationships. Without relationships we really don’t have much of a life. Relationships are something you consistently need to apply energy, people’s feelings are injured, some feel slighted, others feel ignored, etc. With the advent of email, we have another form of communication that didn’t exist 20 years ago. Email is a difficult mode of communication when you’re trying to send a sensitive message, it’s not easy.
    During our tenure in your community we’ve learned that there are many internal struggles taking place. Some of these issues occur between Bigfoot groups, some between researchers and some are personal vendettas. We’ve had husbands take a swipe at NABS while their wives continue to publicly support us, we’ve had some rank and file groups support us at every level while their leader won’t return a call.
    During a point in our technology career a famous CEO from Silicon Valley once told me to “never burn a bridge, never.” The world is too small, the landscape too fragile and the arena too compact to afford this selfish response. When you work for/with an organization, you are their representative; you represent the greater cause, not your own personal mission. I can remember many times in business meetings where a top executive would go on a rampage and members of our company would look at each other in humble silence but inside laughing at the selfish tirade. Persuasion is the key ingredient in any business endeavor and it’s hard to persuade while your yelling.
    NABS has made it a policy to never publicly criticize another Bigfoot group or researcher. People who find the need to publicly humiliate or criticize are usually fragile in their own space or feel threatened in the niche they’ve created. NABS has no idea how long we’ll continue this project but we know that we’ve been successful in our past careers and we will continue to be successful in the future. As we’ve stated in many other blogs, we sincerely wish that others would put down the swords and arrows and come to the table and progressively work towards solving this equation. NABS doesn’t have an ego that believes we can solve all of the Bigfoot issues by ourselves, far from it. We do believe that several groups hold key elements to the equation and they won’t share, we will and we’ve done it through the release of our first book. There have been several Bigfoot researchers that have had major Bigfoot projects for years but they won’t release their research for others to study, not sure why. NABS has contacted them and requested to view their results but have been refused.
    As the new kid on the Bigfoot block, we will continue to keep our eyes open and our mouths shut and attempt to understand a research culture that hasn’t had a major development since 1967. If any of our readers has substantial Bigfoot evidence, contact us for our involvement. We are working major cases through labs on Bigfoot DNA and we’ve had many photos forwarded to us purporting to be a Bigfoot. We hold all evidence in strict confidence and will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement on anyone who requests the document.
    We sincerely wish you and your family a great holiday season.
North America Bigfoot Search.



Blog # 45                                Bigfoot Disclosure/ Book of the Year

    To say that we’ve been busy at NABS in the last month would be a huge understatement. Our team has been working on issues at multiple fronts trying to gather intelligence from a variety of sources. We have several research projects that are ongoing and involve over 14 months of continuous work. Here are some of the recent highlights at NABS;

The Bigfoot Disclosure Project
    NABS has had many reports over the years from a variety of sources that indicate the government is interested in Bigfoot. Some reports tell of NASA officials on sites of Bigfoot encounters, others tell us that fish and game officials are subtly compiling data on the biped.
    One group that continued to be brought to our attention was the California Department of Fish and Game (DFG). We knew that certain retired Wardens that had the territory near Bluff Creek (Hoopa) had an interest in the biped and would casually (sometimes not so casually) arrive at sighting locations, take notes and quietly leave. People in the community had told us that they had become friends with the Wardens and were told that the DFG in Sacramento had a file on Bigfoot but that it was supposedly confidential and not be to spoken about.
    In November of this year NABS made initial inquiries to DFG through their directors office. We had asked for an interview with the director but were told he would delegate to a subordinate. After several delays and lost messages, we finally were able to meet with Eric Loft, Chief of the Wildlife Branch of the DFG. Eric is a very polite administrator with years of knowledge. He answered all of our questions directly and offered assistance in any other avenues that we may want to travel. He gave us unencumbered access to the Bigfoot file that DFG maintains, and, he allowed us to copy all its contents.
    The DFG Bigfoot file contains sighting reports (not many), newspaper articles, handwritten notes and a proposed policy written by a DFG employee on how to deal with the Bigfoot issue. In our opinion, the most interesting document in the file was #52 (refer to the disclosure project section and go to the list of the documents). This document was sent to DFG in the 1970’s from an individual who had multiple Bigfoot encounters from the early 1900’s. He was asking for DFG to develop legislation to protect the biped, but, the interesting part of the correspondence is the description the individual offers of the Bigfoot he observed, they “look human”. There are many other interesting aspects to the file and we will discuss them in future Blogs.

Book of the Year, “The Hoopa Project”
    The people inside NABS are not professional writers, didn’t major in English and have never made their living through the use of a pen. David Paulides did a great job describing the research and putting the team together to conduct a full investigation to the region around Hoopa, the return is “The Bigfoot Book of the Year”, awarded by Loren Coleman at Cryptomundo. The idea behind the book is to allow the public to follow our progress and to educate others about the facts behind the biped. Our research has continued since the writing of The Hoopa Project”, we haven’t stopped. We have continued to utilize the services of Harvey Pratt and his forensic sketch expertise and we have utilized specific aspects of the sketch process in regards to Bigfoot that has never been attempted by anyone in the past, more on that in the future.
    Thank you to Loren and his team for the recognition.

Enjoy the great outdoors.

We always appreciate your opinions.



Blog #44        California Department of Fish Game
    Spending thousands of hours in Bigfoot country you start to develop informants and confidants that feed us valuable information on a regular basis. One of our friends called many months ago and told us that he had heard from a retired California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) employee that there was a file maintained in their offices on Bigfoot. We documented the information, filed it in our “to do” list and continued on with the expedition. Several weeks ago we received another call from a different individual telling us that the DFG has a file on Bigfoot that they’ve maintained from the early 1960’s but they are reluctant to talk about. NABS decided that we would make attempts to view this file and interview DFG.
    NABS took our informants seriously and contacted the Director’s office at California DFG. We were initially stalled, promised phone calls, never responded and then, finally received a call from the Chief of Wildlife. A meeting was set and our Executive Director, David Paulides met with DFG on Monday. They did produce a large file that they maintained on Bigfoot and their chief did speak openly on the topic. It was an enlightening conversation! The full version of the meeting, the Q & A and the documents they allowed us to copy from their file will be explained and discussed on our website in the next week. We can guarantee that this is the first time anyone has interviewed DFG at this level and had them speak openly about Bigfoot!


Blog #43                          Habituation and Language

The recent talk amongst the world elite Bigfooters has been habituation and claims that our big hairy friend speaks a language. I’ll first address habituation and the issues surrounding it.
    In the past five decades there have been several people who have claimed that Bigfoot has visited their cabin, home, barn, and vacation residence over a prolonged period of time. Those visitations prompted some observers to document their sightings and later chronicle and later share them with the public. A scientist has never made the observations from the academic arena and as such they have never been printed in a scholarly journal. At the present time there are several habituation sites that supposedly are being regularly visited by the biped and are being formally recorded by the observers. The owners of these sites want strict anonymity and refuse to allow a neutral third party to document the incidents and visitations. This refusal has caused many in academia to discount the reports and refuse to include them in any reports that may be printed in a journal. The claim is that there needs to be a neutral person who is able to observe, document and later report the findings.
    Females have predominantly managed the habituation sites, occasionally there is a male. It appears that Bigfoot is far more comfortable with a female presence then any male. The reports indicate that the process of getting the Bigfoot’s trust is a very long process, they are very aware of change, visitors, cameras and sometimes, some residents believe they have the ability to read your mind. When trust does occur the observers claim to see family units, children and even young adults. Does NABS believe that this is possible, absolutely. Do we believe that this process takes time, needs to be managed and later observed by a neutral third party, absolutely. We also believe that anonymity is crucial to the long-term study of the biped.
    Many of the researchers in our community want cameras placed at the habituation sites and the behavior placed on film. It would appear from the many cases of Bigfoot visiting specific locations and the installation of cameras, this causes the biped to cease its visitations. The exact reason they stop visiting these sites isn’t understood. A constant video feed with background music may be the key to this dilemma. Bigfoot is enticed by music, music may drown out any “buzz” in the air and this may be successful. Game Cameras have never worked to anyone’s satisfaction and video offers much more data, but, there is a new generation of game cameras coming onto the market that may break the mold of long-term failures.
    One of the cornerstones for many of the Bigfoot scientists to believe Bigfoot is human and not animal is language, followed by use of clothing, fire and maintenance of a family unit. There have been many documented cases of witnesses claiming they heard Bigfoot communicating with each other. In some instances witnesses describe the language as gibberish, some claim it’s a type of Native American dialect and others claim they can mimic anything and the language sounds almost human.
    In “The Hoopa Project”, David Paulides documents a case on the Hoopa Reservation where a witness hears two Bigfoot talking with each other in a language he can’t quite understand, almost, but not quite. Others have described communication occurring by use of stick knocking over long distances, our NABS team experienced this last summer at 3am in he middle of the Siskiyou Wilderness in Northern California. There have also been several recording by credible researchers where Bigfoot has been documented yelling, speaking and it would appear, talking. A few of these recordings have been sent to academic institutions where the sounds could not be identified as anything known to live in the woods of North America.
    To be a credible researcher in any arena you need to be careful with whom you align and associate. You need to be diligent in your work and you need to keep an open mind on all aspects related to your cause. If a strong statement is made, you put your foot on the ground and stomp in your position, you better be able to back it up years later, here is the situation for several big name researchers in the Bigfoot arena. A few of the researchers have stated for many years that Bigfoot is a type of ape. They’ve made their career on the “ape” hypothesis and as additional evidence starts to roll in they continue to press their point, sometimes to extent of leaving friendships and organizations. We have several great minds that have dedicated their lives to the research of Bigfoot and a few are reluctant to even entertain a different idea or hypothesis, its unfortunate.
    Recently NABS has received many inquiries and reports about extremely unusual activity associated with Bigfoot. We find that these reports are quite interesting and there are too many to ignore. Reports have included paranormal activity associated with other factors that are equally unusual. NABS has consistently stated that we will listen to any and all reports associated with Bigfoot and we appreciate the contributions from our supporters. We are also actively researching many incidents where a Bigfoot was shot and escaped from the area. We have never found a credible case where the creature was shot and put down. We WILL NEVER support anyone going out with the intent of shooting a Bigfoot, but, if one is accidentally shot and a body is recovered, this would be a huge scientific incident. NABS will sign a non-disclosure agreement with anyone who wants to contribute a story with associated validation of the site and body. We DO UNDERSTAND that Bigfoot may look very human to anyone who observes it at a close distance and there may be reluctance to come forward to legal authorities and document the incident. We have worked with a legal team and developed protocol where the witness can be protected, body recovered and the world would never know the identity of the witness. This is something we have been developing for many months and it has come to fruition. If you know of someone who has been placed in this unfortunate position, contact NABS and put the gears in motion to have the witness clear their conscious and their minds. We will handle any situation in a very professional and discrete manner.

