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The Track Record

Ray Crowe was the founder of the Western Bigfoot Society in Oregon. Ray held monthly meetings in the basement of his bookstore in Hillsboro and from that grew an immense commitment to bigfoot and other crypto topics. Ray was the perfect man to develop a newsletter that catered to everyone’s interest with specific emphasis on sasquatch/bigfoot.

The newsletter slowly grew in popularity and in quality as Ray’s name floated throughout North America and eventually the world. He covered Almasti, Yeti, Yeren, Abominable Snowman and every other unusual biped that walked the Earth. Ray was the type of person who was approachable and liked talking to people. He made several expeditions throughout the western United States in search of the biped and made many great contacts.

The “Track Record” newsletter was published every month for 17 years, over 3000 pages. Ray retired almost two years ago and NABS purchased all of his research and the rights to his writings. We methodically went through every page of the Track Record and developed an 80 page WORD document that is the index for all 3000 pages. There is nothing like this for crypto research, nothing. This is all placed on a CD that is PC and MAC compatible.

Here is an example of some of the data contained in the newsletters, the entire article is on the page noted;
Track Record 91 Page 5, Big Hairy Indian Swims up to Boat
                           91              6, Smoke Jumpers See a bigfoot
                           93            16, Two types of bigfoot creatures in Laos
                           99            12, Some bigfoot live underground
                           99            18, Eight foot tall body found in Washington
                           140          17, Cannibal Monster of Canadian Forests

This is a very, very small sampling of the enormous amount of data that Ray documented in the Track Record. Remember, there is an 80 page index that includes just about everything you’d ever want to know about crypto topics (UFO’s, Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabra, etc).

This one purchase could keep you busy for months. It is the best research document available anywhere regarding bigfoot, sasquatch, yeti, yeren, Almasti, etc.

Below is an actual section of the index to allow you to see how comprehensive this document really is!

