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Northern California Bigfoot Sighting Map

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This is probably the only Bigfoot sightings map in the world produced in the last 20 years. We have spent hundreds of hours accumulating over 350 sighting/encounters in Humboldt, Trinity, Siskiyou and Del Norte Counties. We have also included a sprinkling of sightings in Shasta, Mendocino and Tehama Counties in California. Because the map also encompasses the far southern sections of Jackson and Curry Counties in Oregon there are a few sightings included from those locations. The map was licensed from the California AAA Driving Club so it is also an excellent reference map while managing your trip throughout the Northern California region. One side of the map is the actual map, 24"x36" and the other side is an itemized list of all the sightings/encounters divided by the counties in which they occured. Each entry states where it occured, a sentence or two about the incident and a notation where the information was obtained. **All of the Bigfoot sightings and encounters that are investigated in "The Hoopa Project", our first book, are listed on the map and most from Tribal Bigfoot are also included. There is probably not one single source document in the world that has as much information about so many sightings/encounters as this map has documented. We invite people to review the map and see if they can decipher why sightings have been made in the locations that are listed, it is very puzzling.

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