Enjoy the great outdoors!

North America Bigfoot Search




Blog #42            Coast to Coast/ Habituation

Coast to Coast AM- George Knapp

North America Bigfoot Search had its Executive Director (David Paulides) on Coast to Coast AM on Sunday night. We would like to thank George Knapp for the invitation and his gracious assistance in promoting our book. At the top of his show George told the audience that he rated “The Hoopa Project as one of the top three books on Bigfoot Sasquatch ever written. He said that it took a methodical approach in its research and he thought it was a valuable addition to the topic, thanks George.

If you'd like to read about the interview or listen to the podcast, go to the follwing Coast to Coast link and download the broadcast:






One of NABS’ directors is on an email list that contains the top Bigfoot researchers in the world. The list regularly discusses a variety of current topics and some very controversial. We will guarantee that there is not uniform agreement on every topic but there is a respect and admiration for each person’s beliefs. One of the topics recently discussed is habituation.

The story discussed on the email dealt with a woman that claimed to have many years of contact with Bigfoot. She writes in a very intelligent and revealing style. She will not acknowledge who she is or where she lives (even the continent). She does occasionally write to one of the researchers and describes activity that she has observed. Much of what she has described is consistent behavior with what we know of Bigfoot and much is new and interesting. As you would guess, the researchers have asked for access to the woman or even to personally question her, all requests have been denied. She has stated that she won’t put up cameras and is attempting to leave her area as natural as possible and thus as comfortable as reasonable for the Bigfoot.

Many hard-core scientists don’t believe a “commoner” could possibly be a reliable observer or documenter of facts. They’ve stated that the observations she describes can’t be science until it’s validated by a second party, we agree. This is one reason why NABS has required our witnesses to sign n affidavit on every Bigfoot sighting that is claimed.
Does NABS believe this woman is making Bigfoot observations, absolutely. Do we believe that there should be a second person brought in to validate the sightings, definitely.

Police Officers and Professional Investigators are trained observers. They are also experts at documenting facts that they directly observe and what they uncover from witness statements. The reason they must be experts is that these statements are reviewed and analyzed in court on a regular basis. The documenter of facts is one of the most important elements in our legal system. If this portion of the system fails, the case falls apart and the criminal or civil element is expunged and the documenter impeached. This is the rationale why NABS believes that a retired city, state or federal investigator/police officer should be one of the individuals invited onto the property and allowed to document their observations and findings, remember, it’s not just making the observation, it’s documenting the incident so that it can be clearly described and later examined by a formal group (jury or scientists). We also believe that a Non-Disclosure agreement must be signed for this research. The agreement must include on all aspects of the woman’s identity, location, etc. We also believe that the secondary observer should be a woman. It has been shown that Bigfoot is more comfortable around women and with one already at the residence, another would be less distractive and more acceptable.

We would be interested in your viewpoint.
Questions or statements to;

Enjoy the great outdoors.
North America Bigfoot Search




Blog #41

    You may have noticed a change and a new addition to our website. Some of you may actually recognize the sketch, if not, keep staring. We would first like to thank Chris Murphy for the use of his beautiful portrait the last several years, but, times have changed and we decided to modify our look.
    In the world of Bigfoot research there are mainly two camps. One camp believes that Bigfoot is from the ape family and it possesses a modified appearance of an ape. The other camp believes that Bigfoot has more human qualities that parallel with a “Wild Man” look. As a group that’s only been researching Bigfoot for four years we can’t claim to be experts on anything, but, we are the first group to ever put a Bigfoot witness in front of a trained law enforcement forensic artist. Those results have been consistent and do follow a “Wild Man” pattern.
    When we delve into historical records of this biped the vast majority of the written articles talk about a “wild Man”, an entity that people routinely say looks too human to shoot.
    In several recent incidents NABS researchers have received some backlash because of our findings and our website. Many established researchers abruptly stopped communicating with us because of our sketches and research. There haven’t been words exchanged, they merely stop talking. As a group of professionals that have worked at the highest levels in the technology sector, we find this behavior very surprising. When professionals have differences, they discuss them, attempt to find neutral ground and then work forward building on the relationship,,,, not here.
    Many Bigfoot researchers have put their personal stake in the ground claiming that Bigfoot is a type of ape, and, because of their public statements and presentations are reluctant to change their position. When NABS originally started our research, we understood that there were few good facial photos of Bigfoot and we felt it would be beneficial to understand what we were dealing with, thus the forensic artist. One of the biggest names in Bigfoot research recently watched us interview a Bigfoot witness and subsequently sketch a face of the biped. This researcher initially didn’t feel that Harvey Pratt was sketching the Bigfoot to the specifications of the witness. They also felt that another research group was utilizing a trained forensic artist, they aren’t. The other group’s artist is drawing a creature that looks much different then our sketches. Part of this artists issue is that the drawings are done via mail, slight adjustments are made and then they are sent again, this process is very long and cumbersome We are the only group that’s gone to the expense of putting a trained forensic artist with witnesses. The researcher saw the end result of our sketch, the witness was elated with the result and the researcher didn’t say much, needless to say the sketch did appear much more human then ape.
    Another anomaly in the Bigfoot world is the reluctance of researchers to come forward and admit they’ve witnessed a Bigfoot. Two of the BIGGEST names in the research world have seen a Bigfoot but they won’t publicly admit it. One of these people has talked to NABS and confirmed that what they observed closely matches our sketches and is nothing close to an ape. This researcher will not publicly make a statement but will privately engage us. The other individual is highly touted and has been around for many years and recently had a Bigfoot sighting. The rumor that is floating in the Bigfoot arena is that this person will not publicly talk about it because what they observed flies directly in the face of what they have believed Bigfoot is, an ape. The person’s sighting may well look more human then they are willing to admit.
    Does NABS need others to validate our findings, absolutely not. We did not enter this arena with pre-conceived notions about where we wanted the research to take us. We are traveling down the road where the research, witnesses, drawings and historical data are taking us. If “researchers” fail to look under every rock and only look where they know they’ll find answers that fit their agenda, they’re really not researchers. Is there a possibility that there is an ape-like creature wandering the North American continent walking on two feet, absolutely, especially in areas near Florida and the South. Is an ape-like creature wandering the forests of California, Oregon and the western United States, doubtful.
    NABS may not be invited to many Bigfoot conferences in the next few years because of our controversial findings and the publicity behind our research, but, we would be hypocrites if we pandered to a specific agenda. The witnesses who have seen these creatures need to have their voices heard. NABS is 100% positive that we are tracking the correct direction in our research and our efforts are fully supported by every Bigfoot witness we’ve ever met. It should also be stated that many of the rank and file researchers in some of the BIGGEST Bigfoot organizations have contacted us privately and told us that we are going the right direction and they are supplying us with many great leads…Thanks

Enjoy the great outdoors!




Blog #41

Research: During the course of writing "The Hoopa Project" there were many researchers who expressed strong beliefs about Bigfoot and attempted to to sway the content of the manuscript a certain direction. NABS took the position that they would support the book as long as it stayed to the topic and stayed with the research that we uncovered. There are several items in the book that go against the belief system of many researchers who have spent MANY years investigating Bigfoot/Sasquatch and the Skunk Ape. Our theories are not something that were developed overnight or in a vacuum, they evolved from reading countless books, interviewing hundreds of people and applying a certain level of common sense and field research.

During the last several months our director (David Paulides) has presented our findings at three different Bigfoot conferences and several REI groups. While the audience has overwhelmingly approached and emailed him with supportive comments, there is an element in the Bigfoot community that are not happy. They don't like the proposition that Bigfoot may be more human then the general research community has proposed in the past. Just for clarity, we haven't stated IT IS human but what we are saying is that it has characteristics that appear more human then any other animal in North America and that's excluding the fact that it's a biped. There is much more to this story and our research is evolving daily.

Support: One of the best websites on the web for Bigfoot researchers is Bigfoot Encounters (www.bigfootencounters.com). The site is owned and edited by Bobbie Short. She has spent decades conducting her own expeditions into Wilderness Areas, doing her own research into the creature and accumulating a mountain of valuable data on Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yeti/Yeren, etc. You could spend hours browsing her site and reading about this amazing creature. She is also one of the people that has her finger on the pulse of the Bigfoot world, she knows who is doing what and what is coming down the Bigfoot pipeline. Bobbie also produces a monthly newsletter that keeps the Bigfoot enthusiast informed on all of the latest happenings.

The Bobbie Short Bigfoot newsletter for the month of November was released yesterday. Bobbie did NABS, "The Hoopa Project" and David Paulides a great service by putting a stake in the ground supporting his book. The following statement is directly from her newsletter:

"The Hoopa Project," a new book by Dave Paulides is receiving rave
reviews the likes of which I have not seen before in BF books.
Since the last newsletter, these comments: "Book of the year,"
"A must read!" "Excellent read, we enjoyed it," "...best realistic
BF sketches," Paulides did his homework," "Damn good," and
"...who is this Paulides guy, he writes one helluva book?" "We
recommend it highly." The only complaint is that Hancock House
was in some instances very slow with delivery. Most comments
from readers who have seen a Bigfoot are raving on re: the "human
likenesses" Harvey Pratt was able to capture in his sketches. Of
course that is a feature I've been vocal about for thirteen years…. "

As you can decipher from the paragraph, Bobbie is a believer that Bigfoot does appear more human then animal. Our sketch artist, Harvey Pratt has the ability to deliver a sketch from a witness that appears as close to a mirror likeness of what they saw as nothing else NABS could develop. Harvey and Dave were shocked when the first drawings showed a creature that looked much more human then the Patterson-Gimlin creature. As more drawing were completed, they continued to closely matched the first. At this point in our research, it's hard to imagine that Harvey (and the witnesses that are supporting his work) is wrong, it wouldn't make sense. The witnesses who assisted in drawing facial sketches went against the grain of public knowledge and acceptance (the Patterson-Gimlin Creature). We sincerely thank Bobbie Short for writing such a supportive statement about NABS, "The Hoopa Project" and David Paulides. You can reach her and subscribe to the newsletter through her website.

