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"if the skeptics are right and there is no such creature as Bigfoot, then it is a fact that thousands of Americans and Canadians are either prone to hallucinations, or compulsive liars, or unable to recognize bears, deer and vagrants."  Janet Bord

Listed below are some of the commonly asked questions that we routinely see while in the field.

Q-Why haven't bones from bigfoot been found?
A- Ask any hunter, outdoorsman or woodsman how many bones they routinely see while they are hiking, hunting or working. There are tens of thousands of bear and deer in the California forests yet their bones are almost never seen. The floor of the forests in the Pacific Northwest are a very efficient environment that quickly dispose of deceased animals and their remains.
**We do believe that someday remains of a Bigfoot will be discovered.

Q- Why don't more people see bigfoot?
A-There are more reported sightings of bigfoot in California then mountain lions. Check any of the bigfoot databases on the web and you will see hundreds of bigfoot sightings throughout California in the last several years. Police Officers and Physicians are only two of the professions that rate high in personal integrity that have reported bigfoot sightings. North America Bigfoot Search is currently involved in a lengthy investigation that involves police officers who responded and were on the scene of a bigfoot sighting.

Q-Why is there only a history of bigfoot sightings in the last 40 years?
A-There are several newspapers, trappers journals and personal writings that recount encounters with animals that match bigfoot that were written in the 1800's and early 1900's. The term "bigfoot" was coined in the 20th century so you will not find it in writings of the 1800's. Newspapers in the Vancouver, Canada area documented an incident involving a creature described in a similar manner as bigfoot in the early 1900's. There is also another article written by the Antioch Ledger of central California that documented an incident involving a creature described in a very similar manner as Bigfoot. There is also visual documentation on the Tule River Indian Reservation of pictographs that have been dated to be 1500-2000 years old that are drawings of Bigfoot. David Paulides has included several newspaper articles from the 1800's in his book, Tribal Bigfoot.

Q-Why is bigfoot only found in the Pacific Northwest?
Creatures that have a similar description to bigfoot have been reported in every state of the United States except Hawaii. They have also been reported in areas of the world that are tropical and also snow zones. There does not seem to be any single environment that bigfoot cannot survive. The Almasty (Native to Russia) and the Yeren native to China have a very similar appearance to bigfoot in the west.

Q- What do I do with hair, blood or other forensic evidence of bigfoot?
A- You must be careful with this. Most bigfoot organizations are profit oriented enterprises and are looking to make money. They will either attempt to license the rights to your find or buy the rights. We will work with anyone on what they've found. Laboratory tests are expensive and time consuming. We will gladly review your evidence and give you a best case scenario of what we believe you found. We work with a reputable lab and will develop a win-win scenario where we will absorb all costs. Never touch evidence with your hands, always wear gloves. Place the sample in a paper bag and keep it well ventilated until it is completely dry. We believe that our lab professionals know more about bigfoot hair then any other experts in the world. We started our study in 2005 and it is continuing today.

Q- Why don't you have sighting reports listed with detailed explanations of locations and what was observed?
A- There are MANY websites where this is their main focus. We are not in the business of driving traffic to our site and are not looking to increase visits. We are interested in maintaining the trust and integrity that we've developed over the last 4 years. We will deliver credible, reliable information on bigfoot and current news articles that keep our viewers up to date with the latest information on Sasquatch/Bigfoot. We will list sightings that we think are valuable and credible to our efforts. Look at our "Sightings" page for reports.

Q- Is bigfoot an animal, human or a hybrid?
A- This is not an easy answer but according to our research it does appear that bigfoot is much more human then animal. Many hunters have seen the biped up close and have stated that they could not shoot because it looked like a human. There may be human DNA in some bigfoot across the U.S. There are many Native American stories about bigfoot taking women and forcing them into procreating. There are other unconfirmed reports that offspring emanated from these relationships. Almost all Native American Tribes believe bigfoot is another tribe of Native Americans, none consider them an animal.

Q- Should a bigfoot be shot so that science can examine a specimen?                                                                                    

A- The hunters code of conduct states that no hunter shall ever shoot anything that they are not positive about what they are shooting. If we as a society do not know where bigfoot is on the genetic code, how could any hunter justify shooting it? There is compelling evidence that bigfoot is much smarter than any other biped (except human) in the world that is recognized by science. If it is our inability to develop strategies and research protocol where we can study the biped in their natural environment, we shouldn't  turn violent and end the life of the biped that we don't fully understand.

Q- How can I contact a Bigfoot researcher if I don't have an e-mail address?
You can contact us by mail: 15732 Los Gatos Blvd, #438, Los Gatos, CA 95032, or you can also fax any correspondence to (408) 356-3324.

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