Bigfoot Eyes TR 15 Pg 4(glowing green), TR 15 Pg 4(red), TR 16 Pg 6 (glowed red), TR 33 Pg 4 (Red), 12 (Red), TR 39 Pg 7 (Red), TR 41 Pg 4 (red), TR 42 Pg 12-13 (Red), TR 45 Pg 6, TR 47 Pg 7 (yellow), TR 49 Pg 9 (Glowing Red), TR 52 Pg 5 (Red), TR 56 Pg 5 (glowing Red), 7 (Gray), TR 59 Pg 6 (Yellow w/ Black Pupils), TR 60 Pg 5 (green glowing eyes), TR 61 Pg 8 (Blue w/ white eyes), TR 62 Pg 4 (Blue), TR 64 Pg 4 (Black), 5 (Brown), TR 78 Pg 2 (Blue), TR 79 Pg 13 (Brown), TR 81 Pg 3 (Yellow), TR 82 Pg 3 (Greenish-Yellow), 5 (Greenish-Yellow), TR 84 Pg (Orange), TR 85 Pg 6 (Glowing Red), TR 85 Pg 8 (Glowing Red), TR 85 Pg 10 (Blue), TR 87 Pg 7 (Yellowish-Brown), TR 93 Pg 5 (Glowing Red), TR 94 Pg 10 (Red), TR 96 Pg 6 (Red), 11 (Yellow), TR 99 Pg 14 (Glowing Gold), TR 99 Pg 15 (Bright Red), TR 98 Pg 2 (Red Reflecting), 10 (Red), 11 (Red), TR 100 Pg 3, 15 (Red), TR 102 Pg 7 (Yellow), TR 103 Pg 7 (Red), 13, TR 106 Pg 13 (Reddish-Brown), TR 108 Pg 17 (Red), TR 112 Pg 6 (Red), TR 113 Pg 17 (Red), TR 116 Pg 2 (Yellow), TR 118 Pg 3 (Blue), 10 (Yellow), TR 122 Pg 17 (Orange), TR 126 Pg 7 (Yellow), 16 (Cat-like eyes), TR 127 Pg 3 (Comparative eye statement), TR 128 Pg 3 (Pinkish-red), TR 130 Pg 2 (Red), TR 131 Pg 1 (Blue), TR 132 Pg 6 (Greenish-Yellow), TR 132 Pg 10 (Blue), TR 133 Pg 5 (Yellow), 8 (Red), 16 (Brown), TR 134 Pg 10 (Yellow), TR 134 Pg 10 (Green), 10 (Red), TR 134 Pg 11 (pinkish-orange), TR 135 Pg 6 (Brown), TR 136 Pg 6 (Goldish), TR 137 Pg 7 (reddish-Brown), TR 138 Pg 14 (Dark Brown), TR 139 Pg 4 (Blue), TR 139 Pg 7 (Black), TR 140 Pg 5 (Glowing Red), TR 142 Pg 1, TR 145 Pg 8 (Glowing Red), 8 (Yellowish-red), TR 148 Pg 4 (Yellow), TR 154 Pg 2 (Brown), TR 156 Pg 3 (Glowing red eyes), 6 (Glowing Red Eyes), TR 158 Pg 8 (Red), TR 159 Pg 3 (Red), TR 161 Pg 2 (Yellow), 2 (Brown), TR 165 Pg 4 (Blue), TR 172 Pg 10 (Red), TR 173 Pg 3 (Glare Red), TR 174 Pg 6 (Glowing Peak),
Bigfoot Eyeshine TR 165 Pg 15, 16,
Bigfoot Face TR 113 Pg 2 (Looked Like Persian Cat),
Bigfoot Facial Feature Changes TR 129 Pg 2,
Bigfoot Family TR 29 Pg 8-9, TR 39 Pg 7-8, TR 92 Pg 6, TR 122 Pg 7,
Bigfoot Feeling of Being Watched TR 78 Pg 6,
Bigfoot Female attacks Male TR 18 Pg 4
Bigfoot Fighting TR 32 Pg 9
Bigfoot Fingernails TR 90 Pg 14 (3-4” long),
Bigfoot Fingerprints TR 110 Pg 1A,
Bigfoot Fire TR 112 Pg 15, TR 141 Pg 5,
Bigfoot Flashing Lights TR 159 Pg 2, 3 (Flash of Light),
Bigfoot Flashlight with TR 125 Pg 3-4,
Bigfoot Frogs Eating TR 22 Pg 3-4.
Bigfoot Garbage Dump TR 62 Pg 3, TR 92 Pg 6, TR 164 Pg 6,
Bigfoot Geese TR 17 Pg 6c(eating)
Bigfoot Genitals Seen TR 61 Pg 8, TR 63 Pg 3,
Bigfoot Goats TR 44 Pg 4, TR 84 Pg 1, TR 100 Pg 11, TR 107 Pg 14, TR 137 Pg 5, TR 158 Pg 8,
Bigfoot Golden Brown in Color TR 78 Pg 5, TR 83 Pg 7, TR 113 Pg 2,
Bigfoot Graphs of activity TR 124 Pg 8-9,
Bigfoot Gravel Pit, See Bigfoot Quarry
Bigfoot Grey in color TR 21 Pg 4, TR 50 Pg 8, TR 54 Pg 5, TR 63 Pg 3, TR 64 Pg 6, TR 69 Pg 10, 11, TR 80 Pg 8, TR 86 Pg 6, TR 89 Pg 8, TR 93 Pg 5, TR 96 Pg 12, TR 98 Pg 2, 11, TR 99 Pg 14, TR 100 Pg 11, TR 103 Pg 5, 10, TR 122 Pg 8, TR 125 Pg 6, TR 127 Pg 12, TR 129 Pg 2, 3, TR 132 Pg 6, TR 140 Pg 5, TR 141 Pg 10, TR 150 Pg 10, TR 152 Pg 1, TR 159 Pg 2, TR 160 Pg 8, TR 161 Pg 3 (Charcoal Grey), TR 168 Pg 7,
Bigfoot Grizzly TR 79 Pg 12 (Fight),
Bigfoot Gutteral Sound TR 90 Pg 4, TR 141 Pg 5, TR 162 Pg 2,
Bigfoot Habituation TR 109 Pg 16, TR 117 Pg 3, TR 124 Pg 10, TR 127 Pg 2, TR 150 Pg 4, TR 151 Pg 10, TR159 Pg 10, TR 163 Pg 11,

Here is the direct link to our store to purchase the “Track Record;


Here is a review of the Track Record:**The Track Record is a CD NOT A DVD

A Review of North American Bigfoot Search’s DVD of Ray Crowe’s Track Record

In early 2007, I had the privilege of boxing Ray Crowe’s Western Bigfoot Society and International Bigfoot Society records for their sale to North American Bigfoot Search.  Aside from some help from Ray’s daughter, I was alone in the work since I couldn’t find volunteers and Ray was in a period of limited locomotion.