Shipping: We aren't sure what is happening or did happen through Hancock House reagrding the shipment of "The Hoopa Project" but NABS has a healthy supply of the book and we do get orders out by the next day. Our fees match all other shippers and we guarantee our product. Please check our store for details on many other Bigfoot related products.

Thanks again to Bobbie Short for all of her support!

North America Bigfoot Search-nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com




Blog# 40               California State Parks

During the last week one of our researchers was in the Mount Shasta/Burney/McCloud area. He was out doing followup on some older sightings and decided to take an afternoon break and visit MacArthur-Burney Falls State Park. As he pulled in the fron gate he was greeted by the Park Ranger and given a newspaper. The paper contained a variety of articles about the park and a lengthy article about Bigfoot and the region. To say that our researcher was pleasantly surprised would be an under statement. It would appear that the California Satte Park system is starting to loosen its reigns and is starting to allow its people to speak about taboo topics. NABS has reporduced the article below. Unfortunately, nobody signed the article as its author..!!??

The photo that was attached with the articvle did not contain a caption. You can see the photo on our "Photo Album" page.


Burney Bigfoot

    Do you believe in Bigfoot? Skeptics are quick to discount the existence of the Bigfoot. They explain away the possibility because there is little or no evidence. To the skeptics I say “what’s the fun in that?”. To believe in something that most scientists will argue does not exist may be foolish but then again, what if?
    Do you play the lottery? Do you believe that you will actually will a million dollars each time you play? And if you don’t believe, then why play? People play because it’s fun. It’s fun to dream, what if?
    To believe in the mystical, the unexplained, or the unknown is to believe there are still mysteries to be discovered. It lifts us from our day to day grind and allows us to hold onto our youth and provides an adventure for the soul.
    In 1910 a Dutch pilot crash landed on a rugged Indonesian island. When he was rescued he told horrific stories of giant lizards that ate goats and pigs, nobody believed him. The island is known today as Komodo; home of the Komodo Dragons.
    In 1938 near Cape Town South Africa, the fishing trawler “Nerine” caught a coelacanth. A lobed finned fish believed extinct for more then 350 million years. The coelacanth was found in a local fish market, so a complete scientific examination was not possible. Scientists quickly discounted the find until in 1952 when a living sample was found.
    Sightings of Bigfoot like creatures have been recorded as far back as the 1800’s. Many of the earliest inhabitants of North America and Native American cultures have words that describe a hairy giant wild man of the forests. The name Bigfoot is a journalists term that has become accepted and synonymous for “Sasquatch” (an anglicized Native American form of Sesquac-meaning “wild man”). Other names associated with similar creatures include the Yowie, Yeren, Yeti, Skunk Ape, Sisemite, Old Yellow Top, Momo, The Honey Island Swamp Monster, Barmanu, Almas and the Abominable Snowman. All refer to a man-like creature 6-12 feet tall covered in hair. In the Pacific Northwest of the United States the creature has become known as Bigfoot. Bigfoot (or which other name you prefer) sightings have been recorded in every state of the union except Hawaii. The majority of the sightings have occurred in California, Texas, Washington and Florida. Some of the tales and eyewitness accounts are unbelievable. Some of the stories are so unbelievable you go to kinds wonder just what medication they were on. But these are a small handful and the majority pf accounts are from believable reliable people from every profession and occupation.
    So what about Burney? My research into sightings of Bigfoot unfortunately came up with no recorded sightings of a Bigfoot here at Macarthur- Burney Falls.  (I did come up with a sighting of a two headed deer and even a UFO, but I’ll save that for another day). Sorry no Burney Falls Bigfoot; however there have been a few local sightings.
    In 1955 giant 3 toes footprints (similar to the reported Yeti footprints) were reported on Mount Shasta at an elevation of 11,000 feet. Again, footprints were reported by a Redding man in 1958. In 1962 a woman reported watching a Bigfoot give birth on Mount Shasta. In 1976 a logger claimed to have come across a huge bad smelling creature near cascade gulch. Later, two men drinking beer at Bunny Flats (Mount Shasta) reported Bigfoot gave them a crystal and then disappeared into the forest. Okay, that one does smell a little of alcohol. (Everyone knows that it probably wasn’t Bigfoot but more likely one of the mythical Lemurians known to live on the mountain. 1976 reported to be the year for strange reports on he mountain. That same year a Redding woman claimed that she was kidnapped by Bigfoot. No other details were given. I would have to presume that she escaped, was released, or the ransom was paid.
    The next report I found jumps way up to 1992. In the fall of 1992 residences on Hudson Street in Burney were awakened by strange screams they likened to a cougar or bear and howler monkey rolled into one. Another resident reported seeing a silhouette of an upright bipedal creature walk past her window. The witnesss estimated its size to be about 8-9 feet tall. The most recent report came in 2005 on Clover Mountain 10 miles southwest of Burney where two brothers reported finding tracks and a week later, in the same general area sighting the big guy himself.
    Although once thought to be a hoax, a mass hysteria, some reputable scientists and anthropologists are taking a closer into the Bigfoot mystery. The U.S. Forest Service has even included Bigfoot into some of their environmental impact reports on logging issues. So what do you think? To borrow an old cliché’ from the television show X-files, “The Truth is out there.” Do you believe?

The author didn’t sign the document. This appears on Page 11 of the newspaper handout.

Comments and questions to NABS



Blog # 39               Bigfoot Researchers

During the last several weeks NABS has extended in an attempt to join forces with other Bigfoot associations to work on Bigfoot research, this request was prompted by several members inside these organizations. At times NABS is stretched thin and have requested assistance in specific parts of the U.S. for follow-up on activity. Each request that was sent was ignored. In follow-up with researchers from those organizations they were embarrassed and upset at the position of their group.

In the last three days we have been deluged with emails from individuals/researchers voicing concern over their organization. There seems to be an under current of anxiety inside a few select Bigfoot organizations and its amazing to us that their management either doesn’t recognize it or doesn’t care. Most of these researchers contact us regularly and are currently assisting NABS on current cases. It would appear that some groups that consider themselves “research” groups have forgot to conduct “research” and support the “researchers” that are doing their hard work. Many of these researchers have been with their organizations for years yet their management refuses to acknowledge them, baffling!

The TBRC (Texas Bigfoot) is one of the most professional groups that NABS has had the pleasure to work around, they sponsored the Texas Bigfoot Conference and invited NABS to present our findings, a gracious offer. Craig Woolheater (Director) has taken the time to put together a group that is attempting to “do the right thing”. NABS met many of their members in Texas and it was a very refreshing event.

Since NABS’ presentation in California, Texas and Oklahoma, researchers from the top Bigfoot groups in North America have contacted us with precedent setting information. They have been frustrated with their groups and the “stifling bureaucracy” that exists at some levels. Many of these people have since left and presented to us some of the most sobering research NABS has ever seen. We know that some researchers have joked about weekend investigators, ha, these individuals have done some of the best research NABS has ever been privileged to witness. It appears that these people have patiently been working alone on their theories and waiting for someone they trusted to come along, well, in walked NABS. We want to thank everyone for coming forward and trusting us with their work product. We guarantee that they will get the acknowledgement when we go public with these finding. We have teams working on many of these issues and this has become very time consuming, but, that is research.

We want everyone in the Bigfoot arena to be their own judge of what they want from a research organization. We’ve been told that they want responsiveness, honesty, professionalism, acknowledgement and updates. We attempt to answer all of our emails (there are a lot!), try to keep you updated over the web, we contact every witness who is reporting a sighting and we believe that professionalism is as important as honesty. If you have any recommendations for our group, please send us a note. If you’re disgruntled in your organization, be patient, voice your concern and be a catalyst for change. Develop synergy in your group and push the envelope of what YOU need from that group, that’s why they exist. NABS has no interest of being the only Bigfoot research group in the world or being the largest, it serves no purpose. We need all Bigfoot organizations working in harmony to solve this complex equation. If some of the directors can put their egos aside, we would make tremendous progress in actual Bigfoot research!

Take your kids outside and teach them to enjoy the great outdoors!

Comments and questions are always appreciated:


Blog #    38        Texas Bigfoot Conference 2008

NABS would first like to thank Craig Woolheater and the entire TBRC group for their gracious invitation to our Director, David Paulides. The conference was very professionally produced and executed to perfection. All of the speakers were timely in their start and finish and much of this was thanks to Brian Brown who was the master of ceremonies. Brian did a great job of mingling with the crowd and talking with speakers.

The conference had approximately 10 different tabled setup from various groups and organizations, NABS had two. One of our tables was selling “The Hoopa Project”, maps and hats. Gina and Harvey Pratt who were selling Harvey’s artwork of Bigfoot, GREAT work that got alot of attention, staffed the adjoining table, refer to www. Harveypratt.com. Dr. Jeff Meldrum had a table where he was selling and signing his book as well as selling cast Bigfoot tracks, some quite interesting.

Part of the fun of attending these events is meeting people from different parts of North America who have a Bigfoot sighting to tell. One individual came to us and explained a Bigfoot sighting he had in the middle of a winter storm driving through a pass at 9000 feet, unreal! We are going to follow-up with this gentleman and document his story.

This is the third conference that NABS has presented at and each assembly is a little different. The sponsoring body for this event was the TBRC and there were many members wearing nametags. Many of these individuals are quite well versed in Bigfoot and some know probably more then some of us. At the conclusion of David Paulides’ presentation several members of the audience and TBRC members came and thanked him for his professional presentation and conscientious work. It was a great gesture of kindness coming from a very nice group of people.

Bigfoot research is filled with people who have years of experience, solid research backgrounds with varying expertise and educational backgrounds. As we all know a degree doesn’t give you common sense. A college degree does give you the foundation to properly document your thoughts so others may understand your research. If you don’t document your work for others, some may never appreciate your contribution to your chosen project. NABS wants everyone to know that we won’t degrade anyone’s work on any topic. We may publicly comment on research but it won’t be a personal swipe at their integrity and hard work. We are knew to the Bigfoot arena and don’t want to be viewed as “pushy”, “entitled” or “experts”, because we aren’t. In general, we are pretty shy people and as such we keep to ourselves when in a public setting. We are eager to talk with anyone who approaches us and we will gladly answer any and every research question that may be posed.

