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Bigfoot Profile
Physical Attributes, Habits & Description

North America Bigfoot Search has spent hundreds of hours refining, researching, investigating and interviewing to develop the profile in the attached listing. The physical attributes and habits described emanate from longterm field research in California. We believe that the profile we've listed applies to a vast majority of all Bigfoot in the Western United States and Canada. We have committed resources to investigating reports from other regions in the United States but we are not yet ready to apply our name to a uniform profile for those creatures, more research is needed.

Our success is directly related to the assistance given our researchers by the general public. We are always available for questions and appreciate the contact when we are in the field. It is sometimes the most mundane of information that may solve a complex puzzle, please do not hesitate in forwarding any information that you may feel is related to Bigfoot.

The information on the "Trait" sheet is based on actual studies completed on each section of the chart. We should note that the last section "Misc", mentions that Bigfoot is highly interested in children, we will clarify. We have investigated many cases where Bigfoot has walked directly up to young kids and appears to understand that kids offer no threat. They are probably as interested in us as we are of them but they understand that adults can cause them great harm, thus shy away. Children are different, they are inquisitive, have a smell and a voice different then adults, they are distinct. In documented cases where children have showed no fear, Bigfoot will make repeated appearances in an apparent attempt at friendship. We have never documented a case where a Bigfoot attacked or touched a child.

Extreme caution should be used by all adults when in the wild. There are cases of men and women being attacked by mountain lions and bears when humans are in pairs and alone. There does exist a significant threat in the wild when you are traveling alone. There have been instances when our researchers have walked down a lonely mountain trail alone, returned on the same trail hours later and have seen mountain lion tracks on top of their tracks. The following is a website that outlines predatory bear and mountain lion attacks in North America; www.southeasternoutdoors.com/wildlife/mammals/black-bear-attacks-fatal.html

It should also be noted that there are several accounts of Bigfoot abducting people in the late 1800's and early 1900's. The incidents are documented by Native Americans who lived side by side with the bipeds. There are too many documented cases of this behavior to ignore. Read "Tribal Bigfoot" for an excellent narration of these events from years past. Always utilize all of your senses when you are traveling in the forests of North America.

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