Packing brought back many memories.  Recently, I’ve had cause to revisit those dusty, moldy poignant fourteen hours of work in five sessions to provide information to another researcher.

During my remembrance, I recognized one thing seemed missing, something I haven’t seen on the Internet, although I spend little time searching for Bigfoot stuff on the web.  It was a review of the absolutely incredible work NABS did to organize, scan, index, and catalog Ray’s Track Records, A Bigfoot Encyclopedia into a DVD format.

The DVD is available through the North American Bigfoot Search website for the very reasonable sum of $19.95 plus a modest shipping charge.  This is why every, and I mean every, serious Bigfoot researcher should buy a copy.

First, let me say that during its 16 year run from 1991 to early 2007, Ray Crowe always advised his readers “To have their “Skepticals” on.”  Pretty much, Ray typed his contributor’s works in as they came.  He did one other thing; he generally didn’t repeat what was readily available through other venues; rather, Ray would simply reference where the citation could be found.

So, what does all that mean?

One: there is a huge amount of primary information available in the Track Record.  This was recognized by NABS, which has astute people on staff, and they went to the time and expense of making 174 of the newsletters {about 3,000 pages} available to the many who have few if any copies of the originals {I think I have a complete set, but may be missing a couple, yet for it’s convenience, I find the NABS DVD my go-to reference.}

Two: critics who say the TR is hardly worth the paper it’s printed on are in serious error.  Crowe’s work is in fact an Encyclopedia unmatched in our field of study.  It goes far beyond the product of some Bigfoot books which are mainly, “back-in-the-day, they saw one; and reports of one walking across a road.”

Now, let’s consider some TR generals and specifics which I selected virtually at random this morning.

The superlative 80 page index begins with four or five pages of Bigfoot only related material.  Some headings read: “Bigfoot Caves {20 citations}, eyes {100}, odor {60+}, wood knocks {20+}. 

Indexed topics include: BF/Sasquatch/Wildmen, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabras, Research Reports, Yeti/Yowie/ Yaren Reports, Photos of Researchers, Research photos & sketches, and commentary.

Just three issues are adequate to demonstrate the wide range of exceptional material available in the TR DVD: issue #16 of May 1992, issue #28 of June 1993, and issue #130 of August 2003.

#16 – this one caught my eye because of a mention of Olallie Lake tracks which is in my primary area of field research.  The heading was somewhat misleading as the tracks actually occurred NW and across Big Bottom on the upper slopes of Mt. Lowe.  The vicinity of Mt. Lowe is an area I have spent many days and nights investigating.   I was also disappointed to know that the many reports of activity near Olallie Lake are apparently not in the Track Record.  No matter.

#28 – there is a version of the Clackamas Indian myth about Bigfoot presenting themselves to man and not being seen.  Ray also comments on the eleven {11} Bigfoot newsletters in print at the time.  One central to his comments exploded onto the scene and then evaporated, as most have, with the exception of Daniel Perez’s monthly.

#130 – this one was a bit touching.  While it was surely selected at random, I found it important for it contains a photograph of a much younger Ray and our dear Theata before she had cancer.  Theata Crowe was a beautiful, wonderful person.

Anyway, pages 2228 & 29 on the DVD version of #130 have old drawings about wild men in Europe.  P.2230 relates a Loch Ness type Native American legend of a similar, more violent creature called the “Wallowa Lake Monster.”  P.2232 contains a report from Russia authored by Valentin Sapunov.

Somewhere as I was rambling with my mouse I found a reference to Forest Road 4610 which was very important to me, although I thought I knew the road area “well.”

I could go on, but I will not.  Save your money, buy the DVD.  It contains important history that someday may become rare.  Also know the DVD is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  If you are not familiar with PDF in large documents, it is very easy to learn and navigate.

Where to buy the DVD:  www.nabigfootsearch.com

Thank you.

Joe Beelart
West Linn, Oregon
April 3, 2010

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