On Friday night of the Texas conference we were invited to a late night gathering of speakers. We were blessed to have Dr. Jeff Meldrum and Dr. Henner Fahrenbach in the kitchen alone with us for almost an hour. The conversation centered on Bigfoot, thoughts and opinions about recent research and how we could assist each other (mainly them assisting us) on research that is unfolding. Both of these individuals were very helpful, open and constructive on their thoughts and opinions. We patiently listened to each other’s ideas and while there were differences in opinion, there was a sense of constructive dialogue with researcher helping researcher. It was an honor to spend time with these two great researchers and we appreciated the productive atmosphere, and great deserts supplied by Craig Woolheater.

NABS has several outstanding projects presently working their way through the research arena. One project deals with a hair sample taken from the region north of the Siskiyou Wilderness Area. The story of how we obtained it is intriguing and is documented in our second book, hopefully going to the publisher in the next month. The sample has slowly been working its way through an associated lab for several months. The director of the lab has had many different samples of purported Bigfoot hair, tissue, etc come through their lab and they state that this is the first time they’ve ever had anything survive their research testing that’s associated with Bigfoot. The hair has many traits that no other hair possesses and many thought it was initially synthetic. The lab sent the sample to a hair and fiber expert and they confirmed its an “unknown primate hair”. Inhibitors have stood in the way of DNA extraction and the lab is working furiously to overcome those obstacles. The director has an interest in new fields of research and this is the first time anything from the Bigfoot arena has caught their attention for a prolonged period of time. NABS spoke about this research in Texas.

We would like to thank every attendee and speaker that approached and spoke with us in Texas; you were all very polite and gracious, thanks. Again, a special thanks to Craig Woolheater and the board of directors of the TBRC for inviting our director to speak, it was much appreciated.

If you ever have a question or comment about our work or this website, please contact us at nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com. We take every Bigfoot sighting seriously and if you request anonymity in your submission, that will always be granted.

Enjoy the great outdoors!
North America Bigfoot Search


 Blog #37          Texas Bigfoot

Well, a trip utilizing planes, airport trains, buses and eventually the rental car aided us as we made it to Jefferson, Texas,,,, after an 8 hour trip…. We are here for the 2008 Texas Bigfoot Conference. NABS’ director, David Paulides was invited to make a presentation on his research and book, “The Hoopa Project”. The conference (Saturday 9am-6pm) is filled with some of the biggest names in the Bigfoot field culminating with a benefit dinner Saturday night that is headlined by Dr. Jeff Meldrum. Our director is the first speaker after lunch Saturday with the event being staged at Jefferson High School. Past Bigfoot conferences in Jefferson have attracted up to 500 people!

As part of our research and preparation for Texas NABS did some searching for specifics on the area surrounding Jefferson and why Bigfoot may be calling this eastern Texas city home. Paulides’ book makes several associations with Bigfoot and sightings, one of those associations is precipitation. Regions in Northern California that have had the most Bigfoot sightings/encounters have fifty inches or more of annual precipitation. A search of Jefferson City, Texas shows that they have averaged 49.26 inches of precipitation for the last 20 years. June is their largest rainfall month with over 4 inches.  Dr. Meldrum made a presentation in Honobia, Oklahoma two weeks ago and presented findings on his trip to China in search of their Bigfoot, The Yeren. Dr. Meldrum indicated that the region they were studying had over 50 inches of annual rainfall. While rainfall is just one indicator on the grand scale it is ironic that Jefferson came in with this number.

A walk through the woods of Jefferson shows many similarities between Northern California and this Texas town. The woods are filled with moderate size Pine trees, vegetation is very thick and there is water everywhere. As we were driving into town we drove over many “bayous” that were filled with water. Water and the proximity of sightings to water is also a common thread between Jefferson City and Northern California.

On a sad note, noted Bigfoot Researcher Peter Byrne fell while conducting research in Northern California and seriously injured his knee. Peter was to be one of the speakers at this conference and was replaced at the last minute with Dr. Meldrum. NABS wishes Peter a speedy recovery and hopes that he’s back conducting research quickly. Peter is a man of extreme integrity and has added much to Bigfoot research over the years. Refer to the “Guest Columnist” section of this website for an article he wrote for NABS.

We will keep you updated.
Questions to nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com





Blog # 36                Oklahoma Bigfoot Conference             10/3 & 10/4

    We are writing this blog from our hotel room in Oklahoma City. We just completed the 4 hour drive from Honobia and the final day of the Oklahoma Bigfoot Conference.

    The premiere speaker for this event was Dr. Jeff Meldrum from Idaho State University. Dr. Meldrum made a presentation on Friday on his trip to China and the search for their Bigfoot, the Yeren. It was a very interesting talk about the similarities between their Yeren and our Bigfoot. It was great to hear some of the behind the scenes stories between the Chinese government and the expedition. He spoke about the relationships that were developed between the researchers in China and the team from the U.S. He had great photos and some interesting casts that were presented. They even interviewed a few of the witnesses tro the creature.

    On Saturday Dr. Meldrum changed gears and talked about Bigfoot footprints, the specifics that set them apart from other prints, the Patterson-Gimlin prints and much more. Both presentations by Dr. Meldrum were interesting even to the seasoned researcher. The public should appreciate someone entering the Bigfoot arena from the world of academics and essentially putting his credentials on the line. I know that everyone in attendance appreciated his time and passion for the topic.

    NABS researchers David Paulides and Harvey Pratt were two of the presenters on Saturday. David spoke about the story behind “The Hoopa Project” and some specifics about a few of the stories contained in the book. He also touched upon the history of NABS and where they are headed for 2009. Harvey followed Dave and spoke about his decades in law enforcement and specifically forensics sketches. He explained how he does facial reconstruction and how that applies to Bigfoot. Harvey had the audience riveted with some very explicit slides explaining the need for his work in law enforcement. It was obvious to everyone in attendance that Harvey Pratt is a seasoned professional and quite adept at giving a riveting presentation, NABS appreciated his work.

    After NABS presenters hit their seats and a break occurred in the presentations, they were deluged with contact from the audience. Many fascinating Bigfoot stories emanated from these contacts and much follow-up will occur because of them.

    Paulides and Pratt covered many miles of Oklahoma in the week prior to the conference. They were in the field contacting witnesses, taking statements, looking for evidence and doing sketches. As luck would fly their way, they actually were on the scene at a residence 12 hours after they had Bigfoot contact the night earlier. They documented sightings in some counties of Oklahoma where other organizations have no sightings listed, an interesting side note…

    Oklahoma is a very different environment from California. They don’t have big trees, huge rivers and big valleys. The idea that Bigfoot has adapted to this environment intrigues the researchers and we are sure that this trip will occupy their time for weeks to come.
    NABS would like to thank the Honobia Chamber of Commerce and specifically Farlan Huff for extending an invitation to their event. They were very hospitable and engaging, NABS appreciated the opportunity that was extended.

    As a final note, Harvey’s wife (Gina) did an extensive search of the area around Honobia for a place for researchers to stay. She found an outstanding Bed and Breakfast in Talihina, Hootie Creek House Bed and Breakfast. The owners took a crippled building and through an effort of love built a beautiful B & B, it was only surpassed by their hospitality and breakfast they put out the next morning. If you are in the area, please stay at the Hootie Creek House Bed and Breakfast.

    If you have a Bigfoot sighting or incident, we would like to hear from you. Send any emails to: nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com
    Enjoy the great outdoors!




Blog #35

We thought we would give our readers a status report on North America Bigfoot Search. We will report on the progress we are making on Bigfoot research, public relations, upcoming presentations and finally, where we are headed as an organization.


Bigfoot Research- As John Green and Ray Crowe have told us, Bigfoot research has many, many twists and turns and what seems obvious, isn't. We can guarantee that their statements hit home with our team. Bigfoot doesn't respond or react like any other animal researched in the wild. They don't appear to have migratory tendencies that are predictable. They don't appear to follow a routine, if anything, their routine isn't routine. They almost appear to specifically think about behaving opposite of what a researcher would expect. The Bigfoot's ability to "think" is something we believe is being minimized by many research groups, thinking is the cornerstone to this creatures behavior.

Our research started with NABS attempting to understand what we would be dealing with in regards to Bigfoot. Are we going to target an ape, neanderthal, orang, human or, something else. We've had many meetings in the last several months and we believe we are marching in a progressive and understandable manner that is slowly untangling the web of mystery. NABS found the best forensic artist in the world (Harvey Pratt) and we've had him make two appearances with our witnesses and draw exactly what they observed. This was important to our understanding what people are viewing. At this point we would warn the public to be careful with the hype they may read from other authors and organizations. Harvey went directly to the witnesses, there was a direct dialogue about what looked correct in the sketch and what didn't. Harvey didn't take any artistic liberty to change the drawing to what "he felt" Bigfoot should look like. Harvey is the consumate professional and the 35 years of law enforcement and expertise shined through with each witness contact. The result of the two rounds of drawings are stunning, revealing and not what we expected. We have taken those results, interpretted the findings and are actively working to make sense of what we've revealed (Refer to "The Hoopa Project" for details). NABS has always worked under the belief of under promising and over delivering, which we will. You and I have heard from many groups in the past that have made public statements claiming that the Bigfoot mystery will be solved, well, we believe that it will be.

Public Relations- NABS did not make any public appearances for the first four years of our existence. We didn't have anything to say, our research wasn't complete and we felt it would compromise our integrity to make statements we couldn't backup. We did make our first appearance at the Bigfoot conference in Felton, CA. David Paulides (NABS Exec Director) represented NABS at this event and made his presentation on his book, The Hoopa Project. 100% of the contacts made to NABS after this event were overwhelmingly positive. Many of these contacts involved members of other research groups. some with significant notoriety. They told us that David stated things in his presentation that haven't been said in the past and were right on key, they needed to be said. Several members from other groups have asked to work with us because their past organization has become overwhelmingly dictorial and they aren't allowing seasoned researchers to state their opinion publically.

