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Bigfoot Wild Men and Giants-Second Edition

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Bigfoot Wild Men and Giants-Second Edition

After a nine-year hiatus from his last bigfoot book, David Paulides has returned to the arena with Bigfoot Wild Men and Giants. This 449-page tabletop book of news articles describing hairy bipeds and giant skeletons that were located in mounds and graves.

Mr. Paulides has committed himself to the work associated with his books, Missing 411. While searching newspaper archives for missing people, he stumbled across articles of wild men and giants. The description of the wild men and women match that of bigfoot today. In a remarkable coincidence, there are many skeletons of giants found in the same time parameters as the wild men. Are the two topics related? He started accumulating articles until he had stories that covered over 200 years.

The book has descriptions of the biped from 1680-1923, all containing the original newspaper articles, location, and date. This is the perfect book to browse for five minutes or dedicate the next five days. If you are a longtime pessimist to the bigfoot topic or a seasoned researcher, Bigfoot Wildmen and Giants will leave a lasting impact to the reality of hairy giants.

427 Articles

5 Countries

Bigfoot, Wild Men and Giants

Author- David Paulides

449 PagesISBN-13:978-0-692-18229-1

©2018 David Paulides

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