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Bigfoot Map Project

When North America Bigfoot Search (NABS) was first established, we initiated a project to plot all Northern California Bigfoot incidents and sightings on a map. We approached the California State AAA and negotiated a licensing agreement to use their four county color driving map of Trinity, Siskiyou, Humboldt and Del Norte Counties. We have also included the southern end of the State of Oregon on the map. NABS researchers spent weeks in libraries researching archives in an attempt to locate all related documentation of Bigfoot in the counties listed.

Our research uncovered documents going back to the late 1800’s where a creature described identically to “Bigfoot” was documented in articles. We also found books in the early 1900’s describing a creature in an identical manner as Bigfoot. We searched online Bigfoot/Sasquatch databases for all documentation that we could retrieve on Bigfoot activity in the counties noted. The result of our four years of research on the mapping project is a 24” X 36” color driving map with almost 350 locations identified of Bigfoot incidents and sightings. Each county has there own numbering sequence. On the reverse side of the map each county is listed along with the numerical sightings. Each number has a one or two sentence description of the incident and the location where we found the information. We did not include incidents where the location was vague or the source was not identified. All of the incidents in “The Hoopa Project " (our first book) are listed on this map as is all incidents in our second book, Tribal Bigfoot. We invite all interested parties to study the map intently and look for correlations between data points and see if you can find indicators of Bigfoot behavior hidden on the map. We didn’t hide anything but we did spend years studying the data on the map. There are answers there and some are obvious, you need to look.

There has never been a mapping project like this that centers and concentrates on a small area of immense Bigfoot activity. The map is an evolving project with new sightings and incidents added monthly. The publisher of "The Hoopa Project” couldn’t include a high-resolution copy of the map in the book thus we produced it in correlation with the sale of the book. The map adds significantly to the enjoyment of the book and to the mystery of Bigfoot. The map can be purchased at our online store. A small segment of the map is reproduced at the top of this page.


To purchase the bigfoot map, please visit our company store at the attached link:www.nabigfootsearch.com/Bigfootstore.html 

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