Prior to making any public appearances NABS researched the researchers. We observed significant discontent amongst many researchers in the Bigfoot arena. Some were stating negative things in the press about others, some were attempting to circumvent the work of others, almost 90% was negative. Well, NABS has taken a stance of not participating in the mud slinging. There are many sites on the web that allow this behavior to proliferate and any new kid on the block is open game, as we have been. No, nobody is willing to say anything to us directly, they sit on the sidelines and take shots across our bow. You'd think that these individuals would call, engage in progressive dialogue, all in an attempt to further Bigfoot research, no chance. NABS has taken a position of stating our findings, pursue the leads and follow the path to an ultimate conclusion. The beliefs of others really don't come into play in our research, we follow the facts. Those "facts" appear to have rubbed some the wrong away and is in direct conflict with their belief systems, for that, we are sorry. Rather then berate each other over innocuous issues, lets engage in a progressive conversation where everyone benefits!


Upcoming Presentations- NABS will be presenting at the Honobia, Oklahoma Bigfoot Conference, Jefferson, Texas Bigfoot conference and numerous presentations at REI Department stores in California. We will have Q & A's at each presentation and encourage any and all questions (refer to "upcoming events" on this website for details). Anyone who is a researcher and has questions about our procedures, results, strategies, etc, we will gladly meet with anyone and discuss where we've been and where we are going, contrary to almost any other Bigfoot Research organization. We have nothing to hide and believe that a dialogue amongst researchers is critical to everyone's success. NABS would like to thank REI for their progressive stance they've taken with NABS. we are the first Bigfoot research group that they've ever invited into their establishment to be keynote speakers at their stores, it's appreciated!!


Next Steps- We are well on our way to phase three of our research plan, a plan developed four years ago. Again, NABS is not hiding anything and will gladly share our research, as David Paulides did in "The Hoopa Project". David's second book will be headed for the publisher in the next month and is something that will truly make the Bigfoot world pause and re-think what Bigfoot really is.. NABS research is highlighted in this work and the book is 100% supported by our organization. We will continue with our field work, aggressively in the future. You will see us in the midwest in the next few months, interviewing, sketching and walking the trails of the forests in the area. You will continue to see our presence in Northern California and Oregon. If you do happen to see us in the field, please stop us and say hello!

Feedback is always appreciated.

Enjoy the great outdoors!




Blog # 34               Expedition Report/ Northern Siskiyou Wilderness

One item that has become apparent through our polls is that you wanted to see reports from our expeditions. This is the first online report we will file.

Location: Northern Siskiyou Wilderness/Northern California
Date: September 8, 2008

NABS received numerous reports over the last several years involving first person sightings of Bigfoot in the northern region of the Siskiyou Wilderness. This area is very intriguing for many reasons. Its wilderness status allows it to connect unencumbered the area of Blue and Bluff Creek and the Elk Valley. The area is directly adjacent to the Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area to the north and the Marble Mountain Wilderness area to the south, all receiving numerous Bigfoot sightings. The northern section of the Siskiyou Wilderness is one of the most remote wilderness areas in the state of California, It is a seven hour drive from the San Francisco Bay Area and gets few visitors compared to other regions of the state. The closest city to our access point was Gasquet, CA. We took the Knopki Creek access road northeast of Gasquet to the Young’s Valley Trail head where our vehicles were left behind.

USGS Maps: NABS has historically utilized USGS maps in all of our expeditions. This trip highlighted the need for the USGS to update their maps as the trails, elevations, mileage and trail locations were quite different on the trail then on the map. There are several internet sites that address this region and we found each of them following guidelines listed on the USGS maps, many are incorrect.

The trail starts with a very long downhill walk on an old four-wheel drive trail down into Young’s Valley. This is approximately 2.5 miles long, almost all downhill, straight into the valley. Once on the valley floor it is a level walk through many groves, old growth and beautiful meadows. Approximately one mile after the start of the meadow the trail starts a slow ascent for another 1.5 miles until you come to a fork in the trail. One trail points towards Cyclone Gap and there are no signs for the other trail. THE OTHER TRAIL GOES TO RASPBERRY LAKE. The first night we hiked another 1.5 miles to the gap. This is a perfect location to view two huge valleys. The area is very windy (thus the “cyclone” name) but beautiful We set camp and immediately went to sleep. Be advised there is no water in this area!

We woke at 3am and immediately heard two rounds of wood knocks, each 3 strikes 10 minutes apart. These sounds emanated from a valley to our east where it shows a trail leaving our location and going into the valley and above an old mine. We did follow the trail but it evaporated away after ½ mile. It still shows on the USGS map but it doesn’t exist. We feel that this valley has exceptional potential for later study as it is very desolate. The knocks sounded similar to wood and almost sounded like a pick hitting the ground three times. Just as an FYI there was nobody in this area and no other cars at the trailhead.

The next morning we took the trail and hiked back, downhill to the fork and took the unmarked route for approximately 2-3 miles, mostly uphill. This route can be treacherous as it is partially on a cliff. The map shows one very slight incline and then a short walk to Raspberry Lake. The map is wrong. There is a very steep hike up a granite face of approximately ½ mile and then a steep downhill hike of equal distance down to a small valley and then another steep uphill hike of a ½ mile and then the last ½ mile downhill to the lake. This is a significant error on the map and can cause the hiker to be quite confused of the exact trail location. Be ready for loose rocks, narrow trails but beautiful views. There are NO signs indicating where the lake trail is located.

Once arriving at Raspberry Lake you should be ready for a gorgeous setting. The lake is surrounded by steep cliffs, huge rock faces and old growth forests. There is a small gap where the outflow of the lake goes down a steep valley. We found that the lake holds a significant population of Rainbow and Brown trout up to 14”, the largest we caught. Bring red Mepps and black Panther Martin lures. Fly fishing with a small beed works very well.

The team set a staged area approximately 700 yards down the creek outflow into the valley. In this area we utilized aroma attractant and visual stimulators to attempt contact. We were unsuccessful in bringing in anything other then a deer. There were numerous bear and deer tracks throughout the area. To our surprise, the tracker on our team also found several large elk tracks in the swail below the lake. We also found several suspicious tracks that appeared very similar to Bigfoot tracks but were inconclusive. There also appeared to be a healthy population of badgers living in the valley. The one oddity of our trip was that nobody saw one large mammal, this has never happened on any other expedition. We did see chipmunks and squirrels.

Follow-up: We would definitely go back to Cyclone Gap and conduct follow-up research via audio and aroma attractant. The remote nature of the valley coupled with the wind generated through the pass make this an exceptional opportunity.

Please go to the “photo album” section of this site for pictures of our expedition.
Thanks for your interest in NABS.
Comments to nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com





Blog #33           The Hoax is Revealed

It's no surprise to NABS that Tom Biscardi's website has admitted this morning (8/19/08) that the entire Georgia Bigfoot Body is a hoax. That's correct,  a Georgia Police Officer and a former Georgia Department of Corrections Officer pulled off another scam on Mr. Biscardi and his group of "researchers."

The idea that a group of grown men, calling themselves "researchers" can't determine if something is a costume or a Bigfoot corpse is mind boggling. As stated in earlier emails, NABS has had dealings with the Biscardi organization in the past. Many of the people across the U.S. who align themselves with him are nice, decent folks, no doubt. NABS would hope that these people do their own research on the Biscardi organization and understand the 747 load of baggage that goes with that association. It's not our intention to humiliate the Biscardi group but, this isn't their first major mistake, there are many. This isn't a minor mistake, this is major. This doesn't hurt just the Biscardi group, it sheds a negative light on all of Bigfoot research because Biscardi is calling himself a researcher. At this point we are going to move on and hopefully the world can put this behind us, lets move to more positive ground.



Blog #32           The Press Release-The Bigfoot Body
In the annals of Bigfoot history there have been times when the professionalism has hit all time lows, the path that Tom Biscardi is taking with his purported Bigfoot body makes little sense and challenged the intellect of many casual observers, check the local section of todays San Francisco Chronicle.

Matt Whitton is a Clayton, Georgia police officer that is on administrative leave from the department after being shot during an on the job altercation, this is not to be joked about. His life as a police officer is one of integrity, HONESTY and credibility.

Rick Dyer is a close friend of Matt’s. They have made U Tube videos together, walked the backroads of Georgia as friends and most recently purported to have found a Bigfoot body, yes you heard that correctly. Allegedly, In June of this year they were walking the backwoods, found the body on the ground and attempted recovery. The Bigfoot is supposedly over seven feet tall and pushing 500 pounds. They claim to have carried, dragged the creature to a point where they were able to place it in their truck and drive it away. Stop here and take a breath.

There’s an old saying regarding carrying something, it’s called “dead weight”. Five hundred pounds of a dead animal is a load, even for two young, big men. The effort to carry this 200 yards would be monumental, to carry it several miles is superhuman. The thought of carrying it at all would be gross. If it had intestines hanging out of the chest (as they claim), the animal would have had to possess maggots, bugs, and every other horrible flying creature living in the Georgia back woods. They never made much of a statement about this effort, just that they did it, seems a little odd.

The boys then put the creature in a large cooler, filled it with water and attempted to freeze it. It’s unclear why they filled it with water, doesn’t make any sense, just freeze the carcass! It was at this point that the boys made a major decision, one that might haunt them with reputable Bigfoot researchers, they called Tom Biscardi.

Tom lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and in the world of Bigfoot, some have called him a “responder.” He hears about a Bigfoot sighting somewhere, anywhere, he responds and attempts to find a money-making opportunity to the event. He doesn’t stay long, he does bring his posse and he claims he’s the world’s best researcher. NABS has suffered from the wake of Tom Biscardi. We have gone into a community where the first question we are asked, “Are you associated with Tom Biscardi, if you are, leave now.” His past has included big promises on the George Noory (Coast to Coast AM Radio Show), promises that have included he had a Bigfoot in a cage, promises that he would get a Bigfoot on stealth cams, nothing has ever materialized other then the fact that Biscardi hasn’t followed through on his promises. It could be a series of bad luck, maybe he was duped, maybe he’s gullible, maybe other things…..Even his Bigfoot expertise has been challenged. Tom has supported claims made by Ivan Marx in the past, involving evidence of Bigfoot. Experts have shown that there is no credible evidence/photos, but, Tom has continued to claim they are the real deal.

