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The Track Record- A Bigfoot Encyclopedia-USB Drive
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The Track Record- A Best Seller

The Track Record was written by Ray Crowe of Hillsboro, Oregon. Ray collected sighting reports and fascinating articles from throughout the world via his web of contacts. He published a newsletter (The Track Record) for 17 years, 174 total publications equaling over 3000 pages. NABS LLC purchased the rights to Mr. Crowe’s research and immediately took on the task of developing an index for the Track Record. The index alone is over 80 pages and highlights Bigfoot, UFO, cryptids, Loch Ness Monster, Yowie, chupacabras, hundreds of sighting reports and a variety of other unusual phenomena documented in the newsletter.

The great work of Mr. Crowe coupled with the work of NABS ion developing an index makes this USB something that you can browse and read for hundreds of hours.


PC and MAC Compatible

1991-2007- Newsletter Published

3000+ Pages

This comes to you in a standard USB Drive enclosed in a protective plastic case.

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