The boys stated that they had DNA testing completed and one of the results came back human. This wasn’t reported on a lab report it was an email. How do we know the chain of evidence of this sample? Matt is a police officer, understands chain of custody, where is it, explain the chain, they never did. Heck, this sample could’ve been a cuticle off Matt’s shot hand and accidentally got mixed in with the possum they were eating for lunch. Yes, the other DNA test came back as Possum, figure that out. Another interesting note is that Matt, Rick and Biscardi put the lab they were using under a non-disclosure agreement. OK, we’ve used NDA’s when we are on someone’s property and they don’t want the world to know we are there, understandable. Putting a lab under NDA only appears odd. If the results come back as a dead dog, we (Matt & Rick) are the only ones that can claim it’s a possum, not the lab, maybe that’s their thought pattern. Maybe they don’t want the lab stating their opinion on the professionalism, chain of custody, compromised tissue samples, or, something else.

It would be safe to state that Matt and Rick picked Biscardi for a specific reason. Maybe they didn’t want him to dig too deep, maybe they didn’t want him asking technical questions, maybe they liked his style, why they picked Biscardi, it’s one question that nobody asked at the press conference. It’s obvious why they didn’t pick NABS or another top research group in the Bigfoot arena, we would’ve taken a methodical/scientific approach, necropsy, lab tests, noted professionals, bring the body, have experts in the field answer questions, etc, etc.

There is a poll that has been on our website for the last 3 weeks that involved professionalism in the Bigfoot landscape. The results are what we expected and it goes to the nature of the people, not all, some. We have received countless calls and emails in the last week about this event and we’ve responded with a straight forward approach. We don’t take this seriously.

No body was publicly viewed.
No laboratory report was presented.
Nobody from the scientific/academic community is involved.
The location of the discovery wasn’t disclosed.
Matt and Rick have an admitted history of making U-tube video spoofs.
No affidavits regarding the events have been supplied.
Biscardi has a history of making big promises being unable to deliver.
Biscardi wouldn’t disclose where the body is or when the public can view it.

Matt Whitton’s professional life as a police may have been forever compromised if he doesn’t turn over a Bigfoot body. We can just imagine the cross examination of Matt by defense attorneys as they embarrass him with his promises, statements and allegations about Bigfoot. His ability to stay stoic, not be embarrassed and testify as a credible police officer will forever be challenged, it’s too bad. I doubt that he contemplated this situation as he made the call to Biscardi.

We study history in school for a reason. If history is any indicator of Tom Biscardi’s conduct and ability to follow through with his promises, we will have seen Tom’s last press conference. It’s important in life to admit what you don’t know, look for the professionals who do know and follow their expert opinion to success. To continually claim that you are the best at everything and never deliver anything of substance only will bring embarrassment to a community that drastically needs professionalism.

We sincerely wish Rick, Matt and Tom all the best, just not at cost of the community’s opinion of credible Bigfoot Researchers.





Blog #31      !The Bigfoot Body! 

Over the years there are have been many who have claimed to possess a Bigfoot body. One of those cases involved two young girls out for a morning hike near Happy Camp, CA. This supposedly occurred over 40 years ago....The girls were walking on an old logging road, came across a decompossing body, in the snow, ran back to their house and kept quiet about the incident. The body was suppose to be close in description to what you'd believe a Bigfoot body would look like, supposedly... This story stayed in the background of many investigators minds for decades. It was first reported by one of the most prominent and honest of Bigfoot researchers, John Green.

Recently NABS spoke extensively with Mr. Green and obtained the contact information for the girls (now women). NABS spent two days tracking down one of the witnesses to the supposed Bigfoot body. She was a very polite, mature woman at this time in her life. She apologized for the work that NABS went through but stated that she needed to clear the air, there was NO body. There was one small piece of skin with hair on it that probably came from a bear. There was no bones, skeleton, frame, long hair or teeth, nothing to be exclusively indicative of a Bigfoot. She stated that she has heard the stories over the years and was never quite sure who to contact to clear the air, she is now doing just that, air cleared, no Bigfoot body was found in Happy Camp 40 years ago, period.

There has never been a Bigfoot body found, at least that's been released to the public... NABS has discussed how we would handle an incident involving a Bigfoot body and its quite different then most would believe. We would first have an autopsy conducted by a noted private physician/coroner. There would be a paralell process of lab testing, DNA analysis and access would be granted to a team of noted Veterinary pathologists. All answers regarding whether the creature was a human or animal would be answered, privately without a public spectacle. Once the scientists had agreed on what they were examining, the lead physician would hold a press conference explaining what they did, what they found and the results. NABS would only be a support mechanism in the process, not the center of the spectacle.

We've never been a group that's relished the public spotlight or endeavored to be in that spotlight, contrary to a few out there. NABS doesn't conduct Bigfoot tours, doesn't take groups into the wild and has no plans to do this at any point in the field, that's not our expertise. NABS will continue to search for answers regarding the Bigfoot phenomena and utilize methodical, scientific approaches to our research. If you are looking for a flashy, high profile group to follow, you are probably in the worng place. We do promise to keep you informed and educated about what we do, we feel that's part of our obligation to the public. We will be making a series of public appearances at REI stores that are free to the public and we appreciate your attendance and your great questions. As the famous Editor of "The Track Record" Ray Crowe told me when I questioned him about a Bigfoot story making headlines across the U.S., "keep your spectacles on!" Good advise, we are!!

Emails are always appreciated at : nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com

Enjoy the great outdoors!!




Blog # 30                 Bigfoot Discovery Days 2/ Felton, CA

NABS was at the Bigfoot Discovery Days 2 on August 9, 2008. It started at 11am at the Bigfoot Discovery Museum with a tasty barbecue and book signing. Hosts Tom Yamarone and Mike Rugg did an outstanding job organizing this very social event. Dave Paulides (NABS), Kathy Strain and Jeff Meldrum were at the barbecue signing copies of their books and were available throughout the day for Bigfoot conversation.

The big surprise for everyone attending was to see Bob Gimlin at the event. Tom Y. drove Bob into town and Bob was his usual gracious self and signed countless books, posters and other artifacts and also stood for innumerable photos. The Bigfoot community is lucky to have such a polite and hospitable elder statesman as Bob, a BIG thank you for attending!

The day continued at 6pm at the Felton Community Hall where Meldrum, Strain, Paulides and Richard Noll gave presentations on their latest research. The Hall was a sellout with standing room only available. Each of the presenters did a great job engaging the crowd, taking questions and addressing various angles of the Bigfoot mystery. Countless other Bigfoot investigators from throughout the U.S. attended including Craig Woolheater, one of the organizers of the TBRC Conference in Jefferson, Texas, October 18, Dave Paulides from NABS will be one of the presenters at that conference. This is the first time that Dave Paulides (NABS) has met Craig and was impressed when he arrived with a full contingent from Texas. Danny Perez (Bigfoot Times) was also on site handing out complimentary copies of his monthly newsletter, a very engaging person with extensive Bigfoot research experience. We met many of the top researchers at this event and we don’t want to leave anyone out of the blog, so, we won’t name more people but will ask all of you to stay in touch and we appreciate your contribution to Bigfooting! Overall we would call Bigfoot Discovery Days 2 a HUGE success with a big thank you to the Bigfoot Discovery Museum members and staff for the professional atmosphere and outstanding organizational skills they demonstrated at the event.

Thank you from NABS

nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Blog #29 The Sound Anomaly North America Bigfoot Search (NABS) has strived from its inception to maintain an open viewpoint on all issues related to Bigfoot research. Many research groups refuse to listen to several viewpoints on Bigfoot and as such limit their ability to maintain a neutral position on all conditions related to Bigfoot. Many groups have built in biases to a variety of sightings and reports. Researchers from the academic arena need to keep their investigations confined to an area where their peers and administration will accept their findings and recommendations. NABS is an independent group that has always looked at the “Big Picture” and will continue to keep all aspects the Bigfoot search in play and open to investigation.

During the last two years we’ve investigated Bigfoot reports in some very, very remote areas. Many of these reports have come from residents who have lived in the area for decades. During the course of the investigation and on site research, witnesses start to develop a relationship with the researcher and start to talk about a variety of issues that confront them in everyday life. They are reluctant to talk about these issues with some researchers because (as the witnesses have told us) the researchers come to them with a very narrow focus and are reluctant to see the “big picture.”

One issue that has been brought to our attention by remote residences (specifically in mountain regions) is a humming, turbine or motor type sound that emanates from under the ground. They explain that the sound seems to turn on and off at irregular intervals but that it is distinctive and can be heard from everyone who visits. Our investigators have heard the sound on multiple occasions and it does appear to be coming from under the ground. Each of the regions that the sound has been heard is in an area that accumulates over 50 inches of rainfall annually and is below 4000 feet in elevation. Everyone take a deep breath, we are not saying that this is in anyway associated with the Bigfoot sighting in the area, we are merely reporting an anomaly associated with the region we were investigating. We would be interested in other reports from witnesses who have had the same conditions prevalent in their area. We do know that witnesses in Oregon and California (specifically) have encountered this condition and each of these areas have had significant numbers of Bigfoot sightings. The area where this sound is heard is very remote. There are no businesses, mines or other people anywhere inside of ten miles. It is this remote quality that has our investigators interested in the sound.

In our quest to understand the underground sound we have spoken with biology, seismic and geology experts and they are all at a loss to explain the anomaly. Some bird experts have stated that the sounds may be caused by the wings of an owl or other bird, hmm, only if the owl can fly continuously for 10 hours. It doesn’t appear that the sound is affected by season as witnesses have described the noise in every season of the year in almost all weather conditions. NABS did conduct a literature review of the sound anomaly and did find several notations in “Track Records” going back to the mid 1990’s. People have described a sound similar to what we’ve supplied and all were in remote areas where researchers were investigating a Bigfoot sighting. If you have any additional information about these underground sounds or you are experiencing these sounds on your property, please contact us so we can make an on-site visit. Enjoy the great outdoors!! nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com FAX: 408-356-3324 ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Blog #28 North America Bigfoot Search is on target with our implementation plan and communication tools designed to keep the public informed. Our first step was the website followed with several tools inserted on the site. The next phase was developing working partnerships in areas where we are actively in the community. Our first book, “The Hoopa Project” centers on a region in Humboldt County, California. We are centering our current research efforts in a four county region surrounding Humboldt and thus our partnerships are evolving in this area. We are still responding to areas throughout the U.S. but we are pursuing current, active leads in that four county area around Hoopa. This is a fascinating region with great residents who are supporting our efforts. This past week we established several locations in NW California that are carrying our product line. Some locations are carrying shirts/hats, some maps, some trinkets and others books. Please call the location closest to you and see what they have available before making the trip. If you don’t see what you want, tell the proprietors and they have access to anything you need directly through us. We have given many interviews to a variety of radio, newspaper and magazine representatives about “The Hoopa Project.” The reviews have been outstanding and the comments applaud the efforts we’ve made to bring a fresh life to the research surrounding Bigfoot. We are currently utilizing research started in the first book and evolving it into a larger, more diverse region. The results are mind-boggling and the research is personally rewarding. The more we have dug into the historical accounts of hominids described like Bigfoot, the more support exists for its existence. If you are a retail location and would like to enter our partners program, please contact us at nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com, or fax us a request at 408-356-3324. Partnership Locations Carrying NABS Products: Crescent City Blue Fountain Harbor/ Harbor View Grotto Gift Shop 150 Starfish Way, 707-465-5765 Garberville Legends of Bigfoot 2500 U.S. Highway 101, 707-247-3332 Happy Camp Parry’s Market 143 Davis Rd, 530-493-2621 Hiouchi Hiouchi Hamlet-Market 2100 Highway 199, 707-458-3114 Klamath Trees of Mystery 15500 Highway 101 N., 707-482-2251 Mount Shasta Shasta Base Camp 316 Chestnut St, 530-926-2359 Piercy Confusion Hill 75001 Highway 101, 707-925-6450 Willow Creek Willow Creek Museum Highway 299-Downtown Willow Creek, 530-629-2653 Comments or requests are always appreciated: nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com Enjoy the outdoors! NABS _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Blog #27 Minnesota Trip Our team was recently in Northern Minnesota for a second straight summer studying various aspects of the Bigfoot issue. NABS has spent considerable time studying the region in Northwest California and has completed the second round of forensic sketches for the region. We can guarantee that we never would’ve believed the results we have achieved, they are mind-boggling. Harvey Pratt (Our forensic artist) is an unbelievable artist and interviewer. The NABS trip to Minnesota was as much a fact finding tour as a trip to understand any relationships between California and Minnesota sightings. I can tell you that initial findings are showing that there is a correlation regarding the physical features of the hominid. Considering the differences between the two states, topography, weather and food source, this is a stunning finding. More about this in a later issue. The next state that is high on our list to visit is Oklahoma. It is the home of our forensic artist, Harvey Pratt, and it’s home to many Native American Reservations. There does seem to be some relationship between Native Americans and Bigfoot. We are actively researching all the various angles to this relationship and are having results at understanding some issues. We look forward to a visit to Oklahoma late this summer. We have to expeditions on our agenda this summer, northern and southern Siskiyou Wilderness. We have been to both regions several times and this summer we are going with a stronger team, different objectives and will be in an area that a witness has had multiple sightings, should be exciting. We are routinely asked if we’ve seen Bigfoot, the answer is no. Our objective is not to view the creature, we know they exist, our goal is to understand the bigger picture, behavior, food source, areas of frequency, migration, etc. I know many of you may not understand this objective but a thorough understanding of all facets of the creature are more valuable to NABS then a one time, chance encounter of 20 seconds of fleeing Bigfoot. Keep those questions and comments coming. Enjoy the great outdoors. NABS nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Blog #26 The Store Opens!! This is a big day in the history of North America Bigfoot Search. It has been over 12 months in preparation and many more in the planning and idea stage, but our Bigfoot store is now open. We know there will be hitches in the store as there is in any new phase of business operations but expect a quick response and great customer service. We were going to have T-shirts available this week as well but our vendor didn’t get the color correct on our logo so they will not arrive till later next week. We have attempted to offer you a wide variety of materials that will hopefully appease the Bigfoot enthusiast in all of you. In the last two weeks a team has been in northern Minnesota doing follow-up work that was initiated last summer. The region has a history of Bigfoot sightings, some in the middle of winter when it was -30. The area of the sightings are thick, boggy with lots of wildlife. It makes for a very interesting and different environment to study Bigfoot. During the last month we have also been working sightings in the Santa Cruz Mountains between San Jose and Santa Cruz. This region has many big redwood trees, has areas that are quite remote and when you dig deep has a long history of Bigfoot activity. The Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton is a central point where people from the community come and report their sightings and they have a large peg board in their display area that shows sightings from throughout Santa Cruz County. This summer we have trips planned for both the northern and southern portions of the Siskiyou Wilderness. If you have any recommendations, information or merely want to ask a questions, please forward it to: nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com Enjoy the GREAT outdoors. North America Bigfoot Search ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Blog #25/The Bigfoot Store/ When we first started this organization the thought of launching a multi level retail internet store front never entered our mind. We had committed ourselves to researching Bigfoot, documenting our findings and developing a venue/website that was a communication tool between our witnesses, friends and work partners. As we made more and more field contacts we realized that there was a consistent theme being communicated, people liked our organization and they wanted to feel aligned with us. We were routinely asked how they could purchase t-shirts, hats, work shirts and books related to NABS, well, we can only say "no" so many times. By the end of this week you will see major changes to our website as we enter the next phase of our business implementation. We have consistantly listened to your requests by adding specific web pages. The next page we will add will definately be the most cumbersome in implementation, our store front. The Bigfoot Store will include many of the items you have asked for (shirts, hats, stickers, belt buckles and many books). Many of the items we are selling were acquired through the purchase of Ray Crowe's research and inventory. We are not selling items that were given to Ray as gifts, we are only selling items that Ray was selling inside his store. It's been an interesting endeavor as the store has come together. Understanding how every item sold in the store must be ground tracked when sold or the credit agency won't insure the shipment, realizing consequences of sales tax, obtaining a re-sale license and complying with state jurisdictional issues has been complex. Our first book, "The Hoopa Project" has been delivered to NABS. We were very fortunate to receive a limited first printing from Hancock House and we will be the sole source for the book until August 2008. We have a limited supply so don't wait too long to get your first printing copy. The intial feedback has been strong with many commenting on the beautiful color sketches by Harvey Pratt, interesting stories from witnesses and the numerous photos throughout the book. The orange color of the cover is an eye catcher. We'd like to personally thank Theresa Laviolette, a true team player (Editor Hancock House), Ingrid Luters (Developed the Cover and much, much more) and Mia Hancock for her tireless work in putting the photos with the story and laying the book out to perfection. These people do not get adequate recognition for their great work and out goes a huge- THANK YOU-THANK YOU!! Keep your emails and snail mail coming, we respond to everything. North America Bigfoot Search nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Blog #24 The Bigfoot Mapping Project As you probably already know NABS has put a concentrated effort into far Northern portion of California, specifically the region of Del Norte, Siskiyou, Humboldt and Trinity Counties. This is a region that has a long history of Bigfoot sightings/encounters and was a natural place to start out research. Well, the four years produced many fascinating results and one book, “The Hoopa Project”, due out later this year. One of the most amazing men we have met during our research was Al Hodgson, Willow Creek. Al is essentially the Curator of the Bigfoot museum in town and an individual has tremendous integrity and credibility. He is the center post of all Bigfoot activity for the area and is someone we have grown to deeply respect and admire. As we have gotten to mutually know each other, Al communicates with us regularly about the museum and local activity. Approximately 6 months ago Al told us that the museum wanted him to develop a map of all Bigfoot sightings and encounters for the area around Willow Creek. Al told me this in passing and really didn’t make much of the issue. Please remember that Al is a very humble person. Al won’t talk about family medical issues, his tough struggles around his residence or the management issues regarding his property, he keeps a lot inside. As I walked away from one of my meetings with Al I remembered he mentioned the Bigfoot map that the museum wanted him to create. Well, someone needs to do something to assist Al, NABS stepped to the plate. We have always kept a “pin” map of sightings in the four counties identified above and we had never gone public with any of the data, until now. In consultation amongst our group we decided to help Al on a much larger scale. NABS has produced the first Bigfoot Sightings Map of the four Northwestern most California Counties (Humboldt, Del Norte, Siskiyou and Trinity). We have also included the far southern tip of Oregon and smaller portions of Mendocino, Tehama and Shasta Counties. We licensed a driving map from a major car club and then transplanted our sightings/encounters onto the map. 349 different locations are identified and cross-referenced on the backside of the map with a short one or two sentence explanation of the incident. Almost 90 of these locations were developed through NABS and they are cross referenced to either our first book (The Hoopa Project) or to our second book, still untitled. The map hasn’t been released as of yet but it has been reviewed and the initial results are phenomenal. The first copies of the map will go to Al Hodgson and the Museum in Willow Creek, obviously. This is really the center of all Bigfoot activity on the map and it will act as a great center point to start the Bigfoot search for any adventure seekers. The map will be available through our site effective June 5th and at stores and museums across California in the very near future. We would recommend purchasing our book (The Hoopa Project) simultaneously with the map and you can float back and forth understanding the topography, wilderness areas and roads of the area and how this relates to the mapped sightings. North America Bigfoot Search Nabigfootsearch@yahoo.com __________________________________________________________________________________________

Bigfoot Blog #23
As many of you now know NABS has purchased all of the research material, Track Records and associated Bigfoot related documents from Ray Crowe. Ray is having medical problems, wants to retire and wanted to ensure his materials went to an organization that would carry on his great work.

Ray spent a large percentage of his life researching this great mammal and much of his research is contained in a newsletter he published and you subscribed, “The Track Record”. Almost every major researcher in the world contributed articles, photos and opinions to the newsletter before the internet was a major player in the distribution of information. Ray’s insight into making formidable contacts, extracting information and following leads was a stellar piece of work. But, Ray wasn’t the best at maintaining a useful database or cataloging information. He was great at keeping almost every letter that anyone ever sent to him. He would get the correspondence, read and probably respond and then put the letter into a box. We have MANY boxes that we still haven’t read threw. I will say that what we have started to catalogue is like finding the “Mother Lode” of Bigfoot information. We’ve found letters from almost every big name in the Bigfoot world, some very amusing, each letter containing an opinion or insight that is unique and valuable.

One of the objectives in purchasing Ray’s work is to make it available to all of our researchers in a quick ready-reference form. We are not so astute as to believe we should re-invent to the Bigfoot wheel. Ray researched many of the angles in the Bigfoot mystery and untangled much of that web. We need to understand what he did, how he did it and how we can benefit from his work and the work of his contributors. I can guarantee that what we have found in just the last week in materials we have started to review have saved ourselves years of research, really! Some of the letters, research papers and general correspondence point to a members of the public that have done great research and are not being recognized, maybe not even contacted. The contributions by way of copied articles, memo’s about older books and Native American stories are priceless. We’ve found some older books that were copied and sent that offer insight into the Native American struggle with Bigfoot that we’ve never seen. Many of you are great researchers!

We probably have another two months to get the project to the point where information is readily available. If any of you know Ray you may want to contact him and wish him the best in his retirement and let him know that he’ll always be a recognized and respected figure in the world of Bigfoot.

Keep those letters and e-mails flowing. You’ve asked some great questions and we appreciate the input.

June 1st is the release date of our first book published by Hancock House. It is a very detailed look at a small area of California where we spent 3 years on site conducting research. A forensic sketch artist personally met with many Bigfoot witnesses and the resulting drawings are riveting. This is the first time that an author, a professional FBI trained sketch artist and eyewitnesses met and jointly documented a story, a sketch and a book. “The Hoopa Project”

Blog #22- NABS is in the process of a huge transition. We are going from a completely stealthy organization to very public in a matter of 5 weeks. This transition has been almost 4 years in the making and has been carefully orchestrated to follow a specific path. When we originally started our quest to understand Bigfoot we didn't want to be hindered by the opinions of others. We didn't want to be pushed any specific direction in our hunt to find the truth. It would be premature to say that we've solved the Bigfoot equation but it is fair to say that we've taken major steps towards our goal.

NABS will issue a Press Release on Wednesday, April 30 indicating the start of our constructive change. The statement of April 30 will announce a major purchase we've been negotiating for several months and the complete acquisition of a major Bigfoot related assett. One of our goals is to educate the public about the facts behind Bigfoot. If we found that Bigfoot was a complete hoax, we would've announced that, this isn't the case. We will start our process of education with the announcement on Wednesday, it will be something that is good for all Bigfoot researchers, interested members of the public and science in general.

June 1st, the publishers of our first book will be releasing it for sale to the general public. The first 20 copies will be sent government officials as part of the edict in our mission statement to enact legislation. We have agreed in principle with our publisher to aggressively market this book throughout the United States as it will have significant impact on the world of Bigfoot. It will cause turmoil even though the results are based on forensic science. Please keep checking our site for further details. We apologize that we haven't kept our readers updated on a more consistent basis of our progress but we are in the busiest time of our young life. Keep your e-mails flowing, we respond to everyone.

50 Years of “Bigfoot”
Blog #21
We’ve just been notified that Humboldt County (Calif) is going to celebrate 50 years of the word “Bigfoot”. The word was first coined in 1958 when huge human looking footprints were found in the Six Rivers National Forest in Northern California. Humboldt County is going National with their campaign so start looking for literature on their celebration. We do know that Willow Creek is going to start their summer celebration on June 15 (Sunday) with a Chili Cook off and Bigfoot book signing commemorating the 50 years. You may also want to mark your calendar now for Labor Day weekend in Willow Creek, Humboldt County Calif. They are also going to celebrate 50 Years of Bigfoot with a 3 day celebration that should be the biggest Bigfoot fair, bonanza, conference, etc anywhere in the world. The Bigfoot weekend will include a special speakers section, displays, Bigfoot museum, book signings and more.

As the only organization conducting full time research into Bigfoot there are several aspects to this creature that are confusing and difficult to track. We’ve recently received reports of a Bigfoot type creature in the dessert of Southern California. Many aspects of the sightings parallel typical Bigfoot sightings in the north but the climate, food source and overall atmosphere of this region is polar opposite of the north. It would appear that there are several possible reasons for the sightings and rationale for the creature migrating to this area.

1. The creatures being seen in the dessert are a different species then ones being seen in the north.

2. The creature’s got lost looking for food source and accidentally went into the dessert climate.

3. People are hallucinating.

4. UFO’s dropped the creatures from the sky.

While we don’t think or treat Bigfoot is a joking matter, the issue of UFO’s are something that continually come up. If anyone spends time in the dessert you will notice that there are some very strange aerial phenomena that occur in these regions. Granted, the dessert is a very dark place and our ability to see much more at night is a partial reason for seeing more. Is there any one region of North America where UFO’s are more famous then a dessert environment? While we do not have any evidence that Bigfoot is related to UFO’s it was something that has continually been reported to us by locals and something we needed to place in this blog.

If you read a skeptic’s account on Bigfoot you will read that many witnesses are hallucinating or plainly lying. As someone who has personally interviewed hundreds of Bigfoot witnesses I have no doubt that 99% of the people I’ve met are completely grounded, normal people with 20/20 vision who reported what they saw, period. Bigfoot is not a case of mass hallucination.

Bigfoot has always exhibited superior intellect coupled with amazing athletic feats. The idea that this creature is lost in its search food source is irrational. In 50 years of attempting to obtain better footage of the creature everyone has been unsuccessful. Considering that nearly 1 in every 2 American families has a video camera, it’s amazing that the best footage we have of Bigfoot is from 1967 where two cowboys caught it while on horseback riding through an area where they accidentally saw it. Bigfoot has never been caught, never been captured on film for more then a few minutes and a specimen has never been found. Somewhere, somehow and someplace there are quite a few deceased Bigfoot buried or lying in our forests. This creature is VERY intelligent and it’s not going to be accidentally captured or make a mental mistake any time soon.

The species in the dessert is different then the Bigfoot of the Pacific Northwest. The Pacific Northwest is known for being wet, rainy, isolated with a rainforest atmosphere, quite different then the dessert. The physical needs of a creature in the Pacific Northwest are almost opposite then a creature of the dessert. If you carefully read the physical accounts of a dessert Bigfoot versus a Pacific Northwest Bigfoot you will start to notice the differences. These are different species. If you are a casual reader of this article, well, read on and file this away. If you have a serious interest in Bigfoot then start to pay close attention to the physical details in every Bigfoot report you read. The differences are not acute, some are subtle, but, they are there. The differences start with size, hair, facial features, mouth, teeth and regional distribution. We’ll discuss more of this at a later time but felt that many groups don’t discuss this issue yet we feel it is important. Keep an open mind and keep reading.

All comments are appreciated.
Blog #21
Locals & Bigfoot Sightings
This past week has been one of the best 7-day spans in the history of our organization. Maybe it was the sunshine and everyone was in a great mood or it might be that we were finally able to get into some isolated spots and make much needed contacts.
We recently reviewed 400 Bigfoot sighting reports for a variety of data. One item that became blatantly clear is that a vast majority of the reports were from people VISITING an area, they were tourists. They were obviously shocked to see a Bigfoot and looked for a place to report their incident. There are very few reports from locals who talk about sightings in their neighborhood.
In the last 3+ years we have had an opportunity to visit some of the most remote towns the U.S. has to offer. I personally cannot remember an incident where I wasn’t greeted warmly and offered all the assistance we might have needed. I must also state that there were occasions where locals thought we were nuts, but, they were respectful and helpful.
In the past week I made a several cold contacts and was immediately enveloped by a local community. One storeowner made a few calls and in the following 60 minutes there were a handful of Bigfoot witnesses standing in a small market. The community had been harboring their story and didn’t know which direction to turn or who to trust. Many in the community were retirees and didn’t have computer access and as such didn’t know about us or other Bigfoot organizations. What transpired over the course of the following days were stories that were truly amazing. The trust level amongst the locals and researchers continued to rise until more and more witnesses came forward. The conclusion to this story is that Bigfoot had been visiting this community for over 30 years and little information had ever leaked. Another witness in a community 50 miles away gave us information on this community and explained that people will not “jump” to report but you have to gain their trust. This is not an isolated incident!
In the last several years the above story has repeated itself again and again. The locals are not looking for publicity (they like their isolation and that’s why they live there), they are not getting paid (we don’t do this) and they definitely know what they saw. We do not know of any Bigfoot Organization that proactively contacts local residents and searches for evidence. Granted, we do not go into every community and start asking questions, there must be some valid reason why we are there. We do ask several open-ended non-specific questions that usually open the door into Bigfoot.
The experience we had this week continues to fuel our speculation that there are many more witnesses to Bigfoot then anyone realizes. There is a statement on our site that says there are more reports of Bigfoot sightings in California then Mountain Lions, after this week our comfort level to this statement continue to rise. The public acceptance of Bigfoot continues to increase as series such as “Monster Quest” make it “OK” to believe in a huge, hairy creature roaming the woods. As the public becomes more educated on the creature we believe that the number of sighting reports will continue to rise and researchers will gain vital information.
We acknowledge the great contribution that volunteers have made into Bigfoot research. They walked on ground early in the story that science refused to trek. We are slowly seeing that mainstream science is becoming more involved in Bigfoot research and with this will come research dollars and with that will come answers. Volunteers must have jobs to afford to conduct their weekend missions. Only making contacts in two-day increments greatly reduce anyone’s opportunity of developing synergy. We are very fortunate to have the ability to stay on site and develop trust, integrity and subsequent contacts.
Many of you have made statements regarding our website and the specific lack of sighting reports. This is a decision we made early in our infancy and evolved from information found on other sites. There are several Bigfoot organizations that have great sites that accumulate sighting reports. Almost all of the reports are taken via phone and few witnesses ever have a visit from a volunteer researcher. We do congratulate these sites for their vast accumulation of data!
North America Bigfoot Search has made it a policy that every sighting report that is submitted to our site will get a complete follow-up investigation. We will speak with you on the phone; obtain specific information about the incident and then attempt to find an agreeable time where we can personally meet. In 99% of the sightings reported to this site, we have personally gone to the location and met with the witness. We have found valuable evidence by visiting the location and asking the witness pertinent questions relative to what we discover. We have found that this personal contact has assisted us in gaining community confidence and in determining additional evidence of each sighting.
We are not interested in being another warehouse for Bigfoot reports; there are plenty of those sites. We are committed to being the one location on the web that will distribute factual, professional and timely research information on Bigfoot.
We always appreciate contact with our readers and your comments are always appreciated.
North America Bigfoot Search

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